Huawei OptiX Metro 1000

Huawei OptiX Metro 1000 for sale
OptiX Metro 1000
ETSI Rack And Main Installation Part
02113061 N63E Rack(2200x600x300mm) N63E Assemble Rack
21040400 SS-RT-SUBRACK (300mm) 155/622H Sub-Rack Of Standard Rack
19 Inch Open Rack And Main Installation Part
21150153 SS-Support Bracket-For SBS155H fixed support (19″ bracket)
21020280 19 inch rack(2.2m) 19″ Open rack 2.2m
21020281 EN3B19inch2m 19″ Open rack 2.0m
Wall-Mounted Installation Part
21040410 SS-RT-SUBRACK Frame,DKBA4.104.0651MX,OptiX 155/622H
Basic Unit
02110511 SS4B1CASE Assembly Chassis(-48V)
02110512 SS4B2CASE Assembly Chassis(+24V)
02230AMX SS4X24VSOL01 +24V Power Input System
02319232 SS4MB3CASE01 Combined Assembly Chassis(220V)
03052138 SS49SCBH 16xE1(75-120ohm)/2xSTM-1 ESFP Optcal Module
03052139 SS49SCBH 16xE1(75-120ohm)/2xSTM-1 ESFP Optcal Module
03052144 SS49SCBI 16xE1(75-120ohm)/2xSTM-4 ESFP Optcal Module
03052145 SS49SCBI 16xE1(75-120ohm)/2xSTM-4 ESFP Optcal Module
03052146 SS49SCBI 16xE1(75-120ohm)/2xSTM-4 ESFP Optcal Module
03052241 SS4D49SCBL01 16xE1(75-120ohm)/2xSTM-16 ESFP Module
03030HHA SS49SCBG System Control Communication Board
Optical Line Interface Board
03038656 SS42SL1O(S-1.1 SC) 8xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board
03052699 SS4D000OI402 1*STM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,LC)
03052700 SS4D000OI403 1*STM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.1,LC)
03052701 SS4D000OI404 1*STM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.2,LC)
03052702 SS4D00OI4D02 2*STM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,LC)
03052703 SS4D00OI4D03 2*STM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.1,LC)
03052704 SS4D00OI4D04 2*STM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.2,LC)
03052210 SS4D49OI2S02 1*STM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,LC)
03052691 SS4D49OI2S03 1*STM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.1,LC)
03052695 SS4D49OI2S04 1*STM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.2,LC)
03052696 SS4D49OI2D02 2*STM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,LC)
03052697 SS4D49OI2D03 2*STM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.1,LC)
03052698 SS4D49OI2D04 2*STM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.2,LC)
03052705 SS4D0SB2DB01 2*STM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,LC)
03052706 SS4D0SB2DB02 2*STM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.1,LC)
Electrical Interface Board
03034073 SS42SDE 2xSTM-1 Electrical Interface Board
PDH Traffic Interface Board
03033956 SS44SP1-D(75) 8xE1 Electrical Interface Board
03034284 SS44SP1-D(120) 8xE1 Electrical Interface Board
03020LUL SS42SP2(75-120) 16xE1 Electrical Interface Board
03020SUJ SS44PD2-S(75-120) 16xE1 Electrical Interface
03020SUK SS44PD2-D(75-120) 32xE1 Electrical Interface
03020SUL SS44PD2-T(75-120) SS44PD2-T(75-120)
03032364 SS42PL3-T(E3) 3xE3 Electrical Interface Board
03032367 SS42PL3-T(T3) 3xT3 Electrical Interface Board
Data Traffic Interface Board
03036945 SS42EFS 4-Port 10M/100M Fast Ethernet Interface Board
03038475 SS42EFT 4-Port 10M/100M Ethernet Interface Board
03039563 SS42EFSC 12-Port 10M/100M Fast Ethernet Processing
03039443 SS42ELT2 2-Port 100M Ethernet Optical Interface Board
03050909 SS42EGS011 1-port Gigabit Ethernet Switching Board
03034614 SS42SHLQ Four Port Single-pair Digital Board
03034615 SS42N64 Nx64kbit/s Rate Interface Board
03031908 SS42EMU Environment Monitoring Board
03051243 SS45EGT-M 1-port Gigabit Ethernet Transmission Board
Huawei OptiX Metro 1000 for sale

Huawei OptiX OSN 500

Huawei OptiX OSN 500 for sale
Huawei OptiX OSN500 N63E
02113061 N63E Rack (2200x600x300mm) N63E Assemble Rack
21070321 SSTB0FRAME01 Frame 400
02112781 TNHB1CASE Assembly Chassis-48V
02113095 TNHB00CASE01 Assembly Chassis 220V
03052111 TNHD00ISUA01 Integrated System Control ESFP
03052112 TNHD00ISUA02 Integrated System Control ESFP
03052115 TNHD00ISUA03 Integrated System Control ESFP
03052116 TNHD00ISUA04 Integrated System Control ESFP
03052117 TNHD00ISUB01 Integrated System Control ESFP
03052118 TNHD00ISUB02 Integrated System Control ESFP
03052121 TNHD00ISUB03 Integrated System Control ESFP
03052122 TNHD00ISUB04 Integrated System Control ESFP
03055366 TNW1SL64D03 2xSTM-64 optical Integrated System Control ESFP
S1015708 Optical Interface Board
03052190 TNHD00SL1D01 2xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board-ESFP Optical Module
03052192 TNHD00SL1D02 2xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board-ESFP Optical Module
03052594 TNHD00SL1D03 2xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board-ESFP Optical Module
S1015706 PDH Board
03020LLY TNHD0SP3DA01 42xE1/120ohm T1/100ohm Electrical Interface Board
03020MTN TNHD0SP3DB01 42xE1 Electrical Interface Board
03020LTK TNHD00PL3T01 3*E3/T3 Electrical Interface Board
03052598 TNHD00EGT101 1 Port Gigabit Ethernet Transparent Transmission Processing Board
03052599 TNHD00EGT102 1 Port Gigabit Ethernet Transparent Transmission Processing Board
03020MRH TNHD00EFS801 8-Port 100M Fast Ethernet Processing Board with LAN Switch
03020MGU TNHD000EOW01 Sub-Board of Engineering Order Wire Board
Huawei OptiX OSN 500 for sale

Ericsson & Huawei for sale

Ericsson & Huawei for sale
Large QTYs of each line item
AMM 20p B -10 w NPU1 C R5 Kit NTM1010154/7
AMM 20P-10 Kit NTM1010154/1
AMM 2p B NPU3 C R5 Kit NTM1010292/9
AMM 2p B R4 w NPU3C Kit NTM1010292/8
AMM 6P B Kit NTM1010158/3
AMM 6p C NPU3 C R5 Kit NTM1010158/16
AMM 6p C R4 w NPU3B Kit NTM1010158/10
AMM 6p C R4 w NPU3C Kit NTM1010158/14
ANT0 2.4 10/11 HP UKY22019/SC12
ANT0 2.4 7/8 HPX UKY22001/DC12
ANT2 0.3 23 HP UKY21073/SC15
ANT2 0.3 28 HP UKY22071/SC15
ANT2 0.6 18 HP UKY22044/SC15
ANT2 0.6 23 HP UKY22045/SC15
ANT2 0.6 28 HP UKY22047/SC15
ANT2 0.9 28 HPX UKY22032/DC15
ANT2 1.2 10/11 HP UKY22017/SC15
ANT2 1.2 10/11 HPX BFZ62234/2D03H
ANT2 1.2 23 HP UKY21044/SC15
ANT2 1.2 7/8 HP UKY21040/SC15
ANT2 1.2 7/8 HPX UKY21040/DC15
ANT2 1.8 10/11 HP UKY22018/SC15
ANT2 1.8 10/11 HPX BFZ62235/2D03H
ANT2 1.8 10/11 HPX UKY22018/DC15
ANT2 1.8 7/8 HP UKY21050/SC15
ANT2 1.8 7/8 HPX UKY21050/DC15
Antenna 0.6m Compact 23GHz HP UKY21078/SC15
Antenna 790-960/1710-2180MHz,15/17.5dBi,65/65deg,+/-45,0-14/0-10deg,4*7/16 DIN Female, (DXX-790-960/1710-2180-65/65-15i/17.5i-M/M) 27010829
Antenna Feeder Accessories,Fixing Clip Which can Locked 3pcs Optical Cables and 3pcs Power Cables,1 27150086
Antenna Feeder Accessories,RCU136,Agisson RET Antenna RCU,Antenna,10~30V 27150136
Antenna parts,dule band pass filter,GSM anti-block filter,RX:880.1~890MHz~TX:925~935MHz,DIN(female), 99040YPC
Antenna support and Antenna Tube dia 75mm, L=3000mm 99040DJF
Antenna Support, Tower Mounted (NO SXK1072126/1
ANTENNA/ANT2 0.3 23 HP UKY22069/SC15
ANTENNA/ANT2 1.2 18 HP UKY21043/SC15
ANTENNA/ANT2 1.8 18 HP UKY21053/SC15
ANTENNA/ANTm 0.3 28 HP/HPX UKY23041/09H
ANTENNA/ANTm 0.3 38 HP/HPX UKY23041/11H
ANTENNA/ANTm 0.6 18 HP/HPX UKY23042/06H
ANTENNA/ANTm 0.6 28 HP/HPX UKY23042/09H
ANTENNA/ANTm 0.6 38 HP/HPX UKY23042/11H
ANTENNA/ANTm 1.2 10/11 HP/HPX UKY23044/03H
2200W DC Power Supply 02310QNN
Enhanced Service Processing Unit 03052293
Main Processing Unit B4 03053557
Media gateway Back Link Unit(b) 03050546
Media gateway Front Link Unit(b) 03050548
Mini-Computer,HP DL980G7,8*E6540 6core 2.0G,64G(16*4GB),2*300G 10K,1*Integrated 1000M(4 ports),1 06131763
Shared Interworking Function Conctrol Board 03036751
Switch Fabric Unit G 03052636
Universal Main Processing & Transmission unit with 4E1 and 2FE/GE interface UMPTb1 03054885
Universal Media Gateway Assembly Cabinet(V2R9 Double 3*DC) 02113272
900GB 10K RPM SAS Disk Unit(2.5″) 02350BVQ
Data Processing Unit (335 Mbps/3350 Erl) 03052799
Extensible Processing Unit 03052780
Media Gateway Link Unit 03050914
Media Gateway Front Signalling Processing Unit(c) 03051617
Media Gateway High-speed Routing Unit D2(D1GO) 03051769
Media gateway Main Processing Unit 03050380
Media Gateway Operation & Maintenance Unit B(b) 03051765
Media gateway Packet Switch Unit 03051276
Media gateway TDM switching Net Unit B 03050771
Media Gateway TDM switching Net Unit C2(With 2 TDM Cascade Ports)(b) 03051772
Media Gateway Voice Processing Unit D (b) 03051779
Operation and Maintenance Component 02238806
PARC Business Cabinet 02101113
PARC Business Cabinet (3U Power Distribution Box) 02112682
S2600 Storage Array(Dual-Controller,8*4G FC Host Interface,4GB Memory,220V AC,12*450G 15K SAS Har 0235G289
Signaling Processing Unit 03052781
Sun M5000 Single,8CPU*2.53GHz(4core),64G(32*2G),2*146G,1*Integrated 1000M NIC(2 Ports),1*1000M NI 06131612
Tape Drive,SUN LTO4,Rack Type,Apply To SAS,1*SAS line,English Doc 06430150
Universal Media Gateway High Density Extended Assembly Cabinet,with SIWF N68E-22 02113076
Universal Media Gateway NGN Backplane Subrack 02300459
00Nm-F012-G1 F012G1
1-port Enhanced Sync/Async Interface Card 02312550
1-port Sync/Async Serial Port Interface Card 02311373
1000BASE-LX/LH SFP transceiver module MMF/SMF 1310nm DOM GLC-LH-SMD=
1410R Sub Rack 2×2.5G SDH BH I/F BFZ901115
16*E1(TDM)/2*STM-1(SFP)/4*GE(RJ45)/2*GE(SFP) Hybrid System Control and Cross-connect Board 03021UDH
16*E1(TDM)/2*STM-1(SFP)/4*GE(RJ45)/2*GE(SFP) Hybrid System Control and Cross-connect Board 03022TLJ
1600 4U LTU COVER . SK73A
2-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-SFP+ + 24-Port 100/1000Base-X-SFP Integrated Line Processing Unit (LPUI-51) 03054412
2,2m Router Assembly Cabinet with Double Swing Doors 02113041
2.5mm2, 1.0m, G/Y SXK111699/1
2*10GE/GE+4*GE Ethernet Service Processing Board with Super Dual Band Feature 03023GHT
20-Port 100/1000Base-X-SFP Flexible Card(P40) 03036967
24-Port-40G Interface Card(EC1,QSFP+) 03022VLL
2kW DC Power Module A9K-2KW-DC
2KW DC Power Module Version 2 (Cisco) PWR-2KW-DC-V2
3900 Siries DBS,Site Auxiliary Material Kit(G/U/L) 02239349
40-Port 100/1000Base-RJ45 Flexible Card (Occupy two sub-slots) 03030JUJ
40-Port 100/1000Base-SFP Flexible Card (Occupy two sub-slots) 03030JUL
40-Port GE Line Card, Requires SFPs A9K-40GE-B
44-Port GE + 4-Port 10GE ASR 9000v DC Power ETSI Chassis (Cisco) ASR-9000V-DC-E=
460W GOLD AC Power Module 02131042
48-Port 10/100/1000BASE-T Interface Card(EA,RJ45) 03022BEU
48-Port 100/1000Base-X-SFP Integrated Line Processing Unit E(LPUI-51-E) 03055053
48-Port-10GE Interface Card(ED,SFP+) 03021UFM
5-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-SFP+ Integrated Line Processing Unit E(LPUI-51-E) 03055051
641280-DF Diplex filter 900/1800 (inline, outdoor, possibly to stack 7/16) 641280-DF
8 100/1000Base-X-SFP/ 8-Port 100 03030KNE
80G Modular Linecard Packet Transport Optimized (spare) A9K-MOD80-TR=
900 MHZ GSM/WCDMA filter AF3-BP835A02YZ
A9K 24-port 10GE, Transport Optimized LC, 12port Base (PayG) (Cisco) A9K-24X10-120G-TR=
A9K 24-port 10GE, Transport Optimized LC, 12port Base (PayG) (Cisco) A9K-24X10-120G-TR=.
AC/DC Converter,S1B9000Z,HRS1150-9000,Single 48V/20A Output Rectifier A02130518
AC/DC module,H3413Z,220VAC Input, 48V/30A Output,HD4830-3 Deliverable AC/DC module A02130557
Actuator AISG 2.0 default protocol ATM200-A20
AISG RET Control cable, 3m ATCB-DB9-003
ALR1200/90209 Repeater EGSM900. HSPA+(including remote control unit) ALR1200/90209
ANTENNA/ANTm 1.8 10/11 HP/HPX UKY23045/03H
ASR 9000 20-port 1GE Modular Port Adapter (spare) A9K-MPA-20X1GE=
ASR 9000 4-port 10GE Modular Port Adapter (spare) A9K-MPA-4X10GE=
ASR 9000 750W DC Power Supply for ASR-9001 A9K-750W-DC
ASR 9001 Chassis ASR-9001
ASR 9001 Fan Tray ASR-9001-FAN
ASR-9006 Chassis (Cisco) ASR-9006-SYS
ASR-9006 DC Chassis ASR-9006-DC
ASR-9006 Fan Tray (Cisco) ASR-9006-FAN-V2
ASR9K DC Power Entry Module Version 2 (Cisco) ASR9K-DC-PEM-V2
ASR9K Fabric, Controller 4G memory A9K-RSP-4G
ASR9K Route Switch Processor with 440G/slot Fabric and 6GB (Cisco) A9K-RSP440-TR=
ASR9K Route Switch Processor with 880G/slot Fabric (Cisco) A9K-RSP880-TR
Assembled ETSI 2200x600x300mm rac MR31JB
Base Station Controller 9 Fan Box 02120370
Baseband Processing Unit (6Cell, CE:UL192/DL192) 03020SSA
Baseband Processing Unit (6Cell, CE:UL384/DL384) 03020QYR
Baseband Processing Unit(CE:768)-WBBPf3(03021VHD) 03021VHD
Batt.stand 24*10 OPzV1000-4E.Hor.R1(24×10 OPzV 100, 48/2x1170Ah) 279790
Battery Backup Unit 03031MPJ
BATTERY FIAM 12FFT 130 12V 130Ah (130Ah FIAMM 12VDC block) 12FFT130
Battery FIAMM 12FFT 160 12V 160Ah 9832115
Battery FIAMM 12VDC block 180 12V 180Ah 12FIT180
Battery rack 4 X 6 cells 222608
Battery Rack,4-layer horizontal rack,1900*411*931mm,Both sides cabling,Match for battery group part 24040008
BBU Box 02315848
BBU Box 02319940
BBU3900-WD22UMPTb1-UMPTb1 03054887
BOLSET BBS 2000I NTM2013444/1
BTS Environment Status Monitor 02313841
Cabinet 02113573
Cable Distribution Rack,P143207ZB,P143207Z Cable Distribution Rack, A02400472
Cable Distribution Rack,W14A3ZB51, W14A3Z Delivery Distribution Rack(1.6m) A02400536
Cable Distribution Rack,W74C5ZB5,PS48600-3/2900 Cable Distribution Rack,Dual Input with Manual Switc A02400436
Cable Ladder Kit, 2×2.25m (In) NTM2013160/1
Cable Ladder Kit, 2×2.25m (outdoor) NTM2013138/1
Cavity 2 Way Power Splitter,698-2700MhHz,300W,N-F,IM3-150dBc@2x43dBm,Indoor or Outdoor 27020299
CE12800S Main Processing Unit A 03022UGT
CE12800S Switch Fabric Unit C 03022UGR
Chassis NR8250 NR8250
Cisco SFP for 10-Gigabit Ethernet Long Reach Single Mode SFP-10G-LR=
CN210/4Mbps 4E1 BFZ60106/01
Coaxial Cable ,Copper-clad Aluminium Wire,50ohm,7.6mm,4.8mm,1.8mm,Black,5D 25070149
CR52MPUD2,Main Processing Unit D2(Including 2G Memory and 2G USB) 03054206
CR57EMGFC00,48-Port 100/1000Base-X-SFP Integrated Line Processing Unit L(LPUI-51-L) 03054528
CR57L4XFB20, 4-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-SFP+ Integrated Line Processing Unit (LPUI-51) 03054397
CX61-BKPE-4U-DC CX600-X3 Integrated DC Chassis Components (include 1 FanFrame and 2 PowerFrames) BKPE
Data Processing Unit (1024 PDCH) 03053369
Data Processing Unit REV:d 03051814
DC Power Distribution Unit 02120479
DC Power Distribution Unit 02120472
DC Power Distribution Unit 02120731
DC PowerDistribute DCPD4
Directional Antenna,806~960MHz,18dBi,65deg,+/-45,0r,500W,Attached with Support,7/16-Female,2.6m 27010419
Directional Antenna,DXX-790-960/1710-2180-65/65-15i/17.5i-M/M,4*7/16 DIN Female,Downtilt kit packed separately 27010829-001
DKBA8.807.0202,Outdoor label,cBTS3612,55*20*0.5,GE 8B35,T0.5 29040907
DKBAO.480.0497,Waterproof Adhesive Tape,50mm*1.65mm*3.0m 30070011
Downtilt Kit-B 27150232
Duplex patch Cord -2LC/UPC-2FC/UPC-G.657A2- 5m-2mm*4mm 14131680
E15V87PO2-A Single GSM Dielectric Filter (indoor/outdoor)(6 Pole) E15V87P02
ETU2 ROJR208008/1
ETU3 ROJR211007/1
Evolved General Processing Unit 03054296
Evolved Operation and Maintenance Unit 03054294
Eyebolts,M12,Zinc Electroplating, iridescent yellow,GB825-88 26010722
Fan Box,HERT BBU,WD2E1FANC,2U Fan Module 02120577
Fan Box,HERT BBU,WD2E1FANC,2U Fan Module D 02120458
FAN/FAN TRAY (Alarm) BKV106083/2R1B
FAU1 Kit NTM101728/1
FAU2 ROJR219011/1
Flat Pack 2 2000W 48v 241115.100
Flat Pack 2000W 48v 241115.105
FlatPack 2 System,6kW (FP2 48V 8kW 400V+NBDLD SPD OD) C20434.006
Flex Waveg Kit 10-13 0.90 SXK111659/2
Flexible Card Line Processing Unit(LPUF-21, 2 sub-slots) A (L3VPN, MVPN,IPv6 Enchanced) 03052533
Flexible Card Line Processing Unit(LPUF-21,2 sub-slots) A 03052276
Flexible Card Line Processing Unit(LPUF-40,2 sub-slot(s) A (L3VPN, MVPN, IPv6 Enhanced) 03030KWD
Flexible Card Processing Unit(LPUF-51,2 sub-slots) 03055314
FP2 48V 8kW 400V+N BDLD SPD (Outdoor cabinet Flatpack2 withaninstalled capasity of 6kW Aircon T43) C20434.009 T43
FP2 48V 8kW 400V+N Bold SPD C20434.009_old
FP2 8kW 48V 3p400VAC BD LD (Optional Design/Huawei HUB, FlatPack2 Integrated 8kW48v) CTO20405.1045
FP2 8kW 48V 3p400VAC BDLD CTO20405.1044
GE Switching and Control Unit 03053067
GE Switching and Control Unit REV:a 03051117
General Clock Unit REV:a 03051116
Green Insulating Adhesive PVC Tape 21101321
H-3-CPUSE-D-A 3db coupler H3C3DBC
Heater Subassembly,P143207Z,P143207Z1,P143207ZB For North Type cabinet, A02350498
Huawei Storage 600W DC-DC Power Supply 02270131
Huawei Storage 960W DC-DC Power Supply 02270132
Indoor IFC cabinet 276908
Installation Board/Bracket,DMBM8.610.1477,Bottom Frame,For P143207Z,, A21240043
Integr Kit ANT2 10/11 HPX UPB90101/2
Integr Kit ANT2 18 HPX UPB90102/3
Integr Kit ANT2 7/8 HPX UPB90101/1
Integrated DC Chassis Components(CX600-X3)-4U 02351598
Integrated DC Chassis Components(NE40E-X3)-4U 02351596
IP Interface Unit (12 FE/4 GE, Electric) 03052761
IP Interface Unit (4 GE, Optical) 03052762
IP Interface Unit (4 STM-1, Channelized) 03052748
IPS2 11 Sym UPA90111/2
IPS2 28 Sym UPA10135/2
IPS2 7/8 Asym UPA90114/1
ISV3 XPIC Kit (per IF) 0302FK
Kath 741785, X-pol 21dBi, 30deg. 87 KRE1011954/1
Ladder(outdoor) 52220015
Load,0-3Ghz,100W,IM3–110dBc@2x43dBm,NM,Indoor 27110102
LTE Baseband Processing Unit D (2T2R, FDD)-LBBPd1 03021WVF
LTE Baseband Processing Unit D (2T2R, FDD)-LBBPd3 03021HPK
LTE Baseband Processing Unit D (4T4R, TDD)-LBBPd2 03021HPJ
LTU 32/1 ROJ1192342/1
Main Control and Transport unit(4E1&1 electrical FE&1 optical FE) 03030LPM
Main Processor Unit D(Including 1*2G Memory and 1*1G CF Card) 03052546
MBTS DBS Cable Suite Label 29080025
Media Gateway 1-port GE Optical Interface Card 03050475
Media Gateway 1*155M SDH/SONET optical interface card 03050552
Media Gateway 32E1 Port TDM Interface Board(b) 03050537
Media Gateway Back Connection Maintenance Unit 03050384
Media Gateway Clock Unit 03050554
Media Gateway Front Connection Maintenance Unit 03050511
Media Gateway Front Signalling Processing Unit(d) 03052951
Media Gateway High-speed Routing Unit 03050420
Media Gateway Operation & Maintenance Unit B 03050549
Media Gateway TDM switching Net Unit C5(With 2 TDM Cascade Ports) 03051333
Media Gateway Voice Processing Unit D(1K TC,64ms EC) 03051272
Media gateway 2*155M SDH/SONET Optical Interface Card(b) 03051774
Media gateway Clock Unit 03051301
Media gateway Echo Canceller Unit 03051777
Media Gateway Voice Processing Unit D (3K TC) (c) 03052950
MGW Assembly Cabinet (V2R2, Double 3 channel DC Input 02352076
Micro BTS3902E (Built-in antenna, AC 220V/110V, 2100M) 02310MVC
Microwave Antenna,18GHz,1200mm,HP,Dual Polarization,Direct(XMC) 52431389
Microwave Antenna,18GHz,600mm,HP,Dual Polarization,Direct(XMC) 52431387.
Microwave Antenna,23GHz,300mm,HP,Dual Polarization,Direct(XMC) 52431391
Microwave Antenna,38GHz,300mm,HP,Dual Polarization,Direct(XMC) 52431404
Microwave Antenna,A18D06HAC,18G,600mm,HP,Dual Polarization,Direct(XMC)/Separate(All RTN ODU) Mount,38.3dBi,2.1deg,30dB,With English doc,C3 wooden box 52432029
Microwave Antenna,A18D06HAC,18G,600mm,HP,Dual Polarization,Direct(XMC)/Separate(All RTN ODU) Mount,38.3dBi,2.1deg,67dB,30dB,With English doc,C3 52431387
Microwave Antenna,A18D09HAC,18G,900mm,HP,Dual Polarization,Direct(XMC)/Separate(All RTN ODU) Mount,41.7dBi,1.2deg,30dB,With English doc,C3 52431388
Microwave Antenna,A23D03HAC,23G,300mm,HP,Dual Polarization,Direct(XMC)/Separate(All RTN ODU) Mount,34.7dBi,3deg,30dB,With English doc,C3 wooden box 52432030
Microwave Antenna,A23D06HAC,23G,600mm,HP,Dual Polarization,Direct(XMC)/Separate(All RTN ODU) Mount,39.9dBi,1.7deg,65dB,30dB,With English doc,C3 52431392
Microwave Antenna,A38D03HAC,38G,300mm,HP,Dual Polarization,Direct(XMC)/Separate(All RTN ODU) Mount,39.1dBi,1.6deg,30dB,With English doc,C3 wooden box 52432038
Microwave Antenna,A38D06HAC,38G,600mm,HP,Direct(XMC)/Separate(All RTN ODU) Mount,44.2dBi,0.9deg,30dB,With English doc,C3 wooden box 52432039
Microwave Antenna,A38D06HAC,38G,600mm,HP,Dual Polarization,Direct(XMC)/Separate(All RTN ODU) Mount,44.2dBi,0.9deg,64dB,30dB,With English doc,C3 52431405
Microwave ODU,RTN XMC,18G,-3,High site,H,19190MHz,19710MHz,18180MHz,18700MHz,Without doc,WR-42,H01,1010MHz/1008MHz,Sub Band B/B,19190MHz/19190MHz,1971 52413851
Microwave ODU,RTN XMC,38G,-3,High site,H,38304MHz,38892MHz,37044MHz,37632MHz,Without doc,WR-28,H01,1260MHz,Sub Band A,38304MHz,38892MHz 52413845
Microwave Outdoor Unit, RTN XMC,38G,-2,1260MHz,Sub Band A,High site,H ,38304MHz,38892MHz,Without doc,WR-28,H01 52413074
Microwave Outdoor Unit, RTN XMC,38G,-2,1260MHz,Sub Band A,Low site,H ,37044MHz,37632MHz,Without doc,WR-28,H01 52413075
Microwave Outdoor Unit,RTN XMC,18G,-2,1010/1008MHz,Sub Band B,High site,H,19190MHz,19710MHz,Without doc,WR-42,H01 52413079
Microwave Outdoor Unit,RTN XMC,18G,-2,1010/1008MHz,Sub Band B,Low site,H,18180MHz,18700MHz,Without doc,WR-42,H01 52413078
Microwave Outdoor Unit,RTN XMC,23G,-2,1008MHz,Sub Band A,High site,H ,22998.5MHz,23338MHz,Without doc,WR-42,H01 52412479
Microwave Outdoor Unit,RTN XMC,23G,-2,1008MHz,Sub Band A,Low site,H ,21990.5MHz,22330MHz,Without doc,WR-42,H01 52412478
Microwave Outdoor Unit,RTN XMC,23G,-2,1008MHz,Sub Band B,High site,H ,22274MHz,22610MHz,Without doc,WR-42,H01 52412481
MINI-LINK 6363 38/12H BFZ61173/12H
MINI-LINK 6363 38/12L BFZ61173/12L
Mini-shelter V100R003 MS_ V100R003
MiniShelter ITS1000M,ITS1000M Cabinet,EPS,1 Unit 1 Cabin,19″ Rack&2 layers battery Rack,2.1m,Integrated Equipment Shipping 52210593
MiniShelter,ITS1000M,ITS1000M Cabinet,EPS,1 Unit 1 Cabin,19″ Rack&2 layers battery Rack,2.1m,Integrated Equipment Shipping 99043VKY
MMU2 B 4-34 ROJ2081301/1
MMU2 B 4-34 Kit NTM203015/1
MMU2 H ROJ2081308/1
MMU2 K ROJ2081308/4
MODEM UNIT/MMU2 B 4-34 KIT NTM203135/1
Monitor Module,M143207Z,PSM-BB,System Monitor Module, A02440018
Monitoring Module,W2442Z,M2442Z,PSM-A10,Test Monitoring Module Of PS48100-2/25A Power System A02440021
MRRU V2 for Multi-Mode 900MHz EGSM (Bottom 25M) 02318968
NPU 3B Kit ROJR211006/1
NPU1 C ROJR208011/1
NPU1 C Replacement unit NTM1011688/1
Omnidirectional Ceiling Antenna,698-960MHz/5dBi,1710-2700MHz/6dBi,Vertical Dual Polar,PIM-140dBc 2x33dBm, N-Female,With Bracket 27011978
Optical Cable Parts,DLC/UPC,DLC/UPC,single mode,30m,2 cores,0.03m/0.34m,GYFJH-2G.657A2,7.0mm,2mm,LSZH,Armored branch 14130643
Optical Transceiver,Enhanced SFP,850nm,2.125G Series ,-2.5~-9.5dBm,-17dBm,LC,0.5Km 34060286_old
Optical transceiver,eSFP,1310nm,1.25Gb/s,-9-3dBm,-20dBm,LC,Single Mode,10km 34060473
Optical Transceiver,eSFP,850nm,2.125Gb/s(Multi rate) ,-9.5~-2.5dBm,-17dBm,LC,MM,0.5km 34060286
Optical Transceiver,eSFP,850nm,4.25G multi-rate,-9dBm~-1.1dBm,-15dBm,LC,MM,0.3km 34060365
Optical Transceiver,SFP+,1310nm,6.144G,-8.4dBm~+0.5dBm,-13.8dBm,LC,SM,2km 34060517
Optical Transceiver,SFP+,1310nm,9.8G,-8.2dBm~+0.5dBm,-10.3dBm,LC,SM,1.4km 34060713
Optical Transceiver,SFP+,850nm,6.144G,-9dBm,-1dBm,-11.1dBm,LC,MMF ,0.12km 34060607
OptiX RTN,PI-DC B10,power injector 02310NJB
Orange Insulating Adhesive PVC Tape 21101327
Outdoor Cabinet,P143207Z,APM200-4860NE Outdoor Power System, A02620016
OVP-01 Lighting Arrester 21030116
Packet over electronic 8-port FE or 2-port GE ethernet Interface Unit REV:a 03051488
PARC Base Shelf 02300562
PARC PARC Separated Fan Shelf 02300636
Patch Cord,LC/PC-LC/PC,Singlemode,2mm,10m 14130199
PFU 3B ROJR219014/1
PFU3 ROJR219012/1
PFU3 B Kit NTM1010653/2
PFU3 Kit NTM1010653/1
Power and Environment interface Unit(-48V) 02319897
Power and Environment interface Unit(-48V) A 02315528
Power Distribution Unit MR55AC
Power Entry Module,REV:a(PARCb) 02120757
PRINTED BOARD ASSEMB/10GE XFP mainboard ROJ1192409/1
PSU Module EPW50-48A 02130872
PSU Module(AC/DC),50A 02310ERS
Purple Insulating Adhesive PVC Tape 21101326
Quidway 3680E, RTJM116ASE, 16-Port Asynchronous Serial Interface Card (RJ45) 02312007
Quidway AR 28-09-RTHM11ADP-1,1-Port ADSL over POTS Interface Card 0231A08N
Quidway AR 28-10 Router Host, 1 MIM Slot, 2 SIC Slots, 1 10/100BASE-TX Port, 1 Sync/Async Serial Por 0231A126
Quidway AR 28-31, RTJM32831, Router Host V3(AC), VRP3 Overseas Version 0231A132
QWL3WBBPD3,Baseband Processing Unit(CE:768)-WBBPd3(03020XCN) 03020XCN
QWL3WBBPF1,Baseband Processing Unit ( CE:448)-WBBPf1 03021VHB
QWL3WBBPF3,Baseband Processing Unit(CE:768)-WBBPf3 WBBP
Rack Alarm Unit MR57B
Radio Unit (RAU2 23/45HP) UKL40111/45HP
Radio Unit (RAU2 23/47HP) UKL40111/47HP
Radio Unit (RAU2 X 28/42) UKL40176/42
Radio Unit (RAU2 X 28/46) UKL40176/46
Radio Unit (RAU2 X 7/11 Kit) UKL40170/11
Radio Unit (RAU2 X 7/15 Kit) UKL40170/15
RAU1 7/15 HP UKL40105/15HP
RAU2 23/45 HP Kit NTM203085/45HP
RAU2 23/47 HP Kit NTM203085/47HP
RAU2 X 10/31 UKL40166/31
RAU2 X 10/31 Kit NTM203153/31
RAU2 X 10/35 Kit NTM203153/35
RAU2 X 10/A72 HP Kit NTM203153/A72HP
RAU2 X 10/A76 HP Kit NTM203153/A76HP
RAU2 X 11/A06 HP Kit NTM203194/A06HP
RAU2 X 18/11 Kit NTM203152/11
RAU2 X 18/11HP Kit NTM203152/11HP
RAU2 X 18/15 Kit NTM203152/15
RAU2 X 18/15HP Kit NTM203152/15HP
RAU2 X 18/A11 HP Kit NTM203152/A11HP
RAU2 X 18/A15 HP Kit NTM203152/A15HP
RAU2 X 23/82 UKL40163/82
RAU2 X 23/82 HP Kit NTM203171/82HP
RAU2 X 23/82 Kit NTM203171/82
RAU2 X 23/86 UKL40163/86
RAU2 X 23/86 HP UKL40163/86HP
RAU2 X 23/86 HP Kit NTM203171/86HP
RAU2 X 23/86 Kit NTM203171/86
RAU2 X 23/A01 HP Kit NTM203171/A01HP
RAU2 X 23/A05 HP Kit NTM203171/A05HP
RAU2 X 23/A82 Kit NTM203171/A01
RAU2 X 23/A86 Kit NTM203171/A05
RAU2 X 28/42 Kit NTM203167/42
RAU2 X 28/46 Kit NTM203167/46
RAU2 X 28/A03 Kit NTM203167/A03
RAU2 X 28/A07 Kit NTM203167/A07
RAU2 X 38/A12 Kit NTM203163/A12
RAU2 X 38/A16 Kit NTM203163/A16
RAU2 X 7/11 HP Kit NTM203161/11HP
RAU2 X 7/11 Kit NTM203161/11
RAU2 X 7/15 HP Kit NTM203161/15HP
RAU2 X 7/15 Kit NTM203161/15
RAU2 X 8/73 HP Kit NTM203162/73HP
RAU2 X 8/73 Kit NTM203162/73
RAU2 X 8/73 Kit UKL40171/73 R6A
RAU2 X 8/77 HP Kit NTM203162/77HP
RAU2 X 8/77 Kit NTM203162/77
RAU2 X 8/77 Kit UKL40171/77 R4A
RAU2 X 8/A14 HP Kit NTM203162/A14HP
RAU2 X 8/A18 HP Kit NTM203162/A18HP
RRU for Multi-Mode 1800MHz A 02317164
RRU for WCDMA/LTE 2100MHz (2*40W) 02315940
RRU3838 for WCDMA/LTE 2100M (2*40W) 02310MAA
RRU3839 for WCDMA 2100M (2*60W) 02310TQF
RRU3908 V2 for Multi-Mode 850MHz 02319644
RRU3926 for Multi-mode 1800MHz 02310HFX
RRU3928 for Multi-Mode 900MHz EGSM 02310CGR
RRU3929 for Multi-Mode 1800MHz (IBW 75MHz) 02310CJV
RRU3936 for Multi-mode 1800MHz 02310MNR
RRU3938 for Multi-Mode 900MHz EGSM 02310PYC
RRU3952 for Multi-Mode 850MHz(2*60W) 02311BNY
RRU3959 for Multi-mode 1800MHz (2*60W) 02311BYE
RRU3959 for Multi-mode 2100MHz (2*60W) 02311GYV
RRU5909 for Multi-mode 1800MHz (2*60W) 0231PP
RRU5909 for Multi-Mode 2100MHz(2*60W) 02311TBD
RRU5909 for Multi-Mode 900MHz(2*60W) 02311TBA
RTN 950A Assembly Chassis(-48V) 02113821
RTN905 02310KHG
RTN950 IDU Required Delivery Accessory, Installation Material (Without Power Cable) 02239644
RTN950A Assembly Chassis(-48V) 02310NQW
S3328TP-EI Mainframe(24 10/100 BASE-T ports and 2 Combo GE(10/100/1000 BASE-T+100/1000 Base-X) ports 02351377
S3900-M300 Controller Enclosure(DC,32GB Cache,16 FC Host Port,4*3m+4*10m Fiber,24*600G SAS Disk,HW Storage Array Control System Software,SPE31C0224) 0235G6R9
S6348-EI Mainframe (48 GE SFP/10 GE SFP+, Chassis, Dual Slots of power, Without Power Module) 02352765
SAS Service Processing Controller Unit(1*Intel E5 2620 V2,3*8G Cache) 03056450
Sep Kit RAU2 10-13 0.90 SXK111656/2
Sep Kit RAU2 7/8 0.90 SXK1115184/2
SFP+ SM 10.3Gb/s 10km 1310nm RDH10265/3
Shelter Auxiliary components-ZXJ-400-Ladder-Indoor 400mm,config sheet 99031761
Single Cable,Straight Through Cable,10.00m,MP8-I,(CC4P0.5GY),MP8-I,Unshield,DL2761 04023275
SM-10xGE-32xMAP-B [T2.5G/P10G] ROA1283719/1
SM-1x10GE-20xGE-B ROA1283721/1
Structure set, DKBA0.480.0773, Antenna Pole,TK02-BG-7630, Antenna 99040HLC
Structure set, DKBA0.480.1215, Antenna Pole, Alutube-dia.75, Antenna 99040SFD
SUBRACK(AMM 20P) BFD599028/1
SUBRACK(AMM 2P R4) BFD599031/2
SUPPORT/FOR 50-115 MM TUBE SXA120106/1
Switch Fabric Unit B200 03054301
SXK111539/1 SXK111539/1
TDM switching Network Unit REV:a 03051118
Telecom antennas PW7331.00
TFL 424 02, 5M NTM20379/5
Three-way Reactive Power Splitter, 698–2700 MHz S-3-CPUSE-H-Di6
TP48200A-AX21D1 01072154
TP48200B-N20A5-0A (Cabinet for Indoor Site) 01071297
TPR48202B-N20C1/TPR48202B-N20C1 01071328
Transcoder Unit (960 Channel for TDM /3740 Channel for IP) 03051813
Transcoder Unit(1920 Channel for TDM /3840 Channel for TDM&IP/7680 Channel for IP&IP) 03053299
Two-way Reactive Power Splitter, 698–2700 MHz S-2-CPUSE-H-Di6
Unified Bussiness Architecture Base Shelf(PARCb) 02300708
Universal Baseband Processing Unit d5 03022HEL
Universal Baseband Processing Unitd1 03022HEG
Universal BaseBand Radio Interface Board (6 CPRI interface,UBRIb) 03022ACJ
Universal E1/T1 Lighting Protection unit 03020FED
Universal Environment Interface control Unit 02315639
Universal FE Lighting Protection unit 03020FQG
Universal Media Gateway Middle specification Backplane Subrack 02300514
WCDMA Main Control Unit (4 E1&1 Electrical FE&1 Optical FE) 03020JQE
WD2BBBUC, HEART BBU Box 02112722
Wire,450/750V,227 IEC 02(RV)16mm^2,black,85A 25030428
Wire,450/750V,227 IEC 02(RV)16mm^2,blue,85A 25030430
ZXD1500 (V4.0) ZXD1500V4.0
ZXDU58 B121 (V2.0) CSU ZXDU58B121
ANDREW DBXDH-6565A-A2M w/o actuator *DBXDH-6565A-A2M-2
790-960 MHz LDX-6516DS-VTM LDX-6516DS-VTM
7782.00А 778200A
support ASOA1108
48V 1170AH 10OPzV 1000 BATT(battery title 48V/2x1170Ah 24x10OPzV 1000) 276613
Andrew DBXDH-6565A-A2M, DualPol Dual Band Teletilt Antenna, 790–960 and 1710–2180 MHz, 65° horizontal beam width, RET compatible. Model with Factory I 99044LAF
12В 150 12B150
ODU A400 18 ZXMW NR8250 ODU40018
ODU A400 23 ZXMW NR8250 ODU40023
ODU A400 38 ZXMW NR8250 ODU38G
ZXD1500 VZDX1500
Ericsson & Huawei for sale

Huawei for sale

Huawei for sale
Huawei STM-64Transmit-received Line Wavelength Con 02316031 02316031 5
Huawei STM-16 System Control,Cross-connect,Opticall 03030AMY 03030AMY 24
Huawei STM-4 System Control, Cross-connect & Optical 03030ADG 03030ADG 17
Huawei 4 Channels STM-16 Asynchronism MUX OTU-2 02317947 02317947 2
Huawei MPA8010, H801HEUA, HEAT EXCHANGER UNIT, 1*1, Huawei, 03020KEB 03020KEB 5
Huawei 8 E1 Electrical Interface Unit, Huawei, 03031323 03031323 6
Huawei 8xSTM-16 Optical Interface Board(S-16.1 ,Le) 03030FCL 2
Huawei STM-16 Optical Interface Board(L-16.2JE,LC) 03037378 6
Huawei Enhanced 4 Channels STM-16/0TU 1 Asynchroni 02316739 02316739 1
Huawei 1xSTM-64 Optical Interface Board(V-64.2b,LC) 03052982 2
Huawei 2xSTM-64 Optical Interface Board(S-64.2b,LC) 03030DFL 2
Huawei NA 4-port Gigabit Ethernet IFast Ethernet Switchi 03030BWS 03030BWS 4
Huawei 8xSTM-16 Optical Interface Board(L-16.1 ,LC) 03030FCM 1
Huawei 2-port Gigabit Ethernet Switching Processing Bo 03050840 12
Huawei 2 x Optical Interface Board (S-64.2b,LC) (OLD M 03030HDT 03030HDT 1
Huawei WDM-SSE8TMRST01-10G (AFEC-2, C_BAND, Super WDM Transponder, Tunable), 50GH, Huawei, 03030LJS 03030LJS 1
Huawei H61 E2, P3,8-FAN 1 U FAN BOX,SHIELDED 02120327 88
Huawei OptiX OSN 6800,TN120AU100,C-BAND Optical 03030LMM 03030LMM 1
Huawei STM-16 Optical Interface Board(U-16.2,LC) 03037380 2
Huawei Enhanced Low Order Cross-connect Board 03034811 1
Huawei STM-16 Optical Interface Board(V-16.2,SC) 03031470 1
Huawei 4-Port 10M/100M Fast Ethernet Processing Boar 03030EAD 03030EAD 4
Huawei C-BANO Optical Amplifier Unit,MAX -6dBm IN an 03038448 03038448 1
Huawei C-BANO Optical Amplifier Unit,MAX OdBm IN an 03038449 03038449 1
Huawei OSN 1500 Auxiliary interface board 03037556 14
Huawei Engineering Order Wire Board 03037557 23
Huawei 32xE1 Service Processing Board(1200hm) 03030ESK 4
Huawei 8-Port Fast Ethernet Processing Board 03020KHP 1
Huawei Engineering Order Wire Board 03030KBL 7
Huawei System Control and Communication Board,1 xi A 03020DCM 03020DCM 1
Huawei OptiX WDM,SSE3FIU03,Fiber Interface Unit(C/1 03030JRY 03030JRY 1
Huawei OPTIX OSN1500A SER1FAN Fan Box V1500A, Huawei, 02120244 02120244 16
Huawei Subrack(T63B,R4) 02300567 1
Huawei OSN9500 Key Power Backup Board 03035539 1
Huawei MODU LE SFP (L4-.1, LC) 34060280 1
Huawei SSR1 PL 1 B01, 16XE1 SERVICE PROCESSING 03039079 1
Huawei System Auxiliary Process Board 03037489 1
Huawei 32xE1 Service Processing Board(120ohm) 03037555 1
Huawei System Auxiliary Interface Board,12, Huawei, 03 03021PVD 03021PVD 1
Huawei 4845 POWER SYSTEM SENSOR ACCESS BO 02311947 02311947 12
Huawei Engineering Order Wire Board 03021SHX 1
Huawei OptiX OSN 8800 T16-TN16PIU- power access panels -1 * 2, Huawei, 03020WXP 03020WXP 1
Huawei OptiX OSN 8800,Optical Transceiver Groupware(155.52Mb/s,eSFP,80km) 02230MFG 2
Huawei 8×10/100M BaseT Fast Ethernet Interface Board 03026811 03026811 2
Huawei for sale

Huawei OptiX OSN3500 & OSN9500, 2500, BWS 1600G, BWS 320G, DWDM, Metro 1050, Metro 3100, Metro 6100

Huawei OptiX OSN3500 & OSN9500, 2500+, BWS 1600G, BWS 320G, DWDM, Metro 1050, Metro 3100, Metro 6100
03030117 CB01ALM0, Alarm Board
03030814 CB02NETA0, Switch NetWork Board
03030240 C821CTN0,32 Module Central Switching Network Board
03021124 CB01CKV, Switch Clock Driving Board
03030298 C805DTM0,E1 Digital Trunk Board (DS2154)
03030183 CC03EMA0,Emergency Action Board
03020380 C813FBC,Near Distance Fiber Backplane 1X2 Assembled Board
03030517 C814FBI0,16/32 Module Fiber Communication Board
03031424 4-Link No.7 Signaling Processing Board
03030678 C822MCC0,32 Module Communication and Control Board
03038272 CQ03MEM0,Network Communication Interface Board
03035862 CB05MPU0,Main control Board,For 32-M switch
03030307 CC02NOD1,Master Node Board
03030551 C805OPT0,Exchange Module Fiber Communication Board
03031542 CB02SIG0,Signal Tone Board,128-Channel Dynamic Voice
03030227 C821SNT0,32 Module Signaling Switching Network Board
03050151 SoftX3000,SF31WALU0,Alarm Unit
02312525 SGSN9810,KW3M3UPWR,PSM Subrack Power Module
03050602 MSOFTX3000,SF32WCSU0,Call Control And Signaling Processing Unit
03050932 MSOFTX3000,SF32WEPI0,E1_Pool Interface Unit
03050148 SoftX3000,SF31WSIU0,System Interface Unit
03050599 MSOFTX3000,SF32WSMU0,System Management Unit
03050145 SoftX3000,.SF31WHSC0,Hot-Swap And Control Unit
03050933 Clock Interface Unit
02311502 AM/CM Background Administration Module
02312050 LAN Switch
02120068 M900/M1800BTS312,GMAE1BFBX,1-Fan Fan Box(EBM)
02120279 BTS3012A,GMOE1DBX4,DC Power Distribution Box,Auxiliary
02120280 BTS3012A,GMOE1DBX5,DC Power Distribution Box,Main Equipment
02120281 BTS3012A,GMOE1DBX6,AC Power Distribution Box
02120282 Fan Tray Assembly/Power Distribution
Box,BTS3012A,GMSE1FBX1,Fan Tray Assembly,(VER.A)
02120305 BTS3012A,GMOE1SFBX,4-Small-Fan Fan Box,(VER.A)
02130376 AC/DC Converter,220VAC,24V/30A
02270019 DC/DC Power System,535W,-10degC-60degC,20-30V,53.5V/10A
02310822 Function Module,AC/DC PMU,For GSM BTS Power Supply
02312580 M900 BTS30/312,GM5M5TRX,Transceiver Module
02313034 M1800 BTS30/312,GMKM5TRX,1800M Edge Transceiver Unit
02313425 BTS3012A,GM5M1EMUA2416,24VDC 16 Port EMUA Environment
03022715 Manufactured Board,M900BTS,GM41FANB,FAN interface
03023091 Manufactured Board,M900/1800BTS312,GMA1TRB,12 TRX Backplane
03023150 Manufactured Board,W1262Z,W1262-1,GSM BTS Power Backplane
03025279 M900/M1800BTS30,GMK1ATE,AntiThunder Board for E1 Signal
03025776 Manufactured Board,BTS3012A,GMO1TCU,Temperature Control Unit
03028811 BTS3012A,GMO2TCB,Transmission/Temprature Control Backboard
03032129 Finished Board,M900/M1800BTS30,GMK2TMU0,Timing/Transmission
27140025 Combiner/Divider,M900,EDUA3.0,Rx890-915MHz/Tx935-960MHz,25MHz,2-Carrier
27140034 Combiner/Divider,M1800,CDUA3.0,Tx:1805-1880MHz/Rx:1710-1785Mz,75MH,2
29040745 Set of Labels,BTS312 RF Configuration Cable Set,6 Columns And
33010293 Smoke Sensor,24V,Two Line, photoelectric Smoke Sensor,
03031482 M900MSC,GM11GCTN0,Central Switching Network Board
03031475 M900MSC,GM11GNET0,Network Board (Single Slot Handle Bar)
03021124 CB01CKV, Switch Clock Driving Board
03031481 M900MSC,GM11GSNT0,Signaling Switching Network Board
03031483 M900MSC,GM11GFBI0,AM/CM Optical Fiber Interface Board
03032711 M900MSC,GM12GMEM0,Database Interface Board
03036028 Finished Board,C9000L,GMM1GCKS0,Clock Board
03031480 M900MSC,GM11GMCC0,Communication Control Board
03031370 M900BSC,GM31E3M0,E1 Interface Board
03031473 M900MSC,GM11GNOD0,Master Node Processing Board
03031472 Finished Board,M900MSC,GM11GEMA0,Emergency Action Board
03030AQK Finished Board,M900/M1800 BSC,GM14GMPU0,Main Processing Unit
03031424 CB03LAPA0,4-Link No.7 Signaling Processing Board
03031843 M900BSC,GM32GLAP0,LAPD Protocol Processing Board
03031478 M900MSC,GM11GMC20,Dual-Link Module Communication Board
03031479 M900MSC,GM11G0PT0,Switch Module Fiber Communication Board
03031474 M900MSC,GM11GALM0,Alarm Board
03031373 Finished Board,M900/M1800 BSC,GM11MSM0,Sub-Multiplexing Board
03035535 Finished Board,M900/M1800BSC,GM14FTC0,Transcoder
03035304 M900/M1800BSC,GM34BIE0,Base Station Interface Board
03020230 C08A,CC03PWC,Secondary Power Board,5V/20A
03031485 M900MSC,GM11GPWS0,Secondary Power Board
03021904 CC08C,C842DRCA,E16 Back Drive Board,75ohm Coaxial Cable
02120052 CB0E3FAN1, Switch Assembled Rack Power Distribution Box
03032516 Finished Board,M900/M1800PCU,GP21POMU0,Operation Maintenance
03033098 Finished Board,M900/M1800PCU,GP22RPPU1,33B Mobile Packet
03023878 Manufactured Board,M900/M1800GSN,GP11HSC0,Hot Swap Control Unit
03023883 Manufactured Board,M900/1800GPRS,GP11E1TM,E1 Transmission Module
02120173 Fan Module,SSXE1FAN,Cabinet Fan Box
03036340 Finished Board,OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1CTPR01,Tributary
03036347 Finished Board,OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1CTPT01,Tributary
03036204 Finished Board,OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA2SLO101,8xSTM-1 Optical
45030016 Optical Tunable Attenuator,Manual(Single),1300-1610nm
03033133 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1ABA202,Booster Amplifier Board(14dBm,SC)
03033145 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1ABPA01,Booster Amplifier & Pre-amplifier
03032879 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1ACOM01,Communication Board
03032790 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1AEOW01,Orderwire Board
03036508 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1AMXS01,Mixed Cross-connect Timing
03036255 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1APQ101,63xE1 Interface Process Board
03032798 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1ASCC01,System Control Board
03032823 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1ATPR01,Protection Switching Receive Board
03032825 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1ATPT01,Protection Switching Transmit Board
03036294 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1E75S01,63-75ohm E1 Interface Board
03037836 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1EFS401,4-Port Fast Ethernet Switching
03030AQC OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1EGT201,2-Port Gigabit Ethernet Transport
03037133 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1ETF8,8-Port Twisted-Pairs 10/100M Fast
03033202 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1FE0801,8-port Ethernet Interface Board
03032833 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1GE0201,Dual Gigabit Ethernet Interface
03035757 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1SD16A01,2xSTM-16 Optical Interface
03034293 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1SLQ4A01,4xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,SC)
03034051 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA2APIU,Power Fan Interface Board
03038963 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA2EGS202,2-port Gigabit Ethernet Switching
03034020 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA2EU0801,8xSTM-1 Electrical Interface Board,75ohm
03037861 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA2SL16A01,STM-16 Optical Interface Board(S-16.1,SC)
03034380 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA2SP0801,8xSTM-1 Signal Process Board
03039270 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA4SL6410,STM-64 Optical Interface Board(I-64.2,SC)
03039262 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA4SL6411,STM-64 Optical Interface Board(S-64.2b,SC)
03039325 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA4SL6414,STM-64 Optical Interface Board(V64.2b,SC)
03039269 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA4SL6415,STM-64 Optical Interface Board(L-64.2b,SC)
02120198 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSAE2FAN,Rack Fan Box
03031322 OptiX 155/622H,,SS42PD2TI01,48xE1 Electrical Interface Board(75ohm)
03031649 OptiX 155/622H,SS42OI2S01,STM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,SC)
03031683 OptiX 155/622H,SS42PD2DI01,32xE1 Electrical Interface Board(75ohm)
03032364 OptiX 155/622H,SS42PL3ET01,3xE3 Electrical Interface Board(PE3T)
03034316 OptiX 155/622H,SS42SLE01,1xSTM-1 Electrical Interface Board
03032440 OptiX 155/622H,SS42SP2A01,16xE1 Electrical Interface Board(75ohm)
03032262 OptiX 155/622H,SS43SCB01,System Control Communication Board
03035749 OptiX 2500+, SS03PMU01, Power and Environment Monitoring Unit
03032172 OptiX 2500+,SS61COA01,Case Shape Booster Amplifier Board(14dBm,SC)
03023224 OptiX 2500+,SS61E75S,63xE1 Switching Access Board(75ohm)
03031836 OptiX 2500+,SS61EIPC01,Electrical Interface Protection Control Board
03023183 OptiX 2500+,SS61LPDR,4xSTM-1 Switching Driver Board
03031661 OptiX 2500+,SS61PQ1A01,63xE1 Electrical Interface Board(75ohm)
03030984 OptiX 2500+,SS61SCC0,System Control,Communication Orderwire Board
03031612 OptiX 2500+,SS61SD1A02,2xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,SC)
03031675 OptiX 2500+,SS61SD4A01,2xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,SC)
03031676 OptiX 2500+,SS61SD4A01,2xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,SC)
03031317 OptiX 2500+,SS61SQ1A02,4xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,SC)
03023522 OptiX 2500+,SS62C34SA,3xE3/T3 Switching Access Board
03023279 OptiX 2500+,SS62FB1,Backplane 2M Interface Connection Card 1
03023515 OptiX 2500+,SS62FB2,Inner Connection Board(Type II)
03023873 OptiX 2500+,SS62LPSW,4xSTM-1 Switching Access Board,1×1
03032147 OptiX 2500+,SS62PL3A01,3xE3 Electrical Interface Board
03032350 OptiX 2500+,SS62PQ1A01,24mm Grey,63xE1 Electrical Interface
03032241 OptiX 2500+,SS62SCC01,System Control,Communication Orderwire Board
03032362 OptiX 2500+,SS62SQE01,4xSTM-1 Electrical Interface Board
03039534 OptiX 2500+,SS63S16A02, STM-16 Optical Interface Board(S-16.1, SC)
03039530 OptiX 2500+,SS63S16A03, STM-16 Optical Interface Board(L-16.1,SC)
03035165 OptiX 2500+,SS63S16B01, STM-16 Optical Interface Board(L-16.2, SC)
03039531 OptiX 2500+,SS63S16B02, STM-16 Optical Interface Board(Le-16.2,SC)
03039532 OptiX 2500+,SS63S16B03,STM-16 Optical Interface Board(V-16,SC)
03039533 OptiX 2500+,SS63S16B04,STM-16 Optical Interface Board(U-16,SC)
03036944 OptiX 2500+,SS63SL4A01,STM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,SC)
03036956 OptiX 2500+,SS63SQ1A02,4xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,SC)
03035461 OptiX 2500+,SS64XCS01,Cross-connect and Timing Board
03032243 OptiX 2500+-SS61SV4A01,STM-4 Concatenation Optical Interface
03031242 OptiX 2500+-SS62S1601,STM-16 Optical Interface Board(S-16.1,SC)
02311579 OptiX BWS 1600G, SSEM1TRC, C BAND STM-16 FEC Function
03034681 OptiX BWS 1600G,SSE1FIU03,Fiber Interface Board (C Band)
03036195 OptiX BWS 320G,SS72VOA01,Variable Optical Attenuator Board
02311994 OptiX DWDM, SSEM2MR201, C-BAND Extended 2-Channel Optical
03035350 OptiX DWDM,SSE1D4002,40-channel Demultiplexing
03035347 OptiX DWDM,SSE1M4002,40-channel Multiplexing
03037106 OptiX DWDM,SSE1SCC02,System Control Communication Board
03036759 OptiX DWDM,SSE2D3201,32-channel Demultiplex Board,heater
03036758 OptiX DWDM,SSE2M3201,32-channel Multiplex Board,heater
03037636 OptiX Metro 1050,SSM1FEOW01,Engineering Order Wire
03036486 OptiX Metro 1050,SSM1FSCC01,System Control & Communication Board
03035462 OptiX Metro 1050,SSM1OSB101,STM-1 Optical Interface Subboard (Ie-1,SC)
03035598 OptiX Metro 1050,SSM1OSB401,STM-4 Optical Interface Subboard(Ie-4,SC)
03037105 OptiX Metro 1050,SSM1PL1DA01,16xE1 Electrical Interface Board
03037565 OptiX Metro 1050,SSM1SLE,1xSTM-1 Electrical Interface Unit
03035812 OptiX Metro 1050,SSM1STIA01,2-port Synchronous Timing
03036400 OptiX Metro 1050,SSM1XCS402,Cross-connect & Timing Board,STM-4
03034021 OptiX Metro 1100,SSF1FPIUA01,Power Interface Board(-48V)
03034022 OptiX Metro 1100,SSF1SPIUA01,Slave Power Interface Board(-48V)
03024594 OptiX Metro 3100,SSB1D34S,6xE3/T3 PDH Interface Switching Board
03024767 OptiX Metro 3100,SSB1SEQ1,4xSTM-1 Electrical Interface Board
03024526 OptiX Metro 3100,SSB1TSB3,6-E3/T3 Switching & Bridging Board
03033387 OptiX Metro 3100,SSB1XCS01,System Sync Timing Cross-Connect
03034033 OptiX Metro 3100,SSB2PMCU01,Power Monitor and Auxiliary
03034672 OptiX Metro 3100,SSB2PQ301,12xE3/T3 Electrical Interface Board
03038471 OptiX Metro 6100,SSC6OBU01,WDM Optical Booster Amplifier
03038468 OptiX Metro 6100,SSC6OPU01,WDM Pre-amplifier Board
03033564 OptiX Metro3100,SSB1SP801,8-STM-1 Line Processing Board
02312546 OptiX Metro6040,SSLM2LWF,STM-64 Transmit-receive Line
02312918 OptiX Metro6100,SSCM6LWM,Multiple Rate(STM16/4/1)Optical
03037556 OptiX OSN 1500,SSR1AUX01,System Auxiliary Interface Board
03037557 OptiX OSN 1500,SSR1EOW01,Engineering Order Wire Board
03026772 OptiX OSN 1500,SSR1PIU,Power Interface Board,1×2 Assembled Board
02120244 OptiX OSN 1500,SSRE1FAN,Fan Box
03027179 OptiX OSN 2500,SSQ1PIU,Power Interface Board,1×2 Assembled Board
03037489 OptiX OSN 2500,SSQ1SAP01,System Auxiliary Process Board
03030AMX OptiX OSN 2500,SSQ2CXL1602,STM-16 System
03030AMY OptiX OSN 2500,SSQ2CXL1603,STM-16 System
03050980 OptiX OSN 2500,SSQ2CXL411,STM-4 System
03037098 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1AUX01,System Auxiliary Interface Board
03027581 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1C34S,3xE3/T3 PDH Interface Switching
03026734 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1D34S,6xE3/T3 PDH Interface Switching
03026727 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1D75S,32xE1/T1 Electrical Interface
03037134 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1EFS401,4-Port 10M/100M Fast Ethernet
03037691 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1EFT801,16-Port 10M/100M Ethernet
03030EAF OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1EFT8A01,8-Port 10M/100M Ethernet
03037033 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1EGS201,2-port Gigabit Ethernet Switching
03030BWS OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1EMS401,4-port Gigabit Ethernet /Fast
03027509 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1EU04,4xSTM-1 Electrical Interface
03026740 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1EU08,8xSTM-1 Electrical Interface
03036440 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1EXCSA01,Enhanced Cross-connect and
03037064 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1GSCC01,System Control and Communication Board
03026741 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1OU08,8xSTM-1 Optical Access
03037345 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1PD301,6xE3/DS3 Service Processing Board
03026564 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1PIU,Power Interface Board,1×1 Assembled Board
03037127 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1PL301,3xE3/T3 Service Processing Board
03037316 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1PQ1A01,63xE1 Service Processing Board(75ohm)
03036466 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SCC01,System Control and Communication Board
03037391 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SEP101,8xSTM-1 Signal Process Board
03050614 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SL110,STM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,LC)
03037372 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SL16A01,STM-16 Optical Interface Board(I-16,LC)
03037374 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SL16A02,STM-16 Optical Interface Board(S-16.1,LC)
03050634 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SL410,STM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,LC)
03030BDK OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SL6405,STM-64 Optical Interface Board(L-64.2b,LC)
03050646 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SLD410,2xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,LC)
03050626 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SLQ110,4xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,LC)
03037390 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SLQ401,4xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board
03050654 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SLQ410,4xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,LC)
03027527 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1TSB4,4-Channel Switching&Bridging
03026756 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1TSB8,8-Channel Switching&Bridging
03038342 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1UXCSB01,Ultra Cross-connect and
03038343 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1XCE01,Extention Subrack Cross-connect Board
03036884 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN2EFS001,10M/100M Fast Ethernet Processing
03039014 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN2EGS201,2-port Gigabit Ethernet Switching
03050839 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN2EGS210,2-port Gigabit Ethernet Switching
03039264 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN2SL6412,STM-64 Optical Interface Board(S-64.2b,LC)
03050630 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN2SLQ110,4xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,LC)
03030DFT OptiX OSN 3500,SSN2SLQ1604,4xSTM-16 Optical Interface Board(L-16.2,LC)
03050658 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN2SLQ410,4xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,LC)
03030CEP OptiX OSN 3500,SSN3GSCC01,System Control and Communication Board
03028246 OptiX OSN 7500,SST1AUX,System Auxiliary Interface Board,1×1
03028245 OptiX OSN 7500,SST1EOW,Engineering Order Wire Board,2-1
03035554 OptiX OSN 7500,SST1EXCSA01,Enhanced Cross-connect and
03028193 OptiX OSN 7500,SST1PIU,Power Interface Board,1-2 Assembled Board
03030DJX OptiX OSN 7500,SST1SXCSA01,Super Cross-Connect and
03030CUN OptiX OSN 7500,SST2SL6402,STM-64 Optical Interface Board(S-64.2b,LC)
03035223 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1EMPU01,Electromechanical Information
03050820 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1GE0605,6-port Gigabit Ethernet Process
03034814 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1GXCHA01,General High Order Cross-connect Board(A)
03035597 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1JCOM01,System Communication Board
03037251 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1JD16A03,2xSTM-16 Optical Interface Board(S-16.1,LC)
03035191 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1JEOW01,Orderwire Board
03037464 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1JL16A02,1xSTM-16 Optical Interface Board(S-16.1,LC)
03037016 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1JL64A02,STM-64 Optical Interface
03050780 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1JLH112,16xSTM-1 Optical Interface
03037624 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1JLHE01,16xSTM-1 Electric Interface Board
03050784 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1JLQ411,4xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1 LC/PC)
03035539 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1JPBU01,Key Power Backup Board
03038200 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1JPIU02,Power Interface Board,without Breaker
03036721 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1JQ16A02,4xSTM-16 Optical Interface Board(S-16.1,LC)
03034757 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1JSTG01,Synchronous Timing Generation Board
03025970 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1JSTI,Synchronous Timing Interface
03035551 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ2EGT601,6-port Gigabit Ethernet Process Board(LC)
03030BMG OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ3EXCH01,Enhanced High Order Cross-connect Board
03030AYD OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ3JSCC01,System Control Communication Board
03030DFL OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ4D64D02,2xSTM-64 Optical Interface Board(S-64.2b,LC)
02312899 OptiX WDM, SSEM2TRC1, C BAND STM-16 FEC Function Regeneration
03036811 OptiX WDM,SSE1DSE01,C Band Dispersion Slope Equalization Unit
03033977 OptiX WDM,SSE1RPC01,C Band Backward Raman Processing (Driving) Board
03034010 OptiX WDM,SSE1SC101, Unidirectional Optical Supervisory
03038895 OptiX WDM,SSE1SC107,Unidirectional Optical Supervisory
03038879 OptiX WDM,SSE1SC207,Bidirectional Optical Supervisory Channel
03033991 OptiX WDM,SSE1SCC01,System Control Communication Board
03034134 OptiX WDM,SSE1SCE01,System Control Communication Board for
03039980 OptiX WDM,SSE3OAUC01C ,C-BAND Optical Amplifier Unit,MAX 0dBm
03030DAM OptiX WDM,SSE3OAUC03E,C-BAND Optical Amplifier Unit,MAX -4dBm
03039985 OptiX WDM,SSE3OAUC05A,C-BAND Optical Amplifier Unit,MAX 0dBm
03039979 OptiX WDM,SSE3OBUC03C,C-BAND Optical Amplifier Unit,MAX 0dBm
03039984 OptiX WDM,SSE3OBUC05A,C-BAND Optical Booster Unit(23dB Gain,23dBm OUT)
03039978 OptiX WDM,SSE3OPUC03C,C-BAND Optical Pre-Amplifier Unit(23dB
02313408 Distributed Base Station Radio Remote Unit(-48V,DHT 40W,1.25G,2100M)
02314819 Distributed Base Station Base Band Unit(-48V,Without GPS)
34060286 Optical Transceiver,Enhanced SFP,850nm,2.125G Series
02310UUG WD5M85393600 RRU3936
02120370 Base Station Controller 9 Fan Box
03051116 General Clock Unit REV:a
03051117 GE Switching and Control Unit REV:a
03051816 Data Processing Unit REV:b
03051485 2-port ATM over channelized Optical STM-1/OC-3 Interface Unit REV:a
03051492 4-port ATM/Packet over unchannlized Optical STM-1/OC-3c
03051493 2-port packet over Optical GE ethernet Interface REV:a
03051569 Operation and Maintenance Unit REV:a
03051730 PARC,WP11SPUa,Signnaling Processing Unit REV:a
34060276 Optical Transceiver,Enhanced
03051488 2-port GE ethernet Interface Unit REV:a
03051481 Data Processing Unit REV:b
02130608 BTS3012AE PSU Module(AC/DC)
02315174 Double Transceiver Unit 1800M
02315179 Dual Duplexer Unit 1800M
02120407 BTS Fan Box
02310UUG WD5M85393600 RRU3936
02313069 Power System Monitor Module
02314148 High-Power Combining Module 1800M
02314286 M1800,Double transceivers Digital and Radio frequency Module
02314288 DC SPD and EMI Module
02314688 M1800 Dual Duplexer Module,TX1805-1880MHz/RX1710-1785MHz
02314691 Main Control Module for DDRM BTS(without SDH Module)
02315076 Double Transceiver Unit 900M
02315118 Dual Duplexer Unit PGSM
03051118 PARC WP11TNUa TDM switching Network Unit REV:a
03051119 PARC WP11XPUa Extensible Processing Unit REV:a
03051122 PARC WP11OIUa 1-port channelized Optical Interface Unit REV:a
03051551 PARC WP11OMUb Operation and Maintenance Unit REV:b
03051814 PARC WP13DPUd Data Processing Unit REV:d
03020BCR E1 Signal lightning-protection card for DTRU BTS
03030BMY Transmission Timing Management Unit for DTRU BTS
02314551 32 Port EMUA Environment Monitoring Module(-48VDC)
34060299 Optical Transceiver,Enhanced
02312525 SGSN9810,KW3M3UPWR,PSM Subrack Power Module
03033275 HONET,H511CKMB0,SDH TDM Clock Pinch Board
03037088 UMG8900,UG01SHPU0,Signaling High level link Processing Unit
03039535 UMG8900,UG01MECF0,Echo Canceller Pinch Card(1K Channels 64ms)
03050380 UMG8900,UG01MMPU0,Media gateway Main Processing Unit
03050403 UMG8900,UG01ME8T0,Media Gateway 8-port 10/100M Ethernet
03050504 SoftX3000,SF32MSGI0,Multimedia Signaling Gateway
03050511 UMG8900,UG01MCMF0,Media Gateway Front Connection Maintenance Unit
03050518 SoftX3000,SF32IFMI0,IP Forward Module
03050522 SoftX3000,SF32SMUI0,System Management Unit
03050524 SoftX3000,SF32SIUI0,System Interface Unit
03050525 SoftX3000,SF32ALUI0,Alarm Unit
03050527 SoftX3000,SF32HSCI0,Hot-Swap And Control Unit
03050528 SoftX3000,SF32BFII0,Back Insert FE Interface Unit
03050529 SoftX3000,SF32FCCU0,Call Control Unit
03050531 SoftX3000,SF32BSGI0,Broadband Signaling Gateway
03050532 SoftX3000,SF32CDBI0,Central Data Base Unit
03050533 SoftX3000,SF32MRCA0,Media Resource Control Unit(A Type)
03050534 SoftX3000,SF32MRIA0,Fixed Network Media Resource Interface
03050537 UMG8900,UG02ME320,Media Gateway 32E1 Port TDM Interface Board(b)
03050546 UMG8900,UG02MBLU0,Media gateway Back Link Unit(b)
03050548 UMG8900,UG02MFLU0,Media gateway Front Link Unit(b)
03050549 UMG8900,UG01MOMB0,Media Gateway Operation & Maintenance Unit B
03050727 MRS6100,MS02SMUI0,System Management Unit
02310UUG WD5M85393600 RRU3936
03050728 Huawei SSEM1LWFS01
Huawei OptiX OSN3500 & OSN9500, 2500+, BWS 1600G, BWS 320G, DWDM, Metro 1050, Metro 3100, Metro 6100

Huawei Core Network for sale

Huawei Core Network for sale
03020GDC H80-ASPB 64-port VOIP Subscriber Board 48 PCS
03020GDC H80-ASPB 64-port VOIP Subscriber Board 18 PCS
03020NDE H80-PRTE Connect Power Board 9 PCS
03020NPQ H80D00CKMC01 Stratum 3 Clock Module Pinch Board 9 PCS
03027683 H80-SCUB Super Control Unit Board 9 PCS
03030DTF H80-GICD0 4-port GE Optical Interface Card 2 PCS
02351082 H80Z1MABC ETSI Service Shelf,48V/60V,4-fan 1 PCS
03020GDC H80-ASPB 64-port VOIP Subscriber Board 16 PCS
03020NDE H80-PRTE Connect Power Board 2 PCS
03020NPQ H80D00CKMC01 Stratum 3 Clock Module Pinch Board 2 PCS
03027683 H80-SCUB Super Control Unit Board 2 PCS
03030DTF H80-GICD0 4-port GE Optical Interface Card 2 PCS
02351082 H80Z1MABC ETSI Service Shelf,48V/60V,4-fan 1 PCS
03020GDC H80-ASPB 64-port VOIP Subscriber Board 16 PCS
03020NDE H80-PRTE Connect Power Board 2 PCS
03020NPQ H80D00CKMC01 Stratum 3 Clock Module Pinch Board 2 PCS
03027683 H80-SCUB Super Control Unit Board 2 PCS
03030DTF H80-GICD0 4-port GE Optical Interface Card 2 PCS
02351082 H80Z1MABC ETSI Service Shelf,48V/60V,4-fan 1 PCS
03020GDC H80-ASPB 64-port VOIP Subscriber Board 16 PCS
03020NDE H80-PRTE Connect Power Board 2 PCS
03020NPQ H80D00CKMC01 Stratum 3 Clock Module Pinch Board 2 PCS
03027683 H80-SCUB Super Control Unit Board 2 PCS
03030DTF H80-GICD0 4-port GE Optical Interface Card 2 PCS
03051786 KW-MR01MRM0 MultiMedia Resource Module 1 PCS
03051912 KW-MR01NIU0 Network Interface Unit 1 PCS
03052239 MI0D000MPF01 MultiMedia service Process packet Forward unit 1 PCS
03052366 KWAD0SWIA001 Swtich Unit Interface 1 PCS
03052368 KWAD0SWUA001 Swtich Unit 1 PCS
03052589 KWA0USIA701 Universal Service Interface 1 PCS
03052679 MI6DR3OMUS01 Operation Maintenance Unit(R3) 1 PCS
02351897 NS5328C01 L3 Ethernet Switch 1 PCS
03052588 KWAD0USIA101 Universal Service Interface 1 PCS
03051748 KW-DMUI Universal Service Interface 1 PCS
03030AUG CR52-SFUD Switch Fabric Unit D 1 PCS
02245106 KW-EWS Emergency Workstation 1 PCS
02245106 KW-EWS Emergency Workstation 1 PCS
02245107 KW-BAM BAM Server Terminal 1 PCS
02300461 KW-SFRM Service Control Shelf 1 PCS
02312525 KW-UPWR PSM Subrack Power Module 1 PCS
03050524 SF-SIUI System Interface Unit 1 PCS
03050525 SF-ALUI Alarm Unit 1 PCS
03050527 SF-HSCI Hot-Swap And Control Unit 1 PCS
03050991 SF3-MSGI0 Multimedia Signaling Gateway 1 PCS
03050992 SF3-BSGI0 Broadband Signaling Gateway 1 PCS
03050993 SF3-CDBI0 Central Data Base Unit 1 PCS
03050994 SF3-IFMI0 IP Forward Module 1 PCS
03050995 SF3-BFII0 Back Insert FE Interface Unit 1 PCS
03052043 SF-SMUI0 System Management Unit 1 PCS
03052048 SF3-UACU0 Universal Access Control Unit 1 PCS
02300461 KW-SFRM Service Control Shelf 1 PCS
02312525 KW-UPWR PSM Subrack Power Module 3 PCS
03050524 SF-SIUI System Interface Unit 2 PCS
03050525 SF-ALUI Alarm Unit 1 PCS
03050527 SF-HSCI Hot-Swap And Control Unit 2 PCS
03052043 SF-SMUI0 System Management Unit 2 PCS
03050994 SF3-IFMI0 IP Forward Module 1 PCS
03050995 SF3-BFII0 Back Insert FE Interface Unit 1 PCS
03052048 SF3-UACU0 Universal Access Control Unit 1 PCS
03050993 SF3-CDBI0 Central Data Base Unit 1 PCS
03051301 UG-MCLK0 Media gateway Clock Unit 1 PCS
03051769 UG-HRD2 Media Gateway High-speed Routing Unit D2(D1GO) 1 PCS
03030LNT CR5D00EKGF60 40-Port 1000Base-X-SFP Line Processing Unit 1 PCS
03030LLH ME0M00E1XX20 1-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-XFP Flexible Card(BP20) 1 PCS
03053030 SBCD000SRU00 SBC Enhanced Switch and Route Processing Unit 1 PCS
02112626 KW-ISCAB Voice Module And Network Components NGN Cabinet DC 1 PCS
03030FUS CR52-24xGE/FE-SFP 24*100/1000Base-X-SFP Optical Interface LPU G 1 PCS
03052735 UG0DTECVPD00 Media Gateway Voice Processing Unit D (3K TC+EC) 1 PCS
03052951 UG0D04MSPF00 Media Gateway Front Signalling Processing Unit(d) 1 PCS
03030GSH CR52-P20-12×100/1000Base-X-SFP 12-Port 100/1000Base-SFP Flexible Card 1 PCS
03030GSK CR52-P20-1x10GBase WAN/LAN-XFP 1-Port 10GBase WAN/LAN-XFP Flexible Card 1 PCS
03053271 ME0MBSUF2120 Flexible Card Broadband Service Unit(BSUF-21,2 sub-slots) 1 PCS
03030GNC CR52K-2x10GBase-WAN-XFP 2-Port 10GBase WAN-XFP Line Processing Unit E 1 PCS
03030JUL CR52-P21-40×100/1000Base-X-SFP 40-Port 100/1000Base-SFP Flexible Card(Occupy two sub-slots) 1 PCS
03030KJY CR52-LPUF-21-A Flexible Card Line Processing Unit LPUF-21,2 sub-slots (L3VPN,MVPN,IPv6 Enhanced) 1 PCS
Huawei Core Network for sale

Huawei NE05E for sale

Huawei NE05E for sale
NE05E Basic Configuration
02311CML NECM00HOST06 NE05E-S2 System 4 Channels GE/FE
02350DCW NECM000AOC00 NE05E-SL System Outdoor AC
02350DCX NECM00AOCP00 NE05E-SM System Outdoor AC
02350DYQ NECM0HSDEN00 NE05E-SF 44G System 2x10GE
02350DYR NECM00HSDN00 NE05E-SE 44G System 2x10GE
02350DYT NECM000HSA00 NE05E-SG 12G System DC
02350DYU NECM000HSD00 NE05E-SH 12G System DC
02350DYV NECM00HSAP00 NE05E-SI 12G System AC
02350DYW NECM000AIC00 NE05E-SJ System Indoor AC
02350DYX NECM000DIC00 NE05E-SK System Indoor DC
Huawei NE05E Line Card
03056463 NEDD000EG200 2 Channels GE Optical Interface Board
03056464 NEDD000EG400 4 Channels FE/GE Adaptive Optical Interface Board
03056465 NEDD00EF8F00 8 Channels Fast Ethernet Optical Interface Board
03056466 NEDD00EG4T00 4 Channels FE/GE Adaptive Electronic Interface Board
03056467 NEDD00EF8T00 8 Channels Fast Ethernet Electric Interface Board
03056468 NEDD16E17501 16 Channels E1 Interface Board 75ohm
03056469 NEDD16E11201 16 Channels E1 Interface Board 120ohm
03056726 NEDD001SA800 8-Channel V.35/X.21/V.24 Board
Huawei NE05E Optical Transceiver
34060290 eSFP(S)-1310nm-1000Base-Lx Optical Transceiver,eSFP
34060307 eSFP-1310nm-I-1 Optical Transceiver eSFP
34060308 eSFP-1310nm-L-1.1 Optical Transceiver eSFP
34060309 eSFP-1550nm-L-1.2 Optical Transceiver eSFP
34060320 eSFP-1310nm-Lx-40Km Optical transceiver eSFP
34060481 eSFP-LH80-SM1491 Optical Transceiver eSFP
34060515 XFP-LH80-195.90 Optical Transceiver XFP
34060577 XFP-1550-10GE-40km Optical Transceiver XFP
34060644 OGEBIDI10 BiDi Transceiver SFP 1310 TX/1490RX
34060676 OGEBIDI11 BiDi Transceiver SFP 1490 TX/1310RX
34060780 OSX010B00 BiDi Transceiver XFP TX1330nm/RX1270nm
34060781 OSX010B01 BiDi Transceiver XFP TX1270nm/RX1330nm
S4016954 OSG040002 84198 Optical Transceiver eSFP 1310nm
S4017571 OSG020N00 PON Transceiver SFP 1490nm rx/1310nm
02359306 ANCDCF01S100 ATN R01S100 Assembly Cabinet
03020FED WD2D00UELP00 Universal E1/T1 Lightning Protection unit
Huawei NE05E for sale

Huawei CN22UPBA5-CN22UPBA0 ATAE Server

Huawei CN22UPBA5-CN22UPBA0 ATAE Server
02112748 CN2B1CSPD Integrated Configuration Cabinet 6-DC
02300651 CN2K01T8280 8280 Integrated Frame
02351897 CX7Z128CM L3 Ethernet Switch
03052365 CN21SWIA1 Swtich Unit Interface
03053804 CN21SWUB1 Switch Unit
03053960 CN21SMUA Shelf Management Unit
03052587 CN21ETIA2 E1/T1 GE Interface Unit
03053403 CN22UPBA5 Xeon E5645 Server
03052588 CN21USIA1 Universal Service Interface
03053403 CN22UPBA5 Xeon E5645 Server
03052589 CN21USIA7 Universal Service Interface
03053404 CN22UPBA0 Xeon E5645 Server
Huawei CN22UPBA5-CN22UPBA0 ATAE Server

Huawei Core Network for sale

Huawei Core Network for sale
02312525 SGSN9810, KW3M3UPWR, PSM Subrack Power Module
03033275 HONET, H511CKMB0, SDH TDM Clock Pinch Board
03037088 UMG8900, UG01SHPU0, Signaling High level link Processing Unit
03039535 UMG8900, UG01MECF0, Echo Canceller Pinch Card 1K Channels 64ms
03050380 UMG8900, UG01MMPU0, Media gateway Main Processing Unit
03050403 UMG8900, UG01ME8T0, Media Gateway 8-port 10/100M Ethernet
03050504 SoftX3000, SF32MSGI0, Multimedia Signaling Gateway
03050511 UMG8900, UG01MCMF0, Media Gateway Front Connection Maintenance Unit
03050518 SoftX3000, SF32IFMI0, IP Forward Module
03050522 SoftX3000, SF32SMUI0, System Management Unit
03050524 SoftX3000, SF32SIUI0, System Interface Unit
03050525 SoftX3000, SF32ALUI0, Alarm Unit
03050527 SoftX3000, SF32HSCI0, Hot-Swap And Control Unit
03050528 SoftX3000, SF32BFII0, Back Insert FE Interface Unit
03050529 SoftX3000, SF32FCCU0, Call Control Unit
03050531 SoftX3000, SF32BSGI0, Broadband Signaling Gateway
03050532 SoftX3000, SF32CDBI0, Central Data Base Unit
03050533 SoftX3000, SF32MRCA0, Media Resource Control Unit A Type
03050534 SoftX3000, SF32MRIA0, Fixed Network Media Resource Interface
03050537 UMG8900, UG02ME320, Media Gateway 32E1 Port TDM Interface Board b
03050546 UMG8900, UG02MBLU0, Media gateway Back Link Unit b
03050548 UMG8900, UG02MFLU0, Media gateway Front Link Unit b
03050549 UMG8900, UG01MOMB0, Media Gateway Operation Maintenance Unit B
03050727 MRS6100, MS02SMUI0, System Management Unit
02310UUG WD5M85393600 RRU3936
03050728 Huawei SSEM1LWFS01
Huawei Core Network for sale