Huawei WASN9770 for sale

Huawei WASN9770 for sale
ASN Gateway WASN9770
WASN9770 V300R003
Basic Packet Service Cabinet Module
WASN Service Cabinet
Basic System Module
Enhanced Service Processing Unit
Huawei WASN9770 for sale
GE Interface Module 24 GE Ports
GE Module
Auxiliary Equipment
WASN Document
AAA ATAE Hardware
ATAE Board
S2300E Storage
Disk Array
Disk Array, S2300E,5-300G
Huawei WASN9770 for sale
M2000 OSS
M2000 V200R009 NE:5
M2000 Hardware
Server Module SUN T5220,1 CPU, Single Server
Server Service 1 Year
M2000 Cabinet
M2000 Cabinet
Network Equipment
Ethernet Switch
S3328TP-EI Mainframe 24 10/100 BASE-T ports and 2 Combo
NE20 Switches
NE20E-8 2
Huawei WASN9770 for sale

Huawei C&C08 for sale

Huawei C&C08 STP V800 for sale
C&C08 STP V800 Spare Parts
Item code Description
02111028 C&C08 STP,SP0B4PMC,B68-21 Main Control Assembly Cabinet V800R001
02350181 C&C08 STP,SP0Z1TER,Alarm Signal Transfer
03034352 C&C08 STP,SP01HSYS0,System Board,V800R001
03035957 U-SYS SG7000,SG01HSCU0,Hot Swappable Control Unit,V100R001
03053885 C&C08 STP,SP02HCOM0,High-Speed Communications Unit,V800R001
03053946 Finished Board Unit,CC08 STP,SP03HPMC0,High-Speed Package Message Cross-Exchange Unit 750B
02111029 C&C08 STP,SP0B5PMC,Main Control Assembly Case DC,V800R001
03032170 Quidway NetEngine,RTC2ALUA0,System Monitoring Administration Unit
03034720 SoftX3000,SF01HBIU0,High-Level System Board Back Interface Unit
03034129 C&C08 STP,SP01HDLB0,HDLC Back Interface Card
02311452 C&C08 STP,SP0M6IOC,Input/Output Controller
02312250 C&C08 STP,SP0M9IOC,Input/Output Controller
02351897 Quidway S5328C-EI, CX7Z128CM, L3 Ethernet Switch 24GE+4SFP Combo+PSU
03026180 U-SYS SG7000,SG01VIEA,Versatile Interface Extension Unit A
03030BYX C&C08 STP,SP01HPUD0,High Speed Link Processing Board,With 2M Link Interface
02110760 C&C08 STP,SP2B1LPDT,LPDT Cabinet Assembled Cabinet
02300320 C&C08 STP,SP2K1LPDT,Link Interface Subrack Assembled Cabinet
03023965 C&C08 STP,SP02HBI,HDLC BUS Driver Board,1*2 Assembled Board
03020560 C&C08 STP,SP01PWS,Secondary Power Board
03031862 C&C08 STP,SP01HPUA0,High-Speed Link Processing Board,With E1 Interface
03030895 C&C08 STP,SP01NDR0,Network Drive Board
03037866 C&C08 STP,SP01LDT1,E1 Interface Board
03032443 C&C08B,CC08MPU0,Used For R002,R003,AM16,Main Control Board
02110759 C&C08 STP,SP2B1DXC,DXC Cabinet Assembled Cabinet
02300262 Backplane Frame,C&C08B,CB0K3CKB,CKS Clock Frame With Cable Distribution For Assembled Rack
02300155 C&C08B,CB0K1MCB,B-Model Exchange Main Control Frame,Including Two TBL and Two TBR
02300030 C&C08B,CB0K0TMB,C&C08B Switch Trunk Plug Frame
02300201 C&C08B,CB0K2CKB,Clock Frame C&C08B Switch,With CKS Board With Cables
03030892 Finished Board,C&C08STP,SP01NOD0,Communication Master Node
03030814 C&C08B,CB02NETA0,C&C08B Switch NetWork Board
03021124 C&C08B,CB01CKV,C&C08B Switch Clock Driving Board
03030183 C&C08A,CC03EMA0,Emergency Action Board
03020230 C&C08A,CC03PWC,Secondary Power Board,5V/20A
03030117 C&C08B,CB01ALM0,C&C08B Alarm Board
03020580 C&C08Q (B)-CB01HWC HW distribution card of B type intelligent switch
03033213 C&C08C,C842CKS0,128-SM Clock Board Stratum-2 Stratum-3 Clock Combined
03033088 C&C08STP,SP02NOD0,Communication primary node
Huawei C&C08 STP V800 for sale