Huawei OptiX OSN3500

Huawei OptiX OSN3500 for sale
OptiX OSN 3500(V100R008)
SSN1SXCSA Super Cross-connect and Synchronous Timing Board(Without Extension Host)
SSN1SXCSB Super Cross-connect and Synchronous Timing Board(With Extension Host)
SSN1XCE Extention Subrack Cross-connect Board
STM-16 Colored Optical Interface Board
SSN3SL1602M01 STM-16 Colored Optical Interface Board(640Km/LC/APD)
Huawei OptiX OSN3500 STM-1 Processing Board
SSN1SEP1 8*STM-1 Signal Process Board
Huawei OptiX OSN3500 PDH Board
SSN2PQ1A 63xE1 Service Processing Board(75ohm)
SSN2PD3 6xE3/DS3 Service Processing Board
Huawei OptiX OSN3500 Ethernet Switching Board
SSND00EGS212 2-port Gigabit Ethernet Switching Processing Board(1000BASE-LX,1310-LC)
SSND00EFS411 4-port 10M/100M Fast Ethernet Processing Board with LAN Switch
Huawei OptiX OSN3500 Connection Board
SSN1EU08 8xSTM-1 Electrical Interface Board
Huawei OptiX OSN3500 Baseboard
SSND00SL6440 STM-64 Optical Interface Board
SSN3SL16A STM-16 Optical Interface Board
SSN1SLT1 12xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(SFP)
SSND00EGS200 2-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch processing Board
Huawei OptiX OSN3500 for sale