1COM 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G Wireless, Core Network

1COM is your ONE-STOP-SOLUTION for 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G Wireless, Core Network spare parts.

JEMSdata, acquired by 1COM in 2007, Manufactures and sells network and telecom equipment worldwide in over 50 countries; Core Network, OSN Optical Transmission Switching, and Wireless; 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE to 5G.


A 31-year history with hundreds of satisfied clients worldwide assures quick and prompt delivery of equipment, and/or needed services providing customers spares or We look forward to making contact and discussing your needs, either buying or selling.Let us work for you, we know you will be pleased with the results.

Core-Network, Optical Transmission, 3G, 4G/LTE 5G wireless. Fiber Optic Transceivers SFP, SFP+, XFP, QSFP/QSFP+, CFP and QSFP28 reseller

1COM offers End-to-end-Solutions ‘E2ES’ solutions; Core Network design. Wireless Services for Machine-to-Machine M2M, Open-Source VOIP.GGSN, SSGN, PDSN, HSS, MSS, USN, UGW, MSC, BSC/BTS/DBS, SingleRAN wireless design and install, Optical transmission and add-on services for CoreNet listed. We design mobile wireless networks, install mobile wireless networks, deinstallation of wireless networks and offer support, training and maintenance contracts.


1COM PaCo/Packet Core Solution/Services:
Nokia WNG9900 Data Analytic Tool, PeerApp CDN system, Google GGC, Big-IP f5 VIPRION-Based GI DNS

1COM Packet Switch (PS) Core Operations:
▪ Manage PS operations including resource management, training planning and staff performance management and spare part management
▪ Provide technical support for PS system including data management, configuration management for PS network elements, network system design and review, planning for KPI data and node configuration, change requests to ensure systems running 24/7
▪ Troubleshooting and problem analysis and problem solving
▪ Prepare operation MML scripts for PS nodes or method of procedure (MOP) for CR by PS as required by ongoing projects such as QoS optimization on various NEs: HLR/HSS, SGSN, RAN, internal parameter changes either on SGSN or GGSN, or datacom networks
▪ Implement CR related to PS part mentioned in the CR and support CR
▪ Coordinated with RA team, Billing team, TADIG team, RAN team, and BI team on the issue of anomalies of data usage of both local and roaming subscribers
▪ Submit weekly activities, status and ad-hoc technical incident reports
▪ Work process/change/problem management for all network Issues with follow-up
▪ Submit CR for any operation to NOC for review and approval
▪ Project Handover for planning team from planning team(s) or vendor(s)

1COM’s offers Disaster Recovery Solutions with offshore redundancy spare parts warehousing and deployment solutions


1COM VAS/support
SMC, SMGW, MMSC, MDSP, Globitel USSDGW, Apliman Collect Call/ICA Zero, Anam Off-net Anti-Spam, Movius ICE (VMS/CBN/MCN), Invigo ADM, PowerMe Mobile Message Manager, SpiceDigital SMS-Based Chat system, Comtech Telecommunications LBS systems


Huawei RTN380 RTN905, RTN910, RTN950A, RTN950, RTN980L for sale

Huawei RTN380 RTN905, RTN910, RTN950A, RTN950, RTN980L for sale
Huawei Optix RTN905, RTN910, RTN950A, RTN950
RTN905 RTN905 1+1
RTN910 RTN910 Subrack+FAN+PIU
RTN950 RTN950 Subrack+FAN+PIU
RTN950A RTN950A Subrack + FAN
RTN950 020RAR SL91CSH CSH Board 150
RTN950 020VVT SL91ISU2 ISU2 Board 75
RTN950 020RBJ SL91IFU2 IFU2 Board 50
RTN950 020VVW SL91ISX2 ISX2 Board 10
RTN950 021PFK SL91ISV3 ISV3 Board 60
RTN950 020RDK SL9D00EM6T01 EM6T Board 45
RTN950 21030531 SL9D00EM6F EM6F Board 6
RTN950 020SWY SL91SP3SA SP3S Board 50
RTN950 TNH1SP3DA01 SP3D Board 50
RTN950 SL91SL1D02 SL1D Board 12
RTN950 022TLJ SLF2CSHO CSHO Board 15
RTN950 020VWW SLB1CSHN CSHN Board 35
RTN950 020BRS 030LKH TND1FAN RTN950 FAN Unit 70
03021PKH Board ETH EG4P 0ETH Board Huawei EG4P
03030LKH Board FAN RTN950 0FAN Board Spare Parts Huawei OptiX FAN for RTN 950
02310BES Board FAN RTN980L 0FAN Board Microwave Accessory FAN card for RTN980L
03021PFK Board IF ISV3 0IF Board MW-RTN Board Huawei SL91ISV3, 03021PFK
03053149 Board ETH EM6F 0ETH Board MW-RTN_IDU Huawei Optix RTN 900,SL91EM6F,03020SCF
03022VHK Board IF ISM6 0IF Board IDU Common Cards Accessories Board,SL91ISM6,03022VHK
52431115 Dish HAC 18G 0 6HAC Dish Antenna Unit, Dish, Microwave Antenna, A18S06HAC, 52431115
52431119 Dish HAC 23G 0 6HAC Dish Antenna Unit, Dish, Microwave Antenna, A23S06HAC, 52431119
52432080 Dish HAC 80G 0 6HAC Dish Microwave Antenna, A80S06HAC, 80GHz, 600mm,HP,Single Polarization
52450609 ODU RTN380 80G HRTN380 ODU 80G HRTN 380 High site 3000Mbps capacity, 1GE interface, 750MHz
52450608 ODU RTN380 80G LRTN380 ODU 80G LRTN 380 Low site 3000Mbps capacity, 1GE interface, 750MHz
52413881 ODU XMC3 23G-A HXMC3 ODU Microwave Huawei Microwave ODU,RTN XMC-3,23G,High site,Sub Band A
52413880 ODU XMC3 23G-A LXMC3 ODU Microwave Huawei Microwave ODU,RTN XMC-3,23G,Low site,Sub Band A
52413883 ODU XMC3 23G-B HXMC3 ODU Microwave ODU,RTN XMC-3,23G,High site, Sub Band B
52413882 ODU XMC3 23G-B LXMC3 ODU Microwave ODU,RTN XMC-3,23G,Low site, Sub Band B
52413777 ODU XMC3 26G HXMC3 ODU Microwave Huawei Microwave ODU,RTN XMC-3,26G,High site,1008MHz
52413776 ODU XMC3 26G LXMC3 ODU Microwave Huawei Microwave ODU,RTN XMC-3,26G,Low site,1008MHz
52413845 ODU XMC3 38G HXMC3 ODU Microwave Huawei Microwave ODU,RTN XMC-3,38G,High site,1260MHz
52413844 ODU XMC3 38G LXMC3 ODU Microwave Huawei Microwave ODU,RTN XMC-3,38G,Low site,1260MHz
52440610 Cable Waveguide 15G Flexible Waveguide Cable Hardware Huawei Microwave Accessory
52440612 Cable Waveguide 38G Flexible Waveguide CableHardware Huawei Microwave Accessory
88031FHQ Cable XPIC 0 0XPIC CableSpare Parts Huawei Station Accessory Huawei Connection Cable ISV3
21150661 Accessories Bracket for XMC Bracket Hardware Huawei ODU Separate Mounting Bracket for XMC ODU
03022NCF Board Control CSHL Control Board Microwave Accessory CSHL for RTN980L
03021YTF Board Control CSHU Control Board MW-RTN Board Huawei TDM/Hybrid/Packet SL91CSHU, 03021YTF
03055091 Board Control CSHUA Control Board MW-RTN_Board Huawei TDM/Hybrid/Packet SL91CSHUA, 03055091
03021MXJ Board ETH EG4 0ETH Board MW-IDU Board Huawei RTN 950(V100R010), IDU, SFP and Board, SL91EG4 03021MXJ 2*GE(SFP/RJ45)+2*GE(RJ45) Gigabit Ethernet Board with switch function
Huawei RTN380 RTN905, RTN910, RTN950A, RTN950, RTN980L