default password for Huawei BBU3900 and BBU5900

Default password BBU3900

Username: admin
Password: NodeB

older versions try:

username: admin
password: hwbs@com

For Huawei BBU5900

The default login password of the Huawei BBU5900 main control board has been changed. The login method is as follows:

The default password of Huawei server bios is: uniBIOS123,
find “Security Option” in the “Advanced BIOS Features” setting menu,
according to the need, use the “Page UP” and “Page Down” keys to set the computer use password,
when set to “System”, the computer will require a password when starting up and entering the BIOS setup menu.
when it is set to “Setup”, the password is only required when entering the BIOS setup menu;

Return to the main menu, use the cursor keys to move the “light bar” and press “Set Supervisor Password” or “Set User Password” and press Enter,
when a password entry box is displayed (where it prompts “Enter Password:”), enter a pre-thought-out 3 to 8-digit password. At this time, the characters entered will be replaced by “*”. After entering the password and pressing Enter, it will prompt again Re-enter the password you just entered for confirmation, and the prompt box will disappear after re-entering the password.

default password for Huawei BBU3900 and BBU5900