Huawei OptiX OSN1500, OSN2500, OSN3500,

Huawei OptiX OSN1500, OSN2500, OSN3500
03026704 AFB SSN1AFB
03026728 D12S SSN1D12S
02120244 SRE1FAN Fan Box
03026810 OPTIX OSN 2500 SSQ1AFB
03050635 SL4 SSN1SL411 1x STM4 processing
03026740 EU08 SSN1EU088xSTM1 Electrical I/F
03026734 D34S SSN1D34S,6xE3/T3 PDH Interface
03713310 SEI SSQ1SEI Extended signal interface
03021023 SL16 SSNM1SL16019240A STM16 processing
03037376 SL16A SSN1SL16A04L16.2 STM16 processing
03026756 TSB SSN1TSB8 8channel switching & bridging
03050654 SLQ4 SSN1SLQ410,4xSTM4 Optical Interface S4.1
03050654 SLQ4 SSN1SLQ410,4xSTM4 Optical Interface S4.1,LC
03026811 ETF8 SSN1ETF8 8port 10/100M BASET fast Ethernet interface
N1GXCSA Crossconnect and timing board 40 Gbit/s higher order,5 G lower order
03050664 CXL1 SSQ1CXL114 STM1 line, system control, crossconnect and timing bd
03050644 CXL4 SSQ1CXL412 STM4 line, system control, crossconnect and timing bd
03038343 XCE SSN1XCE01 Crossconnect Board Lower order crossconnect timing bd
03037391 SEP SSN1SEP101 2XSTM1 processing board(led out from front panel
03030AMX CXL16 STM16 line, system control, crossconnect and timing bd
03026727 D75S SSN1D75S 32 x E1/T1 switching interface board 75 ohm
03036440 EXCSA SSN1EXCSA01,Enhanced crossconnect and timing
09810730 03037098 AUX SSN1AUX01 System Auxiliary Interface
03027179 PIU SSQ1PIU,Power Interface Board,1×2 Assembled
03036466 SCC SSN1SCC01,System Control and Communication
03037316 PQ1 SSN1PQ1A01 63xE1 Service Processing 75ohm
03030AYD JSCCSSJ3JSCC01,System Control Communication
030cun1079 SL64A SST2SL64A02S64.2b STM64 processing
03027509 EU04 SSN1EU04 4xSTM1 Electrical Interface
08310670 03027083 D12B SSN1D12B 32xE1/T1 interface
0cur1075 SL64A SST2SL64A05L64.2B STM64 processing
03027527 TSB SSN1TSB4,4Channel Switching Bridging
03034757 SSJ1JSTG01,Synchronous Timing Generation
03037489 SAP SSQ1SAP01 System Auxiliary Process
03036869 “SPQ4 SSN1SPQ401 4x E4/STM1 processing
03027581 C34S SSN1C34S 3x E3/T3 PDH interface
03026951 MU04 SSN1MU04 4x E4/STM1 interface
03037345 PD3 SSN1PD301 6x E3/T3 processing
03026728 D125 SSN1D125
03026720 AFB SSR1AFB
Huawei OptiX OSN1500, OSN2500, OSN3500