Huawei CX600-X1

Huawei CX600-X1 for sale
CX600-X1 Metro Services Platform(V600R003)
Hardware Basic Configuration
CX6P01BASD70 CX600-X1 Basic Configuration (Includes CX600-X1 Chassis,2*MPUG,2*DC Power,without Software Charge and Document)
CX6DNPUI2070 Network Processing Unit Integrated with 2-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-XFP, Optical Transceiver 10G XFP Optical Transceiver XFP-1310-STM64/FC10G/10GbE/OTU2-10km Optical Transceiver(XFP,1310nm,9.95-10.71Gb-s,-6dBm-1dBm,-14.4dBm,Singlemode,LC,10km) Software CX6S0010GP00 CX600-X1, CX600-X2 NPUI-20 10GE Interface License, Huawei, CX600,X1, Metro, Services, Platform,V600R003, Hardware, Basic, Configuration, CX6P01BASD70, CX6DNPUI2070, Optical, Transceiver, 10G, XFP, Optical, Transceiver, XFP, 1310, STM64, FC10G, 10GbE, OTU2, 10km
Huawei CX600-X1 for sale