NEW Huawei Microwave Transmission and Wireless spares for sale

Huawei Microwave Transmission and Wireless spares NEW in BOX
Huawei surplus parts for sale
02352100 SLPU
02358793 SLPU
02310HLE IFD12
02319897 UPEU
03020UAQ LBBPc
27100048 TMA800
03021HPJ LBBPd2
02120732 DCDU-12c
02120602 DCDU-11a
02120618 DCDU-11b
27100052 TMA2600
02120731 DCDU-12B
27011410 ATR4518R2
02317275 PMU Module
02310CET WRFUd 2100M
52430928 VHLP2-23-HW1
52430927 VHLP1-23-HW1
52430972 VHLP1-42-HW1
27010533 VHLP1-38-RC1
03053814 3053814, SP3D
52413078 RTN XMC 18G-2
03020RBJ IF-Board IFU2
02230PHD DBS3900 RRU AUX
52413158 XMC ODU 7G TR154
03020RAR Conrol Board CSH
52413156 XMC ODU 7G TR154
52413157 XMC ODU 7G TR154
52413159 XMC ODU 7G TR154
52413221 XMC ODU32G TR812
52413095 XMC ODU 13G TR266
52413119 XMC ODU 26G TR1008
52413186 XMC ODU 42G TR1500
52413075 XMC ODU 38G TR1260
21041214 Indoor Mini Box 3U
52440208 Coupler 13G_R120-6
03051116 General Clock Unit
52413074 XMC ODU 38G TR1260
52412480 XMC ODU 23G TR1008
03054886 BBU3900-WD22UMPTb2
52413187 XMC ODU 42G TR1500
SL91IFU2 IFU2 Karte 03020RBJ
52413076 XMC ODU 18G TR1008/1010
52413077 XMC ODU 18G TR1008/1010
02120730 DC Power Distribution Unit
21011177 Indoor Floor Installation Rack
03030LPM Main Control and Transport unit
02319446 RRU3220 LTE 800 alte Version RRU
02310CEW MRFUd for Multi-Mode 900MHz EGSM
02310CGR RRU3928 for Multi-Mode 900MHz EGSM
27100074 ATADU2002 Triplex Tower Mounted Amp
99042UBR Standard Fastener,Hexagon Head bolts
34060365 Optical Transceiver,eSFP,850nm,4.25G
52411883 ODU,Optix RTN600 32GHz HP 32S0812ANH
52411884 ODU,Optix RTN600 32GHz HP 32S0812APH
2400607 SPM60D-1 Outdoor Overvoltage Protection
27100046 DTMA21-007 2100 12dB AISG2.0 ATA212001
52440321 Microwave Accessory,ODU Adapter,28/32G
02239349 3900 Series DBS,Site Auxiliary Material
52440212 Hybrid Coupler 26GHz 24200-26500MHz 6dB
03020FED Universal E1/T1 Lighting Protection Unit
03052995 Universal BaseBand Radio Interface Board
52440311 Hybrid Coupler 32GHz 31800-33400MHz 6dB
27030094 Outdoor Combiner,DC-790-1880/1920-2200-0
34060286 Optical Transceiver,Enhanced SFP,850nm,2
03021HPR Baseband Processing Unit (6Cell,CE:UL512
34060290 Low Speed Transceiver,eSFP,1310nm,1.25Gb
27100050 DTMA09-017 E900 12dB 8-16dB AISG2.0 ATA9
34060276 Optical Transceiver,eSFP,1310nm,STM1,-15
52430936 Microwave Antenna,A38S03HAC,38G,300mm,HP
03020VVW Universal IF card with XPIC Support TDM
27030101 Dual-band Combiner-698-960/1710-2700-01
52440199 Hybrid Coupler 13GHz 12700-13300MHz 3dB
52440210 Hybrid Coupler 18GHz 17700-19700MHz 6dB
52440209 Hybrid Coupler 15GHz 14400-15400MHz 6dB
02315639 Universal Environment Interface control
52440563 Microwave Accessory,Coupler,23G,UBR220
27100060 DTMA18-023 1800 12dB AISG2.0 ATA182001
34060473 Optical transceiver,eSFP,1310nm,1.25Gb
52430923 Microwave Antenna,A18S06HAC,18G,600mm
03020FQG Universal FE Lighting Protection Unit
2239644 RTN950 IDU Required Delivery Accessory
03052760 ATM Interface 8 STM-1, Unchannelised
03052207 Iub IP Interface Unit 2 FE/GE Optical
02239275 3900 Series BTS Macro,Site Auxiliary
02310HQF Outdoor Fiber Distribution Box OFD06
03052799 Data Processing Unit (335 Mbps/3350
52440204 Hybrid Coupler 38GHz 37000-40000MHz
52440213 Hybrid Coupler 38GHz 37000-40000MHz
21150661 RTN 950A Separate Mounting Bracket
27150129 RCU Remote Control Unit, 3GPP/AISG
52440203 Hybrid Coupler 24.2-26.5 GHz, 3dB
02400608 Power Distribution Cabinet SPM60D
02310JVV MRFUe for Multi-Mode 900MHz EGSM
02310QMT MRFUd for Multi-Mode 900MHz EGSM
02113394 BTS3900A Cabinet Ver.C, DC-48V
02113690 OMB Cabinet Ver.C 220V/110V AC
21150646 DKBA40701355.ASM, RRU DBS3900
27030115 COMBINER, DC-1710-1880 DIN FE
02230TWY 3900 BTS Macro,Site Auxiliary
02310MAA RRU3838 for WCDMA/LTE 2100MHz
21011552 Optical Fiber Overlength Box
03020SXB 2 STM1 Interface Board SL1D
02310CGS RRU for WCDMA 2100MHz 2 40W
03029889 Lightning Protection Board
02120479 DC Power Distribution Unit
21030116 Lighting Arrester Box SLPU
03052087 Iub ATM Interface Unit E1
2238083 2238083, RTN 600 IFX Board
21011137 19 Rack DKBA41020644.ASM
03020QYR Baseband Processing Unit
52413079 XMC ODU 18G TR1008/1010
03020JQE WCDMA Main Control Unit
52440202 C23B03RR Hybrid Coupler
52440312 C32B03RR Hybrid Coupler
52440211 C23U06RR Hybrid Coupler
34060327 2.5G-1310nm-2km-SM-ESFP
02113718 BTS3900 Ver.D, DC-48V
02311KVA RRU3260 for LTE 2600M
02319890 PSU Module AC/DC,50A
03020SCF Etherned Board EM6F
52412479 XMC ODU 23G TR1008
52413118 XMC ODU 26G TR1008
52412478 XMC ODU 23G TR1008
52412481 XMC ODU 23G TR1008
52413094 XMC ODU 13G TR266
52413222 XMC ODU 32G TR812
52413155 XMC ODU 7G TR154
52413154 XMC ODU 7G TR154
2113174 Chassis RTN 950
02120616 FAN 02B,303V.C
45030056 TNFOVOASFP01
02351730 Heater Unit
02400605 ODM06D-1
03020MLG LMPTb
NEW Huawei Microwave Transmission and Wireless spares