Huawei 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G Wireless DBS BBU+RRU, Huawei Core Network, OptiX OSN8800, OSN9800 Reseller. Large inventories of Huawei EOL spare parts

JEMSdata, acquired by 1COM in 2007, buys sells and trades network and telecom equipment worldwide in over 50 countries; Huawei Core Network, UMG8900, MSOFTX3000, SGSN9810, Huawei OptiX OSN Optical Transmission Switching, and Huawei Wireless; 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE to 5G.

One of the largest inventories of Huawei EOM and EOL parts in the world.

Over 7,000 Huawei EOL ‘End of Life’ parts in STOCK with LEAD TIMES of 1 to 5 days

A 33-year history with hundreds of satisfied clients worldwide assures quick and prompt delivery of equipment, and/or needed services providing customers with NEW-Over-stock surplus Huawei spares or USED-Refurbished Huawei EOL at deep-discounts. We look forward to making contact and discussing your needs, either buying or selling.
Let us work for you, we know you will be pleased with the results.

33 years secondary-market telecom equipment reseller: Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, NSN, and more
23 years sourcing in Asia
19 years Huawei Core-Network, Optical Transmission BWS 1600G, BWS 1600S, OSN 6800, OSN 8800, OSN 9800, UMG8900, MSOFTX3000, SGSN9810 and 3G, 4G/LTE 5G wireless reseller
19 years Huawei Fiber Optic Transceivers SFP, SFP+, XFP, QSFP/QSFP+, CFP and QSFP28 reseller
2 years Huawei Channel Partner

1COM offers End-to-end-Solutions ‘E2ES’ solutions; Core Network design. Wireless Services for Machine-to-Machine M2M, Open-Source VOIP. Huawei GGSN, SSGN, PDSN, HSS, MSS, USN, UGW, MSC, BSC/BTS/DBS, SingleRAN wireless design and install, Optical transmission and add-on services for CoreNet listed. We design mobile wireless networks, install mobile wireless networks, deinstallation of wireless networks and offer support, training and maintenance contracts.

1COM PaCo/Packet Core Solution/Services:
Huawei USN9810, SGSN9810, SG7000, Huawei UGW9811, Huawei CG9812, GN/GP Huawei DNS9816, Huawei LAN Switch S9303, Huawei Eudemon 8080E, Huawei UPCC, Nokia WNG9900 Data Analytic Tool, PeerApp CDN system, Google GGC, Big-IP f5 VIPRION-Based GI DNS

1COM Packet Switch (PS) Core Operations:
▪ Manage PS operations including resource management, training planning and staff performance management and spare part management
▪ Provide technical support for PS system including data management, configuration management for PS network elements, network system design and review, planning for KPI data and node configuration, change requests to ensure systems running 24/7
▪ Troubleshooting and problem analysis and problem solving
▪ Prepare operation MML scripts for PS nodes or method of procedure (MOP) for CR by PS as required by ongoing projects such as QoS optimization on various NEs: HLR/HSS, SGSN, RAN, internal parameter changes either on SGSN or GGSN, or datacom networks
▪ Implement CR related to PS part mentioned in the CR and support CR
▪ Coordinated with RA team, Billing team, TADIG team, RAN team, and BI team on the issue of anomalies of data usage of both local and roaming subscribers
▪ Submit weekly activities, status and ad-hoc technical incident reports
▪ Work process/change/problem management for all network Issues with follow-up
▪ Submit CR for any operation to NOC for review and approval
▪ Project Handover for planning team from planning team(s) or vendor(s)

1COM’s offers Disaster Recovery Solutions with offshore redundancy spare parts warehousing and deployment solutions

1COM VAS/support
Huawei SMC, Huawei SMGW, Huawei MMSC, Huawei MDSP, Huawei VASCloud, Huawei RBT, Globitel USSDGW, Apliman Collect Call/ICA Zero, Anam Off-net Anti-Spam, Movius ICE (VMS/CBN/MCN), Invigo ADM, PowerMe Mobile Message Manager, SpiceDigital SMS-Based Chat system, Comtech Telecommunications LBS systems

JEMSdata has large inventories of End of Life EOL Huawei Core Network, Microwave and OptiX OSN Optical Transmission, Wireless, Huawei SingleRAN, eNodeB, DBS, BBU, RRU, BTS3900, DBS3900, BBU3900, BBU3910, BBU5900, BBU5901, UBBPd6 03022HEM, UMPTb2, UBBPg, UMPTg, WD22BMPT5, BBU5900, AAU5613, HAAU5213, AAU5636, AAU5319, AAU5613, AAU5619, AAU5639, AAU5639W, AAU5726, RRU3256, RRU3908, RRU3959 02311BPE, RRU5509t, RRU3929 02310CJV, AAU5973 02312EMQ, RRU5501 02311VMD, MSC, MSS, BSC6800, BSC6900, HLR, GGSN, IMS, UMG8900, MSOFTX3000, HSS9860, NE40-X3, USN9810 ATAE, OSTA 2.0, SGSN9810, SG7000, UGW9811, CG9812, iM2000, DNS9816, PDSN9660, CG9812, HUAWEI RTN620, RTN910, RTN950, HUAWEI Optix OSN3500, OSN6800, OSN8800, TN58NS4T65, OSN9800, OSN7500, USN9810, GGSN9811, ATAE OSTA 2.0 GSM, WCDMA, LTE, UMTS, eNodeB, Single RAN, Huawei Transponders, Fiber Optic Transceivers seller, SFP, SFP+, XFP, QSFP/QSFP+, CFP, QSFP28, CPE, B2368-66 Huawei Distributor, New and Used Reseller, Used Telecom Equipment Reseller, Huawei B2338-168, 51080454

Huawei 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G Wireless DBS BBU RRU, Huawei Core Network, OptiX OSN 8800 OSN 9800 Reseller. Large inventories of Huawei EOL spare parts. We buy used Huawei EOL telecom equipment. Buyer and seller of new and used Huawei Base Stations

Huawei OptiX OSN 1500B

Huawei OptiX OSN 1500B for sale
OptiX OSN 1500B
02300653 SSRK000AFB01 OptiX OSN 1500B Subrack
21070322 SSTB0FRAME02 Height extension frame
OptiX OSN 1500B Common Board
02317009 STM-1/4/16 System Control,20G TDM and 8G Packet
03052712 SSRD0PCXL115 STM-1 System Control,20G TDM and 8G Packet
03052711 SSRD0PCXL114 STM-1 System Control,20G TDM and 8G Packet
03052710 SSRD0PCXL113 STM-1 System Control,20G TDM and 8G Packet
03052717 SSRD0PCXL411 STM-4 System Control,20G TDM and 8G Packet
03052718 SSRD0PCXL412 STM-4 System Control,20G TDM and 8G Packet
03052719 SSRD0PCXL413 STM-4 System Control,20G TDM and 8G Packet
03052720 SSRD0PCXL414 STM-4 System Control,20G TDM and 8G Packet
03052714 SSRDPCXL1612 STM-16 System Control,20G TDM and 8G Packet
03052715 SSRDPCXL1613 STM-16 System Control,20G TDM and 8G Packet
03052716 SSRDPCXL1614 STM-16 System Control,20G TDM and 8G Packet
03052378 SSQDCXLL1612 STM-16 System Control,Cross-connect
03052379 SSQDCXLL1613 STM-16 System Control,Cross-connect
03052499 SSRDCXLL1612 STM-16 System Control,Cross-connect
03052500 SSRDCXLL1613 STM-16 System Control,Cross-connect
03052501 SSRDCXLL1614 STM-16 System Control,Cross-connect
03052380 SSQD0CXLL410 STM-4 System Control,Cross-connect
03052381 SSQD0CXLL411 STM-4 System Control,Cross-connect
03052382 SSQD0CXLL412 STM-4 System Control,Cross-connect
03052385 SSQD0CXLL110 STM-1 System Control,Cross-connect
03052386 SSQD0CXLL111 STM-1 System Control,Cross-connect
03052387 SSQD0CXLL112 STM-1 System Control,Cross-connect
Huawei OptiX OSN 1500B for sale

Huawei for Sale

Huawei for Sale
03030117 CB01ALM0 Alarm Board
03031424 Signaling Processing Board
03030814 CB02NETA0 Switch Network Board
03030240 C821CTN0 32 Module Central Switching Network Board
03021124 CB01CKV Switch Clock Driving Board
03030298 C805DTM0 E1 Digital Trunk Board DS2154
03030183 CC03EMA0 Emergency Action Board
03020380 C813FBC Near Distance Fiber Backplane 1X2 Assembled Board
03030517 C814FBI0 16/32 Module Fiber Communication Board
03031424 Signaling Processing Board
03030678 C822MCC0 32 Module Communication and Control Board
03038272 CQ03MEM0 Network Communication Interface Board
03035862 CB05MPU0 Main control Board For 32-M switch
03030307 CC02NOD1 Master Node Board
03030551 C805OPT0 Exchange Module Fiber Communication Board
03031542 CB02SIG0 Signal Tone Board 128-Channel Dynamic Voice
03030227 C821SNT0 32 Module Signaling Switching Network Board
03050151 SoftX3000 SF31WALU0 Alarm Unit
02312525 SGSN9810 KW3M3UPWR PSM Subrack Power Module
03050602 MSOFTX3000 SF32WCSU0 Call Control And Signaling
03050932 MSOFTX3000 SF32WEPI0 E1_Pool Interface Unit
03050148 SoftX3000 SF31WSIU0 System Interface Unit
03050599 MSOFTX3000 SF32WSMU0 System Management Unit
03050145 SoftX3000 SF31WHSC0 Hot-Swap And Control Unit
03050933 Clock Interface Unit
02311502 AM/CM Background Administration Module
02312050 LAN Switch Huawei
02120068 M900/M1800BTS312 GMAE1BFBX 1-Fan Fan Box EBM
02120279 BTS3012A GMOE1DBX4 DC Power Distribution Box Auxiliary
02120280 BTS3012A GMOE1DBX5 DC Power Distribution Box Main Equipment
02120281 BTS3012A GMOE1DBX6 AC Power Distribution Box VER.A
02120282 Fan Tray Assembly/Power Distribution BTS3012A GMSE1FBX1
02120305 BTS3012A GMOE1SFBX 4-Small-Fan Fan Box VER.A
02130376 AC/DC Converter 220VAC 24V/30A
02270019 DC/DC Power System 535W -10degC-60degC 20-30V 53.5V/10A
02310822 Function Module AC/DC PMU For GSM BTS Power Supply
02312580 M900 BTS30/312 GM5M5TRX Transceiver Module
02313034 M1800 BTS30/312 GMKM5TRX 1800M Edge Transceiver Unit
02313425 BTS3012A GM5M1EMUA2416 24VDC 16 Port EMUA Environment module
03022715 Manufactured Board M900BTS GM41FANB FAN interface Backplane
03023091 Manufactured Board M900/1800BTS312 GMA1TRB 12 TRXs’ Backplane
03023150 Manufactured Board W1262Z W1262 1 GSM BTS Power Backplane
03025279 M900/M1800BTS30 GMK1ATE AntiThunder Board for E1 Signal
03025776 Manufactured Board BTS3012A GMO1TCU Temperature Control Unit
03028811 BTS3012A GMO2TCB Transmission/Temprature Control Backboard
03032129 Finished Board M900/M1800BTS30 GMK2TMU0 Timing/Transmission
04011564 Internal Cable Set M900/M1800 BTS312 S 1EDU Configure RF
04200029 Single Cable Water Sensor Cable 1.40m Sensor 33010089 BTS30A
27140025 Combiner/Divider M900 Rx890-915MHz/Tx935-960MHz 25MHz 2-Carrier
27140034 Combiner/Divider M1800 CDUA3.0 1805-880MHz/Rx:1710-1785Mz 75MH
03031482 M900MSC GM11GCTN0 Central Switching Network Board
03031475 M900MSC GM11GNET0 Network Board Single Slot Handle Bar
03021124 CB01CKV Switch Clock Driving Board
03031481 M900MSC GM11GSNT0 Signaling Switching Network Board
03031483 M900MSC GM11GFBI0 AM/CM Optical Fiber Interface Board
03032711 M900MSC GM12GMEM0 Database Interface Board
03036028 Finished Board C9000L GMM1GCKS0 Clock Board
03031480 M900MSC GM11GMCC0 Communication Control Board
03031370 M900BSC GM31E3M0 E1 Interface Board
03031473 M900MSC GM11GNOD0 Master Node Processing Board
03031472 Finished Board M900MSC GM11GEMA0 Emergency Action Board
03030AQK Finished Board M900/M1800 BSC GM14GMPU0 Main Processing
03031424 CB03LAPA0 4-Link No.7 Signaling Processing Board
03031843 M900BSC GM32GLAP0 LAPD Protocol Processing Board
03031478 M900MSC GM11GMC20 Dual-Link Module Communication Board
03031479 M900MSC GM11G0PT0 Switch Module Fiber Communication Board
03031474 M900MSC GM11GALM0 Alarm Board
03031373 Finished Board M900/M1800 BSC GM11MSM0 Sub-Multiplexing
03035535 Finished Board M900/M1800BSC GM14FTC0 Transcoder
03035304 M900/M1800BSC GM34BIE0 Base Station Interface Board
03020230 C08A CC03PWC Secondary Power Board 5V/20A
03031485 M900MSC GM11GPWS0 Secondary Power Board
03021904 CC08C C842DRCA E16 Back Drive Board 75ohm Coaxial Cable
02120052 CB0E3FAN1 Switch Assembled Rack Power Distribution Box
03032516 Finished Board M900/M1800PCU GP21POMU0 Operation Maintenance
03033098 Finished Board M900/M1800PCU GP22RPPU1 33B Mobile Packet
03023878 Manufactured Board M900/M1800GSN GP11HSC0 Hot Swap Control Unit
03023883 Manufactured Board M900/1800GPRS GP11E1TM E1 Transmission Module
02120173 Fan Module SSXE1FAN Cabinet Fan Box
03036340 Finished Board OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA1CTPR01 Tributary
03036347 Finished Board OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA1CTPT01 Tributary
03036204 Finished Board OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA2SLO101 8xSTM-1 Optical
03033133 OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA1ABA202 Booster Amplifier Board 14dBm SC
03033145 OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA1ABPA01 Booster Amplifier Pre-amplifier
03032879 OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA1ACOM01 Communication Board
03032790 OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA1AEOW01 Orderwire Board
03036508 OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA1AMXS01 Mixed Cross-connect Timing
03036255 OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA1APQ101 63xE1 Interface Process Board
03032798 OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA1ASCC01 System Control Board
03032823 OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA1ATPR01 Protection Switching Receive Board
03032825 OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA1ATPT01 Protection Switching Transmit Board
03036294 OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA1E75S01 63 75ohm E1 Interface Board
03037836 OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA1EFS401 4-Port Fast Ethernet Switching
03030AQC OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA1EGT201 2-Port Gigabit Ethernet Transport
03037133 OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA1ETF8 8-Port Twisted-Pairs 10/100M Fast Ethernet
03033202 OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA1FE0801 8-port Ethernet Interface Board Ie-1 MTRJ
03032833 OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA1GE0201 Dual Gigabit Ethernet Interface
03035757 OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA1SD16A01 2xSTM-16 Optical Interface
03034293 OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA1SLQ4A01 4xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board S-4.1 SC
03034051 OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA2APIU Power Fan Interface Board
03038963 OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA2EGS202 2-port Gigabit Ethernet Switching
03034020 OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA2EU0801 8xSTM-1 Electrical Interface Board 75ohm
03037861 OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA2SL16A01 STM-16 Optical Interface Board S-16.1 SC
03034380 OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA2SP0801 8xSTM-1 Signal Process Board
03039270 OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA4SL6410 STM-64 Optical Interface Board I-64.2 SC
03039262 OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA4SL6411 STM-64 Optical Interface Board S-64.2b SC
03039325 OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA4SL6414 STM-64 Optical Interface Board V64.2b SC
03039269 OptiX 10G V2.0 SSA4SL6415 STM-64 Optical Interface Board L-64.2b SC
02120198 OptiX 10G V2.0 SSAE2FAN Rack Fan Box
03031322 OptiX 155/622H SS42PD2TI01 48xE1 Electrical Interface Board 75ohm
03031649 OptiX 155/622H SS42OI2S01 STM-1 Optical Interface Board S-1.1 SC
03031683 OptiX 155/622H SS42PD2DI01 32xE1 Electrical Interface Board 75ohm
03032364 OptiX 155/622H SS42PL3ET01 3xE3 Electrical Interface Board PE3T
03034316 OptiX 155/622H SS42SLE01 1xSTM-1 Electrical Interface Board
03032440 OptiX 155/622H SS42SP2A01 16xE1 Electrical Interface Board 75ohm
03032262 OptiX 155/622H SS43SCB01 System Control Communication Board
03035749 OptiX 2500 SS03PMU01 Power and Environment Monitoring Unit
03032172 OptiX 2500 SS61COA01 Case Shape Booster Amplifier Board 14dBm SC
03023224 OptiX 2500 SS61E75S 63xE1 Switching Access Board 75ohm
03031836 OptiX 2500 SS61EIPC01 Electrical Interface Protection Control Board
03023183 OptiX 2500 SS61LPDR 4xSTM-1 Switching Driver Board
03031661 OptiX 2500 SS61PQ1A01 63xE1 Electrical Interface Board 75ohm
03030984 OptiX 2500 SS61SCC0 System Control Communication Orderwire Board
03031612 OptiX 2500 SS61SD1A02 2xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board S-1.1 SC
03031675 OptiX 2500 SS61SD4A01 2xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board S-4.1 SC
03031676 OptiX 2500 SS61SD4A01 2xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board S-4.1 SC
03031317 OptiX 2500 SS61SQ1A02 4xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board S-1.1 SC
03023522 OptiX 2500 SS62C34SA 3xE3/T3 Switching Access Board
03023279 OptiX 2500 SS62FB1 Backplane 2M Interface Connection Card 1
03023515 OptiX 2500 SS62FB2 Inner Connection Board Type II
03023873 OptiX 2500 SS62LPSW 4xSTM-1 Switching Access Board 1×1
03032147 OptiX 2500 SS62PL3A01 3xE3 Electrical Interface Board
03032350 OptiX 2500 SS62PQ1A01 24mm Grey 63xE1 Electrical Interface
03032241 OptiX 2500 SS62SCC01 System Control Communication Orderwire Board
03032362 OptiX 2500 SS62SQE01 4xSTM-1 Electrical Interface Board
03039534 OptiX 2500 SS63S16A02 STM-16 Optical Interface Board S-16.1 SC
03039530 OptiX 2500 SS63S16A03 STM-16 Optical Interface Board L-16.1 SC
03035165 OptiX 2500 SS63S16B01 STM-16 Optical Interface Board L-16.2 SC
03039531 OptiX 2500 SS63S16B02 STM-16 Optical Interface Board Le-16.2 SC
03039532 OptiX 2500 SS63S16B03 STM-16 Optical Interface Board V-16 SC
03039533 OptiX 2500 SS63S16B04 STM-16 Optical Interface Board U-16 SC
03036944 OptiX 2500 SS63SL4A01 STM-4 Optical Interface Board S-4.1 SC
03036956 OptiX 2500 SS63SQ1A02 4xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board S-1.1 SC
03035461 OptiX 2500 SS64XCS01 Cross-connect and Timing Board
03032243 OptiX 2500+-SS61SV4A01 STM-4 Concatenation Optical Interface
03031242 OptiX 2500+-SS62S1601 STM-16 Optical Interface Board S-16.1 SC
02311579 OptiX BWS 1600G SSEM1TRC C BAND STM-16 FEC Function
03034681 OptiX BWS 1600G SSE1FIU03 Fiber Interface Board C Band
03036195 OptiX BWS 320G SS72VOA01 Variable Optical Attenuator Board
02311994 OptiX DWDM SSEM2MR201 C-BAND Extended 2-Channel Optical
03035350 OptiX DWDM SSE1D4002 40-channel Demultiplexing
03035347 OptiX DWDM SSE1M4002 40-channel Multiplexing
03037106 OptiX DWDM SSE1SCC02 System Control Communication Board
03036759 OptiX DWDM SSE2D3201 32-channel Demultiplex Board heater
03036758 OptiX DWDM SSE2M3201 32-channel Multiplex Board heater
03037636 OptiX Metro 1050 SSM1FEOW01 Engineering Order Wire
03036486 OptiX Metro 1050 SSM1FSCC01 System Control Communication Board
03035462 OptiX Metro 1050 SSM1OSB101 STM-1 Optical Interface Subboard Ie-1 SC
03035598 OptiX Metro 1050 SSM1OSB401 STM-4 Optical Interface Subboard Ie-4 SC
03037105 OptiX Metro 1050 SSM1PL1DA01 16xE1 Electrical Interface Board
03037565 OptiX Metro 1050 SSM1SLE 1xSTM-1 Electrical Interface Unit
03035812 OptiX Metro 1050 SSM1STIA01 2-port Synchronous Timing
03036400 OptiX Metro 1050 SSM1XCS402 Cross-connect Timing Board STM-4
03034021 OptiX Metro 1100 SSF1FPIUA01 Power Interface Board -48V
03034022 OptiX Metro 1100 SSF1SPIUA01 Slave Power Interface Board -48V
03024594 OptiX Metro 3100 SSB1D34S 6xE3/T3 PDH Interface Switching Board
03024767 OptiX Metro 3100 SSB1SEQ1 4xSTM-1 Electrical Interface Board
03024526 OptiX Metro 3100 SSB1TSB3 6 E3/T3 Switching Bridging Board
03033387 OptiX Metro 3100 SSB1XCS01 System Sync Timing Cross-Connect
03034033 OptiX Metro 3100 SSB2PMCU01 Power Monitor and Auxiliary
03034672 OptiX Metro 3100 SSB2PQ301 12xE3/T3 Electrical Interface Board
03038471 OptiX Metro 6100 SSC6OBU01 WDM Optical Booster Amplifier Wavelength
03038468 OptiX Metro 6100 SSC6OPU01 WDM Pre-amplifier Board
03033564 OptiX Metro3100 SSB1SP801 8 STM-1 Line Processing Board
02312546 OptiX Metro6040 SSLM2LWF STM-64 Transmit-receive Line Wavelength
02312918 OptiX Metro6100 SSCM6LWM Multiple Rate STM16/4/1Optical Wavelength
03037556 OptiX OSN 1500 SSR1AUX01 System Auxiliary Interface Board
03037557 OptiX OSN 1500 SSR1EOW01 Engineering Order Wire Board
03026772 OptiX OSN 1500 SSR1PIU Power Interface Board 1×2 Assembled Board
02120244 OptiX OSN 1500 SSRE1FAN Fan Box
03027179 OptiX OSN 2500 SSQ1PIU Power Interface Board 1×2 Assembled Board
03037489 OptiX OSN 2500 SSQ1SAP01 System Auxiliary Process Board
03030AMX OptiX OSN 2500 SSQ2CXL1602 STM-16 System Control
03030AMY OptiX OSN 2500 SSQ2CXL1603 STM-16 System Control
03050980 OptiX OSN 2500 SSQ2CXL411 STM-4 System
03037098 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1AUX01 System Auxiliary Interface Board
03027581 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1C34S 3xE3/T3 PDH Interface Switching
03026734 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1D34S 6xE3/T3 PDH Interface Switching
03026727 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1D75S 32xE1/T1 Electrical Interface
03037134 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1EFS401 4-Port 10M/100M Fast Ethernet
03037691 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1EFT801 16-Port 10M/100M Ethernet
03030EAF OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1EFT8A01 8-Port 10M/100M Ethernet
03037033 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1EGS201 2-port Gigabit Ethernet Switching
03030BWS OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1EMS401 4-port Gigabit Ethernet Fast
03027509 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1EU04 4xSTM-1 Electrical Interface
03026740 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1EU08 8xSTM-1 Electrical Interface
03036440 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1EXCSA01 Enhanced Cross-connect
03037064 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1GSCC01 System Control and Communication Board
03026741 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1OU08 8xSTM-1 Optical Access
03037345 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1PD301 6xE3/DS3 Service Processing Board
03026564 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1PIU Power Interface Board 1×1 Assembled Board
03037127 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1PL301 3xE3/T3 Service Processing Board
03037316 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1PQ1A01 63xE1 Service Processing Board 75ohm
03036466 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1SCC01 System Control and Communication Board
03037391 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1SEP101 8xSTM-1 Signal Process Board
03050614 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1SL110 STM-1 Optical Interface Board S-1.1 LC
03037372 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1SL16A01 STM-16 Optical Interface Board I-16 LC
03037374 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1SL16A02 STM-16 Optical Interface Board S-16.1 LC
03050634 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1SL410 STM-4 Optical Interface Board S-4.1 LC
03030BDK OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1SL6405 STM-64 Optical Interface Board L-64.2b LC
03050646 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1SLD410 2xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board S-4.1 LC
03050626 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1SLQ110 4xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board S-1.1 LC
03037390 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1SLQ401 4xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board
03050654 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1SLQ410 4xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board S-4.1 LC
03027527 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1TSB4 4-Channel Switching Bridging
03026756 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1TSB8 8-Channel Switching Bridging
03038342 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1UXCSB01 Ultra Cross-connect and Synchronous Timing
03038343 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN1XCE01 Extention Subrack Cross-connect Board
03036884 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN2EFS001 10M/100M Fast Ethernet Processing
03039014 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN2EGS201 2-port Gigabit Ethernet Switching
03050839 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN2EGS210 2-port Gigabit Ethernet Switching
03039264 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN2SL6412 STM-64 Optical Interface Board S-64.2b LC
03050630 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN2SLQ110 4xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board S-1.1 LC
03030DFT OptiX OSN 3500 SSN2SLQ1604 4xSTM-16 Optical Interface Board L-16.2 LC
03050658 OptiX OSN 3500 SSN2SLQ410 4xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board S-4.1 LC
03030CEP OptiX OSN 3500 SSN3GSCC01 System Control and Communication Board
03028246 OptiX OSN 7500 SST1AUX System Auxiliary Interface Board 1×1
03028245 OptiX OSN 7500 SST1EOW Engineering Order Wire Board
03035554 OptiX OSN 7500 SST1EXCSA01 Enhanced Cross-connect
03028193 OptiX OSN 7500 SST1PIU Power Interface Board 1 2 Assembled Board
03030DJX OptiX OSN 7500 SST1SXCSA01 Super Cross-Connect
03030CUN OptiX OSN 7500 SST2SL6402 STM-64 Optical Interface Board S-64.2b LC
03035223 OptiX OSN 9500 SSJ1EMPU01 Electromechanical Information
03050820 OptiX OSN 9500 SSJ1GE0605 6-port Gigabit Ethernet Process
03034814 OptiX OSN 9500 SSJ1GXCHA01 General High Order Cross-connect Board A
03035597 OptiX OSN 9500 SSJ1JCOM01 System Communication Board
03037251 OptiX OSN 9500 SSJ1JD16A03 2xSTM-16 Optical Interface Board S-16.1 LC
03035191 OptiX OSN 9500 SSJ1JEOW01 Orderwire Board
03037464 OptiX OSN 9500 SSJ1JL16A02 1xSTM-16 Optical Interface Board S-16.1 LC
03037016 OptiX OSN 9500 SSJ1JL64A02 STM-64 Optical Interface
03050780 OptiX OSN 9500 SSJ1JLH112 16xSTM-1 Optical Interface
03037624 OptiX OSN 9500 SSJ1JLHE01 16xSTM-1 Electric Interface Board
03050784 OptiX OSN 9500 SSJ1JLQ411 4xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board S-4.1 LC/PC
03035539 OptiX OSN 9500 SSJ1JPBU01 Key Power Backup Board
03038200 OptiX OSN 9500 SSJ1JPIU02 Power Interface Board without Breaker
03036721 OptiX OSN 9500 SSJ1JQ16A02 4xSTM-16 Optical Interface Board S-16.1 LC
03034757 OptiX OSN 9500 SSJ1JSTG01 Synchronous Timing Generation Board
03025970 OptiX OSN 9500 SSJ1JSTI Synchronous Timing Interface
03035551 OptiX OSN 9500 SSJ2EGT601 6-port Gigabit Ethernet Process Board LC
03030BMG OptiX OSN 9500 SSJ3EXCH01 Enhanced High Order Cross-connect Board
03030AYD OptiX OSN 9500 SSJ3JSCC01 System Control Communication Board
03030DFL OptiX OSN 9500 SSJ4D64D02 2xSTM-64 Optical Interface Board S-64.2b LC
02312899 OptiX WDM SSEM2TRC1 C BAND STM-16 Transmit-receive Line Wavelength Conversion
03036811 OptiX WDM SSE1DSE01 C Band Dispersion Slope Equalization Unit
03033977 OptiX WDM SSE1RPC01 C Band Backward Processing Driving Board
03034010 OptiX WDM SSE1SC101 Unidirectional Optical Supervisory Channel Unit
03038895 OptiX WDM SSE1SC107 Unidirectional Optical Supervisory Channel Unit
03038879 OptiX WDM SSE1SC207 Bidirectional Optical Supervisory Channel Unit
03033991 OptiX WDM SSE1SCC01 System Control Communication Board
03034134 OptiX WDM SSE1SCE01 System Control Communication Board
03039980 OptiX WDM SSE3OAUC01C C-BAND Optical Amplifier Unit
03030DAM OptiX WDM SSE3OAUC03E C-BAND Optical Amplifier Unit MAX -4dBm
03039985 OptiX WDM SSE3OAUC05A C-BAND Optical Amplifier Unit MAX 0dBm
03039979 OptiX WDM SSE3OBUC03C C-BAND Optical Amplifier Unit MAX 0dBm
03039984 OptiX WDM SSE3OBUC05A C-BAND Optical Booster Unit 23dB Gain 23dBm
03039978 OptiX WDM SSE3OPUC03C C-BAND Optical Pre-Amplifier Unit 23dB
02313408 Distributed Base Station Radio Remote Unit -48V DHT 40W 1.25G 2100M
02314819 Distributed Base Station Base Band Unit -48V Without GPS
04046800 Trunk Cable -45deg 5m 75ohm 2.2mm D44M-I 2 SYFVZP75-1.2/0.25
34060286 Optical Transceiver Enhanced SFP 850nm 2.125G Series
02310UUG WD5M85393600 RRU3936
02120370 Base Station Controller 9 Fan Box
03051116 General Clock Unit REV:a
03051117 GE Switching and Control Unit REV:a
03051816 Data Processing Unit REV:b
03051485 2-port ATM over channelized Optical STM-1/OC-3 Interface Unit
03051492 4-port ATM/Packet over unchannlized Optical STM-1/OC-3c
03051493 2-port packet over Optical GE ethernet Interface REV:a
03051569 Operation and Maintenance Unit REV:a
03051730 PARC WP11SPUa Signnaling Processing Unit REV:a
34060276 Optical Transceiver Enhanced SFP
03051488 2-port GE ethernet Interface Unit REV:a
03051481 Data Processing Unit REV:b
02130608 BTS3012AE PSU Module AC/DC
02315174 Double Transceiver Unit 1800M
02315179 Dual Duplexer Unit 1800M
02120407 BTS Fan Box
02310UUG WD5M85393600 RRU3936
02313069 Power System Monitor Module
02314148 High-Power Combining Module 1800M
02314286 M1800 Double transceivers Digital and Radio frequency Module
02314288 DC SPD and EMI Module
02314688 M1800 Dual Duplexer Module TX1805-1880MHz/RX1710-1785MHz
02314691 Main Control Module for DDRM BTS without SDH Module
02315076 Double Transceiver Unit 900M
02315118 Dual Duplexer Unit PGSM
03051118 PARC WP11TNUa TDM switching Network Unit REV:a
03051119 PARC WP11XPUa Extensible Processing Unit REV:a
03051122 PARC WP11OIUa 1-port channelized Optical Interface Unit REV:a
03051551 PARC WP11OMUb Operation and Maintenance Unit REV:b
03051814 PARC WP13DPUd Data Processing Unit REV:d
03020BCR E1 Signal lightning-protection card for DTRU BTS
03030BMY Transmission Timing Management Unit for DTRU BTS
02314551 32 Port EMUA Environment Monitoring Module -48VDC
34060299 Optical Transceiver Enhanced
SFP 1310nm STM1 15.0 8.0dBm -31.0dBm LC 15Km
Huawei for Sale

Huawei OSN6800 OSN8800 for sale

Huawei OSN6800 OSN8800 for sale
PN Part Code Qty
2300652 TN1K3AFB
2317380 TN1M3LSXT01
2317380 TN1M3LSXT01
03020JTN TN11PIU02
03030DSJ TN11M40V01
03030ETE TN11D4001
03030GXA TN13FIU01
03030GXA TN13FIU01
03030JUD TN12SC101
03030JUH TN12SC201
03030KRK TN11ITL04
03030LKR TN12OAU103
03030LMF TN11AUX02
03030LMK TN12OAU101
03030LML TN12OAU105
03030LMN TN12OBU101
03030LNB TN52SCC01
34060313 XFP-13LSX/55TQX
45060014 DCM-SM-LCP
45060015 DCM-80-C
45060023 DCM-SM-C100-005-LCP
45060023 DCM-5-C
45060024 DCM-SM-C100-100-LCP
45060038 DCM-10-C
0307024101929019000 BOARD
030711360 3931019320 BOARD
030702410 1933019340 BOARD
030702410 1935019360 BOARD
030702410 1943019440 BOARD
030702410 1951019520 BOARD
030702410 1957019580 BOARD
34060485 TRANSCEIVER ESFP 1310NM 155M
45060015 MODULE SSE-DCM(D)-C-652 80KM
2112916 SUBRACK ETSI TRIPLE N63B 2000X600X300MM
21140594 FILTER AIR OPIX OSN6800 OSN8800
4120195 CABLE TRUNK 50M 120 OHM 16E1 96F PTN910
S1016811-900 BTS 3900 S111 900MHZ 80W RF CARRIER
03030EEU BOARD OPTICAL I/F 16x STM-1/4 OSN8800
3054282 CARD ANDD00EM8F00 ATN950B 8XGE
3054570 CARD ANDD00CQ1B00 ATN950B 4XST
S5300-10P-LI-AC NTU S5300-10P-LI-AC 220V
4120119 CABLE TRUNK 20M 120oHM 4E1 0.4MM D26M
OptiX OSN 3800 chassis OptiX OSN 3800,TN21PIU,Power Interface Board,1*1 03020AGW OptiX OSN 3800,TN22SCC01,System Control and Communication Board 03030JBK OptiX OSN 3800,TN2E1FAN,Fan Box 02120401 OptiX OSN 3800,TN22AUX01,System Auxiliary Interface Board 03030HAF OptiX OSN 3800,TN21DFIU01,Bidirectional Fiber Interface Board 03030KUY OptiX OSN 6800 chassis OptiX OSN 9800 Universal Platform chassis 2300799 OptiX OSN 6800,TN11PIU02,Power Interface Unit,1*2 03020JTN TN18FAN,Fan Box 2120826 Manufactured Board,OptiX OSN 9800,TN18PIUB,Power Interface Board 03025KYF OptiX OSN 8800,TN52SCC01,System Control and Communication Board 03030LNB OptiX OSN 6800,TN1E1EFI,User Interface Rack 02120403 Manufactured Board,OptiX OSN 6800,TN18EFIB,EMI Filter Interface Board,1*2 03022QQM OptiX OSN 6800,TN1E2FAN,Fan Box 02120516 OptiX OSN 6800,TN12AUX,System Auxiliary Interface Board,1*2 03022AUH OptiX OSN 6800,TN12XCS02,Centralized Cross Connect Board 03030JFJ OptiX OSN 6800,TN13FIU01,Fiber Interface Board 03030GXA OptiX OSN 6800,TN14FIU01,Fiber Interface Board 03030NXV Finished Board,OptiX OSN 8800,TN16FIU01,Fiber Interface Board 03030QLW OptiX OSN 6800,TN13OAU101,C-BAND Optical Amplifier Unit(MAX 0dBm IN and 20dBm OUT,Gain 20-31dB) 03030MVS OptiX OSN 6800,TN13OAU106,C-BAND Optical Amplifier Unit(MAX 4dBm IN and 20dBm OUT,Gain 16-23dB) 03030NNW OptiX OSN 6800,TN12OBU101,C-BAND Optical Booster Unit(MAX -4dBm IN and 16dBm OUT,Gain 20dB) 03030LMN OptiX OSN 8800,TN13OBU103,C-BAND Optical Booster Unit(MAX -3dBm IN and 20dBm OUT,Gain 23dB) 03030SVP OptiX OSN 6800,TN12M40V01,40-Channel Multiplexing Board With VOA(C_Even,196.00THz-192.10THz,100GHz,LC) 03030NAA Finished Board,OptiX OSN 6800,TN12M40V02,40-Channel Multiplexing Board With VOA(C_Odd,196.05THz-192.15THz,100GHz,LC) 03030NHT OptiX OSN 6800,TN12D4001,40-channel Demultiplexing Board(C Even,196.00THz-192.10THz,100GHz,Thermal AWG,LC) 03030NAB OptiX OSN 6800,TN12D4002,40-channel Demultiplexing Board(C_Odd,196.05THz-192.15THz,100GHz,Thermal AWG,LC) 03030NHU Finished Board,OptiX OSN 8800,TN12MR8V01,8-Channel Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing Board with VOA(100GHz,192.1THz-192.8THz),DWDM 03030YHP OptiX OSN 6800,TN11ITL04,Interleaver Board(C_Band,Dual Module),100/50GHz 03030KRK Finished Board,OptiX OSN 6800,TN11ITL06,Interleaver Board(C Band),100/50GHz 03030ULX Manufactured Board,OptiX OSN 8800,TN13ST2,Bidirectional optical supervisory channel and timing transmission unit,1*1 03022WNP Manufactured Board,OptiX OSN 8800,TN11AST2,Bidirectional optical supervisory channel and timing transmission unit (with Advanced OTDR) 03023QJN OptiX OSN 8800,TN13WSMD401,4-Port Wavelength selective multiplexing and Demultiplexing board (C_Band,196.05THz-192.10THz,50GHz,LC) 03030TTM OptiX OSN 8800,TN15WSMD901,9-Port flexible Wavelength selective multiplexing and Demultiplexing board(C_Band,192.075-196.025THz,37.5GHz-400GHz,LC) 03030SVU OptiX OSN 6800,TN12LDX02,2x10G bit/s Wavelength Conversion Board 03030TBD Finished Board,OptiX OSN 8800,TN19LSC,100Gbit/s Wavelength Conversion Board 03033AWB OptiX OSN 8800,TN5M3ND201,2x10G Line Service Board 02310EKR Function Module,OptiX OSN 8800,TN5M2TOM01,8 x Multi-rate Ports Service Processing Board 02317419 OptiX OSN 8800, TN12OPM801, 8 channel optical power monitor board (support 10Gbit/s, 40Gbit/s, 100Gbit/s OSNR monitoring) 03030PHD OptiX OSN 6800,TN12OLP03,Optical Line Protection Board(SM),Non-lauthing 03030JSC OptiX OSN 8800,TN52NS3T01,40G Line Service Processing Board(AFEC,DQPSK,Tunable),50GHz(Rx1_PIN,Tx1_-5dBm-0dBm,LC) 03030LMT OptiX OSN 8800,TN5M2TQX01,4 x 10G Tributary Service Processing Board 02317418 OptiX OSN 8800 T16 chassis 2300680 OptiX OSN 8800 T16,TN16PIU,Power Interface Board,1*4 03020WXP OSN 8800T16,TN16AUX,System Auxiliary Interface Board,1*1 03020WGE OptiX OSN 8800 T16,TN1E6FAN,Fan Box 02120586 OptiX OSN 8800T16,TN16ATE,Interface Board of Alarm Timing Expanding-1*1 03020WQS OptiX OSN 8800T16,TN16EFI,EMI Filter Interface Board-1*1 03020WQE OptiX OSN 8800 T16,TN16UXCM,1.6T Universal Cross Connect,System Control and Clock Processing Board-ODUk,PKT,VC4 VC12 03021PBA OptiX OSN 8800 T16,TN16SCC,System Control and Communication Board ,1*1 03021CGE OptiX OSN 8800 T32 Enhanced chassis 02300704 or 02300642 OptiX OSN 8800,TN51PIU,Power Interface Board,1*2 03020JRQ OptiX OSN 8800,TN5E1FAN,Fan Box 02120495 OptiX OSN 8800,TN52STG01,Clock board 03030LGB OptiX OSN 8800,TN51EFI2,EMI Filter Interface Board,1*2 03020JRN OptiX OSN 8800,TN51EFI1,EMI Filter Interface Board,1*1 03020JNL OptiX OSN 8800,TN51ATE,Interface Board of Alarm Timing Expanding,1*1 03020EUN OptiX OSN 8800,TN51AUX,System Auxiliary Interface Board,1*1 03020JUL OptiX OSN 8800,TN52AUX,System Auxiliary Interface Board,1*2 03021PVD OptiX OSN 8800,TN52STI,Synchronous Timing Interface Board,1*2 Assembled Board 03020NSD Manufactured Board,OptiX OSN 8800 T32,TN52UXCH,3.2T Universal Cross Connect Board-ODUk,PKT,VC4,1*1 03021FSF OptiX OSN 8800,TN55NS3T01,40Gbit/s Line Service Processing Board(ULH,HFEC,Coherent,Tunable,50GHz,LC) 03030NCN OptiX OSN 8800,TN54NS3T01,40G Line Service Processing Board (AFEC,DQPSK,Tunable), 50GHz(Rx1_PIN,Tx1_-5dBm-0dBm,LC) 03030LWM OptiX OSN 8800,TN55TQX,4 x 10G Tributary Service Processing Board,1*1 03021ETL Finished Board,OptiX OSN 8800,TN58NS4T51,100Gbit/s Line Service Processing Board(SLH,SDFEC2,Coherent,Tunable,50GHz,LC) 03031EQH Finished Board,OptiX OSN 8800,TN58NS4T61,100Gbit/s Line Service Processing Board(ULH,SDFEC2,wDCM, Coherent,Tunable,50GHz,LC) 03031GGX OptiX OSN 9800 M12 / BOM chassis 2301555 Finished Board,OptiX OSN 9800 9600,TMF1PIU01,Power Interface Board 03033DYW Fan Box,TNG1FAN01,Equipment Fan Box 02121961 Finished Board,OptiX OSN 9800 9600 M12,TME3CTU01,System Control and Communication Board With Clock Processing Function 03033TBE Manufactured Board,OptiX OSN 9800 9600 M12,TMF1SCC,System Control and communication board,1*2 03025VXX Manufactured Board,OptiX OSN 9800 9600 M12,TMF1AUX,System auxiliary Communication Board With Clock Processing Function 03026EAS Manufactured Board,OptiX OSN 9800 9600,TNG3DAPXF,Extended C-band OA base board with 2 pluggable ports, with XFIU 03026SUL Manufactured Board,OptiX OSN 9800 9600,TNG2DAP,Super C-band OA base board with 2 pluggable ports 03026SUP Finished Board,OptiX OSN 9800 9600,TNG3M48V01,48-Channel Multiplexing Board With VOA(Extended C_even,196.0THz-191.3THz,100GHz) TNG3M48V (TNG3M48V01) Finished Board,OptiX OSN 9800 9600,TNG3M48V02,48-Channel Multiplexing Board With VOA(Extended C_odd,196.05THz-191.35THz,100GHz) 03033FLG Finished Board,OptiX OSN 9800 9600,TNG3D4801,48-Channel Demultiplexing Board( Extended C_even,196.0THz-191.3THz,100GHz,Thermal AWG) 03033FLF Finished Board,OptiX OSN 9800 9600,TNG3D4802,48-Channel Demultiplexing Board(Extended C_odd,196.05THz-191.35THz,100GHz,Thermal AWG) 03033FJD Manufactured Board,OptiX OSN 9800 9600,TNG2AST2,Two-Bidirectional optical supervisory channel and timing transmission unit(with Advanced OTDR) 03026SWB Finished Board,OptiX OSN 9800 9600,TNG3WSMD901,9-ports flexible wavelength selective multiplexing and demultiplexing board(Extended C_band,191.25-196.075THz,37.5GHz-400GHz)(4 dimensions included,RTU Extension Supported) 03033FMG Finished Board,OptiX OSN 9800 9600,TNG3DWSS2001,Dual 20 ports flexible wavelength selective multiplexing and demultiplexing board(Extended C_band,191.25-196.075THz,37.5GHz-400GHz)(10 dimensions included,RTU Extension Supported) 03033FME Finished Board,OptiX OSN 9800 9600,TNG3ITL06,Interleaver Board(Extended C_band,100/50GHz) 03033FLY Finished Board,OptiX OSN 9800 9600,TNG3OPM801,8 channel flexible bandwidth optical power monitor board(Extended C-band) 03033FMF Finished Board,OptiX OSN 9800 9600,TNG1M210DS06,10 x ANY-rate MUX 2xOTU2 Wavelength Conversion board 03034EBF Finished Board,OptiX OSN 9800 9600,TNG1M520SM01,20*10GE or 2*100GE Service Multiplexing Into 1*200G/100G Programable Wavelength Conversion Board CFP2 100G Line Capacity Included, RTU Extension Supported) 03033GHB Finished Board,OptiX OSN 9800 9600,TNG1M402C01,2*100Gbit/s Service Multiplexing Into 1*200G/100G Programable Wavelength Conversion Board CFP 100G Line Capacity Included, RTU Extension Supported) 03032VKU OACE101 OACE101 OACE105 OACE105 OACE106 OACE106 OptiX OSN 9800 M24 BOM chassis(корзина) 2301153 Manufactured Board,OptiX OSN 9800 9600,TNG2PIU02,Power Interface Board 03026HTW Fan Box,TNG1FAN01,Equipment Fan Box 02121961 Finished Board,OptiX OSN 9800 9600 M24,TNG4CXP01,Universal Cross Connect,System Control and Clock Processing Board 03033TBB Manufactured Board,OptiX OSN 9800 9600,TNG1EFI02,EMI Filter Interface Board 03026HTR Finished Board,OptiX OSN 9800 9600,TNS7N402C01,2*100G Hybrid Line Service Processing Board(CFP,OTN SDH) 03033HEC 2х100G 02312WHF OptiX OSN 1800 I E New 1U 2301484 OptiX PTN 910,TNC1PIU,Power Interface Board,1*6 03020KHW Finished Board,OptiX OSN 1800 I Enhanced,TMA1FAN01,Fan Speed Controlling and Monitoring Board 03032VDG OptiX OSN 1800,TNF1FAN02,OSN 1800 Fan 03030KPM Manufactured Board,OptiX OSN 1800 I Enhanced,TMA1UXCL,Universal Cross Connect,System Control and Clock Processing Board 03024YEH OptiX OSN 1800,TNF1SCC,System Control Communication Board with OSC,Wind Cooling Mode,1*1 Assembled Board 03020KHV OptiX OSN 1800,TNF1SP3DA,42xE1/120ohm(T1/100ohm) Electrical Interface Board-1×1 Assembled Board 03054665 OptiX OSN 1800 2U Subrack 02112894 или 02113354 OptiX PTN 950,TND1PIU,Power Interface Board,1*4 03020KHX OptiX OSN 1800,TNF1FAN01,OSN 1800 II Fan Box 03030KMB Finished Board,OptiX OSN 1800,TNF3SCC03,System Control Communication Board with OSC 03031YXT Finished Board,OptiX OSN 1800II MS-OTN Enhanced,TNZ2UXCL01,Universal Cross Connect,System Control and Clock Processing Board 03032VFQ OptiX OSN 1800,TNF1LDGF,2-port Gigabit Ethernet and 2-port Fast Ethernet Wavelength Conversion Board With FEC,Wind Cooling Mode,1*1 03020KXX OptiX OSN 1800,TNF1MD8S01,Supervisory Channel 8-Channel Multiplexing Demultiplexing Board(1471/1491/1511/1531/1551/1571/1591/1611nm),CWDM 03030JYY OptiX OSN 1800,TNF1OBU,C-BAND Optical Booster Unit (MAX -3dBm IN and 20dBm OUT,Gain 23dB),1*1 03021HER OptiX OSN 1800,TNF2LSX,10Gbit/s Wavelength Conversion Board,1*1 03021FTM OptiX OSN 1800,TNF1LDX,2*10Gbit/s Wavelength Conversion Board 03021ETT OptiX OSN 1800 V Packet Enhanced Subrack 2300802 Manufactured Board,OptiX OSN 1800,TNF6PIU,Power Interface Board,1*2 03025KXJ Fan Box,OptiX OSN 1800V-TNF5FAN01,Fan Box 02310RLA Manufactured Board,Optix OSN 1800,TNZ5UXCMS,Universal Cross Connect,System Control and Clock Processing Board 03023GBW OptiX OSN 1800,TNF1AUX,Assistant Channel Interface Board 03054663 OptiX OSN 1800-TNF5SLNO01-8*STM-1/4+4*STM-16 optical interface board 03030SKF OSN1800 5U Packet OptiX OSN 1800,TNF5PIU,Power Interface Board,1*3 03021YNW Universal Cross Connect,System Control and Clock Processing Board-ODUk,PKT,VC4 VC12 03030RSC OptiX BWS 1600G Enhanced Subrack OptiX BWS 1600G,SSE2SCC02,System Control Communication Board 03030DWV System Control Communication Board for Extended Subrack ESCC (SSE1SCC01) Power unit PMU (/) OptiX Metro 6100V1E Enhanced Subrack OptiX Metro 6100,SSC8PMU,Power Monitor Unit 03030EFT OptiX Metro 6100,SSC6SCC01,System Control Communication unit and EOW unit 03037673 OptiX Metro 6100,SSC8SCC01,System Control Communication Board 03030DQM Telecommunication cabinet 60*60, including PDU A66B 200G CFP2A24(Metro+,SDFEC2@200G e16QAM/100G QPSK/etc.,flex rate, Coherent,Tunable,Extended C Band,-10dBm-4dBm,-18dBm,Flexgrid) / 200G CFP2A24(Metro+,SDFEC2@200G e16QAM/100G QPSK/etc.,flex rate 03033QQL 200G CFPA23(LHD,SDFEC2@200G e16QAM/100G QPSK/etc.,flex rate, Coherent,Tunable,Extended C Band,-5dBm-0dBm,-16dBm,Flexgrid) 03032XUG 100G CFPT61(ULH,SDFEC2,Coherent wDCM,Tunable,Extended C Band,-5dBm,-1dBm,-16dBm,Fixed) TN12C1CFPT61 Optical Transceiver-TSFP+-Extended C Band-9.95-11.3Gbps with CDR–1dBm-3dBm–16dBm-LC-SMF-40km 34061494 Optical transceiver,QSFP-100G-LR4,10km 34061478 Optical transceiver,SFP+,1310nm,8.5Gb/s-11.1Gb/s with CDR,-6.0–1.0dBm,-14.4dBm,LC,SM,10km 34060613 OTDR 80kmOSC Transceiver 34061006 OTDR 150kmOSC Transceiver 34061005 Pluggable Optical Amplifier, Extended C-band, Gain 13-23dB, Max 21.5dBm Out 34070312 Pluggable Optical Amplifier, Extended C-band, Gain 20-31dB, Max 21.5dBm Out 34070309
Huawei OSN6800 OSN8800 for sale