Huawei 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G Wireless DBS BBU+RRU, Huawei Core Network, OptiX OSN8800, OSN9800 Reseller. Large inventories of Huawei EOL spare parts

JEMSdata, acquired by 1COM in 2007, buys sells and trades network and telecom equipment worldwide in over 50 countries; Huawei Core Network, UMG8900, MSOFTX3000, SGSN9810, Huawei OptiX OSN Optical Transmission Switching, and Huawei Wireless; 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE to 5G.

One of the largest inventories of Huawei EOM and EOL parts in the world.

Over 7,000 Huawei EOL ‘End of Life’ parts in STOCK with LEAD TIMES of 1 to 5 days

A 33-year history with hundreds of satisfied clients worldwide assures quick and prompt delivery of equipment, and/or needed services providing customers with NEW-Over-stock surplus Huawei spares or USED-Refurbished Huawei EOL at deep-discounts. We look forward to making contact and discussing your needs, either buying or selling.
Let us work for you, we know you will be pleased with the results.

33 years secondary-market telecom equipment reseller: Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, NSN, and more
23 years sourcing in Asia
19 years Huawei Core-Network, Optical Transmission BWS 1600G, BWS 1600S, OSN 6800, OSN 8800, OSN 9800, UMG8900, MSOFTX3000, SGSN9810 and 3G, 4G/LTE 5G wireless reseller
19 years Huawei Fiber Optic Transceivers SFP, SFP+, XFP, QSFP/QSFP+, CFP and QSFP28 reseller
2 years Huawei Channel Partner

1COM offers End-to-end-Solutions ‘E2ES’ solutions; Core Network design. Wireless Services for Machine-to-Machine M2M, Open-Source VOIP. Huawei GGSN, SSGN, PDSN, HSS, MSS, USN, UGW, MSC, BSC/BTS/DBS, SingleRAN wireless design and install, Optical transmission and add-on services for CoreNet listed. We design mobile wireless networks, install mobile wireless networks, deinstallation of wireless networks and offer support, training and maintenance contracts.

1COM PaCo/Packet Core Solution/Services:
Huawei USN9810, SGSN9810, SG7000, Huawei UGW9811, Huawei CG9812, GN/GP Huawei DNS9816, Huawei LAN Switch S9303, Huawei Eudemon 8080E, Huawei UPCC, Nokia WNG9900 Data Analytic Tool, PeerApp CDN system, Google GGC, Big-IP f5 VIPRION-Based GI DNS

1COM Packet Switch (PS) Core Operations:
▪ Manage PS operations including resource management, training planning and staff performance management and spare part management
▪ Provide technical support for PS system including data management, configuration management for PS network elements, network system design and review, planning for KPI data and node configuration, change requests to ensure systems running 24/7
▪ Troubleshooting and problem analysis and problem solving
▪ Prepare operation MML scripts for PS nodes or method of procedure (MOP) for CR by PS as required by ongoing projects such as QoS optimization on various NEs: HLR/HSS, SGSN, RAN, internal parameter changes either on SGSN or GGSN, or datacom networks
▪ Implement CR related to PS part mentioned in the CR and support CR
▪ Coordinated with RA team, Billing team, TADIG team, RAN team, and BI team on the issue of anomalies of data usage of both local and roaming subscribers
▪ Submit weekly activities, status and ad-hoc technical incident reports
▪ Work process/change/problem management for all network Issues with follow-up
▪ Submit CR for any operation to NOC for review and approval
▪ Project Handover for planning team from planning team(s) or vendor(s)

1COM’s offers Disaster Recovery Solutions with offshore redundancy spare parts warehousing and deployment solutions

1COM VAS/support
Huawei SMC, Huawei SMGW, Huawei MMSC, Huawei MDSP, Huawei VASCloud, Huawei RBT, Globitel USSDGW, Apliman Collect Call/ICA Zero, Anam Off-net Anti-Spam, Movius ICE (VMS/CBN/MCN), Invigo ADM, PowerMe Mobile Message Manager, SpiceDigital SMS-Based Chat system, Comtech Telecommunications LBS systems

JEMSdata has large inventories of End of Life EOL Huawei Core Network, Microwave and OptiX OSN Optical Transmission, Wireless, Huawei SingleRAN, eNodeB, DBS, BBU, RRU, BTS3900, DBS3900, BBU3900, BBU3910, BBU5900, BBU5901, UBBPd6 03022HEM, UMPTb2, UBBPg, UMPTg, WD22BMPT5, BBU5900, AAU5613, HAAU5213, AAU5636, AAU5319, AAU5613, AAU5619, AAU5639, AAU5639W, AAU5726, RRU3256, RRU3908, RRU3959 02311BPE, RRU5509t, RRU3929 02310CJV, AAU5973 02312EMQ, RRU5501 02311VMD, MSC, MSS, BSC6800, BSC6900, HLR, GGSN, IMS, UMG8900, MSOFTX3000, HSS9860, NE40-X3, USN9810 ATAE, OSTA 2.0, SGSN9810, SG7000, UGW9811, CG9812, iM2000, DNS9816, PDSN9660, CG9812, HUAWEI RTN620, RTN910, RTN950, HUAWEI Optix OSN3500, OSN6800, OSN8800, TN58NS4T65, OSN9800, OSN7500, USN9810, GGSN9811, ATAE OSTA 2.0 GSM, WCDMA, LTE, UMTS, eNodeB, Single RAN, Huawei Transponders, Fiber Optic Transceivers seller, SFP, SFP+, XFP, QSFP/QSFP+, CFP, QSFP28, CPE, B2368-66 Huawei Distributor, New and Used Reseller, Used Telecom Equipment Reseller, Huawei B2338-168, 51080454

Huawei 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G Wireless DBS BBU RRU, Huawei Core Network, OptiX OSN 8800 OSN 9800 Reseller. Large inventories of Huawei EOL spare parts. We buy used Huawei EOL telecom equipment. Buyer and seller of new and used Huawei Base Stations

Huawei S12708 Agile ET1D2MPUA000, ET1D2SFUA000, ACU2, ET1D2L02QSC0, ET1D2S08SX1E, ET1D2G48TX1E

Huawei S12708 Agile
Qty 4 in stock
Huawei ET1D2MPUA000 03030RPE, ET1D2SFUA000 03030RPF, ACU2, ET1D2L02QSC0 03030SHE, ET1D2S08SX1E 03030SGG, ET1D2G48TX1E 03030SGE
With 2x ET1D2MPUA000, 3x ET1D2SFUA000, 1x ACU2, 1x ET1D2L02QSC0, 1x ET1D2S08SX1E, 1x ET1D2G48TX1E
Huawei S12708 Agile

Huawei RRU Radios for sale

Huawei RRU Radios for sale
Model Code
RRU5904 02311UWH
RRU5901 02311QMD
RRU3971 02311HKL
RRU5909 02232UBL
RRU5909 02311PPP
RRU5909 02232UBM
RRU5905 02311PRD
RRU3959 02311BYE
RRU5502 02312BSJ
RRU5501 02311VMD
RRU5505 02312SAQ
RRU2100 02310CKD
RRU3829 02310MGC
UBBPg2a 03058707
UBBPg2a 03058705
UBBPg2a 03025WMJ
UBBPe4 03057155
BBU3910 02310VTE
RRU5904w 02312EEM
RRU5905w 02311SJK
RRU3829 02310CJV
RRU3829 02310MGV
RRU3829 02310CKD
RRU3829 02310MGC
RRU5904w WD5M195904WG
RRU5502w 02312FMR WD5MW5502WGB
Huawei RRU Radios for sale

Huawei MRFUd 900MHz WD5MRFU078-02318471 WD5M9EMRFU06-02310QMT

Huawei Qty 30+ BTS3900A with 02318471 WD5MRFU078 and 02310QMT WD5M9EMRFU06 900MHz
Qty 100+ 02318471 WD5MRFU078
MRFUd 900MHz
30+ 02310QMT WD5M9EMRFU06
MRFUd for Multi-Mode 900MHz EGSM 2x80W
Huawei MRFUd 900MHz

Huawei TN12WSMD901 WSMD9 for sale

Huawei WSMD9 TN12WSMD901 03030SVJ for sale
TN12WSMD901 9-Port 333 Wavelength selective multiplexing-demultiplexing board C-Band, 50GHz
Huawei TN12WSMD901

Huawei Core for sale

Huawei Core for sale
Huawei LS8M548PWR 0231A531
Huawei LS8E46502 0212A029
Huawei LS-6502-XG-POE-OVS 0235A195
Huawei GS37MM8 03052756
Huawei GS34AED 03051951
Huawei GS31SMMD0/CN21SMMD0 030ESN/03051838
Huawei GS34AD 03051825
Huawei IN87SMSA16 03052901
Huawei GS32X0/GS3GEFC 03051857
Huawei GS35MM8 03052903
Huawei AE32X2 03053520
Huawei IN89SMS24 03053756
Huawei CN2E21FFB(FAN) 02120408
Huawei GS32X1 03051830
Huawei IN87SMC16 03052898
Huawei IMC5SMSGW8 03051738
Huawei TI49BSS48 03053789
Huawei IM85SMSAS8 03051835
Huawei GS37MM16 03052730
Huawei CN21HCSA3 03052330
Huawei ATEA AT8220 chassis 02300620/02351304
Huawei GS37MM16 03051741
Huawei HDD 9F4066-043
Huawei HDD 9FK066-066
Huawei Quidway S5328(LS5328-EI) 02351610/02351897
Huawei LS5D00E4GF01(Quidway s5300) 020MDP
Huawei ES5D00ETPB00 020MLA
Huawei CX7M1PWD 02316784
Huawei CX7E1FANA(Quidway s5300) 02351651
Huawei S5624p 0235A126
Huawei(Eudemon 1000e) 0235G053
Huawei SUPE1FBX 0212G000
Huawei HSP100-S12D 0227G001
Huawei SU4B21UAC 0211G032
Huawei Pwr Sply PSL130-AD-H
Huawei Quidway S2300(S2318TP-EI) 02351368
Huawei Quidway S3328TP-EI 02351378
Huawei Quidway S3026-DC 02350507
Huawei Quidway S3900 0235A055
Huawei Quidway S3528G-DC 02312036
Huawei CN6K01FRA CHASSIS 02300627
Huawei MI12INU0 03051815
Huawei CN21UPB0 03051739
Huawei CN6E01FFB Fan 021204459
Huawei CN21SMMD0 030ESN
Huawei CN21SDMC0 030DJB
Huawei CN21SWU0 03051752
Huawei CN21USI1 03051746
Huawei CN21SWI0 03051754
SeaGate HDD 9FJ066-066
Huawei TGOE1FAN 02120196
Huawei KWB2SIWU0 030GSA
Huawei KWB3SIWU0 030HVQ
Huawei KWB1SIWC0 037108
Huawei TG0B3SPC 02111812
Huawei KWB1SIWU0 037107
Huawei GP2K2PCU chassis PCU6000) 02300576
Huawei GP22RPPU3 03051446
Huawei GP21POMU2 03051445
Huawei Fan KW3E1SFNS(sgsn9810) 02120200
Huawei SF3E4SXFS(Fan) 02120187
Huawei SF3K4CPS(chassis) 02300461
Huawei KW3K2PSM(SGSN9810 CHASSIS) 02300468
Huawei KW3KBNET(Sgsn 9810 Chassis) 02300467
Huawei GP12E1TM 03051448
Huawei GP21BSU0 03051447
Huawei GP21HSC2 03051444
Huawei UG01MSPF0(MSPF) 03050515
Huawei UG03MSPF0(MSPFc) 03051617
Huawei UG01MRPU0(MRPU) 03050387
Huawei UG02MS2L0 03051774
Huawei UG01MS2L 03050584
Huawei UG01ME32 03050388
Huawei UG02ME320 03050537
Huawei UG0E4MFAN 02120184
Huawei UG0E8MFAN 02120557
Huawei UG0K1MNBS(chasis) 02300514
Huawei UG0K2MNBS(chasis) 02300459
Huawei UG01MNET0 03050409
Huawei UG02MNET0 03051276
Huawei UG01MTNB0 03050771
Huawei UG01MNLU0 03050914
Huawei UG01MBLU0 03050396
Huawei UG02MBLU0 03050546
Huawei UG01MHRD2 03051769
Huawei UG02MFLU0(MFLUb) 03050548
Huawei UG01MFLU0(MFLU) 03050402
Huawei UG01MMPU0 03050380
Huawei UG01MASU0 03050395
Huawei UG01MPPB0 03050383
Huawei UG01TCLU0 034750
Huawei UG02MASU0(MASUb) 03050401
Huawei UG01MG1O0 03050475
Huawei UG01MA4L0 03050477
Huawei UG01MRPU0 03050387
Huawei UG01MTCB5 03050714
Huawei UG02MTNC2 03051772
Huawei UG01MTCB2 03050711
Huawei UG01MECU0 03050454
Huawei UG02MECU1(MECUb) 03051777
Huawei UG01MOMU0 03050379
Huawei UG02MOMB0(MOMBb) 03051765
Huawei UG02MMPB0(MMPBb) 03051766
Huawei UG01MCMF 03050511
Huawei SG25SBPU0 03052267
Huawei SG25HSYS0 03052265
Huawei SG02ALUI0 03051697
Huawei SG25SBPI0 03052266
Huawei SG02SEPU 03052134
Huawei SG01VIEB 026181
Huawei SF31WHSC0 03052577
Huawei SF01HBIU0 034720
SF35WCKI0 03051558
SF31WCKI0(HLR) 03050126
Huawei SF32WIFM0 03050600
Huawei SF32WCCU0 06050606
Huawei SF32WSMU0 03050599
Huawei SF32WCSU0 03050602
Huawei SF32WBSG0 03050607
Huawei SF31WALU0 03050151
Huawei SF31WSIU0 03050148
Huawei SF31WBFI0 03050111
Huawei SF31WHSC2 03052577
Huawei SF31WHSC0 03050145
Huawei SF31WEPI0 03050142
Huawei SF32WEPI0 03050932
Huawei SF32WVDB0 03050597
Huawei SF32WMGC0 03050608
Huawei SF32WCDB0 03050601
Huawei KW3M3UPWR 02312525
Huawei SF3E1SBDF 02120183
Huawei UG0E3MDDB 02120185
Huawei CN6E01DPD 02120435
Huawei DPD100-2-20 21030164
Huawei APD63-2-24 02120421
Huawei AI1E00DPD 02120537
Huawei Disk Enclosure 0235G6FV
Huawei OceanStor Fan STLZ02FAN 0235G6BH
Huawei OceanStor PSU HSP480-S12 02130671
Huawei OceanStor PSU (HSP480-S12) 0213G006
Huawei STL1DESA 02G258
Huawei ST92SPCS04 03G030
Huawei ST91SPCS04 030HMA
Huawei ST92HDES 02G132
Huawei ST91TID 020CSX
Huawei ST92TID 02G206
Huawei OceanStor pwr supply 02270085
Huawei ST9M04S23ED 0231G276
Huawei ST9MMODSPED(S2300E) 0231G488
Huawei ST9M03S23ED(S2300E) 0231G274
Huawei ST9M3DME6D-SAS 0231G213
Huawei ST9Z1D300(HDD) 0235G002
Huawei Enclosure 0235G6GR
Huawei Fan STLZ01CFBA 0235G6ES
Huawei Pwr Sply HSP650-S12A 02460054
Huawei PWR Sply 0213G008
Huawei STL1SPCBA 02G279
Huawei STL1CONT03 0305G06J
Huawei STHZ03N2SD 0235G6K7
Huawei LS8M1GP48 0231A504
Huawei LS8M2SRPG 0231A504
Huawei LS8M1GT48 0231A360
Huawei PSR-70D(PWR SPLY) 02460005
Huawei LS8M1P12T 0231A510
Huawei LS8M1T32P-XG 0231A507
Huawei LS-6506-DC-XG-POE-OVS 0235A212
Huawei LS8E16506(FAN) 02120124
Huawei LMA Cables(BBU3900 USB) 04050386
Huawei Cables (Vb Cab Console) 04021300
Huawei Cables (Vb Aux Cables) 04021299
Huawei Cables(VO-DL2164) 04021259
Huawei Cables(VB) 04042302
Huawei Cables(VB) 04046175
Huawei Cables(VD Fan 48v) 04042266
Huawei Cables(Vb) 04060171
Huawei Cables(V1-DL4140) 04025303
Huawei Cables(VB monitor) 04042265
Huawei Cables(Vb Power In) 04042266
Huawei Cables(V1) 04042264
Huawei Cables(Vc-CLK Board) 04042399
Huawei Cables(VB-8K -Out) 04042842
Huawei Cables(VA) 04046699
Huawei Cables(Vb-Shielded Straight) 04040805
Huawei Cables(Vb 1.6mtr) 04070004
Huawei Cables(V1) 04041970
Huawei Cables(VA) 04045848
Huawei Cables(VB 8K Out) 04042520
Huawei Cables(Va) 04070006
Huawei Cables(V0) 04042216
Huawei Cables(2.2mtr) 04070005
Huawei Cables(V0-STC-3M) 04027102
Huawei Cables(VD) 04150065
Huawei Cables(Vb Straight Cbl ) 04040688
Huawei Cables(2.2mtr) 04041054
Huawei Cables 0404105
Huawei Cables(V0) 04040540
Huawei Cables 04070001
Huawei Cables 04044234
Huawei KW32UGBI0 (SGSN9810) 03050589
Huawei KW32USPU0 (SGSN9810) 03050580
Huawei KW32UGTP0 (SGSN9810) 03050591
Huawei KW35URCU0 (SGSN9810) 03050988
Huawei KW33URCU0 (SGSN9810) 03050708
Huawei KW32UALU0 (SGSN9810) 03051075
Huawei KW31UFCU0 03051005
Huawei KW31UCKI0 03050556
Huawei KW31UGFU0 03051003
Huawei KW31USIG0 03051069
Huawei KW31UHPU0 03050085
Huawei KW32ULPU0 03050163
Huawei KW32ULIP0 03050593
Huawei KW32UMPU0 03050162
Huawei KW31ULPUc0 03050061
Huawei KW34UBIU0 03050579
Huawei KW31UPIU0 03050827
Huawei KW32UACU 03053194
Huawei KW31UACU0 03050028
Huawei KW32UBSU0 03050568
Huawei KW32UFSU0 03050569
Huawei KW33UEPI0 03050907
Huawei KW31ULAN0 03050509
Huawei KW33UCDR0 SGSN9810 03050596
Huawei KW32UCDR0 03050446
Huawei KW32UNET0 03050161
Huawei WP11EIUa 03051121
Huawei W1E2PFNS(FAN) 02120370
Huawei WP1K1PBCs Chassis 02300562
Huawei WP11TNUa 03051118
Huawei WP11DPUa 03051120
Huawei WP11OIUa 03051122
Huawei WP13DPUc 03051813
Huawei WP11GCUa 03051116
Huawei CR52SFUD0 030AUG
Huawei CR53E8GFB0 030KNE
Huawei CR53E8GF0 030EYA
Huawei CR52SRUa1 030GED
Huawei CR52LXX0 030GSK
Huawei CR52LPUKD0 030KJY
Huawei CR53LPUFC0 030FUK
Huawei CR52P8CFG0 030EDB
Huawei CR5E2TSR(FAN) 02120406
Huawei Chassis CR5Z2BBKPB 02351014/02351320
Huawei PSU (NE40E) 02270059
Huawei 020DTB
Huawei 030ETS
Huawei 030EDB
Huawei 030KNE
Huawei CR53LPUf0 038461
Huawei SRUe 030ASM
Huawei CR0E4GSR (fan)NE40series 02120141
Huawei CR01SRUb 034764
Huawei CR0B6GSR (Chassis) 02111293
Huawei CR018CE10 036335
Huawei PSU 02270018
Huwei CR01C4CF0 034810
Huawei CR01E4GC0 033738
Huawei CR01C4CF0 036622
Huawei CR01LPUf0 036268
Huawei CR01EGFEE0 037832
Flash Card SLCF512MM1U
Huawei LPU(CR01C2CF0) 036605
Huawei LPU(CR01LPUf) 036268
Huawei CR01E4GFF0(CR4xGE-SFP 030CWB
Huawei CR01C4CF0(CPOSOC-3/STM-1.-SFP) 034810
Huawei CR01EGFEF1(URPIM-16xWAN-RJ45 037499
Huawei CR018CE10(UR-PIM-8xCE1-RJ45) 036355
Huawei UR01P2CFF0(UR-PIM-2xSTM1/POS-SFP) 037445
Huawei CR01E2GFF0(UR-PIM-2xGE-WAN-SFP) 036622
Huawei NEPS DC/DC pwr Supply 02270017
Huawei RPU (RTP1ERPUB2) 030KSB
Huawei RTP1E2GFF(RT-HIC-2GE) 03051017
Huawei RTP1E1GFF(RT-HIC-1GE) 03051058
Huawei RTP1E8FE0(RT-HIC-8FE) 03051018
Huawei NPU(Quidway NE20E) 030BET
Huawei DC/DC power Module 02270066
Huawei NE40-4 chassis 02111294
Huawei NE40-2 chassis 02111295
Huawei BackPlane(CR01BAKD) 025668
WD2M000FAN08 02311CHK
WD2M00UEIU00 02315639
WD2M000PEU03 02319897
WD2M048BBU10(BBU3910) 02310VTE

Huawei OSN8800 for sale TN55TQX TN54GS4 TN55TTX TN1140V01 TN12D4001 TN550PM801 TN13OBU103

Huawei OSN8800 for sale
Huawei TN55TQX 021ETL10
Huawei TN54GS4 022PPP10
Huawei TN55TTX 022NDK10
Huawei TN1140V01 030DSJ10
Huawei TN12D4001 030NAB6T
Huawei TN550PM801 033BST10 031KAW10
Huawei TN13OBU103 030SVP6T 030SVP6T
Huawei OSN8800 for sale

Huawei UBBP Baseband for sale

Huawei UBBP Baseband for sale
UBBPe3 03057154
UBBPd3 03022HEJ
UBBPd2 03022HEH
UBBPe4 03057155
UBBPd6 03022HEM
UBBBPg2 03058626

Huawei RRU3256 2500Mhz Band 41 Datasheet English

Huawei RRU3256 2500Mhz Band 41 Datasheet English
Qty 500+ units in stock
Datasheet PDF>>> RRU3256-Hardware-Description-EN

Huawei 02300908 TN1K8AFB02 OptiX OSN 8800 T16 Chassis

Huawei 02300908 TN1K8AFB02 OptiX OSN 8800 T16 Chassis Dual AC Power P/S and Fan NEW
Huawei TN1K8AFB02

Huawei NE40E-X8 CR57SRU200A5 CR57SRU200A5 CR57SFU200C0

Huawei NE40E-X8 in stock
Part Code Part number
CR57SRU200A5 3053549 03053549
CR57SRU200A5 3053549 03053549
CR57SFU200C0 3053548 03053548
S9306 Assembly Chassis LE0KS9306
2200 W DC Power Module W2PSD2201
Wide Voltage 68 Fan Box LE0M00FBXB00
NE40E-X1-M4 Fan Module CR5M001FBX71
Main Processing Unit K CR5D00MPUK70
S9306/S9312,Main Control Unit H LE1D2SRUH000
48-Port 10/100/1000BASE-T Interface Card (EA, RJ45) LE0MG48TA
48-Port 100/1000BASE-X Interface Card (ED, SFP) LE0MG48SD
32-Port 10GBASE-X Interface Card (SC, SFP+) LE1D2X32SSC0
S5335-L48T4X-A1 (48*10/100/1000BASE-T ports, 4*10GE SFP+ ports, AC power) S5335-L48T4X-A
S6330-H24X6C (24*10GE SFP+ ports, 6*40GE QSFP28 ports, without power module) S6330-H24X6C
600W AC Power Module(Back to Front, Power panel side exhaust) PAC600S12-CB
CE6820-48S6CQ-B switch (48*10G SFP+, 6*100G QSFP28, 2*AC power 4*fan modules CE6820-48S6CQ-B
NE40E-X1-M4 Integrated DC Chassis Components CR5B0BKP0171
Fan box(B,FAN panel side exhaust) S6330-H24X6C
Network Processing Unit(NPU-50) CR5D0NPU5070
NE5000E Main Processing Unit B5″ CR5D0MPUB560
2-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-SFP+ Physical Interface Card(PIC) CR5D00L2XF71
8-Port 100/1000Base-X-SFP Physical Interface Card(PIC) CR5D00E8GF71
8-Port 100/1000Base-RJ45 Physical Interface Card(PIC) CR5D00E8GE70
NE5000E-X16A Integrated Chassis Components(DC Power) CR5B0BKP166A
PSU-PDC-2200WB-PM2200W DC Power Supply ” PDC-2200WB”
400G Switch Fabric Unit A for Single Chassis(SFUI-400-A) CR5DSFUIK06A
48-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-SFP+ Integrated Line Process Unit(NE5000E LPUI-480) CR5D00LMXF61
AR2220(3GE WAN(1GE Combo),2 USB,4 SIC,2 WSIC,1 DSP Slot,150W DC Power) 02353540
4-Port 1000BASE-RJ45 L2 Ethernet Interface Card 03021VCC
LPUF-483 Flexible Line Process Card LPUF-483 Flexible Line Process Card
03050FQJ-001 CR5DLPUFME73 Flexible Card Line Processing Unit E LPUF-485-E
03034LKR-001 CR5D00E2NF74 2-Port 50GBase/2-Port 100GBase-QSFP28 Flexible Card A P485-A
NE40E-X8A Basic Configuration (Including NE40E-X8A Chassis, 2 SRUs, 2 SFUs(480G),4 DC Power,2 Fan Tray, without Software Charge and Document) CR5P08BASD76
Flexible Card Line Processing Unit(LPUF-120) CR5DLPUFB070
5-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-SFP+ Flexible Card A(P101-A) CR5D0L5XFA72
NE40E-M2K-B Basic Configuration CM (Includes M2K Chassis, Fixed Interface(10*10GE+10*GE)/2*DC Power/Fan Box,without Software and Document) CR5PM2KBAS93
ME60-X8A Basic Configuration (Including ME60-X8A Chassis,2 SRUs,2 SFUs(1T),6 DC Power,3 Fan Tray,without Software Charge and Document) ME0P08BASD76
Flexible Card Broadband Service Unit(BSUF-240,2 sub-slots) ME0DBSUFF070
10-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-SFP+ Flexible Card E(BP240-E) ME0D0LAXFE7H
NetEngine 8000 M14 Basic Configuration (Includes NetEngine 8000 M14 Chassis,2*IPU-2T, 2*DC Power,without Software Charge and Document) CR8P02BASDC1
10-Port 10GE/GE LAN/WAN-SFP+ MACsec Physical Interface Card(PIC) CR5D00LAXF91
4-Port 10GE(SFP+)/GE(SFP) MACsec Physical Interface Card(PIC) CR5D00L4XF91
DC Power Supply CR5D00PSUC70
Fan Box E000FBX08
Huawei NE40E-X8

Nodo B Huawei BBU3900 Telefonía y datos 3G, 4G/LTE descripción de sus tarjetas

Nodo B Huawei BBU3900 Telefonía y datos 3G, 4G/LTE descripción de sus tarjetas

Nodo B Huawei BBU3900 Telefonía y datos 3G, 4G/LTE descripción de sus tarjetas

Huawei CloudEngine 8800 TOR Switch CE8850-EI-F-B0B

Huawei CloudEngine 8800 TOR Switch CE8850-EI-F-B0B
Huawei CloudEngine 8800 for data centers and high-end campus networks provides high-density 100GE,40GE,25GE,10GE ports and high performance. CloudEngine 8800, a core or aggregation switches on data center networks. CloudEngine 8800 can be used as aggregation or core switches for enterprise campus networks

Used-REF Huawei BBU3910

Used-REF BBU3910 for sale
Huawei 02310VTE or 02310WYG BBU3910 Rack (WD2M048BBU10) 100+
Huawei 03031MXR GTMUc Board 100+
Huawei 02310CHK FANe Unit 100+
Huawei 2315639 UEIU 100+
Huawei 02310SFM UPEUd 100+
Huawei 021QJX USCUb1 Board 100+
Used-REF BBU3910 for sale

Huawei Baseband units for sale

Huawei Baseband units for sale
Huawei 03057155 UBBPe4
Huawei 03057157 UBBPe6
Huawei 03022HEM UBBPd6 Qty 300+ in stock
Huawei 03021HPR WBBPf4
Huawei 03020QYR WBBPd2
Huawei 03054885 UMPTb1 Qty 200+ in stock
Huawei 03055702 UMPTb9
Huawei 03021HPJ LBBPd2
Huawei 03054888 UMPTb2 Qty 200+ in stock
Huawei Baseband units

Huawei DBS3900 BBU3900 BBU license + WBBPd2 + WMPT + UPEU + FAN + Qty 3x RRU3908 V2 850MHz

Huawei BBU3900 BBU+WBBPd2+WMPT+UPEU+FAN including license Qty 3x RRU3908 V2 850MHz RADIO NEW
SingleRAN 02319644 MRRU for Multi-Mode 850MHz
Qty 172 complete DBS with 1x BBU and 3x RRUs with license.
DBS3900, BBU3900 BBU+WBBPd2+WMPT+UPEU+FAN Qty 3x NEW RRU3908 V2 850MHz

RRU3256 RRU3268 RRU3276 RRU3701C RRU3702 RRU3806 RRU3826 RRU3929 RRU3939 RRU3959

Huawei Radios in Stock.
Model Part Number Quantity
RRU 3701C
RRU 3256 02311AFF Qty 100+
RRU 3268 02311KWV Qty 10+
RRU 3276 02311JWW Qty 10+
RRU 3702 02310GCP Qty 10+
RRU 3806 02310EAP Qty 20+
RRU 3826 02310KKQ Qty 10+
RRU 3929 02310CJV Qty 100+
RRU 3939 02310SSQ Qty 20+
RRU 3959 02311BYE Qty 20+
RRU 3256 02310YYY Qty 100+

Huawei RRUs in stock. RRU3256 RRU3268 RRU3276 RRU3701C RRU3702 RRU3806 RRU3826 RRU3929 RRU3939 RRU3959