Huawei for sale

Huawei for sale
PN Description
2314288 iSite BTS3006C,BTS3002E,GMVM1DSEM,DC SPD and EMI Module
2120407 iSite BTS3006C,GMV1BFAN,BTS Fan Box
2314686 iSite BTS3006C,GMVM1DDPM,PGSM Dual Duplexer Module,TX935-960MHz/RX890-915MHz
2314285 iSite BTS3006C,GMVM1DDRM,Double transceivers Digital and Radio frequency Module,M900
2314691 iSite BTS3006C,GMVM1DMCM,Main Control Module for DDRM BTS Without SDH Module
2315322 iSite BTS3006C,GMVM6DDRM,Double transceivers Digital and Radio frequency Module,M900
03030DTG MA5600T,H801GICE0,4-port GE/FE Electrical Interface Card
3027683 MA5600T,H801SCUB,Super Control Unit Board,1-1
03020MJX MA5600T,H805ADPD,64-port ADSL2+ over POTS Service Board,With Line Protection,1-1
03020QRU MA5600T,H80ASHLM,16-Port SHDSL,bis Service Board,With Line Protection,With EMF and IMA
02314352-0002 MA5605,H56M1E200,Multi-service Access Device Function Module,Outdoor
03020CWQ Manufactured Board,MA5600T,H801FLBA,Forwarding Logic Board,2-2
03021ARY Manufactured Board,Optix OSN 3500,SSN3PSXCSA,Super dual-plane cross-connect board
03021MXJ Manufactured Board,Optix RTN 900,SL91EG4,2-GE SFP/RJ45+2-GE RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Board
03020RBJ Manufactured Board,OptiX RTN 900,SL91IFU2,Hybrid IF Board,1-1
03020VVT Manufactured Board,OptiX RTN 900,SL91ISU2,Hybrid IF Board,1-1
03021PFK Manufactured Board,OptiX RTN 900,SL91ISV3,Versatile IF Board,1-1
03020VVW Manufactured Board,OptiX RTN 900,SL91ISX2,XPIC IF Board,1-1
03021UDH Manufactured Board,OptiX RTN 950A,SLF1CSHO,16-E1 TDM/2-STM-1 SFP/4-GE RJ45/2-GE SFP
03020GGJ Manufactured Board,RTN600,SL61IFX,IF XPIC System Board,1-1
3037557 OptiX OSN 1500,SSR1EOW01,Engineering Order Wire Board
3026772 OptiX OSN 1500,SSR1PIU,Power Interface Board,1×2 Assembled Board
3038330 OptiX OSN 1500,SSR1SL401,STM-4 Optical Interface Board
3050833 OptiX OSN 1500,SSR1SL414,STM-4 Optical Interface Board I-4,LC
3050826 OptiX OSN 1500,SSR1SLQ114,4xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board I-1,LC
3038480 OptiX OSN 1500,SSR2AUX01,System Auxiliary Interface Board
03030ESJ OptiX OSN 1500,SSR2PD1A01,32xE1 Service Processing Board 75ohm
03030KDL OptiX OSN 1800,TNF1MR416,4-Channel Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing Board 194,5/194,6/194,7/194
03030CNS OptiX OSN 2500,SSQ2SAP01,System Auxiliary Process Board
3051904 OptiX OSN 2500,SSQ3CXL114,STM-1 System Control,Cross-connect,Optical Interface Board I-1,LC
03030HES OptiX OSN 2500,SSQ3CXL1603,STM-16 System Control,Cross-connect,Optical Interface Board L-16,1
3051866 OptiX OSN 2500,SSQ3CXL410,STM-4 System Control,Cross-connect,Optical Interface Board S-4,1,LC
3051867 OptiX OSN 2500,SSQ3CXL411,STM-4 System Control,Cross-connect,Optical Interface Board L-4,1,LC
3051869 OptiX OSN 2500,SSQ3CXL412,STM-4 System Control,Cross-connect,Optical Interface Board L-4,2,LC
3051870 OptiX OSN 2500,SSQ3CXL413,STM-4 System Control,Cross-connect,Optical Interface Board Ve-4,2,LC
3037098 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1AUX01,System Auxiliary Interface Board
3037355 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1BA201,Dual Booster Amplifier Board-6dBm-+3dBm,14dBm,LC
3026727 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1D75S,32xE1/T1 Electrical Interface Switching Board 75 Ohm,2-1 Assemble Board
3052359 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1EMS212,2-port Gigabit Ethernet /Fast Ethernet Switching Processing Board
03030BWS OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1EMS401,4-port Gigabit Ethernet /Fast Ethernet Switching Processing Board
3051253 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1EMS411,4-port Gigabit Ethernet/Fast Ethernet Switching Processing Board
3026811 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1ETF8,8-Port 10M/100M BaseT Fast Ethernet Interface Board,2-1
3027552 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1ETS8,8-port 10/100M BaseT Ethernet Interface Switching Board,2-1
3026740 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1EU08,8xSTM-1 Electrical Interface Board,1-1 Assembled Board
3026645 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1GSCC02,System Control and Communication Board,1×1 Assembled Board
3026741 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1OU08,8xSTM-1 Optical Access Board LC,S-1,1,2-1 Assembled Board
03020TDR OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1PEG8,8-Channel Gigabit Ethernet Switching Processing Board
03020DHK OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1PIUA,Power Interface Board,1-1 Assembled Board
03020TLF OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1PIUB,Power Interface Unit,1-2
3037391 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SEP101,8xSTM-1 Signal Process Board
3051884 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SL4A11,STM-4 Optical Interface Board L-4,1,LC
3051885 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SL4A12,STM-4 Optical Interface Board L-4,2,LC
03030BDK OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SL6405,STM-64 Optical Interface Board L-64,2b,LC
3038921 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SLH101,16xSTM-1 Signal Process Board
3051898 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SLQ1A10,4xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board S-1,1,LC
3051902 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SLQ1A14,4xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board I-1,LC
3051903 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SLQ1A15,4xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board Ie-1,LC,MM
3053164 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SLQ1A22,4xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board S-1,1,LC
3051893 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SLQ4A10,4xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board S-4,1,LC
3051895 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SLQ4A12,4xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board L-4,2,LC
3051897 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SLQ4A14,4xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board I-4,LC
3053186 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SLQ4A20,4xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board S-4,1,LC
03030DKF OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SXCSA01,Super Cross-connect and Synchronous Timing Board
3026756 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1TSB8,8-Channel Switching Bridging Board,2-1 Assemble Board
03030GQM OptiX OSN 3500,SSN2BPA01,Optical Booster Pre-amplifier Board-38dBm–10dBm
03020TKH OptiX OSN 3500,SSN2PEX1,1-Port 10G Ethernet Switching Processing Board
03030FHQ OptiX OSN 3500,SSN2PL3A01,3xE3/T3 Front Leading-out Service Processing Board
03030ESH OptiX OSN 3500,SSN2PQ1A01,63xE1 Service Processing Board 75ohm
03030KQL OptiX OSN 3500,SSN2PQ1A02,63xE1 Service Processing Board E1/75ohm
3037397 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN2SL401,STM-4 Optical Interface Board
3050638 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN2SL410,STM-4 Optical Interface Board S-4,1,LC
3050667 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN2SL414,STM-4 Optical Interface Board I-4,LC
3050671 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN2SLD414,2xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board I-4,LC
3051334 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN2SLO110,8xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board S-1,1,LC
3052343 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN3EGS211,2-port Gigabit Ethernet Switching Processing Board
03030CEP OptiX OSN 3500,SSN3GSCC01,System Control and Communication Board
03030JSA OptiX OSN 3500,SSN3SL16A05,STM-16 Optical Interface Board
03030EAE OptiX OSN 3500,SSN4EFS001,10M/100M Fast Ethernet Processing Board with LAN Switch
3052982 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN4SL6404,1xSTM-64 Optical Interface Board V-64,2b,LC
3052969 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN4SLQ1602,4xSTM-16 Optical Interface Board S-16,1,LC
3052970 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN4SLQ1603,4xSTM-16 Optical Interface Board L-16,1,LC
03020TLC OptiX OSN 3500,SSN6GSCC,System Control and Communication Board,1×1 Assembled Board
03030KTM OptiX OSN 3500II,SSQ5CXLLN,STM-1/4/16 System Control,Cross-connect,Optical Interface Board
3053487 Optix OSN 550,TNM1EM6F,4- FE RJ45/2-GE SFP Fast/Gigabit Ethernet Board with switch function
03021CJA OptiX OSN 550,TNM1PCXX,1x10GE Integrated System Control Unit,1-1
03030GBP OptiX OSN 6800,TN11OBU103,C-BAND Optical Booster Unit MAX-3dBm IN
03030LMN OptiX OSN 6800,TN12OBU101,C-BAND Optical Booster Unit MAX-4dBm IN
03020EWF OptiX RTN 600,SL61FANA,Fan Board,1-2 Assembled Board
03020CKL OptiX RTN 600,SL61IF1A,IF System Board,1-1
03020CVN OptiX RTN 600,SL61IF1B,IF System Board,1-1
03020LXF OptiX RTN 600,SL61IFH2,Hybrid IF Board,1-1
03020KMT OptiX RTN 600,SL61IFH2B,Hybrid IF Board,1-1
03020CAF OptiX RTN 600,SL61PXC,Power and Cross-connect and Synchronous
03020AJU OptiX RTN 600,SL61SD1,2-STM-1 Optical Interface Board,1-1
03020CCD OptiX RTN 600,SL61SL1,1-STM-1 Optical Interface Board,1-1
03020HGW OptiX RTN 600,SL61SL4,1-STM-4 Optical Interface Board,1-1
2317025 OptiX RTN 605,RTN 605 System SL72IRU101,3-FE+1-GE+16-E1+1-IF IDU
03020RES OptiX RTN 900,SL91AUX,Assistant Channel Interface Board,1-1
03021CCT OptiX RTN 900,SL91EM6FA,4-FE RJ45+2-GE SFP Fast/Gigabit Ethernet Board with switch
03020RDK Optix RTN 900,SL91EM6T,4- FE RJ45/2-GE RJ45 Fast/Gigabit Ethernet Board with switch
03021CCY Optix RTN 900,SL91EM6TA,4-FE RJ45+2-GE RJ45 Fast/Gigabit Ethernet Board with switch
03020RDQ OptiX RTN 900,SL91IFX2,XPIC IF Board,1-1
3053102 OptiX RTN 900,SL91SL1D02,2xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board S-1,1
03020SXA OptiX RTN 900,SL91SP3SB,16-E1/75ohm Tributary Board,1-1
03020UGG OptiX RTN 900,TNH1SP3DB01,32-E1/75ohm Electrical Interface Board,1-1
03020SJX OptiX RTN 910,SLA1CSHAB,16-E1 75ohm/2-FE RJ45/2-GE RJ45 Hybrid
03020SJS OptiX RTN 910,SLA1CSHBB,32-E1 75ohm/2-FE RJ45/2-GE RJ45 Hybrid
03020SQD OptiX RTN 910,SLA1CSHCB,16-E1 75ohm/2-STM-1 SFP/2-FE RJ45/2-GE SFP
03021HQG OptiX RTN 910,SLA1CSHEA,16-E1 CES/TDM 75ohm/2-GE RJ45/4-FE RJ45,Hybrid/Packet System
2113254 OptiX RTN 910,SLAK1AFB,Assembly Chassis-48V
03020RAR OptiX RTN 950,SL91CSH,Hybrid System Control and Cross-connect Board-1-1
2113174 OptiX RTN 950,SL9B1CASE,Assembly Chassis-48V
03020VWW OptiX RTN 980,SLB1CSHN,Nodal System Control and Cross-connect Board
03020WQV OptiX RTN 980,SLB1PIU,Power Interface Unit,1-1
2352571 OptiX RTN 980,SLBK1BKP,RTN 980 Assembly Chassis-48V
3051120 PARC WP11DPUa Data Processing Unit REV:a
3051121 PARC WP11EIUa 32-port E1/T1 circuit Interface Unit REV:a
3051488 PARC WP11FG2a Packet over electronic 8-port FE or 2-port GE ethernet Interface Unit
3051116 PARC WP11GCUa General Clock Unit REV:a
3051122 PARC WP11OIUa 1-port channelized Optical Interface Unit REV:a
3051117 PARC WP11SCUa GE Switching and Control Unit REV:a
3051118 PARC WP11TNUa TDM Switching Network Unit REV:a
3051119 PARC WP11XPUa Extensible Processing Unit REV:a
3051813 PARC WP13DPUc Data Processing Unit REV:c
3051814 PARC WP13DPUd Data Processing Unit REV:d
3051447 PCU6000,GP21BSU0,PSM Rack Back Storage Unit
3051445 PCU6000,GP21POMU2,Operation Maintenance Main Control Unit
3051446 PCU6000,GP22RPPU3,Wireless Packet Processing Unit
3051857 ATAE-GS32X0-GE FC Exchange Rear Board
2400473 Automatic Phase Changer,230/400V,50/60HZ,40A,Chinese And English Doc,
2300523 Backplane Frame,WCDMA NODEB BTS3812A,EPS210-4830A,Power System Backplane Frame
97031170 Battery in Controller-For IBM Total Storage 1814-70A,41Y0679
03020SSA BBU3900,QWL1WBBPD1,WCDMA Baseband Process Unit D,1-1
03020QYR BBU3900,QWL1WBBPD2,WCDMA Baseband Process Unit D2,1-1
2319940 BBU3900,WD2B1BBU4,Distributed Base Station Base Band Unit-48V
3051444 Board,PCU6000,GP21HSC2,Hot Swap Control Unit
03030DNH BTS3012,GM51DATU0,Antenna and TMA Control Unit for DTRU BTS
3029749 BTS3012,GM51DCCU,Sinal adapter coupling board,1-1
03020AVW BTS3012,GM51DCSU,Combined Cabinet Signal Commection Adapter Coupling Board,1-1
3028708 BTS3012,GM51DELC,E1 Signal Lightning-Protection card for DTRU BTS,2-1
3037463 BTS3012,GM51DEMU0,Environment Monitoring Unit for DTRX BTS
3028712 BTS3012,GM51DMLC,Monitor signal Lightning-Protection card for DTRU BTS,2-1
3028262 BTS3012,GM51DSAC,Signal Access Card for DTRU BTS,3-1
03030BMY BTS3012,GM51DTMU0,Transmission Timing; Management Unit for DTRU BTS
3029399 BTS3012,GM52DTRB,DTRU Backplane,1-1
2315664 BTS3012,GM5M0DDPU,Dual Duplexer Unit for QTRU BTS,PGSM-TX935-960MHz/RX890-915MHz
2315118 BTS3012,GM5M6DDPU,Dual Duplexer Unit for DTRU BTS,PGSM-TX935-960MHz/RX890-915MHz
2315076 BTS3012,GM5M6DTRU,Double Transceiver Unit,M900
2315179 BTS3012,GMKM6DDPU,Dual Duplexer Unit for DTRU BTS,DCS-TX1805-1880MHz/RX1710-1785MHz
2315174 BTS3012,GMKM6DTRU,Double Transceiver Unit,M1800
03020BCR BTS3012AE,GM51DELU,E1 Signal Lightning-Protection Unit for DTRU BTS,1-1
03020DDC BTS3012AE,GM51DHEU,Heat Exchanger Unit,1-1
03020BRF BTS3606,QCK1HECA,Heat Exchanger Control Board,1-1
3028729 BTS3812A,QWD1NPMI,NodeB Power Monitor unit Interface Board,1-2
2316395 BTS3900/A,WD5MGRFU83A,GSM Multiple Carriers Transceiver Unit,1800M RX1710-1755MHz/TX1805-1850MHz
21140537 DKBA4,124,1227MX,DAFU Dummy Panel,BTS3012
21140538 DKBA4,127,0704MX,DTRU Dummy Panel,BTS3012
2238426 Dual TMA, Non AISG TMA kit, 1800MHz, Jumper for TMA included, General area
24060027 Energy Storage Unit,Deep Cycle Battery-A series,48V,490Ah,battery group 2V cell
33010286 Environment Temperature Sensor
2120370 Fan Box,PARC,WP1E2PFNS,Base Station Controller 9 Fan Box
32030075 Fan Subassembly-28V-56V-92mm-92mm-38mm-300mm-4PIN-10,56W-103,13CFM
3054017 Finished Board Unit,OptiX RTN 900,SL91SL1DA05,2xSTM-1 electrical Interface Board SAA
45030024 Fixed Optical Attenuator,1310/1550+/-20nm,5dB,SC/PC,40dB
2315111 Function Module,HUAWEI BTS3012AE,GM51DEPM,Power System Monitor Module
02310ESJ Function Module,Industrial CompactFlash,UG1M1INCF,1GB,3,3V/5V
02310KHH Function Module,OptiX RTN 905,SLD1IRU101,4-GE RJ45+2-GE SFP+16-E1+2-TDM TDM
02310BES Function Module,OptiX RTN 980,SLBE1FAN,Fan Box
2319403 Function module,SAU01 module,for DG Battery hybrid solution,48V,3U
2315528 Functional Module,HERT BBU WD2MUPEUA,-48V Power and Environment interface Unit
2315217 Functional Module,Smartpack GB RS232 front G1,Controller of PRSB48120/1800,PRSB48180/1800
02310KBT GRFU,WD5MGFUE88B,V2,Multiple Carriers Transceiver Unit RX890-915MHz/TX935-960MHz
97031071 Hard disk-73,4GB-FC 4GB-15K RPM-Hot swapable-for IBM Total Storage DS4700-5413/40k6819
97031076 Harddisk,73,4,FC 2Gbs,10K RPM,Hot Swap,Inside,For IBM Total Storage DS4700,5221
03030HNK HERT BBU, WD22GTMU1, GBTS Main Processing Transmission Unit 4E1+2FE+6CPRI,with CAN
03030LPM HERT BBU, WD22GTMUb, GBTS Main Processing Transmission Unit 4E1+2FE+6CPRI+1EXT
03020JQE HERT BBU, WD22WMPT, WCDMA Main Processing Transmission unit 4E1+2FE, 1-1
2120479 HERT MPE,WD2E3DCDU03DC,DC Power Distribution Unit
3053790 HUAWEI,TI49BSS24,Service Process Cell,06C
2400358 Power Distribution Rack,220V,47-63Hz,20000mA,Chinese Document,AC Power
19020130 Power Lightning Arrester,35A,220V,500V,Terminal,Guideway Mounting
19020081 Power Lightning Arrester,40kA,1500V,220-230VAC,Terminal,Guideway Mounting
19020102 Power Lightning Protector,25KA,1800V,220VAC,Terminal,Three Phase,Guideway Mounting
2130608 Power module,-33-65degC,90-290Vac,-53,5V/30A,AC/DC PSU
19020140 Power SPD,60KA,1500V,150VAC-255VAC,Terminal connection,Guideway Mounting
97040029 Power Supply Spares,Power Supply Monitor Module-PSM-BB,Used in Power Supply System APM100
1070607 Power System,48V/10A Power System,GIE4805S
2130623 PS48600-3/2900-X5-R48-2900 power system AC/DC Converter,-5degC,45degC,85V,290V
2130745 Rectifier,-25degC-50degC,320V-530V,54V/100A,ESRC-48/100A
2130742 Rectifier,-40degC-70degC,176V-300V,53,5V/30A,R48-1800A
2313408 RRU3801C,QWEM1RRUD,Distributed Base Station Radio Remote Unit-48V,DHT 40W,1,25G,2100M
2316791 RRU3804,WD5MARU261,Distributed Base Station Radio Remote Unit-48V,EDHT 60W,2100M
03020ECF RTN600,SL61EFT4,4 Port Twisted-Pair 10M/100M Ethernet Transparent Transmission
3052106 RTN600,SL61EMS603,4 Port RJ45+2 Port SFP Fast Ethernet
03030FFD RTN600,SL61PD1A,32xE1 Electrical Interface Board 75ohm
03030FRR RTN600,SL61PH1A,16xE1 Electrical Interface Board 75ohm,1-1
03030FRP RTN600,SL61PO1A,8xE1 Electrical Interface Board 75ohm-1-1
03020BYT RTN600,SL61SCC,System Control and Communication Board,1-1
3051993 RTN600,SL61SL401,STM-4 Optical Interface Board S-4,1,LC/PC
2300606 RTN600,SL6K2AFB,RTN 620 Subrack
0235G6KY S3900,STLZ01S300,300GB 10K RPM SAS Disk Unit 2,5″,For S3900/S6900
0235G6KT S3900,STLZ02HWSPE,S3900-M200 Controller Enclosure DC,16GB,SPE31C0224
0235A055 S3928P-EI Ethernet switch AC 110/220V, DC 48V
97020195 Sensor,SJ516B1,Water Sensor,Infrared Ray,+12VDC
3037108 SIWF,KWB1SIWC0,Shared InterWorking Function Control Board
3037107 SIWF,KWB1SIWU0,Shared InterWorking Function Service Board
99041WPA Small Metal Parts,DKBA04800439_A510-53,A-510 Lock
33010293 Smoke Sensor,24V,Two Line, Photoelectric Smoke Sensor, HotBar
52240056 Solar Controller,-48V,200A,-20-+55degC,Outdoor,IP55,C,500 W-200 D-620
2236012 Spare Kits of APM200-E Serial for 21-50 Sets
2236352 Spare parts kit,MCS48/1000-RLCH power system,Including 1-rectifier
2236340 Spare parts kit,MCS48/180-QLUA1 power system,Including 6-rectifiers
19020114 SPD,60KA,1500V,200-240VAC,Terminal,Bolt Mounted
6010157 Storage Medium,CompactFlash,512MB,3,3V/5V,CF-I
21041162 Subrack of Chassis-DKBA4,104,2002MX-DTRU Subrack-435,0-443,7-300,9
4040180 Subscriber Cable,16-Channel SPL Shielded,10m,0,4mm,32 Cores,D68M
97031146 SUN Minicomputer-146GB-15000 RPM FC-AL,Disk assembly FRU,RoHS:Y,FOR SUN StorEdge
2400468 Surge Protection Box,380V,50/60HZ,125A,Chinese And English Doc,Three-Phases AC
2315204 Switch Products,DP0M0ESFP,Optical Transceiver,eSFP,GE,Multi-mode Module 850nm,0,5km,LC
2315200 Switch Products,DP0M0SFP,Optical Transceiver,eSFP,GE,Single-mode Module 1310nm,10km,LC
99043DBE System Power-PRSB48180/1800/V1 Power Subrack-single AC input-free cabling-9
33010296 Temperature Sensor,12V-24VDC,+/-0,5degC
27100011 Triplex Tower Mounted Amplifier Module,GSM900,R890-915MHz/T935-960MHz
27100057 Triplex Tower Mounted Amplifier,DTMA09-8/16-016,TX:935–960MHz/RX:890-915MHz
3051418 UAP8100 AI12AERI0 UAP Narrowband Media Resource Interface Unit
3051417 UAP8100 AI12AVRB0 UAP Narrowband Media Resource Processing Unit
3051404 UAP8100,AI12AALU0,UAP Alarm Unit
3051407 UAP8100,AI12ABFI0,UAP Back Insert FE Interface Unit
3051411 UAP8100,AI12ABSG0,UAP Broadband Signaling Gateway
3051412 UAP8100,AI12ACDB0,UAP Central Data Base Unit
3051420 UAP8100,AI12ACKI0,UAP Clock Interface Unit
3051430 UAP8100,AI12ACLK0,UAP Clock Unit
3051432 UAP8100,AI12ACMF0,UAP Front Connection Maintenance Unit
3051409 UAP8100,AI12ACSU0,UAP Call Control And Signaling Processing Unit
3051422 UAP8100,AI12AE320,UAP 32E1 Port TDM Interface Board
3051428 UAP8100,AI12AE8T0,UAP 8-port 10/100M Ethernet Interface Board
3051419 UAP8100,AI12AEPI0,UAP E1_Pool Interface Unit
3051431 UAP8100,AI12AHRU0,UAP High-speed Routing Unit
3051405 UAP8100,AI12AHSC0,UAP Hot-Swap And Control Unit
3051406 UAP8100,AI12AHSC1,UAP Hot-Swap And Control Unit,Support GE
3051401 UAP8100,AI12AIFM0,UAP IP Forward Module
3051410 UAP8100,AI12AMSG0,UAP Multimedia Signaling Gateway
3051429 UAP8100,AI12ANET0,UAP Packet Switch Unit
3051393 UAP8100,AI12AOMU0,UAP Operation Maintenance Unit
3051403 UAP8100,AI12ASIU0,UAP System Interface Unit
3051402 UAP8100,AI12ASMU0,UAP System Management Unit
3051424 UAP8100,AI12ATNU0,UAP TDM Central Switching Net Unit
3051437 UAP8100,AI12AVPB1,UAP Voice Processing Unit 1K G,711/G,723/G,729/EC Daughter Card
3050028 UMSC9810L,KW31UACU0,UMSC PSM Subrack Auxiliary Control Unit
3052577 USAU,SF31WHSC2,Hot-Swap And Control Unit,Support 1000BASE-T
3038337 USP,CN21EFRA0,Switch Rear Board
3038338 USP,CN21EFSA0,Ethernet FC Switch
Huawei for sale

Huawei OptiX OSN7500

Huawei OptiX OSN7500 for sale
OptiX OSN 7500 Main Equipment
02112479 SSTB2RACK01 ETSI Assemble Rack
02112959 SSNB9RACK01 N63E Assemble Rack
02113256 SSNB9RACK05 N63E Assemble Rack
02112960 SSNB9RACK02 N63E Assemble Rack
02113268 SSNB9RACK007 N63E Assemble Rack
02112961 SSNB9RACK03 N66T Assemble Rack
02112962 SSNB9RACK04 N66T Assemble Rack
02113269 SSNB9RACK008 N66T Assemble Rack
02113270 SSNB9RACK009 N66T Assemble Rack
Huawei OptiX OSN 7500 Subrack
02300529 SST1SUBRACK Subrack
02300666 SST1SUBRACK01 high-power Subrack
Huawei OptiX OSN 7500 Common Board
03030DYT SST2UXCSA Ultra Cross-connect and Synchronous Timing Board
03030DJX SST1SXCSA Super Cross-Connect and Synchronous Timing Board
03030DKB SST1IXCSA Infinite Cross-connect and Synchronous Timing Board
03020CGK SST1PSXCSA OSN 7500-320G TDM and 160G Packet Switching and Synchronous Timing Board
03028245 SST1EOW Engineering Order Wire Board
03028246 SST1AUX System Auxiliary Interface Board
03028193 SST1PIU Power Interface Board
03020TNR SST1PIUB Power Interface Unit
Huawei OptiX OSN 7500 STM-64 Optical Interface Board
03053052 SSND0SLD6401 2xSTM-64 Optical Interface Board(I-64.1,LC)
03052966 SSND0SLD6402 2xSTM-64 Optical Interface Board(S-64.2b,LC)
03035296 SSN1SF64(Ue-64.2c-e,LC) STM-64 (out-of-band FEC) Optical Interface Board(Ue-64.2c~e)
03030KBP SSND0SF64A00 STM-64 (out-of-band FEC) Optical Interface Board(DRZ optical interface code)
03052978 SSND00SL6401 1xSTM-64 Optical Interface Board(I-64.1,LC)
03052980 SSND00SL6402 1xSTM-64 Optical Interface Board(S-64.2b,LC)
03053220 SSN4SL64(Le-64.2,LC) 1xSTM-64 Optical Interface Board(Le-64.2,LC)
03030BDK SSN1SL64(L-64.2b,LC) STM-64 Optical Interface Board(L-64.2b,LC)
03052982 SSND00SL6404 1xSTM-64 Optical Interface Board(V-64.2b,LC)
Huawei OptiX OSN 7500 STM-64 Colored Optical Interface Board
02318935 192.10THzSSN1SF6401M01 STM-64(out-of-band FEC) Colored Optical Interface Board(40Km/LC/PIN)
02318937 SSN4SL64(1 XFP-LH40-192.10) STM-64 Optical Interface Board(1 XFP-LH40-192.10)
Huawei OptiX OSN 7500 STM-16 Optical Interface Board
03052880 SSND0SLO1601 8xSTM-16 Optical Interface Board(I-16,LC)
03052881 SSND0SLO1602 8xSTM-16 Optical Interface Board(S-16.1,LC)
03052882 SSND0SLO1603 8xSTM-16 Optical Interface Board(L-16.1,LC)
03052883 SSND0SLO1604 8xSTM-16 Optical Interface Board(L-16.2,LC)
03052968 SSND0SLQ1601 4xSTM-16 Optical Interface Board(I-16,LC)
03052969 SSND0SLQ1602 4xSTM-16 Optical Interface Board(S-16.1,LC)
03052970 SSND0SLQ1603 4xSTM-16 Optical Interface Board(L-16.1,LC)
03052971 SSND0SLQ1604 4xSTM-16 Optical Interface Board(L-16.2,LC)
03030BFK SSN1SF16(Ue-16.2C,DF,LC) STM-16(out-of-band FEC)Optical Interface Board
03030EPX SSN3SL16(L-16.2JE,LC) STM-16 Optical Interface Board(L-16.2JE,LC)
03030EPY SSN3SL16(V-16.2Je,LC) STM-16 Optical Interface Board(V-16.2Je,LC)
03030EQA SSN3SL16(U-16.2,LC) STM-16 Optical Interface Board(U-16.2,LC)
03052445 SSN3SL16A(S-16.1,LC) STM-16 Optical Interface Board(S-16.1,LC)
03052446 SSN3SL16A(L-16.1,LC) STM-16 Optical Interface Board(L-16.1,LC)
03052447 SSN3SL16A(L-16.2,LC) STM-16 Optical Interface Board(L-16.2,LC)
03053100 SSN3SL16A(U-16.2,LC) STM-16 Optical Interface Board(U-16.2,LC)
Huawei OptiX OSN 7500 STM-16 Colored Optical Interface Board
03070230 SSN-SF1-(640Km/LC/APD) STM-16(out-of-band FEC) Colored Optical Interface Board(640Km/LC/APD)
03070956 STM-16 Colored Board-(640Km/LC/APD) STM-16 Colored Optical Interface Board(640Km/LC/APD)
03070957 STM-16 Colored Board-(170Km/LC/APD/2mW) STM-16 Colored Optical Interface Board(170Km/LC/APD/2mW)
Huawei OptiX OSN 7500 STM-4 Optical Interface Board
03053186 SSN1SLQ4A(S-4.1,LC) 4xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,LC)
03053165 SSN1SLQ4A(L-4.1,LC) 4xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.1,LC)
03053167 SSN1SLQ4A(L-4.2,LC) 4xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.2,LC)
03053174 SSN1SLD4A(S-4.1,LC) 2xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,LC)
03053175 SSN1SLD4A(L-4.1,LC) 2xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.1,LC)
03053176 SSN1SLD4A(L-4.2,LC) 2xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.2,LC)
03053178 SSN1SL4A(S-4.1,LC) STM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,LC)
03053179 SSN1SL4A(L-4.1,LC) STM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.1,LC)
03053180 SSN1SL4A(L-4.2,LC) STM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.2,LC)
03053181 SSN1SL4A(Ve-4.2,LC) STM-4 Optical Interface Board(Ve-4.2,LC)
03053300 SSR1SLD415 2xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,LC)
03053306 SSR1SLD416 2xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.1,LC)
03053307 SSR1SLD417 2xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.2,LC)
03053314 SSR1SL415 1xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,LC)
03053315 SSR1SL416 1xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.1,LC)
03053316 SSR1SL417 1xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.2,LC)
Huawei OptiX OSN 7500 STM-4 Optical Interface Board(Half Board)
03050802 SSR1SLD4(S-4.1,LC) 2xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,LC)
03050803 SSR1SLD4(L-4.1,LC) 2xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.1,LC)
03050799 SSR1SL4(S-4.1,LC) STM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,LC)
03050800 SSR1SL4(L-4.1,LC) STM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.1,LC)
03050801 SSR1SL4(L-4.2,LC) STM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.2,LC)
03050832 SSR1SL4(Ve-4.2,LC) STM-4 Optical Interface Board(Ve-4.2,LC)
03053300 SSR1SLD415 2xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,LC)
03053306 SSR1SLD416 2xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.1,LC)
03053314 SSR1SL415 1xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,LC)
03053315 SSR1SL416 1xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.1,LC)
03053316 SSR1SL417 1xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.2,LC)
Huawei OptiX OSN 7500 STM-1 Optical Interface Board
03053170 SSN1SLT1(S-1.1,LC) 12xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1 LC)
03053166 SSN1SLT1(L-1.1,LC) 12xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.1 LC)
03053168 SSN1SLT1(L-1.2,LC) 12xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.2 LC)
03051334 SSN2SLO1(S-1.1,LC) 8xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,LC)
03051335 SSN2SLO1(L-1.1,LC) 8xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.1,LC)
03051336 SSN2SLO1(L-1.2,LC) 8xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.2,LC)
03053173 SSN1SLQ1A(Ie-1,LC,MM) 4xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(Ie-1,LC,MM)
03053164 SSN1SLQ1A(S-1.1,LC) 4xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,LC)
03053171 SSN1SLQ1A(L-1.1,LC) 4xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.1,LC)
03053172 SSN1SLQ1A(L-1.2,LC) 4xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.2,LC)
03053182 SSN1SL1A(S-1.1,LC) STM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,LC)
03053183 SSN1SL1A(L-1.1,LC) STM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.1,LC)
03053184 SSN1SL1A(L-1.2,LC) STM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.2,LC)
03053398 SSN2SLO1(S-1.1,LC) 8xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,LC)
03053399 SSN2SLO1(L-1.1,LC) 8xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.1,LC)
03053400 SSN2SLO1(L-1.2,LC) 8xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.2,LC)
Huawei OptiX OSN 7500
STM-1 Optical Interface Board(Half Board)
03050793 SSR1SLQ1(S-1.1,LC) 4xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,LC)
03050794 SSR1SLQ1(L-1.1,LC) 4xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.1,LC)
03050796 SSR1SL1(S-1.1,LC) STM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,LC)
03050797 SSR1SL1(L-1.1,LC) STM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.1,LC)
03050798 SSR1SL1(L-1.2,LC) STM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.2,LC)
03053296 SSR1SLQ115 4xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,LC)
03053297 SSR1SLQ116 4xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.1,LC)
03053310 SSR1SL115 1xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,LC)
03053311 SSR1SL116 1xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.1,LC)
03053312 SSR1SL117 1xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.2,LC)
Huawei OptiX OSN 7500 STM-1 Processing Board
03020RWV SSN1SEP1 8 STM-1 Signal Process Board
03020SET SSN1SLH1 16xSTM-1 Signal Process Board
03052885 SSN3SLH41(S-1.1 S-4.1,LC) 8xSTM-1 8xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1 & S-4.1,LC)
03052886 SSND0SLH4103 16xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,LC)
03052888 SSND0SLH4105 16xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,LC)
Huawei OptiX OSN 7500 PDH Tributary Board
03030FHQ SSN2PL3A 3xE3/T3 Front Leading-out Service Processing Board
03030ESJ SSR2PD1A 32xE1 Service Processing Board(75ohm)
03030ESK SSR2PD1B 32xE1 Service Processing Board(120ohm)
03039078 SSR1PL1A 16xE1 Service Processing Board(75ohm)
03039079 SSR1PL1B 16xE1 Service Processing Board(120ohm)
03039203 SSN2SPQ4 4xE4 STM-1 Electrical Interface Board
03030EQY SSN2PQ3 12xE3/DS3 Service Processing Board
03030DFD SSN2PD3 6xE3/DS3 Service Processing Board
03030FHR SSN2PL3 3xE3/T3 Service Processing Board
03030KQL SSN2PQ1A 63xE1 Service Processing Board(75ohm)
03030KQM SSN2PQ1B 63xE1 Service Processing Board(120ohm)
03030JTF SSN1PQM 63xE1/T1 Service Processing Board
03021SJH SSR2PD1B02 32xE1 Service Processing Board(120ohm)
03021SJA SSR1PL1B02 16xE1 Service Processing Board(120ohm)
Huawei OptiX OSN 7500 DDN Board
03030CNU SSN1DX1A DDN Processing Board(75ohm)
03030DGX SSN1DX1B DDN Processing Board(120ohm)
03030CUG SSN1DXA DDN Processing Board
Huawei OptiX OSN 7500 Connection Board
03028414 SSR1L75S 16xE1 Electrical Interface Switching Board(75 Ohm)
03028413 SSR1L12S 16xE1/T1 Electrical Interface Switching Board(120 Ohm)
03027509 SSN1EU04 4xSTM-1 Electrical Interface Board
03026740 SSN1EU08 8xSTM-1 Electrical Interface Board
03026741 SSN1OU08(S-1.1,LC) 8xSTM-1 Optical Access Board(LC,S-1.1)
03026951 SSN1MU04 4xE4 STM-1 Electrical Interface Unit
03026734 SSN1D34S 6xE3/T3 PDH Interface Switching Board
03027581 SSN1C34S 3xE3/T3 PDH Interface Swithching Board
03026727 SSN1D75S 32xE1/T1 Electrical Interface Switching Board(75 Ohm)
03027083 SSN1D12B 32xE1/T1 Electrical Interface Board
03027552 SSN1ETS8 8-port 10/100M BaseT Ethernet Interface Switching Board
03026811 SSN1ETF8 8-Port 10M/100M BaseT Fast Ethernet Interface Board
03050870 SSN1EFF8(100Base-SX,1310-LC) 8-port 10/100M BaseF Ethernet Interface Board(100Base-SX,1310-LC)
03050871 SSN1EFF8(100Base-LX,1310-LC) 8-port 10/100M BaseF Ethernet Interface Board(100Base-LX,1310-LC)
03026756 SSN1TSB8 8-Channel Switching Bridging Board
03029890 SSN1DM12 12DDN Mix Access Board
03020MDC SSND0ETF8A11 Suporting 1588 Characteristic 8-Port 10M/100M BaseT Fast Ethernet Interface Board
03052610 SSND0EFF8A11 Supporting 1588 Characteristic 8-port 10/100M BaseF Ethernet Interface Board(100Base-SX,1310-LC)
03020MER SSND0PETF811 OSN 3500-8*FE Electrical Board For Packet Plane
Ethernet Transparent Transmission Board
03051791 SSN1EAS2(10GBASE-LR/LW,1310-LC) 2-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switching Processing Board(10GBASE-LR/LW,1310-LC)
03052320 SSND00EGT211 2-Port Gigabit Ethernet Transparent Transmission Board(1000BASE-SX,850-LC)
03052321 SSND00EGT212 2-Port Gigabit Ethernet Transparent Transmission Board(1000BASE-LX,1310-LC)
03052323 SSND00EGT213 2-Port Gigabit Ethernet Transparent Transmission Board(1000BASE-ZX,1310-LC)
03052327 SSND00EGT214 2-Port Gigabit Ethernet Transparent Transmission Board(1000BASE-ZX,1550-LC)
03037691 SSN1EFT8 16-Port 10M/100M Ethernet Transparent Transmission Processing Board
03030EAF SSN1EFT8A 8-Port 10M/100M Ethernet Transparent Transmission Processing Board
03039006 SSR1EFT4 4-Port 10M/100M Ethernet Transparent Transmission Processing Board
Huawei OptiX OSN 7500 Ethernet Switching Board
03052339 SSND00EGS213 2-port Gigabit Ethernet Switching Processing Board(1000BASE-SX,850-LC)
03052343 SSND00EGS212 2-port Gigabit Ethernet Switching Processing Board(1000BASE-LX,1310-LC)
03052333 SSND00EGS211 2-port Gigabit Ethernet Switching Processing Board(1000BASE-ZX,1310-LC)
03052347 SSND00EGS411 4-port Gigabit Ethernet Switching Processing Board(1000BASE-SX,850-LC)
03052348 SSND00EGS412 4-port Gigabit Ethernet Switching Processing Board(1000BASE-LX,1310-LC)
03052349 SSND00EGS413 4-port Gigabit Ethernet Switching Processing Board(1000BASE-ZX,1310-LC)
03051252 SSN1EMS4(1000BASE-SX,850-LC) 4-port Gigabit Ethernet/Fast Ethernet Switching Processing Board(1000BASE-SX,850-LC)
03051253 SSN1EMS4(1000BASE-LX,1310-LC) 4-port Gigabit Ethernet/Fast Ethernet Switching Processing Board(1000BASE-LX,1310-LC)
03051254 SSN1EMS4(1000BASE-ZX,1310-LC) 4-port Gigabit Ethernet/Fast Ethernet Switching Processing Board(1000BASE-ZX,1310-LC)
03020KHU SSND00EFS411 4-port 10M/100M Fast Ethernet Processing Board with LAN Switch
03020KHP SSND00EFS011 8 FE 10/100M Fast Ethernet Processing Board with LAN Switch
03020KHQ SSND0EFS0A01 16 FE 10M/100M Fast Ethernet Processing Board with LAN Switch
03054594 SSN1EMS215 2-port Gigabit Ethernet /Fast Ethernet Switching Processing Board (1000BASE-ZX,1550-LC)
03054595 SSN1EMS216 2-port Gigabit Ethernet /Fast Ethernet Switching Processing Board(1000BASE-SX,850-LC)
03054596 SSN1EMS217 2-port Gigabit Ethernet /Fast Ethernet Switching Processing Board(1000BASE-LX,1310-LC)
03054597 SSN1EMS218 2-port Gigabit Ethernet /Fast Ethernet Switching Processing Board(1000BASE-VX,1310-LC)
Huawei OptiX OSN 7500 Ethernet Ring Board
03050934 SSN2EGR2(1000BASE-SX,850-LC) 2x1000M Optical-port Ethernet Ring Processing Board(1000BASE-SX,850-LC)
03050935 SSN2EGR2(1000BASE-LX,1310-LC) 2x1000M Optical-port Ethernet Ring Processing Board(1000BASE-LX,1310-LC)
03050938 SSN2EMR0(1000BASE-SX,850-LC) 12x10M/100M Electrical-port and 1x1000M Optical-port Ethernet Ring Processing Board(1000BASE-SX,850-LC)
03050939 SSN2EMR0(1000BASE-LX,1310-LC) 12x10M/100M Electrical-port and 1x1000M Optical-port Ethernet Ring Processing Board(1000BASE-LX,1310-LC)
Huawei OptiX OSN 7500 ATM/IMA Processing Board
03050864 SSN1ADL4(S-4.1,LC) 1x622M ATM Processing Board(S-4.1,LC)
03050849 SSN1ADQ1(Ie-1,LC,MM) 4x155M ATM Processing Board(Ie-1,LC,MM)
03050834 SSN1ADQ1(S-1.1,LC) 4x155M ATM Processing Board(S-1.1,LC)
03050861 SSN1ADQ1(L-1.1,LC) 4x155M ATM Processing Board(L-1.1,LC)
03050862 SSN1ADQ1(L-1.2,LC) 4x155M ATM Processing Board(L-1.2,LC)
03050925 SSN1IDQ1(Ie-1,LC,MM) 4x155M IMA/ATM Processing Board(Ie-1,LC,MM)
03050942 SSN1IDQ1(S-1.1,LC) 4x155M IMA/ATM Processing Board(S-1.1,LC)
03052303 SSND0IDQ1A01 Enhanced 4*155M IMA/ATM Processing Board(Ie-1,LC,MM)
03052304 SSND0IDQ1A02 Enhanced 4*155M IMA/ATM Processing Board(S-1.1,LC)
Multi-Service Transparent Transmission Board
03051258 SSN1MST4(2xFC,MM,0.5km) 4-Port Multi-Service Transparent Transmission Board(2xFC,MM,0.5km)
03051261 SSN1MST4(1xFC MM+2xESCON/DVB-ASI MM) 4-Port Multi-Service Transparent Transmission Board(1xFC MM+2xESCON
Huawei OptiX OSN 7500 OADM Unit
03030EYS TN11MR401 4-Channel Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing Board(192.1/192.2/192.3/192.4THz)
03030EYU TN11MR402 4-Channel Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing Board(192.5/192.6/192.7/192.8THz)
03030EYV TN11MR403 4-Channel Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing Board(192.9/193.0/193.1/193.2THz)
03030FBC TN11MR404 4-Channel Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing Board(193.3/193.4/193.5/193.6THz)
03030FBE TN11MR405 4-Channel Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing Board(193.7/193.8/193.9/194.0THz)
03030FBF TN11MR406 4-Channel Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing Board(194.1/194.2/194.3/194.4THz)
03030FBG TN11MR407 4-Channel Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing Board(194.5/194.6/194.7/194.8THz)
03030FBH TN11MR408 4-Channel Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing Board(194.9/195.0/195.1/195.2THz)
03030FBJ TN11MR409 4-Channel Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing Board(195.3/195.4/195.5/195.6THz)
03030FBK TN11MR410 4-Channel Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing Board(195.7/195.8/195.9/196.0THz)
03030FBS TN11CMR401 4-Channel Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing Board(1291/1311/1331/1351nm)
03030FBT TN11CMR402 4-Channel Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing Board(1391/1411/1431/1451nm)
03030FBU TN11CMR403 4-Channel Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing Board(1471/1491/1591/1611nm)
03030FBV TN11CMR404 4-Channel Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing Board(1511/1531/1551/1571nm)
Arbitrary Bit Rate(34M~2.7Gbps NRZ code) Optical Wavelength Conversion Config Board
02314102 SSN1LWX-100GHz(12800ps/nm,Rx1_APD,LC,eSFP-1550nm-L-16.2)-Double Transmit,C_EVEN Arbitrary Bit Rate(34M~2.7Gbps Optical Wavelength Conversion Config Board(Double Transmit,C_EVEN),100GHz(12800ps/nm,Rx1_APD,LC,eSFP-1550nm-L-16.2)
02314102 SSN1LWX-100GHz(12800ps/nm,Rx1_APD,LC,eSFP-1310nm-L-16.1)-Double Transmit,C_EVEN Arbitrary Bit Rate(34M~2.7Gbps Optical Wavelength Conversion Config Board(Double Transmit,C_EVEN),100GHz(12800ps/nm,Rx1_APD,LC,eSFP-1310nm-L-16.1)
02314102 SSN1LWX-100GHz(12800ps/nm,Rx1_APD,LC,eSFP(W)-1310nm-S-16.1)-Double Transmit,C_EVEN Arbitrary Bit Rate(34M~2.7Gbps NRZ code) Optical Wavelength Conversion Config Board(Double Transmit,C_EVEN),100GHz(12800ps/nm,Rx1_APD,LC,eSFP(W)-1310nm-S
02314102 SSN1LWX-100GHz(3400ps/nm,2mW,Rx1_APD,LC,eSFP-1550nm-L-16.2)-Single Transmit,C_EVEN Arbitrary Bit Rate(34M~2.7Gbps
Optical Wavelength Conversion Config Board(Single Transmit,C_EVEN),100GHz(3400ps/nm,2mW,Rx1_APD,LC,eSFP-1550nm
02314102 SSN1LWX-100GHz(3400ps/nm,2mW,Rx1_APD,LC,eSFP-1310nm-L-16.1)-Single Transmit,C_EVEN Arbitrary Bit Rate(34M~2.7Gbps Optical Wavelength Conversion Config Board(Single Transmit,C_EVEN),100GHz(3400ps/nm,2mW,Rx1_APD,LC,eSFP-1310nm-L
02314102 SSN1LWX-100GHz(3400ps/nm,2mW,Rx1_APD,LC,eSFP(W)-1310nm-S-16.1)-Single Transmit,C_EVEN Arbitrary Bit Rate(34M~2.7Gbps NRZ code) Optical Wavelength Conversion Config Board(Single Transmit,C_EVEN),100GHz(3400ps/nm,2mW,Rx1_APD,LC,eSFP(W)-1310nm-S-16.1)
02314102 SSN1LWX-100GHz(12800ps/nm,Rx1_APD,LC,eSFP-1550nm-L-16.2)-Single Transmit,C_EVEN Arbitrary Bit Rate(34M~2.7Gbps NRZ code) Optical Wavelength Conversion Config Board(Single Transmit,C_EVEN),100GHz(12800ps/nm,Rx1_APD,LC,eSFP-1550nm-L-16.2)
02314102 SSN1LWX-100GHz(12800ps/nm,Rx1_APD,LC,eSFP-1310nm-L-16.1)-Single Transmit,C_EVEN Arbitrary Bit Rate(34M~2.7Gbps NRZ code) Optical Wavelength Conversion Config Board(Single Transmit,C_EVEN),100GHz(12800ps/nm,Rx1_APD,LC,eSFP-1310nm-L-16.1)
02314102 SSN1LWX-100GHz(12800ps/nm,Rx1_APD,LC,eSFP(W)-1310nm-S-16.1)-Single Transmit,C_EVEN Arbitrary Bit Rate(34M~2.7Gbps NRZ code) Optical Wavelength Conversion Config Board(Single Transmit,C_EVEN),100GHz(12800ps/nm,Rx1_APD,LC,eSFP(W)-1310nm
02314102 SSN1LWX-100GHz(3400ps/nm,2mW,Rx1_APD,LC,eSFP-1550nm-L-16.2)-Double Transmit,C_EVEN Arbitrary Bit Rate(34M~2.7Gbps NRZ code) Optical Wavelength Conversion Config Board(Double Transmit,C_EVEN),100GHz(3400ps/nm,2mW,Rx1_APD,LC,eSFP-1550nm
02314102 SSN1LWX-100GHz(3400ps/nm,2mW,Rx1_APD,LC,eSFP-1310nm-L-16.1)-Double Transmit,C_EVEN Arbitrary Bit Rate(34M~2.7Gbps NRZ code) Optical Wavelength Conversion Config Board(Double Transmit,C_EVEN),100GHz(3400ps/nm,2mW,Rx1_APD,LC,eSFP-1310nm
02314102 SSN1LWX-100GHz(3400ps/nm,2mW,Rx1_APD,LC,eSFP(W)-1310nm-S-16.1)-Double Transmit,C_EVEN Arbitrary Bit Rate(34M~2.7Gbps NRZ code) Optical Wavelength Conversion Config Board(Double Transmit,C_EVEN),100GHz(3400ps/nm,2mW,Rx1_APD,LC,eSFP(W)-1310nm-S-16.1)
Huawei OptiX OSN7500 Optical Amplifier Unit
03037355 SSN1BA2(14/14,LC) Dual Booster Amplifier Board(-6dBm~+3dBm,14dBm,LC)
03037356 SSN1BA2(17/17,LC) Dual Booster Amplifier Board(-6dBm~+3dBm,17dBm,LC)
03037357 SSN1BA2(14,LC) Booster Amplifier Board(-6dBm~+3dBm,14dBm,LC)
03037358 SSN1BA2(17,LC) Booster Amplifier Board(-6dBm~+3dBm,17dBm,LC)
03037362 SSN1BPA(17/-38,LC) Optical Booster Pre-amplifier Board(-38dBm~-10dBm,22dB;-6dBm~+3dBm,17dBm,LC)
03030GQM SSN2BPA(14/-38,LC) Optical Booster Pre-amplifier Board(-38dBm~-10dBm,22dB~33dB;-6dBm~+3dBm,14dBm,LC)
03030BBJ SSN1COA(-37,SC) Case Shape Pre-amplifier Board(-37dBm,SC)
03032172 SS61COA(14 SC) Case-shape Booster Amplifier Board(14dBm,SC)
03032173 SS61COA(17 SC) Case-shape Booster Amplifier Board(17dBm,SC)
03038440 SS6M1COA(R) Case-shape Raman Optical Amplifier
03051530 SSN1ROP Remote Optical Pump Board
02120283 SSEE1RFB Remote Optical Pump Fan Box
003020AJP SSN1FIB Single Channel Filter Isolation Board
02313722 SSE-RGU(48 Cores Single Fibre) 48 Cores Single Fibre Underground RGU Unit
02313582 SSE-RGU(72 Cores Single Fibre) 72 Cores Single Fibre Underground RGU Unit
02313724 SSE-RGU(Single Fibre) Single Fibre Cabinet RGU Unit
03030ESS TN11OBU101 C-BAND Optical Booster Unit (MAX -4dBm IN and 16dBm OUT,Gain 20dB)
03030EST TN11OBU102 C-BAND Optical Booster Unit (MAX -3dBm IN and 23dBm OUT,Gain23dB)
Huawei OptiX OSN 7500 Accessories
21150422 Bracket of Guide Rail
21132880 Blank Front Panel
Huawei OptiX OSN 7500 Dispersion Compensation Module
03027351 SSN1DCU(60km,LC) Single Channel Dispersion Compensation Board(60km,LC)
03027541 SSN1DCU(80km,LC) Single Channel Dispersion Compensation Board(80km,LC)
03027542 SSN1DCU(60km/60km,LC) Dual Channel Dispersion Compensation Board(60km/60km,LC)
03027543 SSN1DCU(80km/80km,LC) Dual Channel Dispersion Compensation Board(80km/80km,LC)
03029283 SSN2DCU(40km,LC,3dB) Single Channel Dispersion Compensation Board(40km,LC,3dB)
03029593 SSN2DCU(60km/60km,LC,3dB) Dual Channel Dispersion Compensation Board(60km/60km,LC,3dB)
Huawei OptiX OSN 7500 CWDM Optical Transceiver
34060217 SS-SFP-1470 Transceiver,SFP,1470nm,622M~2.5Gb/s,5dBm~0dBm,-28dBm,LC,80km
34060218 SS-SFP-1490 Transceiver-SFP-1490nm,622M~2.5Gb/s,5dBm~0dBm,-28dBm,LC,80km
34060223 SS-SFP-1510 Transceiver,SFP,1510nm,622M~2.5Gb/s,5dBm~0dBm,-28dBm,LC,80km
34060224 SS-SFP-1530 Transceiver,SFP,1530nm,622M~2.5Gb/s,5dBm~0dBm,-28dBm,LC,80km
34060225 SS-SFP-1550 Transceiver,SFP,1550nm,622M~2.5Gb/s,5dBm~0dBm,-28dBm,LC,80km
34060226 SS-SFP-1570 Transceiver,SFP,1570nm,622M~2.5Gb/s,5dBm~0dBm,-28dBm,LC,80km
34060227 SS-SFP-1590 Transceiver,SFP,1590nm,622M~2.5Gb/s,5dBm~0dBm,-28dBm,LC,80km
34060228 SS-SFP-1610 Transceiver,SFP,1610nm,622M~2.5Gb/s,5dBm~0dBm,-28dBm,LC,80Km
Huawei OptiX OSN 7500 DCM Module
45060064 SSE-DCM(A)-C-652(20km) Dispersion Compensation Module,1525~1568nm(compensate G.652 fiber),-319~-337ps/nm@1545nm(compensate 20km) 3.6dB=0.1dB=0.46ps,LC/UPC Interface,no pigtail,two packages
45060065 SSE-DCM(B)-C-652(40km) Dispersion Compensation Module,1525~1568nm(compensate G.652 fiber),-635~-673ps/nm@1545nm(compensate 40km) 5.4dB 0.1dB=0.65ps,LC/UPC Interface,no pigtail,two packages
45060066 SSE-DCM(C)-C-652(60km) Dispersion Compensation Module,1525~1568nm(compensate G.652 fiber),-953~-1009ps/nm@1545nm(compensate 60km)7.4dB 0.1dB 0.79ps,LC/UPC Interface,no pigtail,two packages
45060067 SSE-DCM(D)-C-652(80km) Dispersion Compensation Module,1525~1568nm(compensate G.652 fiber),-1270~-1340ps/nm@1545nm(compensate 80km) 9.5dB=0.1dB=0.91ps,LC/UPC Interface,no pigtail,two packages
45060068 SSE-DCM(E)-C-652(100km) DCM,1525~1568nm(compensate G.652 fiber),-1671~-1611ps/nm@1545nm(compensate 100km)=9dB=0.1dB=0.8ps,LC/UPC interface,two Packages
Huawei OptiX OSN7500 for sale

Huawei OptiX BWS 1600G-OLA-BWS1600G for sale

Huawei OptiX BWS 1600G-OLA-BWS1600G for sale
Huawei OpitX BWS 1600G-OLA
SSE3FIU03 C/1510
SSE1SC107 1510nm
SSE2SC107 1510nm
SSE1FMU02 1310nm
SSE1FMU04 1550nm
SSE2HBA 29dB 35dB
SSE2RPC01 C Raman
SSE3RPC01 C Raman
SSE1MCA07 40Gbps-8 C
SSE1MCA08 40Gbps-4 C
SSE2SC207 1510nm/1510nm
SSE1SC209 1510nm/1510nm
SSE2SC209 1510nm/1510nm
SSE5OAUC00 C 2dBm 18dBm
SSE1SC207 1510nm/1510nm
SSE5OAUC01C C 0dBm 20dBm
SSE50AUC03E C 4dBm 20dBm
SSE5OAUC05A C 0dBm 23dBm
SSE5OBUC03E C 23dB 20dBm
SSE5OBUC05A C 23dB 23dBm
SSE5OPUC03C C 23dB 15dBm
SSE-RGU Single Fibre RGU
SOHO-S1008A-CN 8 10/100M
SSE4OAUC05A C 0.8dBm 23.8dBm
SSE4OBUC05A C 23dB 23.8dBm
SSEB3RACK17 N63B ETSI 2200*600*300mm
SSEB3RACK18 N63B ETSI 2200*600*300mm
SSEB3RACK22 N63B ETSI 2200*600*300mm
SSEB3RACK23 N63B ETSI 2200*600*300mm
F000OPS01 FC/PC-LC/PC-G652D-2mm-30m
SSE-RGU 48 Cores Single Fibre 48 RGU
SS-OP-LC-SC-S-30 LC/PC-SC/PC-G652D-2mm-30m
SS-OP-LC-FC-M-30 FC/PC-LC/PC-A1b-2mm-30m
SS-OP-LC-FC-S-20 FC/PC-LC/PC-G652D-2mm-20m
SS-OP-LC-SC-S-20 LC/PC-SC/PC-G652D-2mm-20m
SS-OP-LC-FC-M-20 FC/PC-LC/PC-A1b-2mm-20m
SS-OP-LC-SC-M-20 LC/PC-SC/PC-A1b-2mm-20m
SS-OP-D-LC-S-3 LC/PC-LC/PC-G652D-2mm-3m
SS-OP-D-LC-M-10 LC/PC-LC/PC-A1b-2mm-10m
Huawei OptiX BWS 1600S-OLA-BWS1600S for sale
C1016BL00-450V/750V-60227 IEC 02 RV-16mm^2-85A
C1016BK00-450V/750V-60227 IEC 02 RV-16mm^2-85A
C1016RE00-450V/750V-60227 IEC 02 RV-16mm^2-85A
C1016YG00-450V/750V-60227 IEC 02 RV-16mm^2-85A
C1025BL00-450V/750V-60227 IEC 02 RV-25mm^2-110A
C1025BK00-450V/750V-60227 IEC 02 RV-25mm^2-110A
C1025YG00-450V/750V-60227 IEC 02 RV-25mm^2-110A
C1025RE00-450V/750V-60227 IEC 02 RV-25mm^2-110A
C1035BL00-450V/750V-60227 IEC 02 RV-35mm^2-135A
C1035BK00-450V/750V-60227 IEC 02 RV-35mm^2-135A
C1035RE00-450V/750V-60227 IEC 02 RV-35mm^2-135A
C1035YG00-450V/750V-60227 IEC 02 RV-35mm^2-135A
SSE-DCM S-C-652 5km-1525-1568nm G.652-77-87ps/nm 1545nm 5km-2.3dB-0.1dB.-0.3ps-LC/UPC
SSE-DCM 1-C-652 1km-1525-1565nm G.652-14.4-18.4ps/nm 1545nm 1km-2.0dB-0.1dB.-0.3ps-LC/UPC-237
SSE-DCM 2-C-652 2km-1525-1565nm G.652-31-35ps/nm 1545nm 2km-2.0dB-0.1dB.-0.3ps-LC/UPC-237-266
SSE-DCM 3-C-652 3km-1525-1565nm G.652-46-52ps/nm 1545nm 3km-2.0dB-0.1dB.-0.3ps-LC/UPC-237-266
SSE-DCM T-C-652 10km-1525-1568nm G.652-170-158ps/nm 1545nm 10km-2.8dB-0.1dB.-0.3ps-LC/UPC-266
SSE-DCM A-C-652 20km-1525-1568nm G.652-319-337ps/nm 1545nm 20km-3.6 dB.-0.1dB.-0.46ps-LC/UPC
SSE-DCM B-C-652 40km-1525-1568nm G.652-635-673ps/nm 1545nm 40km-5.4 dB.-0.1dB.-0.65ps-LC/UPC
SSE-DCM C-C-652 60km-1525-1568nm G.652-953-1009ps/nm 1545nm 60km-7.4 dB.-0.1dB.-0.79ps-LC/UPC
SSE-DCM D-C-652 80km-1525-1568nm G.652-1270-1340ps/nm 1545nm 80km-9.5 dB.-0.1dB.-0.91ps-LC/UPC
SSE-DCM E-C-652 100km-1525-1568nm G.652-1671-1611ps/nm 1545nm 100km-9dB-0.1dB.-0.8ps-LC/UPC
SSE-DCM F-C-652 120km-1525-1568nm G.652-2001-1937ps/nm 1545nm 120km-9.8dB-0.1dB.-0.8ps-LC/UP
SSE-DCM A-C-LEAF 20km-1528nm-1568nm LEAF 100%-82-71ps/nm 1545nm 20km-4dB-0.3dB.-0.5ps-LC/UPC
SSE-DCM B-C-LEAF 40km-1528nm-1568nm LEAF 100%-163-143ps/nm 1545nm 40km-5dB-0.3dB.-0.7ps-LC/UPC
SSE-DCM C-C-LEAF 60km-1528nm-1568nm LEAF 100%-244-215ps/nm 1545nm 60km-6.2dB-0.3dB.-0.8ps-LC/UPC
SSE-DCM D-C-LEAF 80km-1528nm-1568nm LEAF 100%-324-287ps/nm 1545 80km-6.9dB-0.3dB.-0.9ps-LC/UPC
SSE-DCM E-C-LEAF 100km-1528nm-1568nm LEAF 100%-404-360ps/nm 1545nm 100km-7.8dB-0.3dB.-1ps-LC/UPC
SSE-DCM A-C-TWRS 20km-1528-1568nm TW-RS-90.7-80.3ps/nm 1545nm 20km-2.8dB-0.1dB.-0.4ps-LC/UPC
SSE-DCM B-C-TWRS 40km-1528-1658nm TW-RS-181-161ps/nm 1545nm 40km-3.4dB-0.1dB.-0.4ps-LC/UPC
SSE-DCM D-C-TWRS 80km-1528-1568nm TW-RS-360.4-323.6ps/nm 1545nm 80km-4.6dB-0.1dB.-0.5ps-LC/UPC
SSE-DCM E-C-TWRS 100km-1528-1568nm TW-RS-449.5-405.5ps/nm 1545nm 100km-5dB-0.1dB.-0.5ps-LC/UPC
SSE-DCM F-C-TWRS 120km-1528-1568nm TW-RS-548.1-531.9ps/nm 1550nm 120km-6.0dB-0.1dB.-0.46ps-LC/UPC
SSE-DCM 1-C-G653 1Km-1525-1565nm-14.7-18.7ps/nm 1550nm 1km-1.0dB-0.1dB.-0.2ps-LC/UPC-237-266*43mm
SSE-DCM 2-C-G653 2Km-1525-1565nm-29.4-37.4ps/nm 1550nm 2km-1.2dB-0.1dB.-0.2ps-LC/UPC-237-266*43mm
SSE-DCM 3-C-G653 3Km-1525-1565nm-44-56ps/nm 1550nm 3km-1.5dB-0.1dB.-0.2ps-LC/UPC-237-266-43mm
SSE-DCM C-C-TWRS 60km-1528-1568nm TW-RS-271-242ps/nm 1545nm 60km-4dB-0.1dB.-0.5ps-LC/UPC
SSE-DCM 5-C-G653 5km-1525-1565nm-73.5-93.5ps/nm 1550nm 5km-1.9dB-0.1dB.-0.1ps-LC/UPC-237-266-43mm- 5km G.652
SSE-DCM 10-C-G653 10km-1525-1565nm-147-187ps/nm 1545nm 10km-3.0dB-0.1dB.-0.15ps-LC/UPC-237-266-43mm-10km G.652
SSE-DCM 15-C-G653 15km-1525-1565nm-220-280ps/nm 1545nm 15km-4.1dB-0.1dB.-0.2ps-LC/UPC-237-266-43mm-15km G.652
SSE-DCM 20-C-G653 20km-1525-1565nm-294-374ps/nm 1545nm 20km-5.0dB-0.1dB.-0.5ps-LC/UPC-237-266-43mm- G.652
SSE-DCM F-C-652-FBG 120km-1528-1568nm G.652 FBG-1941-2021ps/nm 1545nm 120km-4dB-0.2dB.-1ps-LC/UPC-211.5 197 22.35mm
SSE-DCM G-C-652-FBG 140km-1528-1568nm G.652-2311ps/nm 1545nm 140km-0.5-LC/PC-8.0-1.6-235-234-45mm
SSE-DCM H-C-652-FBG 160km-1528-1568nm compensation G.652 Fiber-2642ps/nm 1545 compensation 160km-0.5-LC/PC-8.0-1.6
SSE-DCM I-C-652-FBG 180km-1528-1568nm G.652-2972ps/nm 1545nm 180km-0.5-LC/PC-8.0-1.6-235*234-45mm
SSE-DCM J-C-652-FBG 200km-1528-1568nm compensation G.652 Fiber-3302ps/nm 1545 compensation 200km-0.5-LC/PC-8.0-1.6
SSE-DCM F-C-655-FBG 120km-1528-1568nm compensation G.655 Fiber-452ps/nm 1545 compensation 120km-0.3-LC/PC-3.7-1.0
SSE-DCM H-C-655-FBG 160km-1528-1568nm compensation G.655 Fiber-603ps/nm 1545 compensation 160km-0.3-LC/PC-3.7-1.0
SSE-DCM J-C-655-FBG 200km-1528-1568nm compensation G.655 Fiber-754ps/nm 1545 compensation 200km-0.3-LC/PC-3.7-1.0
SSE-DCM L-C-655-FBG 240km-1528-1568nm compensation G.655 Fiber-905ps/nm 1545 compensation 240km-0.3-LC/PC-3.7-1.0
SSE5OAUC03E C0000FE00-100ohm-0.51mm-24AWG-8430U
Huawei OptiX BWS 1600G-OLA-BWS1600G for sale