V100R015 License for Huawei DBS3900

License for DBS3900
Part Number Model Description
01060523 DBS3900 (LTE S1/1/1) (LTE:1800M, 2T2R, 20M; DC -48V, Indoor; LTE:V100R015)
88031WGR LT1S0000PA01 RF Output Power for Blade and AAU (per 20W)
88031WGS LT1S005MHZ01 Carrier Bandwidth – 0~5MHz for Blade and AAU (per Cell)
88031WGT LT1S010MHZ01 Carrier Bandwidth – 5~10MHz for Blade and AAU (per Cell)
88031WGU LT1S015MHZ01 Carrier Bandwidth – 10~15MHz for Blade and AAU (per Cell)
88031WGV LT1S020MHZ01 Carrier Bandwidth – 15~20MHz for Blade and AAU (per Cell)
88030CAQ LT1S0ACTUS00 RRC Connected User (per RRC Connected User)
88030CAS LT1S0THROU00 Throughput Capacity (per Mbps)
88031BFW LT1S0000RB00 Resource Block (per RB)
88031QYY WDMS0UMML00 UMPT Multi Mode license(LTE FDD) (per UMPT)
88032BXR WDMS0UFMLF00 UBBP First-Mode license (LTE FDD) (per UBBP)
88034SAP LT1S0BASIC15 eNodeB FDD Basic Software, V100R015 (per Cell)
88030JHQ LT1S00CFBG00 CS Fallback to GERAN (per RRC Connected User)
88030WSF LT1S0FCFBG00 Flash CS Fallback to GERAN (per RRC Connected User)
88032SCD LT1SUFCSFB20 Ultra-Flash CSFB to GERAN (per RRC Connected User)
88031BFJ LT1S0CSFLG00 CS Fallback with LAI to GERAN (per RRC Connected User)
88031MST LT1S0CFBSG00 CS Fallback Steering to GERAN (per RRC Connected User)
88030SAH LT1S000LCS00 LoCation Services(LCS) (per RRC Connected User)
88030CAU LT1S0D2I2O00 DL 2×2 MIMO (per Cell)
88030CAY LT1S0U2I2O00 UL 2×2 MU-MIMO (per Cell)
88031MTE LT1SARPSIC00 Advanced Receiver (PSIC) (per Cell)
88030CBU LT1S00UIRC00 PUSCH IRC (per Cell)
88030WSJ LT1S00FXUS00 Flexible User Steering (per RRC Connected User)
88030WSK LT1S0UPABS00 UL Pre-allocation Based on SPID (per RRC Connected User)
88030JHF LT1S000EAC00 Enhanced Admission Control (per RRC Connected User)
88034QQB LT1STRGBUT00 Target Rate Guarantee Based on User Types (per Cell)
88034QQC LT1S0SBMBR00 Scheduling Based on Max Bit Rate (per Cell)
88031MTK LT1S0DLNPB00 DL Non-GBR Packet Bundling (per Cell)
88032SLT LT1S0DSSAC00 Dynamic Service-specific Access Control (per Cell)
88032CHV LT1S00IACC00 Intelligent Access Class Control (per Cell)
88032SLY LT1S000ACH00 Automatic Congestion Handling (per eNodeB)
88032WLJ LT1S00PLAS00 Traffic Model Based Performance Optimization (per Cell)
88030CBH LT1SU64QAM00 UL 64QAM (per Cell)
88031MTH LT1S00DDRX00 Dynamic DRX (per Cell)
88032LRQ LT1S0SRLTE00 SRLTE Optimization (per Cell)
88032CHX LT1SRBLTCS00 RIM Based LTE Target Cell Selection (per Cell)
88033EQU LT1SSMPPLMN0 Separate Mobility Policies to GERAN for Multi PLMN (per Cell)
88030JHN LT1S0SBIRG00 Service based Inter-RAT handover to GERAN (per RRC Connected User)
88031BFN LT1S0DBIHG00 Distance based Inter-RAT handover to GERAN (per RRC Connected User)
88033VRE LT1S0MBFFS00 Multi-band Optimal Carrier Selection (per Cell)
88030FKK LT1S00ENSY00 Enhanced Synchronization (per eNodeB)
88031BFP LT1SIEIPV600 IEEE 1588v2 over IPv6 (per eNodeB)
88032SMH LT1S0ICLKS00 Inter-BBU Clock Sharing (per eNodeB)
88033WWD LT1S1588VATR eNodeB Supporting 1588v2 ATR (LTE FDD)(per eNodeB)
88032CJA LT1SESPKIR00 eNodeB Supporting PKI Redundancy (per eNodeB)
88032SBY LT1SESMUPKI0 eNodeB Supporting Multi-operator PKI (per eNodeB)
88030FKJ LT1SINFIRE00 Integrated Firewall (per eNodeB)
88030JJB LT1S000ACC00 Access Control based on 802.1x (per eNodeB)
88032TYA LT1S00NCCM00 Neighbor Cell Classification Management (per Cell)
88032WLM LT1SMLBAGC00 Auto Neighbor Group Configuration (per Cell)
88030CCL LT1S000ACP00 Adaptive Power Consumption (per Cell)
88030JHV LT1S0RFCIS00 RF Channel Intelligent Shutdown (per Cell)
88030JHW LT1S00LPCM00 Low Power Consumption Mode (per Cell)
88030JHX LT1S00DBIS00 Intelligent Power-Off of Carriers in the Same Coverage (per Cell)
88030WSP LT1S00PISM00 PSU Intelligent Sleep Mode (per Cell)
88031BFR LT1S000SPS00 Symbol Power Saving (per Cell)
88031BFT LT1S000IBM00 Intelligent Battery Management (per Cell)
88031UVT LT1SA020CA00 LTE-A Introduction (per Cell)
88031UVW LT1SA040CA00 Carrier Aggregation for Downlink 2CC in 40MHz (per Cell)
88032CHT LT1SCAD2MC00 Flexible CA from Multiple Carriers (per Cell)
88032BTX LT1SCAFBCB00 Inter-eNodeB CA based on Coordinated eNodeB (per eNodeB)
88032VHT LT1S0IPRAN01 Inter-eNodeB CA based on Relaxed backhaul (per eNodeB)