Huawei 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G Wireless DBS BBU+RRU, Huawei Core Network, OptiX OSN8800, OSN9800 Reseller. Large inventories of Huawei EOL spare parts

JEMSdata, acquired by 1COM in 2007, buys sells and trades network and telecom equipment worldwide in over 50 countries; Huawei Core Network, UMG8900, MSOFTX3000, SGSN9810, Huawei OptiX OSN Optical Transmission Switching, and Huawei Wireless; 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE to 5G.

One of the largest inventories of Huawei EOM and EOL parts in the world.

Over 7,000 Huawei EOL ‘End of Life’ parts in STOCK with LEAD TIMES of 1 to 5 days

A 33-year history with hundreds of satisfied clients worldwide assures quick and prompt delivery of equipment, and/or needed services providing customers with NEW-Over-stock surplus Huawei spares or USED-Refurbished Huawei EOL at deep-discounts. We look forward to making contact and discussing your needs, either buying or selling.
Let us work for you, we know you will be pleased with the results.

33 years secondary-market telecom equipment reseller: Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, NSN, and more
23 years sourcing in Asia
19 years Huawei Core-Network, Optical Transmission BWS 1600G, BWS 1600S, OSN 6800, OSN 8800, OSN 9800, UMG8900, MSOFTX3000, SGSN9810 and 3G, 4G/LTE 5G wireless reseller
19 years Huawei Fiber Optic Transceivers SFP, SFP+, XFP, QSFP/QSFP+, CFP and QSFP28 reseller
2 years Huawei Channel Partner

1COM offers End-to-end-Solutions ‘E2ES’ solutions; Core Network design. Wireless Services for Machine-to-Machine M2M, Open-Source VOIP. Huawei GGSN, SSGN, PDSN, HSS, MSS, USN, UGW, MSC, BSC/BTS/DBS, SingleRAN wireless design and install, Optical transmission and add-on services for CoreNet listed. We design mobile wireless networks, install mobile wireless networks, deinstallation of wireless networks and offer support, training and maintenance contracts.

1COM PaCo/Packet Core Solution/Services:
Huawei USN9810, SGSN9810, SG7000, Huawei UGW9811, Huawei CG9812, GN/GP Huawei DNS9816, Huawei LAN Switch S9303, Huawei Eudemon 8080E, Huawei UPCC, Nokia WNG9900 Data Analytic Tool, PeerApp CDN system, Google GGC, Big-IP f5 VIPRION-Based GI DNS

1COM Packet Switch (PS) Core Operations:
▪ Manage PS operations including resource management, training planning and staff performance management and spare part management
▪ Provide technical support for PS system including data management, configuration management for PS network elements, network system design and review, planning for KPI data and node configuration, change requests to ensure systems running 24/7
▪ Troubleshooting and problem analysis and problem solving
▪ Prepare operation MML scripts for PS nodes or method of procedure (MOP) for CR by PS as required by ongoing projects such as QoS optimization on various NEs: HLR/HSS, SGSN, RAN, internal parameter changes either on SGSN or GGSN, or datacom networks
▪ Implement CR related to PS part mentioned in the CR and support CR
▪ Coordinated with RA team, Billing team, TADIG team, RAN team, and BI team on the issue of anomalies of data usage of both local and roaming subscribers
▪ Submit weekly activities, status and ad-hoc technical incident reports
▪ Work process/change/problem management for all network Issues with follow-up
▪ Submit CR for any operation to NOC for review and approval
▪ Project Handover for planning team from planning team(s) or vendor(s)

1COM’s offers Disaster Recovery Solutions with offshore redundancy spare parts warehousing and deployment solutions

1COM VAS/support
Huawei SMC, Huawei SMGW, Huawei MMSC, Huawei MDSP, Huawei VASCloud, Huawei RBT, Globitel USSDGW, Apliman Collect Call/ICA Zero, Anam Off-net Anti-Spam, Movius ICE (VMS/CBN/MCN), Invigo ADM, PowerMe Mobile Message Manager, SpiceDigital SMS-Based Chat system, Comtech Telecommunications LBS systems

JEMSdata has large inventories of End of Life EOL Huawei Core Network, Microwave and OptiX OSN Optical Transmission, Wireless, Huawei SingleRAN, eNodeB, DBS, BBU, RRU, BTS3900, DBS3900, BBU3900, BBU3910, BBU5900, BBU5901, UBBPd6 03022HEM, UMPTb2, UBBPg, UMPTg, WD22BMPT5, BBU5900, AAU5613, HAAU5213, AAU5636, AAU5319, AAU5613, AAU5619, AAU5639, AAU5639W, AAU5726, RRU3256, RRU3908, RRU3959 02311BPE, RRU5509t, RRU3929 02310CJV, AAU5973 02312EMQ, RRU5501 02311VMD, MSC, MSS, BSC6800, BSC6900, HLR, GGSN, IMS, UMG8900, MSOFTX3000, HSS9860, NE40-X3, USN9810 ATAE, OSTA 2.0, SGSN9810, SG7000, UGW9811, CG9812, iM2000, DNS9816, PDSN9660, CG9812, HUAWEI RTN620, RTN910, RTN950, HUAWEI Optix OSN3500, OSN6800, OSN8800, TN58NS4T65, OSN9800, OSN7500, USN9810, GGSN9811, ATAE OSTA 2.0 GSM, WCDMA, LTE, UMTS, eNodeB, Single RAN, Huawei Transponders, Fiber Optic Transceivers seller, SFP, SFP+, XFP, QSFP/QSFP+, CFP, QSFP28, CPE, B2368-66 Huawei Distributor, New and Used Reseller, Used Telecom Equipment Reseller, Huawei B2338-168, 51080454

Huawei 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G Wireless DBS BBU RRU, Huawei Core Network, OptiX OSN 8800 OSN 9800 Reseller. Large inventories of Huawei EOL spare parts. We buy used Huawei EOL telecom equipment. Buyer and seller of new and used Huawei Base Stations

Huawei in stock, lead time 2 to 5 days

Huawei in stock for sale
UG1E0MFAN HUAWEI 1 UMG8900 FAN 3051015 HUAWEI 34 MVPD UG01MVPD1 3051463 HUAWEI 1 MVPD UG01MVPD1 3051766 HUAWEI 4 MMPb UG02MMPB0 2120185 HUAWEI 7 UG0E3MDDB UG0E3MDDB 2120524 HUAWEI 2 FAN TRAY UG0E7MFA 2300514 HUAWEI 6 UMG8900 UG0K1MMBS 3050511 HUAWEI 33 MCMF UG01MCMF0 2120184 HUAWEI 13 FAN TRAY UG0E4MFAN 3050454 HUAWEI 22 MECU UG01MECU0 2111812 HUAWEI 2 SUB RACK TG0B3SPC 2120187 HUAWEI 15 FAN TRAY SF3E4SXFS 2120196 HUAWEI 2 SIWF TG0E1FAN 2244808 HUAWEI 1 SERVER SF3T6BAM 2300459 HUAWEI 11 UMG8900 UG0K1MMBS 2300461 HUAWEI 16 MSOFTX3000 SF3K4CPS 2312036 HUAWEI 2 QUIDWAY S3500 SERIES LS 3528G DC48 2312525 HUAWEI 63 UPWRb K3M3UPWR 2350507 HUAWEI 2 QUIDWAY S3000 SERIES LS 3026C DC48 0235A055 HUAWEI 2 QUIDWAY S3900 SERIES LS 3928P EI OVS 3050111 HUAWEI 3 WBFI SF31WBFI0 3050145 HUAWEI 36 WHSC SF31WHSC0 3050148 HUAWEI 36 WSIU SF31WWSIU0 3050151 HUAWEI 16 WALU SF31WALU0 3050379 HUAWEI 2 MOMU UG01MOMU0 3050380 HUAWEI 20 MMPU UG01MMPU0 3050516 HUAWEI 2 UG01FSPF0 UG FSPF 03050516 UMG8900 3050503 HUAWEI 2 FHRU UG01FHRU0 UMG8900 3050383 HUAWEI 10 MPPB UG01MPPV0 3050384 HUAWEI 6 MCMB UG01MCMB0 3050388 HUAWEI 26 ME32 UG01ME320 3050392 HUAWEI 2 MTNU UG01MTNU0 3050395 HUAWEI 6 MASU UG01MASU0 3050396 HUAWEI 10 MBLU UG01MBLU0 3050401 HUAWEI 6 MASUb UG02MASU0 3050402 HUAWEI 10 MLFU UG01MFLU0 3050409 HUAWEI 16 MNET UG01MNET0 3050415 HUAWEI 2 MCLK UG01MCLK0 3050420 HUAWEI 2 MHRU UG01MHRU0 3050475 HUAWEI 14 MG1O UG01MG1O0 3050477 HUAWEI 12 MA4L UG01MA4L0 3050515 HUAWEI 10 MSPF UG01MSPF0 3050537 HUAWEI 35 ME32b UG02ME320 3050546 HUAWEI 12 MBLUb UG02MBLU0 3050548 HUAWEI 12 MFLUb UG02MFLU0 3050549 HUAWEI 2 MOMB UG01MOMB0 3050584 HUAWEI 2 MS2L UG01MS2L0 3050597 HUAWEI 10 WVDB SF32WVDB0 3050599 HUAWEI 26 WSMU SF32WSMU 3050600 HUAWEI 3 WIFM SF32WIFM0 3050601 HUAWEI 2 WCDB SF32WCDB0 3050602 HUAWEI 14 WCSU SF32WCSU0 3050606 HUAWEI 76 WCCU SF32WCCU0 3050607 HUAWEI 16 WBSG SF32WBSG0 3050608 HUAWEI 2 WMGC SF32WMGC0 3050709 HUAWEI 1 WEAM SF32WEAM0 3050710 HUAWEI 19 MTCB UG01MTCB1 3050711 HUAWEI 19 MTCB UG01MTCB2 3050713 HUAWEI 5 MTCB UG01MTCB4 3050714 HUAWEI 2 MTCB UG01MTCB5 3050746 HUAWEI 6 MTNC UG01MTNC2 3050748 HUAWEI 4 MMPB UG01MMPB0 3050757 HUAWEI 7 MSPFb UG02MSPF0 3050771 HUAWEI 8 MTNB UG01MTNB0 3050914 HUAWEI 10 MNLU UG01MNLU0 3050932 HUAWEI 23 WEPI SF32EPI0 3050933 HUAWEI 4 WCKI SF32WCKI0 3050955 HUAWEI 5 WEAM SF35WEAMO 3051068 HUAWEI 4 MHRUb UG02MASU0 3051103 HUAWEI 2 WBFI SF31WBFI0 3051105 HUAWEI 1 WIFMc SF35WIFM0 3051107 HUAWEI 6 WBSGc SF35WBSG0 3051108 HUAWEI 10 WVDBc SF35WVDB0 3051110 HUAWEI 36 WCCUc SF35WCCU0 3051272 HUAWEI 1 MVPD UG01MVPD2 3051273 HUAWEI 6 MVPD UG01MVPD1 3051276 HUAWEI 4 MNETb UG02MNET0 3051301 HUAWEI 2 MCLK UG03MCLK0 3051765 HUAWEI 1 MOMBb UG02MOMB0 3051771 HUAWEI 4 MTNCb UG02MTNC1 3052042 HUAWEI 6 WSMUc SF35WSMU0 3475010 HUAWEI 12 TCLU UG01TCLU0 3050387 HUAWEI 6 MRPU UG01MRPU0 3710710 HUAWEI 6 SIWU KWB1SIWU0 3710810 HUAWEI 4 SIWC KWB1SIWC0 03052735 UG0DTECVPD00 UG03MVPD0 HUAWEI 2 03052735 UG0DTECVPD00 Processing Voice Data Module 03053137 UG0D00MCME01 HUAWEI 1 03053137 UG0D00MCME01 Media gateway Connection & Management Enhanced Unit 03053138 UG0D00MOME01 HUAWEI 1 03053138 UG0D00MOME01 Media Gateway Operation Maintenance Enhanced Unit 03052951 UG0D04MSPF00 HUAWEI 1 03052951 UG0D04MSPF00 Signaling Processing Module 03053219 UG0D00MS4L01 HUAWEI 1 03053219 UG0D00MS4L01 Media gateway 4*155M SDH / SONET Optical Interface Card 03053216 UG0D00MTND01 HUAWEI 1 03053216 UG0D00MTND01 Media Gateway TDM switching Net Unit D 03053065 UG0D00ME6301 HUAWEI 1 63E1 TDM Interface Board UG0D00ME6301 03051301 UG MCLK0SP HUAWEI 1 UG MCLK0SP Media Gateway Clock Unit MHRD1 UG01MHRD1 HUAWEI 2 MHRD UG01MHRD1 UMG8900 board 03050382 UG01FMPU0 HUAWEI 4 UG FMPU 03050382 UMG8900 UG01FMPU0 Fixed network key processing unit 2120183 HUAWEI 5 MONITOR ALARM SF3E1SBDF CN21UPBA2 HUAWEI 9 HLR9820 UPBA2 CN21UPBA2 03052290 CN21UPBA1 HUAWEI 2 HLR9820 UPBA CN21UPBA1 03052289 CN21SWU0 HUAWEI 2 HLR9820 SWU0 CN21SWU0 03051752 CN21USI1 HUAWEI 2 HLR9820 USI1 CN21USI1 03051746 CN2SMU1 HUAWEI 8 SMMD CN2SMU1 GS31SMMD0 03052182 KW61INU1 HUAWEI 1 INU KW61INU1 03052576 LIM A2P 72 LUCENT 8 LUCENT STINGER BBU3900 HUAWEI 67 Huawei Baseband Unit BBU3900 BBU3910 HUAWEI 33 WITH UBBPD9 UBBP D9 X8 OSN6800A CHASSIS HUAWEI 2 OSN6800A CHASSIS WITH POWER SUPPLY SSE2CC02 HUAWEI 1 BWS 1600G SSE3OBUC03C HUAWEI 1 BWS 1600G SSE2OBU03 HUAWEI 6 BWS 1600G OBU BOARD SSE2OLP03 HUAWEI 3 BWS 1600G Optical Line Protection Unit SPUD HUAWEI 1 SPU VERSION D RTN620 SDE MODULE HUAWEI 2 RTN620 UBBPd4 HUAWEI 32 WD22UBBPe4,Baseband Processing and Interface Unit UBBPd5 HUAWEI 54 Baseband Processing and Interface Unit UBBPd5, WD2DUBBPD500 UBBPD6 HUAWEI 122 UBBP d6 105 UNUSED NEW PULLS 17 USED condition UMPTB2 HUAWEI 54 UMPT b2 TN55TQX 03021ETL01 HUAWEI 1 OSN8800 4 x 10G Tributary Service Processing Board UG01FCMFO HUAWEI 1 FCMF UBBPD9 HUAWEI 8 UBBP D9 BBU3910 PLUGIN MODULE TN54NS3T01 HUAWEI 2 OSN6800 OSN8800 40G Line Service Processing Board TN52TQX01 HUAWEI 1 OSN6800 Transmission Board TN52NS3T01 HUAWEI 1 NS3 50GHz OSN6800 OSN8800 TN52TOM01 HUAWEI 1 OSN6800 board TN52SCC01 HUAWEI 2 OSN6800 board TN1M1TQS01 HUAWEI 1 OSN6800 Transmission Board TN1M2LSXT01 HUAWEI 1 Service Module Board OSN6800 TN11LOGT04 HUAWEI 1 OSN6800 8xG Ethernet Transmission Unit OSN6800 TN11NS2T03 HUAWEI 1 Transmission Board OSN6800 TN13LSXT02 HUAWEI 1 10Gbit/s Wavelength Conversion Board(AFEC Super WDM Tunable) 50GHz TMC11H D HUAWEI 1 CABINET SSE3OBUC03C HUAWEI 1 OBU BWS 1600G SSEM3LWFS01 HUAWEI 1 LWFS BWS 1600G SSEM3LBFST01 HUAWEI 1 LBFST BWS 1600G TN11MCA801 HUAWEI 1 OSN6800 SSEM8LBFST01 HUAWEI 2 023172761 BWS 1600G BOARD TN1K3AFB HUAWEI 3 OSN6800 chassis TN12XCS02 HUAWEI 2 OSN6800 Centralized Cross Connect Board TN11PIU02 HUAWEI 4 OSN6800 Power Interface Unit TN11AUX02 HUAWEI 4 Power Interface Unit OSN6800 TN11AUX02 HUAWEI 2 System Auxiliary Interface Board OSN6800 TN1E2FAN HUAWEI 2 Fan Board (10X) OSN6800 TN11AFB HUAWEI 2 Back Plane OSN6800 TN11M40V01 HUAWEI 1 OSN6800 40 Channel Multiplexing Board TN11D4001 HUAWEI 1 OSN6800 40 channel Demultiplexing Board TN11DCU01 HUAWEI 2 OSN6800 Dispersion Compensation Board TN11OBU102 HUAWEI 1 Amplifier 23DB Board OSN6800 TN11SC201 HUAWEI 1 Bi Direction Optical Supervision board HSS9860 HUAWEI 10 NE 40E X3 Router CG9812 HUAWEI 10 CG9812 TN54NS3T01 HUAWEI 2 NS3 50Gbit/s OSN6800 OSN8800 TN55NS3T01 HUAWEI 2 NS3 50Gbit/s OSN6800 OSN8800 SSE1TMX40ST01 HUAWEI 1 BWS 1600G BWS 1600G SSE1TMX40ST01, 40G Tributary Multiplexing Demultiplexing SSEM4LBEST01 HUAWEI 9 BWS 1600G BWS 1600G SSEM1TMX40T02 HUAWEI 1 BWS 1600G BWS 1600G SSEM1LOG 19230PK HUAWEI 2 BWS 1600G BWS 1600G SSEM1LOG 19250PK HUAWEI 2 BWS 1600G BWS 1600G SSE8LBFST01 HUAWEI 2 BWS 1600G BWS 1600G SSEM8ELOGST01 HUAWEI 1 BWS 1600G BWS 1600G 472652a.101 NOKIA 1 FZNI unit KDU137 925/41 R1E ERICSSON 2 Baseband 5212 KRC 161 490/1 R1C/B ERICSSON 3 RADIO 2217 TN58NS4T65 HUAWEI 1 100Gbit/s Line Service Processing, Huawei RRU5509t RRRU Radio (Metro,SDFEC2,wDCM,Coherent,Tunable,50GHz,LC) TN12ST2 HUAWEI 1 ST2 board OSN6800 / OSN8800 TN12WSMD401 HUAWEI 3 WSMD4 board OSN6800 OSN8800 Qty 2 pcs IN AAU3911 HUAWEI 6 2600Mhz 2T4R 2*40W (UP)+AWS 2T4R 2*60W(Down) Antenna Radio 0208 KRC1615721 ERICSSON 9 Radio 0208 Radio0208 KRC 161 572/1 KRC1615721 WP21ESPUD, 03052293, 03030KMA SPUD HUAWEI 10 SPUD WP21ESPUD 03052293 03030KMA UMPTe5 HUAWEI 2 UMPTe, UMPTe5 latest version of UMPT T605 ERICSSON 2 Ericsson’s latest Baseband T605 AS5BBTRX 13 TRDU2X60 AWS 9900 WNG LTE Radio ALCATEL LUCENT NOKIA 6 ALU TRDU2X60 AWS 9900 WNG LTE Radio AS5BBTRX 22 3JR53349AA PCS RRH 4x30W LTE Radio ALCATEL LUCENT NOKIA 1 AS5BBTRX 22 3JR53349AA PCS RRH 4x30W LTE Radio RRU5905w HUAWEI 4 RRU5905 RRU5905w 030LBV CN21ETIA1 PFIA0 HUAWEI 1 USN9810 03053246 CN21SSIA2 HUAWEI 6 USN9810 03052509 CN21USIA7 HUAWEI 2 USN9810 03052365 CN21SWIA1 HUAWEI 2 USN9810 03053402 CN22UPBA3 HUAWEI 8 USN9810 03052367 CN21SWUA1 HUAWEI 2 USN9810 03052602 CN21MSPB0 HUAWEI 2 USN9810 030LBV CN21ETIA1 PFIA0 HUAWEI 1 USN9810 03053246 CN21SSIA2 HUAWEI 8 USN9810 03052366 CN21SWIA0 HUAWEI 2 USN9810 03053401 CN22UPBA6 HUAWEI 2 USN9810 03053402 CN22UPBA3 HUAWEI 6 USN9810 03052602 CN21MSPB0 HUAWEI 4 USN9810 03052367 CN21SWUA1 HUAWEI 2 USN9810 KWA0USIA701 USIA7 HUAWEI 5 USN9810 MILUK CN21USIA7 USIA7 HUAWEI 6 USN9810 WESUS 030LBV CN21ETIA1 PFIA0 HUAWEI 4 USN9810 03053246 CN21SSIA2 HUAWEI 8 USN9810 03052366 CN21SWIA0 HUAWEI 2 USN9810 03053402 CN22UPBA3 HUAWEI 4 USN9810 03052602 CN21MSPB0 HUAWEI 2 USN9810 03052367 CN21SWUA1 HUAWEI 2 USN9810 030LBV CN21ETIA1 PFIA0 HUAWEI 6 USN9810 03053246 CN21SSIA2 HUAWEI 6 USN9810 03052589 CN21USIA7 HUAWEI 2 USN9810 03052365 CN21SWIA1 HUAWEI 2 USN9810 03053401 CN22UPBA6 HUAWEI 2 USN9810 03053402 CN22UPBA3 HUAWEI 6 USN9810 03052367 CN21SWUA1 HUAWEI 2 USN9810 03052602 CN21MSPB0 HUAWEI 4 USN9810 03053246 CN21SSIA2 HUAWEI 12 USN9810 03052366 CN21SWIA0 HUAWEI 2 USN9810 03052602 CN21MSPB0 HUAWEI 2 USN9810 03052367 CN21SWUA1 HUAWEI 2 USN9810 03053401 CN22UPBA6 HUAWEI 2 USN9810 KDV 127 621/11 R2B KDV127621/11 ERICSSON 2 5G Baseband 6630 SSE9LBFST01, 03030PWN HUAWEI 2 03030PWN, SSE9LBFST01, Huawei, 10G universal Transmit receive Line WaveLength Conversion Board For 10GE LAN and WAN (AFEC,C_BAND,Super WDM Transponder,Tunable,50GHz,Rx1_PIN, UG0D04MSPF00 HUAWEI 1 03052951 UG0D04MSPF00 Signaling Processing Module SN: 210305295110HA000152 UG0D04MSPF00 HUAWEI 1 03052951 UG0D04MSPF00 Signaling Processing Module SN: 210305295110HA000150 UG0D04MSPF00 HUAWEI 1 03052951 UG0D04MSPF00 Signaling Processing Module SN: 210305295110HA000151 UG0D04MSPF00 HUAWEI 1 03052951 UG0D04MSPF00 Signaling Processing Module SN: 210305295110HA000153 UG0DTECVPD00 210305273510HA000297 HUAWEI 1 UG0DTECVPD00 Processing Voice Data Module UG0DTECVPD00 210305273510HA000296 HUAWEI 1 UG0DTECVPD00 Processing Voice Data Module SFUI 200 B CR5DSFUIE07B HUAWEI 1 200Gbps Switch Fabric Unit B SFUI 200 B SN: 210305354710F7000248 SFUI 200 B CR5DSFUIE07B HUAWEI 1 200Gbps Switch Fabric Unit B SFUI 200 B SN: 210305354710F7000252 SFUI 200 B RDU5210E RRU5211E CR5DSFUIE07B HUAWEI 1 200Gbps Switch Fabric Unit B SFUI 200 B SN: 210305354710F7000278 SFUI 200 B CR5DSFUIE07B HUAWEI 1 200Gbps Switch Fabric Unit B SFUI 200 B SN: 210305354710F7000272 KWAD0UPBA001 03053404 HUAWEI 3 USN9810 ATAE KWAD0UPBA001 03053404 Xeon E5645 Server WM1DOSSGPU00 OSS General Processor Unit HUAWEI 1 USN9810 ATAE OSS General Processor Unit 472579A.101 NOKIA 19 FOSH OPTICAL SFP+ H 850NM 6.25GB 300M MM RRU3908 850 MHZ HUAWEI 33 850MHz RRU 3908 MRRU.B05 0850.Z.080. 2T2R.X/XC.SFP.2500.DC BBU5900 HUAWEI 2 Latest 5G BBU with Baseband unit UBBPfw1, and UMPTe3 AAU5613 HUAWEI 2 5G Active antenna AAU5612 HUAWEI 2 5G Active antenna Huawei in stock, lead time 2 to 3 days

Ericsson & Huawei for sale

Ericsson & Huawei for sale
Large QTYs of each line item
AMM 20p B -10 w NPU1 C R5 Kit NTM1010154/7
AMM 20P-10 Kit NTM1010154/1
AMM 2p B NPU3 C R5 Kit NTM1010292/9
AMM 2p B R4 w NPU3C Kit NTM1010292/8
AMM 6P B Kit NTM1010158/3
AMM 6p C NPU3 C R5 Kit NTM1010158/16
AMM 6p C R4 w NPU3B Kit NTM1010158/10
AMM 6p C R4 w NPU3C Kit NTM1010158/14
ANT0 2.4 10/11 HP UKY22019/SC12
ANT0 2.4 7/8 HPX UKY22001/DC12
ANT2 0.3 23 HP UKY21073/SC15
ANT2 0.3 28 HP UKY22071/SC15
ANT2 0.6 18 HP UKY22044/SC15
ANT2 0.6 23 HP UKY22045/SC15
ANT2 0.6 28 HP UKY22047/SC15
ANT2 0.9 28 HPX UKY22032/DC15
ANT2 1.2 10/11 HP UKY22017/SC15
ANT2 1.2 10/11 HPX BFZ62234/2D03H
ANT2 1.2 23 HP UKY21044/SC15
ANT2 1.2 7/8 HP UKY21040/SC15
ANT2 1.2 7/8 HPX UKY21040/DC15
ANT2 1.8 10/11 HP UKY22018/SC15
ANT2 1.8 10/11 HPX BFZ62235/2D03H
ANT2 1.8 10/11 HPX UKY22018/DC15
ANT2 1.8 7/8 HP UKY21050/SC15
ANT2 1.8 7/8 HPX UKY21050/DC15
Antenna 0.6m Compact 23GHz HP UKY21078/SC15
Antenna 790-960/1710-2180MHz,15/17.5dBi,65/65deg,+/-45,0-14/0-10deg,4*7/16 DIN Female, (DXX-790-960/1710-2180-65/65-15i/17.5i-M/M) 27010829
Antenna Feeder Accessories,Fixing Clip Which can Locked 3pcs Optical Cables and 3pcs Power Cables,1 27150086
Antenna Feeder Accessories,RCU136,Agisson RET Antenna RCU,Antenna,10~30V 27150136
Antenna parts,dule band pass filter,GSM anti-block filter,RX:880.1~890MHz~TX:925~935MHz,DIN(female), 99040YPC
Antenna support and Antenna Tube dia 75mm, L=3000mm 99040DJF
Antenna Support, Tower Mounted (NO SXK1072126/1
ANTENNA/ANT2 0.3 23 HP UKY22069/SC15
ANTENNA/ANT2 1.2 18 HP UKY21043/SC15
ANTENNA/ANT2 1.8 18 HP UKY21053/SC15
ANTENNA/ANTm 0.3 28 HP/HPX UKY23041/09H
ANTENNA/ANTm 0.3 38 HP/HPX UKY23041/11H
ANTENNA/ANTm 0.6 18 HP/HPX UKY23042/06H
ANTENNA/ANTm 0.6 28 HP/HPX UKY23042/09H
ANTENNA/ANTm 0.6 38 HP/HPX UKY23042/11H
ANTENNA/ANTm 1.2 10/11 HP/HPX UKY23044/03H
2200W DC Power Supply 02310QNN
Enhanced Service Processing Unit 03052293
Main Processing Unit B4 03053557
Media gateway Back Link Unit(b) 03050546
Media gateway Front Link Unit(b) 03050548
Mini-Computer,HP DL980G7,8*E6540 6core 2.0G,64G(16*4GB),2*300G 10K,1*Integrated 1000M(4 ports),1 06131763
Shared Interworking Function Conctrol Board 03036751
Switch Fabric Unit G 03052636
Universal Main Processing & Transmission unit with 4E1 and 2FE/GE interface UMPTb1 03054885
Universal Media Gateway Assembly Cabinet(V2R9 Double 3*DC) 02113272
900GB 10K RPM SAS Disk Unit(2.5″) 02350BVQ
Data Processing Unit (335 Mbps/3350 Erl) 03052799
Extensible Processing Unit 03052780
Media Gateway Link Unit 03050914
Media Gateway Front Signalling Processing Unit(c) 03051617
Media Gateway High-speed Routing Unit D2(D1GO) 03051769
Media gateway Main Processing Unit 03050380
Media Gateway Operation & Maintenance Unit B(b) 03051765
Media gateway Packet Switch Unit 03051276
Media gateway TDM switching Net Unit B 03050771
Media Gateway TDM switching Net Unit C2(With 2 TDM Cascade Ports)(b) 03051772
Media Gateway Voice Processing Unit D (b) 03051779
Operation and Maintenance Component 02238806
PARC Business Cabinet 02101113
PARC Business Cabinet (3U Power Distribution Box) 02112682
S2600 Storage Array(Dual-Controller,8*4G FC Host Interface,4GB Memory,220V AC,12*450G 15K SAS Har 0235G289
Signaling Processing Unit 03052781
Sun M5000 Single,8CPU*2.53GHz(4core),64G(32*2G),2*146G,1*Integrated 1000M NIC(2 Ports),1*1000M NI 06131612
Tape Drive,SUN LTO4,Rack Type,Apply To SAS,1*SAS line,English Doc 06430150
Universal Media Gateway High Density Extended Assembly Cabinet,with SIWF N68E-22 02113076
Universal Media Gateway NGN Backplane Subrack 02300459
00Nm-F012-G1 F012G1
1-port Enhanced Sync/Async Interface Card 02312550
1-port Sync/Async Serial Port Interface Card 02311373
1000BASE-LX/LH SFP transceiver module MMF/SMF 1310nm DOM GLC-LH-SMD=
1410R Sub Rack 2×2.5G SDH BH I/F BFZ901115
16*E1(TDM)/2*STM-1(SFP)/4*GE(RJ45)/2*GE(SFP) Hybrid System Control and Cross-connect Board 03021UDH
16*E1(TDM)/2*STM-1(SFP)/4*GE(RJ45)/2*GE(SFP) Hybrid System Control and Cross-connect Board 03022TLJ
1600 4U LTU COVER . SK73A
2-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-SFP+ + 24-Port 100/1000Base-X-SFP Integrated Line Processing Unit (LPUI-51) 03054412
2,2m Router Assembly Cabinet with Double Swing Doors 02113041
2.5mm2, 1.0m, G/Y SXK111699/1
2*10GE/GE+4*GE Ethernet Service Processing Board with Super Dual Band Feature 03023GHT
20-Port 100/1000Base-X-SFP Flexible Card(P40) 03036967
24-Port-40G Interface Card(EC1,QSFP+) 03022VLL
2kW DC Power Module A9K-2KW-DC
2KW DC Power Module Version 2 (Cisco) PWR-2KW-DC-V2
3900 Siries DBS,Site Auxiliary Material Kit(G/U/L) 02239349
40-Port 100/1000Base-RJ45 Flexible Card (Occupy two sub-slots) 03030JUJ
40-Port 100/1000Base-SFP Flexible Card (Occupy two sub-slots) 03030JUL
40-Port GE Line Card, Requires SFPs A9K-40GE-B
44-Port GE + 4-Port 10GE ASR 9000v DC Power ETSI Chassis (Cisco) ASR-9000V-DC-E=
460W GOLD AC Power Module 02131042
48-Port 10/100/1000BASE-T Interface Card(EA,RJ45) 03022BEU
48-Port 100/1000Base-X-SFP Integrated Line Processing Unit E(LPUI-51-E) 03055053
48-Port-10GE Interface Card(ED,SFP+) 03021UFM
5-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-SFP+ Integrated Line Processing Unit E(LPUI-51-E) 03055051
641280-DF Diplex filter 900/1800 (inline, outdoor, possibly to stack 7/16) 641280-DF
8 100/1000Base-X-SFP/ 8-Port 100 03030KNE
80G Modular Linecard Packet Transport Optimized (spare) A9K-MOD80-TR=
900 MHZ GSM/WCDMA filter AF3-BP835A02YZ
A9K 24-port 10GE, Transport Optimized LC, 12port Base (PayG) (Cisco) A9K-24X10-120G-TR=
A9K 24-port 10GE, Transport Optimized LC, 12port Base (PayG) (Cisco) A9K-24X10-120G-TR=.
AC/DC Converter,S1B9000Z,HRS1150-9000,Single 48V/20A Output Rectifier A02130518
AC/DC module,H3413Z,220VAC Input, 48V/30A Output,HD4830-3 Deliverable AC/DC module A02130557
Actuator AISG 2.0 default protocol ATM200-A20
AISG RET Control cable, 3m ATCB-DB9-003
ALR1200/90209 Repeater EGSM900. HSPA+(including remote control unit) ALR1200/90209
ANTENNA/ANTm 1.8 10/11 HP/HPX UKY23045/03H
ASR 9000 20-port 1GE Modular Port Adapter (spare) A9K-MPA-20X1GE=
ASR 9000 4-port 10GE Modular Port Adapter (spare) A9K-MPA-4X10GE=
ASR 9000 750W DC Power Supply for ASR-9001 A9K-750W-DC
ASR 9001 Chassis ASR-9001
ASR 9001 Fan Tray ASR-9001-FAN
ASR-9006 Chassis (Cisco) ASR-9006-SYS
ASR-9006 DC Chassis ASR-9006-DC
ASR-9006 Fan Tray (Cisco) ASR-9006-FAN-V2
ASR9K DC Power Entry Module Version 2 (Cisco) ASR9K-DC-PEM-V2
ASR9K Fabric, Controller 4G memory A9K-RSP-4G
ASR9K Route Switch Processor with 440G/slot Fabric and 6GB (Cisco) A9K-RSP440-TR=
ASR9K Route Switch Processor with 880G/slot Fabric (Cisco) A9K-RSP880-TR
Assembled ETSI 2200x600x300mm rac MR31JB
Base Station Controller 9 Fan Box 02120370
Baseband Processing Unit (6Cell, CE:UL192/DL192) 03020SSA
Baseband Processing Unit (6Cell, CE:UL384/DL384) 03020QYR
Baseband Processing Unit(CE:768)-WBBPf3(03021VHD) 03021VHD
Batt.stand 24*10 OPzV1000-4E.Hor.R1(24×10 OPzV 100, 48/2x1170Ah) 279790
Battery Backup Unit 03031MPJ
BATTERY FIAM 12FFT 130 12V 130Ah (130Ah FIAMM 12VDC block) 12FFT130
Battery FIAMM 12FFT 160 12V 160Ah 9832115
Battery FIAMM 12VDC block 180 12V 180Ah 12FIT180
Battery rack 4 X 6 cells 222608
Battery Rack,4-layer horizontal rack,1900*411*931mm,Both sides cabling,Match for battery group part 24040008
BBU Box 02315848
BBU Box 02319940
BBU3900-WD22UMPTb1-UMPTb1 03054887
BOLSET BBS 2000I NTM2013444/1
BTS Environment Status Monitor 02313841
Cabinet 02113573
Cable Distribution Rack,P143207ZB,P143207Z Cable Distribution Rack, A02400472
Cable Distribution Rack,W14A3ZB51, W14A3Z Delivery Distribution Rack(1.6m) A02400536
Cable Distribution Rack,W74C5ZB5,PS48600-3/2900 Cable Distribution Rack,Dual Input with Manual Switc A02400436
Cable Ladder Kit, 2×2.25m (In) NTM2013160/1
Cable Ladder Kit, 2×2.25m (outdoor) NTM2013138/1
Cavity 2 Way Power Splitter,698-2700MhHz,300W,N-F,IM3-150dBc@2x43dBm,Indoor or Outdoor 27020299
CE12800S Main Processing Unit A 03022UGT
CE12800S Switch Fabric Unit C 03022UGR
Chassis NR8250 NR8250
Cisco SFP for 10-Gigabit Ethernet Long Reach Single Mode SFP-10G-LR=
CN210/4Mbps 4E1 BFZ60106/01
Coaxial Cable ,Copper-clad Aluminium Wire,50ohm,7.6mm,4.8mm,1.8mm,Black,5D 25070149
CR52MPUD2,Main Processing Unit D2(Including 2G Memory and 2G USB) 03054206
CR57EMGFC00,48-Port 100/1000Base-X-SFP Integrated Line Processing Unit L(LPUI-51-L) 03054528
CR57L4XFB20, 4-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-SFP+ Integrated Line Processing Unit (LPUI-51) 03054397
CX61-BKPE-4U-DC CX600-X3 Integrated DC Chassis Components (include 1 FanFrame and 2 PowerFrames) BKPE
Data Processing Unit (1024 PDCH) 03053369
Data Processing Unit REV:d 03051814
DC Power Distribution Unit 02120479
DC Power Distribution Unit 02120472
DC Power Distribution Unit 02120731
DC PowerDistribute DCPD4
Directional Antenna,806~960MHz,18dBi,65deg,+/-45,0r,500W,Attached with Support,7/16-Female,2.6m 27010419
Directional Antenna,DXX-790-960/1710-2180-65/65-15i/17.5i-M/M,4*7/16 DIN Female,Downtilt kit packed separately 27010829-001
DKBA8.807.0202,Outdoor label,cBTS3612,55*20*0.5,GE 8B35,T0.5 29040907
DKBAO.480.0497,Waterproof Adhesive Tape,50mm*1.65mm*3.0m 30070011
Downtilt Kit-B 27150232
Duplex patch Cord -2LC/UPC-2FC/UPC-G.657A2- 5m-2mm*4mm 14131680
E15V87PO2-A Single GSM Dielectric Filter (indoor/outdoor)(6 Pole) E15V87P02
ETU2 ROJR208008/1
ETU3 ROJR211007/1
Evolved General Processing Unit 03054296
Evolved Operation and Maintenance Unit 03054294
Eyebolts,M12,Zinc Electroplating, iridescent yellow,GB825-88 26010722
Fan Box,HERT BBU,WD2E1FANC,2U Fan Module 02120577
Fan Box,HERT BBU,WD2E1FANC,2U Fan Module D 02120458
FAN/FAN TRAY (Alarm) BKV106083/2R1B
FAU1 Kit NTM101728/1
FAU2 ROJR219011/1
Flat Pack 2 2000W 48v 241115.100
Flat Pack 2000W 48v 241115.105
FlatPack 2 System,6kW (FP2 48V 8kW 400V+NBDLD SPD OD) C20434.006
Flex Waveg Kit 10-13 0.90 SXK111659/2
Flexible Card Line Processing Unit(LPUF-21, 2 sub-slots) A (L3VPN, MVPN,IPv6 Enchanced) 03052533
Flexible Card Line Processing Unit(LPUF-21,2 sub-slots) A 03052276
Flexible Card Line Processing Unit(LPUF-40,2 sub-slot(s) A (L3VPN, MVPN, IPv6 Enhanced) 03030KWD
Flexible Card Processing Unit(LPUF-51,2 sub-slots) 03055314
FP2 48V 8kW 400V+N BDLD SPD (Outdoor cabinet Flatpack2 withaninstalled capasity of 6kW Aircon T43) C20434.009 T43
FP2 48V 8kW 400V+N Bold SPD C20434.009_old
FP2 8kW 48V 3p400VAC BD LD (Optional Design/Huawei HUB, FlatPack2 Integrated 8kW48v) CTO20405.1045
FP2 8kW 48V 3p400VAC BDLD CTO20405.1044
GE Switching and Control Unit 03053067
GE Switching and Control Unit REV:a 03051117
General Clock Unit REV:a 03051116
Green Insulating Adhesive PVC Tape 21101321
H-3-CPUSE-D-A 3db coupler H3C3DBC
Heater Subassembly,P143207Z,P143207Z1,P143207ZB For North Type cabinet, A02350498
Huawei Storage 600W DC-DC Power Supply 02270131
Huawei Storage 960W DC-DC Power Supply 02270132
Indoor IFC cabinet 276908
Installation Board/Bracket,DMBM8.610.1477,Bottom Frame,For P143207Z,, A21240043
Integr Kit ANT2 10/11 HPX UPB90101/2
Integr Kit ANT2 18 HPX UPB90102/3
Integr Kit ANT2 7/8 HPX UPB90101/1
Integrated DC Chassis Components(CX600-X3)-4U 02351598
Integrated DC Chassis Components(NE40E-X3)-4U 02351596
IP Interface Unit (12 FE/4 GE, Electric) 03052761
IP Interface Unit (4 GE, Optical) 03052762
IP Interface Unit (4 STM-1, Channelized) 03052748
IPS2 11 Sym UPA90111/2
IPS2 28 Sym UPA10135/2
IPS2 7/8 Asym UPA90114/1
ISV3 XPIC Kit (per IF) 0302FK
Kath 741785, X-pol 21dBi, 30deg. 87 KRE1011954/1
Ladder(outdoor) 52220015
Load,0-3Ghz,100W,IM3–110dBc@2x43dBm,NM,Indoor 27110102
LTE Baseband Processing Unit D (2T2R, FDD)-LBBPd1 03021WVF
LTE Baseband Processing Unit D (2T2R, FDD)-LBBPd3 03021HPK
LTE Baseband Processing Unit D (4T4R, TDD)-LBBPd2 03021HPJ
LTU 32/1 ROJ1192342/1
Main Control and Transport unit(4E1&1 electrical FE&1 optical FE) 03030LPM
Main Processor Unit D(Including 1*2G Memory and 1*1G CF Card) 03052546
MBTS DBS Cable Suite Label 29080025
Media Gateway 1-port GE Optical Interface Card 03050475
Media Gateway 1*155M SDH/SONET optical interface card 03050552
Media Gateway 32E1 Port TDM Interface Board(b) 03050537
Media Gateway Back Connection Maintenance Unit 03050384
Media Gateway Clock Unit 03050554
Media Gateway Front Connection Maintenance Unit 03050511
Media Gateway Front Signalling Processing Unit(d) 03052951
Media Gateway High-speed Routing Unit 03050420
Media Gateway Operation & Maintenance Unit B 03050549
Media Gateway TDM switching Net Unit C5(With 2 TDM Cascade Ports) 03051333
Media Gateway Voice Processing Unit D(1K TC,64ms EC) 03051272
Media gateway 2*155M SDH/SONET Optical Interface Card(b) 03051774
Media gateway Clock Unit 03051301
Media gateway Echo Canceller Unit 03051777
Media Gateway Voice Processing Unit D (3K TC) (c) 03052950
MGW Assembly Cabinet (V2R2, Double 3 channel DC Input 02352076
Micro BTS3902E (Built-in antenna, AC 220V/110V, 2100M) 02310MVC
Microwave Antenna,18GHz,1200mm,HP,Dual Polarization,Direct(XMC) 52431389
Microwave Antenna,18GHz,600mm,HP,Dual Polarization,Direct(XMC) 52431387.
Microwave Antenna,23GHz,300mm,HP,Dual Polarization,Direct(XMC) 52431391
Microwave Antenna,38GHz,300mm,HP,Dual Polarization,Direct(XMC) 52431404
Microwave Antenna,A18D06HAC,18G,600mm,HP,Dual Polarization,Direct(XMC)/Separate(All RTN ODU) Mount,38.3dBi,2.1deg,30dB,With English doc,C3 wooden box 52432029
Microwave Antenna,A18D06HAC,18G,600mm,HP,Dual Polarization,Direct(XMC)/Separate(All RTN ODU) Mount,38.3dBi,2.1deg,67dB,30dB,With English doc,C3 52431387
Microwave Antenna,A18D09HAC,18G,900mm,HP,Dual Polarization,Direct(XMC)/Separate(All RTN ODU) Mount,41.7dBi,1.2deg,30dB,With English doc,C3 52431388
Microwave Antenna,A23D03HAC,23G,300mm,HP,Dual Polarization,Direct(XMC)/Separate(All RTN ODU) Mount,34.7dBi,3deg,30dB,With English doc,C3 wooden box 52432030
Microwave Antenna,A23D06HAC,23G,600mm,HP,Dual Polarization,Direct(XMC)/Separate(All RTN ODU) Mount,39.9dBi,1.7deg,65dB,30dB,With English doc,C3 52431392
Microwave Antenna,A38D03HAC,38G,300mm,HP,Dual Polarization,Direct(XMC)/Separate(All RTN ODU) Mount,39.1dBi,1.6deg,30dB,With English doc,C3 wooden box 52432038
Microwave Antenna,A38D06HAC,38G,600mm,HP,Direct(XMC)/Separate(All RTN ODU) Mount,44.2dBi,0.9deg,30dB,With English doc,C3 wooden box 52432039
Microwave Antenna,A38D06HAC,38G,600mm,HP,Dual Polarization,Direct(XMC)/Separate(All RTN ODU) Mount,44.2dBi,0.9deg,64dB,30dB,With English doc,C3 52431405
Microwave ODU,RTN XMC,18G,-3,High site,H,19190MHz,19710MHz,18180MHz,18700MHz,Without doc,WR-42,H01,1010MHz/1008MHz,Sub Band B/B,19190MHz/19190MHz,1971 52413851
Microwave ODU,RTN XMC,38G,-3,High site,H,38304MHz,38892MHz,37044MHz,37632MHz,Without doc,WR-28,H01,1260MHz,Sub Band A,38304MHz,38892MHz 52413845
Microwave Outdoor Unit, RTN XMC,38G,-2,1260MHz,Sub Band A,High site,H ,38304MHz,38892MHz,Without doc,WR-28,H01 52413074
Microwave Outdoor Unit, RTN XMC,38G,-2,1260MHz,Sub Band A,Low site,H ,37044MHz,37632MHz,Without doc,WR-28,H01 52413075
Microwave Outdoor Unit,RTN XMC,18G,-2,1010/1008MHz,Sub Band B,High site,H,19190MHz,19710MHz,Without doc,WR-42,H01 52413079
Microwave Outdoor Unit,RTN XMC,18G,-2,1010/1008MHz,Sub Band B,Low site,H,18180MHz,18700MHz,Without doc,WR-42,H01 52413078
Microwave Outdoor Unit,RTN XMC,23G,-2,1008MHz,Sub Band A,High site,H ,22998.5MHz,23338MHz,Without doc,WR-42,H01 52412479
Microwave Outdoor Unit,RTN XMC,23G,-2,1008MHz,Sub Band A,Low site,H ,21990.5MHz,22330MHz,Without doc,WR-42,H01 52412478
Microwave Outdoor Unit,RTN XMC,23G,-2,1008MHz,Sub Band B,High site,H ,22274MHz,22610MHz,Without doc,WR-42,H01 52412481
MINI-LINK 6363 38/12H BFZ61173/12H
MINI-LINK 6363 38/12L BFZ61173/12L
Mini-shelter V100R003 MS_ V100R003
MiniShelter ITS1000M,ITS1000M Cabinet,EPS,1 Unit 1 Cabin,19″ Rack&2 layers battery Rack,2.1m,Integrated Equipment Shipping 52210593
MiniShelter,ITS1000M,ITS1000M Cabinet,EPS,1 Unit 1 Cabin,19″ Rack&2 layers battery Rack,2.1m,Integrated Equipment Shipping 99043VKY
MMU2 B 4-34 ROJ2081301/1
MMU2 B 4-34 Kit NTM203015/1
MMU2 H ROJ2081308/1
MMU2 K ROJ2081308/4
MODEM UNIT/MMU2 B 4-34 KIT NTM203135/1
Monitor Module,M143207Z,PSM-BB,System Monitor Module, A02440018
Monitoring Module,W2442Z,M2442Z,PSM-A10,Test Monitoring Module Of PS48100-2/25A Power System A02440021
MRRU V2 for Multi-Mode 900MHz EGSM (Bottom 25M) 02318968
NPU 3B Kit ROJR211006/1
NPU1 C ROJR208011/1
NPU1 C Replacement unit NTM1011688/1
Omnidirectional Ceiling Antenna,698-960MHz/5dBi,1710-2700MHz/6dBi,Vertical Dual Polar,PIM-140dBc 2x33dBm, N-Female,With Bracket 27011978
Optical Cable Parts,DLC/UPC,DLC/UPC,single mode,30m,2 cores,0.03m/0.34m,GYFJH-2G.657A2,7.0mm,2mm,LSZH,Armored branch 14130643
Optical Transceiver,Enhanced SFP,850nm,2.125G Series ,-2.5~-9.5dBm,-17dBm,LC,0.5Km 34060286_old
Optical transceiver,eSFP,1310nm,1.25Gb/s,-9-3dBm,-20dBm,LC,Single Mode,10km 34060473
Optical Transceiver,eSFP,850nm,2.125Gb/s(Multi rate) ,-9.5~-2.5dBm,-17dBm,LC,MM,0.5km 34060286
Optical Transceiver,eSFP,850nm,4.25G multi-rate,-9dBm~-1.1dBm,-15dBm,LC,MM,0.3km 34060365
Optical Transceiver,SFP+,1310nm,6.144G,-8.4dBm~+0.5dBm,-13.8dBm,LC,SM,2km 34060517
Optical Transceiver,SFP+,1310nm,9.8G,-8.2dBm~+0.5dBm,-10.3dBm,LC,SM,1.4km 34060713
Optical Transceiver,SFP+,850nm,6.144G,-9dBm,-1dBm,-11.1dBm,LC,MMF ,0.12km 34060607
OptiX RTN,PI-DC B10,power injector 02310NJB
Orange Insulating Adhesive PVC Tape 21101327
Outdoor Cabinet,P143207Z,APM200-4860NE Outdoor Power System, A02620016
OVP-01 Lighting Arrester 21030116
Packet over electronic 8-port FE or 2-port GE ethernet Interface Unit REV:a 03051488
PARC Base Shelf 02300562
PARC PARC Separated Fan Shelf 02300636
Patch Cord,LC/PC-LC/PC,Singlemode,2mm,10m 14130199
PFU 3B ROJR219014/1
PFU3 ROJR219012/1
PFU3 B Kit NTM1010653/2
PFU3 Kit NTM1010653/1
Power and Environment interface Unit(-48V) 02319897
Power and Environment interface Unit(-48V) A 02315528
Power Distribution Unit MR55AC
Power Entry Module,REV:a(PARCb) 02120757
PRINTED BOARD ASSEMB/10GE XFP mainboard ROJ1192409/1
PSU Module EPW50-48A 02130872
PSU Module(AC/DC),50A 02310ERS
Purple Insulating Adhesive PVC Tape 21101326
Quidway 3680E, RTJM116ASE, 16-Port Asynchronous Serial Interface Card (RJ45) 02312007
Quidway AR 28-09-RTHM11ADP-1,1-Port ADSL over POTS Interface Card 0231A08N
Quidway AR 28-10 Router Host, 1 MIM Slot, 2 SIC Slots, 1 10/100BASE-TX Port, 1 Sync/Async Serial Por 0231A126
Quidway AR 28-31, RTJM32831, Router Host V3(AC), VRP3 Overseas Version 0231A132
QWL3WBBPD3,Baseband Processing Unit(CE:768)-WBBPd3(03020XCN) 03020XCN
QWL3WBBPF1,Baseband Processing Unit ( CE:448)-WBBPf1 03021VHB
QWL3WBBPF3,Baseband Processing Unit(CE:768)-WBBPf3 WBBP
Rack Alarm Unit MR57B
Radio Unit (RAU2 23/45HP) UKL40111/45HP
Radio Unit (RAU2 23/47HP) UKL40111/47HP
Radio Unit (RAU2 X 28/42) UKL40176/42
Radio Unit (RAU2 X 28/46) UKL40176/46
Radio Unit (RAU2 X 7/11 Kit) UKL40170/11
Radio Unit (RAU2 X 7/15 Kit) UKL40170/15
RAU1 7/15 HP UKL40105/15HP
RAU2 23/45 HP Kit NTM203085/45HP
RAU2 23/47 HP Kit NTM203085/47HP
RAU2 X 10/31 UKL40166/31
RAU2 X 10/31 Kit NTM203153/31
RAU2 X 10/35 Kit NTM203153/35
RAU2 X 10/A72 HP Kit NTM203153/A72HP
RAU2 X 10/A76 HP Kit NTM203153/A76HP
RAU2 X 11/A06 HP Kit NTM203194/A06HP
RAU2 X 18/11 Kit NTM203152/11
RAU2 X 18/11HP Kit NTM203152/11HP
RAU2 X 18/15 Kit NTM203152/15
RAU2 X 18/15HP Kit NTM203152/15HP
RAU2 X 18/A11 HP Kit NTM203152/A11HP
RAU2 X 18/A15 HP Kit NTM203152/A15HP
RAU2 X 23/82 UKL40163/82
RAU2 X 23/82 HP Kit NTM203171/82HP
RAU2 X 23/82 Kit NTM203171/82
RAU2 X 23/86 UKL40163/86
RAU2 X 23/86 HP UKL40163/86HP
RAU2 X 23/86 HP Kit NTM203171/86HP
RAU2 X 23/86 Kit NTM203171/86
RAU2 X 23/A01 HP Kit NTM203171/A01HP
RAU2 X 23/A05 HP Kit NTM203171/A05HP
RAU2 X 23/A82 Kit NTM203171/A01
RAU2 X 23/A86 Kit NTM203171/A05
RAU2 X 28/42 Kit NTM203167/42
RAU2 X 28/46 Kit NTM203167/46
RAU2 X 28/A03 Kit NTM203167/A03
RAU2 X 28/A07 Kit NTM203167/A07
RAU2 X 38/A12 Kit NTM203163/A12
RAU2 X 38/A16 Kit NTM203163/A16
RAU2 X 7/11 HP Kit NTM203161/11HP
RAU2 X 7/11 Kit NTM203161/11
RAU2 X 7/15 HP Kit NTM203161/15HP
RAU2 X 7/15 Kit NTM203161/15
RAU2 X 8/73 HP Kit NTM203162/73HP
RAU2 X 8/73 Kit NTM203162/73
RAU2 X 8/73 Kit UKL40171/73 R6A
RAU2 X 8/77 HP Kit NTM203162/77HP
RAU2 X 8/77 Kit NTM203162/77
RAU2 X 8/77 Kit UKL40171/77 R4A
RAU2 X 8/A14 HP Kit NTM203162/A14HP
RAU2 X 8/A18 HP Kit NTM203162/A18HP
RRU for Multi-Mode 1800MHz A 02317164
RRU for WCDMA/LTE 2100MHz (2*40W) 02315940
RRU3838 for WCDMA/LTE 2100M (2*40W) 02310MAA
RRU3839 for WCDMA 2100M (2*60W) 02310TQF
RRU3908 V2 for Multi-Mode 850MHz 02319644
RRU3926 for Multi-mode 1800MHz 02310HFX
RRU3928 for Multi-Mode 900MHz EGSM 02310CGR
RRU3929 for Multi-Mode 1800MHz (IBW 75MHz) 02310CJV
RRU3936 for Multi-mode 1800MHz 02310MNR
RRU3938 for Multi-Mode 900MHz EGSM 02310PYC
RRU3952 for Multi-Mode 850MHz(2*60W) 02311BNY
RRU3959 for Multi-mode 1800MHz (2*60W) 02311BYE
RRU3959 for Multi-mode 2100MHz (2*60W) 02311GYV
RRU5909 for Multi-mode 1800MHz (2*60W) 0231PP
RRU5909 for Multi-Mode 2100MHz(2*60W) 02311TBD
RRU5909 for Multi-Mode 900MHz(2*60W) 02311TBA
RTN 950A Assembly Chassis(-48V) 02113821
RTN905 02310KHG
RTN950 IDU Required Delivery Accessory, Installation Material (Without Power Cable) 02239644
RTN950A Assembly Chassis(-48V) 02310NQW
S3328TP-EI Mainframe(24 10/100 BASE-T ports and 2 Combo GE(10/100/1000 BASE-T+100/1000 Base-X) ports 02351377
S3900-M300 Controller Enclosure(DC,32GB Cache,16 FC Host Port,4*3m+4*10m Fiber,24*600G SAS Disk,HW Storage Array Control System Software,SPE31C0224) 0235G6R9
S6348-EI Mainframe (48 GE SFP/10 GE SFP+, Chassis, Dual Slots of power, Without Power Module) 02352765
SAS Service Processing Controller Unit(1*Intel E5 2620 V2,3*8G Cache) 03056450
Sep Kit RAU2 10-13 0.90 SXK111656/2
Sep Kit RAU2 7/8 0.90 SXK1115184/2
SFP+ SM 10.3Gb/s 10km 1310nm RDH10265/3
Shelter Auxiliary components-ZXJ-400-Ladder-Indoor 400mm,config sheet 99031761
Single Cable,Straight Through Cable,10.00m,MP8-I,(CC4P0.5GY),MP8-I,Unshield,DL2761 04023275
SM-10xGE-32xMAP-B [T2.5G/P10G] ROA1283719/1
SM-1x10GE-20xGE-B ROA1283721/1
Structure set, DKBA0.480.0773, Antenna Pole,TK02-BG-7630, Antenna 99040HLC
Structure set, DKBA0.480.1215, Antenna Pole, Alutube-dia.75, Antenna 99040SFD
SUBRACK(AMM 20P) BFD599028/1
SUBRACK(AMM 2P R4) BFD599031/2
SUPPORT/FOR 50-115 MM TUBE SXA120106/1
Switch Fabric Unit B200 03054301
SXK111539/1 SXK111539/1
TDM switching Network Unit REV:a 03051118
Telecom antennas PW7331.00
TFL 424 02, 5M NTM20379/5
Three-way Reactive Power Splitter, 698–2700 MHz S-3-CPUSE-H-Di6
TP48200A-AX21D1 01072154
TP48200B-N20A5-0A (Cabinet for Indoor Site) 01071297
TPR48202B-N20C1/TPR48202B-N20C1 01071328
Transcoder Unit (960 Channel for TDM /3740 Channel for IP) 03051813
Transcoder Unit(1920 Channel for TDM /3840 Channel for TDM&IP/7680 Channel for IP&IP) 03053299
Two-way Reactive Power Splitter, 698–2700 MHz S-2-CPUSE-H-Di6
Unified Bussiness Architecture Base Shelf(PARCb) 02300708
Universal Baseband Processing Unit d5 03022HEL
Universal Baseband Processing Unitd1 03022HEG
Universal BaseBand Radio Interface Board (6 CPRI interface,UBRIb) 03022ACJ
Universal E1/T1 Lighting Protection unit 03020FED
Universal Environment Interface control Unit 02315639
Universal FE Lighting Protection unit 03020FQG
Universal Media Gateway Middle specification Backplane Subrack 02300514
WCDMA Main Control Unit (4 E1&1 Electrical FE&1 Optical FE) 03020JQE
WD2BBBUC, HEART BBU Box 02112722
Wire,450/750V,227 IEC 02(RV)16mm^2,black,85A 25030428
Wire,450/750V,227 IEC 02(RV)16mm^2,blue,85A 25030430
ZXD1500 (V4.0) ZXD1500V4.0
ZXDU58 B121 (V2.0) CSU ZXDU58B121
ANDREW DBXDH-6565A-A2M w/o actuator *DBXDH-6565A-A2M-2
790-960 MHz LDX-6516DS-VTM LDX-6516DS-VTM
7782.00А 778200A
support ASOA1108
48V 1170AH 10OPzV 1000 BATT(battery title 48V/2x1170Ah 24x10OPzV 1000) 276613
Andrew DBXDH-6565A-A2M, DualPol Dual Band Teletilt Antenna, 790–960 and 1710–2180 MHz, 65° horizontal beam width, RET compatible. Model with Factory I 99044LAF
12В 150 12B150
ODU A400 18 ZXMW NR8250 ODU40018
ODU A400 23 ZXMW NR8250 ODU40023
ODU A400 38 ZXMW NR8250 ODU38G
ZXD1500 VZDX1500
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