Huawei RTN950 for sale

Huawei RTN950 for sale
RTN 950(V100R003) IDU Subrack
SL9K2URACK01 RTN 950 Assembly Chassis(-48V)
Common Unit SL9D000CSH01 Hybrid System Control and Cross-connect Board-1*1
Huawei RTN950 SL91ISU2 TDM/Hybrid/Packet Integration IF Board ODU Unit ODU Unit(XMC-2)
ODU RF Processing Unit(XMC-2_7GHz) ODU(XMC-2-7G) Microwave Outdoor Unit,RTN XMC,7G,-2,154MHz,Sub Band A,Low site,H,7428MHz,7484MHz,Without doc,WR-112,H01 ODU(XMC-2-7G) Microwave Outdoor Unit,RTN XMC,7G,-2,154MHz,Sub Band A,
Huawei RTN950 High site,H,7582MHz,7638MHz,Without doc,WR-112,H01 Antenna Unit Anticorrosive Antenna(UHP HATC)
Single Polarization Anticorrosive Antenna Unit(7&8GHz) A07S06HAC Microwave Antenna,A07S06HAC,7/8G,600mm,HP,Single Polarization,Direct(XMC)/Separate(All RTN ODU) Mount,31.1dBi,4.7deg ,57dB,30dB,With English doc,C3-antisepsis
License SL6SETH05001 Link Transmission Capacity License,50M Software Quotation Charge Item Collection SL9S00V1R300 Basic Software Package,V100R003(Per Subrack) General Function Software Suite SL9SDAUBUS01 Dual Bus Function Software SL9SINTCON01 Interconnection Function Software LSL9SCLKBF1 Clock Basic Function (Per Subrack) LSL9SAUXIF1 AUX-interface Function (Per Subrack) LSL9SATPCF1 ATPC Function (Per Subrack) LSL9SFREAD1 Frequency-adjustable Function (Per Subrack) LSL9SMODUL1 Software-programmable for Modulation Function (Per Subrack) LSL9SNMSIF1 NMS Interconnection-interface Function (Per Subrack) LSL9SDCNBF1 DCN Basic Function (Per Subrack) LSL9SIPDCC1 IP over DCC Function (Per Subrack) LSL9SOSIDCC OSI over DCC Function (Per Subrack) LSL9SODUBF1 ODU Basic Function (Per Subrack) Installation Materials IF Cable RF CABLE-5D Coaxial Cable ,Copper-clad Aluminium Wire,50ohm,7.6mm,4.8mm,1.8mm,Black,5D Accessories FEEDERCLB Antenna Feeder Accessories,Cable Fixing Clip,For GPS Feeder Cable and MW IF Cable,1 Card 2,Plastic Clip+Rubber Bush,Stainless Steel, Huawei, RTN950, RTN, 950,V100R003, IDU, Subrack, SL9K2URACK01, SL9D000CSH01, SL91ISU2,XMC, ODU,XMC,2,7G, Antenna, Unit, A07S06HAC, License, SL6SETH05001, Software , SL9S00V1R300, SL9SDAUBUS01, SL9SINTCON01, LSL9SCLKBF1, LSL9SAUXIF1, LSL9SATPCF1, LSL9SFREAD1, Huawei RTN950 LSL9SMODUL1, LSL9SNMSIF1, LSL9SDCNBF1, LSL9SIPDCC1, LSL9SOSIDCC, LSL9SODUBF1
Huawei RTN950 for sale