Huawei RTN600 for sale

Huawei RTN600 for sale
IDU Subrack SL6K2AFB RTN 620 Subrack
Common Unit SL61SCC SL61SCC SL61PXC Power and Cross-connect and Synchronous Timing Board,1×1
SL61IF1A IF System Board, SL6MSITE22 RTN 620 System SL6M3BASE01, PH1A 16E1-75 ohm
ODU Microwave ODU-7G-SP
ODU Microwave ODU-8G-SP
ODU Microwave ODU-11G-SP
ODU Microwave ODU-13G-SP
ODU Microwave ODU-15G-SP
ODU Microwave ODU-18G-SP
ODU Microwave ODU-23G-SP
ODU Microwave ODU-26G-SP
Installation Materials IF Cable
RF CABLE-5D Coaxial Cable ,Copper-clad Aluminium Wire,50ohm,7.6mm,4.8mm,1.8mm,Black,5D
Installation Cable, SS-DL-8E1-75-10 Trunk Cable,10m,75ohm,8E1,2.2mm,D44M-I,SYFVZP75-1.2/0.25×16-S-I, +45deg
Accessories, P005KA Antenna Feed Module,8KA,DC-48V,450MHz,N-K/J,50W, Huawei ODU Lightning Arrester
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Huawei RTN600 for sale