HUAWEI OptiX OSN3500 for sale

HUAWEI OptiX OSN3500 (V200R011) for sale
Main Equipment HUAWEI OSN 3500 rack
SSNB9RACK05 N63E Assemble Rack(2200x600x300mm),Type III
Subrack SSN1SUBRACK01 Type III Subrack
System Unit SSND6GSCC000 System Control and Communication Board
SSN3PSXCSA OSN 3500-200G TDM and 100G Packet Switching and Synchronous Timing Board
SSN1AUX System Auxiliary Interface Board
SSN1PIUB Power Interface Unit
STM-64 Optical Interface Board
SSND0SLD6402 2xSTM-64 Optical Interface Board(S-64.2b,LC)
SSND00SL6402 1xSTM-64 Optical Interface Board(S-64.2b,LC)
STM-1 Optical Interface Board
SSN1SLT1(S-1.1,LC) 12xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1 LC)
Ethernet Transparent Transmission Board
SSND00EGT212 2-Port Gigabit Ethernet Transparent Transmission Board(1000BASE-LX,1310-LC)
Ethernet Switching Board
SSN1EAS2(10GBASE-LR/LW,1310-LC) 2-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switching Processing Board(10GBASE-LR/LW,1310-LC)
SSND00EGS412 4-port Gigabit Ethernet Switching Processing Board(1000BASE-LX,1310-LC)
Packet Service & CES Unit
SSND1EDQ4112 2* 622M, 2*155M SDH Optical Interface Ethernet Dual-Plane Multiple-Function Processing Board(S-1.1;S-4.1,LC)
SSND1CQ10001 4-Channel Channelized STM-1 CES Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,LC)
SSND1MD75000 Multi-protocol 32-Port E1 CES Interface Board (75ohm)
SSND1PEG8000 8-Channel Gigabit Ethernet Switching Processing Board
Software SSNS0VBSWF07 OptiX OSN 3500-Basic Software Package,V200R011(Per Subrack)
Packet Function License SSNS0PFUNC01 Packet Function License for OSN 3500
Packet Service License SSRS00GELC01 GE SFP Interface License For Packet Service(Per Port)
Installation Material Installation Cable External Cable Set 227IEC02(RV),25mm^2(Blue,Black,Red,Yellow/Green)
C1025BL00 Wire,450/750V,60227 IEC 02(RV)25mm^2,blue,110A,With a package exempted from fumigating(per meter)
C1025BK00 Wire,450/750V,60227 IEC 02(RV)25mm^2,black,110A,With a package exempted from fumigating(per meter)
C1025YG00 Wire,450/750V,60227 IEC 02(RV)25mm^2,yellow green,110A,With a package exempted from fumigating(per meter)
T-75-8-D44-20 Trunk Cable,20m,75ohm,8E1,2.2mm,D44M-I,SYFVZP75-1.2/0.25*16(S)-I,-45deg
Patch Cord F000FSL00 Optical Patch Cord(PCS) eSFP-1310nm-1000Base-Lx SM Optical transceiver,eSFP,1310nm,1.25Gb/s,-9~-3dBm,-20dBm,LC,Single Mode,10km
Attenuator/Adapter OFOAPCS00 Fixed Optical Attenuator(PCS) 2 iManager U2000(V100R006) 2.1 Self-made Software
2.1.1 Function Software(Transmission Network)
Resource License(Transmission Network)
NDSS00350001 Per OSN3500 NE License
HUAWEI OptiX OSN 3500 for sale