Huawei OSN8800 for sale

Huawei OSN8800 for sale
Huawei OptiX OSN 8800 V100R007
Main Equipment Common Unit
TN52SCC01 System Control and Communication Board
TN51SCC01 System Control and Communication Board
TN54TTX 10G Tributary Service Processing Board
Centralized Cross Connect Unit
NSDS0XC72001 OptiX OSN 8800,Centralized Cross Connect Capacity Expansion Fee(360G-720G)(U2000)
Line and Tributary Board
Assembly Of 4 x ODU2 Multiplexing OTU3 Optical Line Board(Tunable)
eSFP-SM1310-155M 2.5G-15km Optical Transceiver,eSFP,1310nm,155M~2.67G,-50dBm,-21dBm,LC,SM,15km
Transponder and SFP Baseboard
TN13LSXT02 10Gbit/s Wavelength Conversion Board(AFEC,Super WDM,Tunable),50GHz(800ps/nm,Rx1_PIN,Tx1_-3dBm+2dBm,LC)
TN53NS201 1 x 10G Line Service Processing Board
TN52TOM01 8 x Multi-rate Ports Service Processing Board SFP Module
XFP-1310-STM64/FC10G/10GbE/OTU2-10km Optical Transceiver,XFP,1310nm,9.95~11.1Gb/s,-6dBm-1dBm,-14.4dBm,LC,SM,10km
ODX0480T1 Optical Transceiver-TXFP-C band-9.95-11.3Gb/s-LC-SM-40km
eSFP-SM1310-155M-2.5G-15km Optical Transceiver,eSFP,1310nm,155M~2.67G,-5-0dBm,-21dBm,LC,SM,15km
Installation Material Patch Cord
F000FSL00 Optical Patch Cord(PCS)
OFOAPCS00 Fixed Optical Attenuator(PCS)
Huawei OSN8800 for sale