Deployment, Integration Commissioning HUAWEI LTE BBU3900+RRU DBS3900 RAN eNodeB Network design

1COM Integration and commissioning services for HUAWEI LTE BBU3900+RRU DBS3900 RAN eNodeB
Network design, RAN-project planning, base station/BTS site-mapping/site surveying, deployment, engineering, design, integration verification, equipment installation, integration commissioning, and site acceptance.

1COM Base station BTS commissioning:
– Adding a new node to eNodeB LTE network
– eNodeB for commercial service.
– Complete commissioning process involving coordination of the field operation team
– Commissioning field test team
– Data preparation
– Transmission parameters check
– Hardware installation check
– Basic base-station data configuration
– Configuring Options/features
– Alarms configuration and testing
– Site verification
– Statistics counters configuration
– Lab and Testing services

1COM Offerings for Fixed Wireless Customers:
– Core Network Design/Build
– Transmission Network Design/Build
– SIM card production
– CPE Modem Selection and Configuration
– Integration with Customer Billing and Provisioning Platforms

1COM Software Offerings and Options:
– Leverage Open-Source software to develop the most flexible offerings in the industry with no licencing cost.
– Packet Core supporting LTE (4G) and 5G (Standalone)
– IMS Core supporting Voice over LTE for commercial handsets
– HSS supporting IMS, EIR and Policy Control
– Circuit Switched support for 2G Networks including BSC, MSC, HLR and GPRS
– All Fully Virtualized, supporting Containerization and Kubernetes deployments

RAN Planning:
– Base Station-BTS Site-Mapping; Digital terrain models, digital maps with clutter classes and clutter heights
– Base station BTS configuration for commissioning
– RAN coverage predictions via Forsk Aster ray-tracing model based on maps, equipment and configuration parameters

1COM BTS Site mapping
1COM BTS Site mapping

1COM Extras Options
– Detailed installation manuals for field engineers
– End-to-end support for planning, deployment and operations of 3GPP Networks
– Core Mobile Network design & implementation (Mobile and Fixed Wireless)
– GSM (2G), UMTS (3G), LTE (4G) and NR (5G) solutions
– VoLTE / IMS Core (Voice calls & SMS)
– Charging Integration (Integration with Customer Billing System)
– Licence files for Huawei DBS3900 LTE, licence file for Huawei BSC controller
– Provisioning Integration (Integration with customer BSS/OSS)
– SIM Card profile development and product integration
– Fixed line, VoIP, TDM & SIP Solutions for Carriers
– Roaming negotiation and implementation
1COM Integration and commissioning services for HUAWEI LTE BBU3900+RRU DBS3900 RAN eNodeB Network design. RAN-project planning, Base Station BTS site-mapping

Ericsson wireless for sale

Ericsson wireless for sale
Ericsson Unit Description Part Number Qty
Ericsson RBS 3101 Macro Equipment
PBA FOR RBS2106 OR RBS3101 ROA 119 0691/1 7
RBS3101 TEMP SENSOR CABLE RPM 513 2110/01300 80
POWER SUBRACK RBS3101 SXK 109 4312/1 1
OVP-PCM Module Kit for RBS3101 NCD 300 12/03 R1B 25
RBS3101 RBS3101 6
PBA FOR RBS2106 OR RBS3101 ROA 119 0691/1 23
Ericsson RBS 3202 Macro Equipment
RBS3202 11/COH109334 5
RBS3202 CABINET 3/BFE4011001 1
Ericsson RBS 3303 Macro Equipment
RBS3303 CAB 11/COH 109 548 14
PAU RBS3303 1900MHZ KRB-901-17/1 1
Micro Base Station RBS3303 RBS3303 1
INTERNAL FAN RBS3303 BKV 301 491/1 3
RBS3303 RBS3303 8
Ericsson RBS 6101 Macro Outdoor Equipment
Plinth Extended Base Frame RBS6101/BBS6101 BYB911391 5
Digital Unit (DUS 31 01) for RBS6101 KDU1376243 5
Wind Shield For RBS6101 SXK12500621 5
RBS 6101 RBS6101 24
Ericsson RBS 6201 Macro Indoor Equipment
RBS6201 Outdoor Cabinet 113/BFM901290 6
RBS6201 114/BFM901290 R1A 6
RBS6201 114/BFM901290 R2B 2
RBS6201 CABINET 119/BFM 901 290 43
RBS6201 2/BFE 401 1001 2
Base Frame Installation Interface RBS6201 501BYB40501 5
RBS6201 CABINET 502/BFM 901 290/2 7
Support Control Unit (SCU 02 01) f/RBS6201/6202 BGM13610062 5
Power Connection Unit RBS6201 BMG9803342 5
PFU RBS6201 RBS6202 KFE10111623 5
RBS6201 RBS6201 27
RBS6201 BFM901290 5
RBS6201 -48V 2 SUBRACK 113/BFM901290 158
RBS6201 Indoor BFM901290 4
USED SCU FOR RBS6201 BMG1361006/2 3
DUW 20 WCDMA for RBS6201 KDU127161/2 25
BASE STATION RBS6201 PFU0201 KFE1011162/2 6
BASE STATION RBS6201 PFU0201 KFE1011162/2 1
RBS6201 Lead time 2-3 weeks RBS6201 25
Cable w/connector for RBS6201 RPM777193/00160 1
Cable: Signal Cable RBS6201 RPM777211/00900 6
RBS6201 BFX101113/1 R2A 5
DUL 20 01 LTE FOR RBS6201 CABINET KDU1375334 12
Ericsson RBS 6202 Open Rack Equipment
RBS6202.AGO 1/BFM 901 351/1 1
PFU RBS6201 RBS6202 KFE10111623 5
RBS6202 101/BFM901351 40
Ericsson RBS 6501 Remote Unit Equipment
RBS6501 KRD901050/2R1B 1
Ericsson RBS 6601 Remote Unit Equipment
RBS6601 1/BFL901009/1 67
SUP 6601 – RBS6601 1/BFL901009/4 130
RBS6601 103/BFL901009 13
RBS6601 FULL EQUIPPED NTN1011906/1 103/BFL901009 R3A 1
SUP Module for RBS6601 1BFL9010091 5
SUP Module for RBS6601 1BFL9010094 5
MU RBS6601 4/BFL 901 009/1 10
RBS6601 506/BFL901009 1
FAN UNIT FOR RBS6601 V2 BKV106135/1 1
Fan Assembly RBS6601V2 4-Fan Metal f/SUP Module 009/4 BKV1061351 5
Fan Assembly RBS6601V2-DELTA 3-Fan Plastic f/SUP Module 009/4 BKV1061352 5
Fan Assembly RBS6601 3-Fan Metal f/SUP Module 009/1 BKV3013312 5
DUS 41 01 – RBS6601 DUS41 13
DUS 41 01 – RBS6601 KDU137624/1 2
Remote Radio Unit (RRUS 01 B3) 1800MHz 80W RBS6601/6301 KRC118732 5
NTM1012589/1 RBS6601 NTM1012589/1 1
Radio Base Station with /1 SUP and 3-Fan Metal RBS6601 5
Radio Base Station with /4 SUP and 4-Fan Metal RBS6601V2 10
Radio Base Station with /4 SUP and 3-Fan Plastic RBS6601V2DELTA 5
Cable SET RBS6601 RPM777 298-05000 1
Ericsson RBS6601 DC POWER CABLE RPM777193/00160 3
Filler for RBS6601 (Plastic) SXA13421932 5
Filler for RBS6601 (Metal) SXK10989711 5
RBS6601 GROUND CABLE TSRU 413221/1600 1
MU RBS6601 4/BFL 901 009/1 17
RBS6601 RBS6601 24
RBS6601 RRUS01B0 RRUS01B0 2
RBS6601 Subrack 1/BFL901009/1 3
RBS6601 Subrack 1/BFL901009/4 5
FAN UNIT FOR RBS6601 V2 (REF:0.1.8) BKV106135/1 1
RBS6601 305/BFL901009 20
RBS6601 LWL without DUW BFL901009/1 49
RBS6601 for SUP /1 BFL901009FORSUP/1 87
RBS6601 for SUP/4 BFL901009FORSUP/4 31
Cabinet for RBS6601 and Power to 6RRUs EDB-NTM9010001 5
Cabinet for RBS6601 and Power to 12RRUs EDB-NTM9010002 1
RRUS 12 B3 1800MHz RBS6601 KRC161282/2 15
QUANTITY PACKAGE/Cabinet for RBS6601 and NTB101125/6 1
RBS6601 BFL 901 009/4 R1E 1
RBS6601 BFL 901 009/4 R2B 1
RBS6601 2-slot Chassis, Includes SUP6601, 1/BFL901009/1 BFL901009/1 21
RBS6601 Outdoor PSU AC 02, excludes DC Connector part# RNT447 20 BML901250/1 2
WCDMA 2100 MHz RRUW for RBS6601 KRC11842/3 100
Fan Assembly RBS6601 3-Fan Plastic SUP Module 009/4 BKV106032/2 8


Huawei GGSN9811-GGSN chassis fully populated in stock
Huawei SGSN9810
V900R007 V900R008
GGSN CN21UPBA0 03052284
CN21USIA1 GGSN 03052588
GGSN9811 CN21USIA7 03052589
GGSN9811 03030LGL WP21EMPU0
Huawei, GGSN9811, chassis
CN21UPBA0, 03052284, CN21UPBA6,
CN21USIA1, 03052588, CN21USIA7,
03052589, 03030LGL, WP21EMPU0
GGSN, GGSN9811, SGSN9810
V900R007 V900R008
Huawei GGSN, 9811
Huawei GGSN9811