Huawei S12700, S12704, S12708, S12712

Huawei S12700, S12704, S12708, S12712 VPR
High-Capacity Master Switches for Future Campus Networks SDN-capable architecture and full programmability. The special ENP processor makes it easy to customize features and functions. And can be migrated to. Software-Defined Networking
The Huawei S12700 Virtual Routing Platform (VRP) incorporates switches on the L2 / L3 with many network services including MPLS VPN, cloud desktops. Video conferencing and IPv6 support. Continuous Forwarding Architecture The CSS2 switch-based clustering system and software upgrades provide highly efficient and scalable switching. With carrier-class reliability.


Specifications S12704 S12708 S12712
Switching ability 4.88 / 10.96 Tbit / s 12.32 / 27.04 Tbit / s 17.44 / 37.28 Tbps
Package Forward Rate 3,120 / 4,560 Mpps 6,240 / 9,120 Mpps 9,120 / 12,960 Mpps
MPU channel 2 2 2
SFU Channel 2 4 4
Service card slot 4 8 12
CSS2 1 + N MPU backup in the cluster

Up to 1.92 Tbit / s for cluster bandwidth. Passing time between chassis 4 us

Wireless Network Management Original AC

AP access control, AP scope management, and AP profile management.

Radio Profile Management Fixed configuration, unified And dynamic global management.

Basic WLAN Security QoS And user management

User management Comprehensive user management

802.1x, MAC, and portal authentication.

Charge by network, transit, and online timeline.

Licensing to users based on user groups, domains and time periods.

iPCA Add markers on service packages to measure the number of missing packages. And real-time packet loss rates with zero charges.

Measures the number of lost packages and the loss rate of the package at the network and device level on Network Layer 2 and 3.

SVF Up to 4K clients (access switches and APs) that perform virtualization as a single device.

AS 2 level structure

Unified management on Huawei’s devices and non-Huawei devices

OpenFlow Supports multiple controllers.

Supports multi-level flow schedules.

Table group support

Supports measurement tables.

Compatible with Open Flow 1.3.

teamwork VLAN-based Spanning Tree (VBST) (interoperability with PVST, PVST + and RPVST)

Link-type Negotiation Protocol (LNP) (similar to DTP)

VLAN Central Management Protocol (VCMP) (similar to VTP)

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Huawei S12700, S12704, S12708, S12712