Metro 1000

Metro 1000
Metro 1000
ETSI Rack And Main Installation Part
02113061 N63E Rack(2200x600x300mm) N63E Assemble Rack
21040400 SS-RT-SUBRACK (300mm) 155/622H Sub-Rack Of Standard Rack
19 Inch Open Rack And Main Installation Part
21150153 SS-Support Bracket-For SBS155H fixed support (19″ bracket)
21020280 19 inch rack(2.2m) 19″ Open rack 2.2m
21020281 EN3B19inch2m 19″ Open rack 2.0m
Wall-Mounted Installation Part
21040410 SS-RT-SUBRACK Frame,DKBA4.104.0651MX,OptiX 155/622H
02110511 SS4B1CASE Assembly Chassis(-48V)
02110512 SS4B2CASE Assembly Chassis(+24V)
02230AMX SS4X24VSOL01 +24V Power Input System
02319232 SS4MB3CASE01 Combined Assembly Chassis(220V)
03052138 SS49SCBH 16xE1(75-120ohm)/2xSTM-1 ESFP Optcal Module
03052139 SS49SCBH 16xE1(75-120ohm)/2xSTM-1 ESFP Optcal Module
03052144 SS49SCBI 16xE1(75-120ohm)/2xSTM-4 ESFP Optcal Module
03052145 SS49SCBI 16xE1(75-120ohm)/2xSTM-4 ESFP Optcal Module
03052146 SS49SCBI 16xE1(75-120ohm)/2xSTM-4 ESFP Optcal Module
03052241 SS4D49SCBL01 16xE1(75-120ohm)/2xSTM-16 ESFP Module
03030HHA SS49SCBG System Control Communication Board
03038656 SS42SL1O(S-1.1 SC) 8xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board
03052699 SS4D000OI402 1*STM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,LC)
03052700 SS4D000OI403 1*STM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.1,LC)
03052701 SS4D000OI404 1*STM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.2,LC)
03052702 SS4D00OI4D02 2*STM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,LC)
03052703 SS4D00OI4D03 2*STM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.1,LC)
03052704 SS4D00OI4D04 2*STM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.2,LC)
03052210 SS4D49OI2S02 1*STM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,LC)
03052691 SS4D49OI2S03 1*STM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.1,LC)
03052695 SS4D49OI2S04 1*STM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.2,LC)
03052696 SS4D49OI2D02 2*STM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,LC)
03052697 SS4D49OI2D03 2*STM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.1,LC)
03052698 SS4D49OI2D04 2*STM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.2,LC)
03052705 SS4D0SB2DB01 2*STM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,LC)
03052706 SS4D0SB2DB02 2*STM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.1,LC)
03034073 SS42SDE 2xSTM-1 Electrical Interface Board PDH
03033956 SS44SP1-D(75) 8xE1 Electrical Interface Board
03034284 SS44SP1-D(120) 8xE1 Electrical Interface Board
03020LUL SS42SP2(75-120) 16xE1 Electrical Interface Board
03020SUJ SS44PD2-S(75-120) 16xE1 Electrical Interface
03020SUK SS44PD2-D(75-120) 32xE1 Electrical Interface
03020SUL SS44PD2-T(75-120) SS44PD2-T(75-120)
03032364 SS42PL3-T(E3) 3xE3 Electrical Interface Board
03032367 SS42PL3-T(T3) 3xT3 Electrical Interface Board
03036945 SS42EFS 4-Port 10M/100M Fast Ethernet Interface Board
03038475 SS42EFT 4-Port 10M/100M Ethernet Interface Board
03039563 SS42EFSC 12-Port 10M/100M Fast Ethernet Processing
03039443 SS42ELT2 2-Port 100M Ethernet Optical Interface Board
03050909 SS42EGS011 1-port Gigabit Ethernet Switching Board
03034614 SS42SHLQ Four Port Single-pair Digital Board
03034615 SS42N64 Nx64kbit/s Rate Interface Board
03031908 SS42EMU Environment Monitoring Board
03051243 SS45EGT-M 1-port Gigabit Ethernet Transmission Board
Metro 1000 for sale

Huawei Metro 1000 for sale

Huawei Metro 1000 for sale
02110511 SS-BOX(-48) Chassis(-48V)
02111991 SS-BOX-155 Chassis(220V)
03032262 SS-SCB System Control Board
03038327 SS-SCBG01 System Control Board
03038323 SS-SCBE01 2xSTM-1(S-1.1) System Control Board
03030HAY SS-SCBE02 2xSTM-1(L-1.1) System Control Board
03030HUF SS-SCBE03 2xSTM-1(L-1.2) System Control Board
03038324 SS-SCBF01 2xSTM-4(S-4.1) System Control Board
03038325 SS-SCBF02 2xSTM-4(L-4.1) System Control Board
03038326 SS-SCBF03 2xSTM-4(L-4.2) System Control Board
SS-SCBA02 16xE1/75ohm/2xSTM-1(L-1.1) System Control Board
SS-SCBA03 16xE1/75ohm/2xSTM-1(L-1.2) System Control Board
03038316 SS-SCBA01 16xE1/75ohm/2xSTM-1(S-1.1)System Control Board
03037838 SS-SCBC01 16xE1/75ohm/2xSTM-4(S-4.1) System Control Board
03038319 SS-SCBC02 16xE1/75ohm/2xSTM-4(L-4.1) System Control Board
03038321 SS-SCBC03 16xE1/75ohm/2xSTM-4(L-4.2) System Control Board
03038317 SS-SCBB01 16xE1/120ohm/2xSTM-1(S-1.1) System Control Board
03038318 SS-SCBD01 16xE1/120ohm/2xSTM-4(S-4.1) System Control Board
03038320 SS-SCBD02 16xE1/120ohm/2xSTM-4(L-4.1) System Control Board
03038322 SS-SCBD03 16xE1/120ohm/2xSTM-4(L-4.2) System Control Board
03031649 SS-OI2-S(S-1.1,SC) STM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,SC)
03031651 SS-OI2-S(L-1.1,SC) STM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.1,SC)
03031652 SS-OI2-S(L-1.2,SC) STM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.2,SC)
03031240 SS-OI2-D(S-1.1 SC) 2xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,SC)
03031653 SS-OI2-D(L-1.1,SC) 2xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.1,SC)
03031654 SS-OI2-D(L-1.2,SC) 2xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.2,SC)
03034052 SS-OI4(S-4.1 SC) STM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,SC)
03034054 SS-OI4(L-4.1 SC) STM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.1,SC)
03034871 SS-OI4(L-4.2 SC) STM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.2,SC)
03033956 SS-SP1-D(75) 8xE1 Electrical Interface Board(EIB) (75ohm)
03034284 SS-SP1-D(120) 8xE1 Electrical Interface Board(EIB) (120ohm)
03034034 SS-PD2-S(75) 16xE1 Electrical Interface Board(EIB) (75ohm)
03034032 SS-PD2-S(120) 16xE1 Electrical Interface Board(EIB) (120ohm)
03034037 SS-PD2-D(75) 32xE1 Electrical Interface Board(EIB) (75ohm)
03034031 SS-PD2-D(120) 32xE1 Electrical Interface Board(EIB) (120ohm)
03034036 SS-PD2-T(75) 48xE1 Electrical Interface Board(EIB) (75ohm)
03034035 SS-PD2-T(120) 48xE1 Electrical Interface Board(EIB) (120ohm)
03032440 SS-SP2(75) 16xE1 Electrical Interface Board(EIB) (75ohm)
03032448 SS-SP2(120) 16xE1 Electrical Interface Board(EIB) (120ohm)
03034337 SS-ET1D 2port10/100M Ethernet Electrical Interface Board
03032453 SS-ET1(8xRJ45) 8port Ethernet Interface Board(RJ45)
03032384 SS-PL3-S(E3) 1xE3 Electrical Interface Board(EIB)
03032363 SS-PL3-D(E3) 2xE3 Electrical Interface Board(EIB)
03032364 SS-PL3-T(E3) 3xE3 Electrical Interface Board(EIB)
03032365 SS-PL3-S(T3) 1xT3 Electrical Interface Board(EIB)
03032366 SS-PL3-D(T3) 2xT3 Electrical Interface Board(EIB)
03032367 SS-PL3-T(T3) 3xT3 Electrical Interface Board(EIB)
03034316 SS-SLE 1xSTM-1 Electrical Interface Board(EIB)
03034073 SS-SDE 2xSTM-1 Electrical Interface Board(EIB)
03031420 SS-TDA Multiplex Voice Data Interface Board
03031908 SS-EMU Environment Supervision Circuit(ESC)
03032172 SS-COA(14 SC) Cassette Simplex AV Board(14dBm,SC)
03032173 SS-COA(17 SC) Cassette Simplex AV Board(17dBm,SC)
03038475 SS-EFT 4port10/100M (UNICODE to VC-12/VC3)
03034015 SS-EF1B(Ie-1,MTRJ) 6port(2 optical,4 Electrical)
03050909 SS-EGS011 1port Gigabit Ethernet Processing Unit
03050910 SS-EGS012 1port Gigabit Ethernet Processing Unit
03039563 SS-EFSC01 12port Fast Ethernet Processing Unit
03035859 SS-ET1(S) 8port Ethernet Interface Board
03036945 SS-EFS 4port10/100M
Huawei Metro 1000 for sale