Huawei for sale

Huawei for sale
H565ADBF, H56D00ADEF01 ADBF 64-channel ADSL2+
OptiX 155/622H,S4BlCASE,Assembly Chassis D-48VD
NetEngine40-8,CR0B6GSR,NE40-8 Integrated Chassis With Dual DC Power
SIWF, TG0B3SPC, Uniform Assembly Chassis
UMG8900,UG0E4MFAN,Universal Media Gateway NGN Fan Box
SoftX3000,SF3E4SXFS,Fan Box,NGN
BTS3606,QCLE3FAN,Fan Module
BSC6600,QClElFAN,Fan Box,NGN
BTS3012,GM5ElBFAN,Fan Box
BTS3606AE,QCSE1BFAN,Baseband Fan Box
Fan Box,PARC,WPlE2PFNS,Base Station Controller 9 Fan Box
BTS3606AE,QCSE2LPFB,Lightning Protection and Filtering Box,110V
Power Distribution Box-PARC-WPlE01DPD-DPD100-6-20 DC Power
MSOFTX3000,KWAT2BAM,BAM Server Terminal,IBM X3650 Server
MSOFTX3000,KWAT1BAM,BAM Server Terminal,DELL 2950 Server
MSOFTX3000,KWAT5BAM,BAM Server Terminal,WinSvr2003 R2
UMG8900,UG0K2MNBS,Universal Media Gateway SSM-256
SoftX3000,SF3K4CPS,Service Control Shelf,NGN
Backplane Frame-WCDMA NODEB BTS3806A-Power System
03051838 GS31SMMD0
03053304 AI23SGPU0
03054125 AI21RHDU2
03030DJB CN21SDMC0
03051857 GS32X0
03053125 AI21RSMU0
03053520 AE32X2
03052807 TI47SDU16
03052756 GS37MM0
03052673 TI47OCG24
SSIA2 03053246 CN21SSIA2
USIA7 03052509 CN21USIA7
SWIA1 03052365 CN21SWIA1
SSIA2 03053246 CN21SSIA2
SWIA0 03052366 CN21SWIA0
UPBA3 03052608 CN21UPBA3
SWUA1 03052367 CN21SWUA1
MSPB0 03052602 CN21MSPB0
UPBA6 03053401 CN22UPBA6
UPBA3 03052608 CN21UPBA3
MSPB0 03052602 CN21MSPB0
SWUA1 03052367 CN21SWUA1
OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1AFB,Subrack
OptiX OSN 2500,SSQ1AFB,Subrack
OptiX OSN 1500,SSR1AFB,Subrack
UMG8900,UG0K1MMBS,Universal Media Gateway SSM-32
PCU6000,GP2K2PCU,3 DC Power Module Configuration Chassis
BTS3606E.QCRK1BFAN,Baseband Fan Shelf
OptiX OSN 1500,SSRlAFB,Subrack
M900BTS30,GM5M1TRX,900M Transceiver UnitD40WD
PSM-A,PS481000-5/100 Power System Control Unit
Function Module,AC/DC PMU,For GSM BTS Power Supply
QuidwayR3680E,RTDMT4El,4-Port cEl/PRI Interface Module
Quidway S3526C,LS6M8GTlUA,Single Port 1000M Ethernet
Quidway SS3526C,LS6MEGSlUA,Single Port 1000M Ethernet
Function Module,PS48100-2,PSM-10,Monitoring Module
Function Module,PSM-B5,4845 Power System Monitoring Module
Quidway S3528G,LSAMP48,Ethernet Switch D-48VD,Overseas Version
Quidway S3528G,LSAMP220,Ethernet Switch D220VD,Overseas Version
Quidway S3528P,LSAMQ48,Ethernet Switch D-48VD,Overseas Version
Quidway Eudemon 200,FWlM12FE,2-port 10/100M Ethernet
SGSN9810,KW3M3UPWR,PSM Subrack Power Module
BTS3606,QCLMlCTRM,Compact-BTS Transceiver Module,450MHz
BTS3606,QCLM1BRFM,3606 Fan Module
BTS3606,QC5M2BRFM,RF Fan Module
Quidway Eudemon 1000,FW4MlE8FE,High Speed 8-Port
Security Platform Software
BTS3612A,PSM-B7A,Power System Monitor Unit
3051119 PARC WP11XPUa Extensible Processing Unit REV:a
3051481 PARC WP12DPUb Data Processing Unit REV:b
3051813 PARC WP13DPUc Data Processing Unit REV:c
Eudemon 200,FWlM3E200A,Eudemon 200 ChassisDACD With 2FE
Quidway Eudemon 200,FW1M1GP4U,Gigabit Ethernet Small UnitQ850nm,0.55km,LCD
Quidway Eudemon 200,FW1M3GP4U,SFP Gigabit Electrical Interface ModuleDRJ45D
Eudemon 1000,FW4MlE2GFF,High Speed 2-Port Gigabit Ethernet Optical DSFPD
Function Module,PSM-BA,GEPS4820 Power System Monitor Module
BTS3606,QCKMlCMPA,Compact-BTS Multi-carrier Power Amplifier Module,800MHz
Function Module-WCDMA NODEB BTS3812A-Power System Monitor Module-EPMUOl
Function Module,PSM-B9,4860 Power System Monitoring Module
BTS3012A,GM5M1EMUA2432,24VDC 32 Port EMUA Environment Monitoring Module
Function Module,GSM BTS3006A,EPMU11-P,Power System Monitor Module
BTS3606,QCKM2CMTR,Compact-BTS Multi-carrier Transceiver Module,800MHz
BTS3606,QCKM2CMPA,Compact-BTS Multi-carrier Power Amplifier Module,800MHz
G3BTS3012,GM5M2DTRU,Double Transceiver Unit.M900
BTS3012,GMKMlDDPU,Dual Duplexer Unit for DTRU BTS,DCS- TX1805-1880MHz/RX1710-1785MHz
BTS3606E,QCKM3CMTR,Indoor Multi-carrier Transceiver Module D800MHzD
BTS3606AE,QCKMlOMTR,Outdoor Multi-carrier Transceiver Module D800MHZD
BTS3606E,QCKMllDFUAB,lndoor-BTS Duplexer and Filter Unit,800MAB,TX:869-888.5MHz
BTS3606AE,QCKMlOMPA,Outdoor Multi-carrier Power Amplifier Module D800MHZ D
BBU3806.QWF1EMUA1.32 Port EMUA Environment Monitoring ModuleD- 48VDCD
BTS3606AE,QCKMlODFUA,Outdoor-BTS Duplexer and Filter Unit,800MA,TX:869-880MHz
BTS3012,GM5M6DTRU,Double Transceiver Unit,M900
BTS3606E,QCKM4CMTR,Indoor Multi-carrier Transceiver Module D800MHz D Six Channels
BTS3012,GM5M6DDPU,Dual Duplexer Unit for DTRU BTS,PGSM- TX935-960MHz/RX890-915MHz
BTS3606AE,QCKM2OMTR,Outdoor Multi-carrier Transceiver Module D800MHZ D
BTS3012,GMKM6DTRU,Double Transceiver Unit,M1800
BTS3012,GMKM6DDPU,Dual Duplexer Unit for DTRU BTS,DCS- TX1805-1880MHz/RX1710-1785MHz
Switch Products,DP0M0ESFP,Optical Transceiver,eSFP,GE,Multi-mode ModuleD850nm,0.5km,LCD
Datacom Products,DP0M0GBIC,Optical Transceiver,GBIC,GE,Single-mode ModuleQ1300nm,10km,SCQ
Functional Module,HERT BBU,WD2M1UEIU,Universal Environment Interface control Unit
BTS3606E,QCKM5CMTR,Indoor Multi-carrier Transceiver Module D800MHZ D,20MHz
BTS3012,GM5M0DDPU,Dual Duplexer Unit for QTRU BTS,PGSM- TX935-960MHz/RX890-915MHz
Eudemon 1000,FW4MlE2GF,High Speed 2-Port Gigabit Ethernet Optical Interface DSFPD
Platform Software
Function Module,BTS3606AE,QCSM1HEU,Heat Exchanger,Temperature Control Unit,HX02-12DH
RRU3801E,WD3MlRRU4,Distributed Base Station Radio Remote UnitD- 48V,EDHT 40W,2100M,2.5G
Function Module,Power3000,CPMU01,Power System Monitor Module
BTS3900/A,WD5MGRFU83A,GSM Multiple Carriers Transceiver Unit,1800M RX1710-1755MHZ/TX1805-1850MHZ
S5300C,CX7M1PWD,DC Power Module
RRU3804,WD5MARU261,Distributed Base Station Radio Remote UnitD- 48V,EDHT 60W,2100M
03020JLT HERT BBU,WD22USCUB12,Universal Satellite card and Clock,with RT Satellite Card
02310CGB RRU3928,WD5MJRUA830,MRRU V3,Multi-mode Multi-carriers Remote Radio Unit
03021WVF Manufactured Board,BBU3900,WD23LBBPD1,LTE Baseband Processing Unit
OptiX RTN 605,RTN 605 System SL72IRU101,3-FE+1-GE+16-E1+1-IF IDU UnitO-48VDCQ
DBS3900,WD5M1G2DA1,GRRU GSM Single-mode Multi-carriers Remote Radio UnitDDCS1800:TX1805-1850MHz/RX1710-1755MHz,-48VDC,2.5GD
DBS3900,WD5M1G2PQ1,GRRU GSM Single-mode Multi-carriers Remote Radio UnitDP-GSM900:TX935-960MHz/RX890-915MHz,-48VDC,1.25GD- RRU3008 PGSM 8C 80W ETSI
RRU3606,QCUM5RRUA,Transceiver & Power Amplifier ModuleD800M Band A,80W
Function Module,HERT MPE,WD2M1EPM,Power System Monitor Module,303
OptiX RTN 910,SLAM2HS12,RTN910 System.With 16 Channels ElQ120ohmO and 4 Channels FEDEIecticD
OptiX OSN 6800,TNlM3LSXT01,10Gbit/s Wavelength Conversion BoardDWavethlength TunableD,DWDM
BTS3900/A,WD5MGRFU78B,V2,GSM Multiple Carriers Transceiver Unit,900M RX890-915MHz/TX935-960MHz
BTS3900/A,WD5MGRFU73A,V2,GSM Multiple Carriers Transceiver Unit,1800M RX1710-1770MHz/TX1805-1865MHz
OptiX RTN 910,RTN 910 Basal Configuration 16ElD120OhmD+ 2FEDRJ45D+2GEDRJ45D
RRU3606,QCUM15RRUA,Transceiver & Power Amplifier ModuleDDC,60W,800M Band AD
Function Module-Quidway S8500-LSBM1GP24DB0-24 Port Gigabit Ethernet DDBD-DSFP,LCD-24 Gigabit Ethernet Optical
Quidway AR 28-80,RTJM14ElE,4-Port CE1/PRI Interface Module
Quidway AR 28-80,RTJM12ElE,2-Port CE1/PRI Interface Module
Quidway AR 28-80,RTJMllElE,l-Port CE1/PRI Interface Module
Quidway AR 28-11,RTJM32811,Router Host V3DACD,VRP3 Overseas Version
Quidway AR 28-31,RTJM32831,Router Host V3DACD,VRP3 Overseas Version
Quidway S3528G,LSAMPGT1U,GBIC Gigabit Ethernet Interface ModuleD100m,RJ45D
Quidway S8505,LSBM2POWER,DC Power Supply,1200W
Quidway S8500,LSBM2FT48B0,48 Ports 100Base-TX Ethernet OBQ
Quidway AR 46-80,RTMM1RPU, Router Process Unit
Quidway S8505,LSBM1SRP1N2,Switching-route Processing Board
Function Module-Quidway S8500-LSBM1GT24CA0-24 Port Gigabit Ethernet Electrical Interface Service Board
Quidway S6500,LS8M1T12PE,12-Port lOOOBase-T Gigabit Ethernet Electrical lnterface+4-Port 1000BASE-X Gigabit
Quidway S8500,LSBMAGP4U,SFP 1000M Ethernet Optical Interface Unit, D1310nm,10km,LCD
Quidway S6500,LS8M3GB8U,GBIC 1000M Ethernet Optical Interface Unit, Q1310nm,10km,SCO
Quidway S6500,LS8M7220,S6502 Ethernet Switch AC Power Supply Module,Overseas Version
Quidway S6500,LS8M1GT20A,20-Port lOOOBase-T Gigabit Ethernet Electrical Interface ModuleORJ45Q
Quidway AR 46-40,RTMM24640B,Router Basic Configuration (DC), Oversea Version and Without Router Process Unit
Quidway S8505, LSBM2SRP1N2,Switching-route Processing Board, 5-LPU
Quidway S3026C,LS3ZK220,Ethernet Switch Host (220V)
Quidway S3026C,LS3ZK48,Ethernet Switch Host048VQ
Quidway S2318TP-EI,CX4Z118AM,S2318TP-EI MainframeD16 10/100 BASE-T ports and 2 Combo GED10/100/1000 BASE-T+100/1000
Quidway S3328TP-EI,CX5Z128AM,S3328TP-EI Mainframe024 10/100 BASE-T ports and 2 Combo GED10/100/1000 BASE-T+100/1000 Base-XD ports and 2 SFP GE D1000 BASE-XD ports DSFP Req.D and AC 110/220VD
Quidway S5328C-EI,CX7Z128CM,S5328C-EI MainframeD24 10/100/1000Base-T,Chassis,Dual Slots of power
Quidway S5328C-EI-24S,CX7Z328CM,S5328C-EI-24S MainframeD24 100/1000Base-X,4 Combo GED10/100/1000 BASE-TD,Chassis,Dual Slots of power,Without Flexible Card and Power ModuleD
S3928P-EI Ethernet switchDAC 110/220V, DC 48VD
Quidway S5624P, LSHZ224P, L3 Ethernet SwitchD24GE+4SFP Combo+PSUD, Overseas Version
S6502 Ethernet Switch Chassis with fan and documents, support PoE and XGBUS, 2 power cord inputs, no power module
Quidway S3528P-EA Ethernet Switch with 24 10/100BASE-TX ports and 4 1000BASE-X SFP portsDAC/DCD
Quidway S2016TP-EA,LSNZ216TPBA,L2 Ethernet SwitchD16FE+2COMBOD,Overseas VersionD220VACD
S2000,ST9Z1D300,300GB 15K RPM SAS Disk Unit
S3900,STLZ14S600,600GB 10K RPM SAS Disk UnitD2.5″D,For S3900/S6900
Power Distribution Box,220V,50/60Hz,34000mA, English and Chinese,for EPS300-27A
Power Distribution Cabinet,Three-phases AC Distribution Box,380V,50/60Hz,Type HWJF-PDL-100T,With Surge Protective
BTS3012,GM51DCSU,Combined Cabinet Signal Connection Adapter Coupling Board
BTS3606E,QCK2CSLM,Compact-BTS Serial Port Lightning-proof Module
BTS3012AE,GM51DELU,E1 Signal Lightning-Protection Unit for DTRU BTS
OptiX RTN 600,SL61PXC,Power and Cross-connect and Synchronous Timing Board
OptiX RTN 600,SL61IF1A,IF System Board
BTS3012AE,GM51DMLU,Monitor signal Lightning-Protection Unit for DTRU BTS
BTS3606AE,QCK2BBKMB,Baseband Backplane Module
BTS3012AE,GM51DGLU,Combined Group Signal Lightning-Protection Unit for DTRU
OptiX RTN 600,SL61FANA,Fan Board Assembled Board
DBS3800,WD22UELP,Universial El/Tl Lighting Protection unit
HERT BBU,WD22UPEA,Universal Power and Environment Interface Unit Type AD-48VD,
HERT BBU, WD22WMPT, WCDMA Main Processing Transmission unit D4E1 + 2FED
OptiX PTN 910 & 950,TND1IFE2,Packet Microwave Intermediate Frequency Board
OptiX OSN 6800,TNllPIU02,Power Interface Unit
HERT BBU, WD22CMPT01, CBTS Main Processing & Transmission unit D4E1 + 2FED,with RT GPS card
BTS3900,QCU3HCPMA,1X Channel Processing Module D256 Channel
BTS3900,QCU4HECMA1,DO Baseband Processing Unit D284 Channel
BTS3606,QCK3CECM,DO Channel Processing Module
Manufactured Board,MSU208,EW51TPB,MSU208 Secondary Power Board,2-3 Assembled Board
M900/M1800BTS30,GMKlTDU,Timing Distribution Unit
OptiX 2500+,SS61E75,63xEl/Tl Access BoardD75/120ohmD
BTS3812E,QC51BESP,BTS El Lightning Protection Board
OptiX 155/622H,SS44FA2A,D-48VDFan Board,1-2 Assembled Board
Manufactured Board,W4485Z,SPDllD,48V400A/50A Power System DC Surge Protect Board
Manufactured Board,BTS3012A,GMOlTCU,Temperature Control Unit
HONET,H601E8IA,8-Channel IMA El Electric Interface Pinch Board
OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1PIU,Power Interface Board,lxl Assembled Board
HONET,H601E2FN,2-Port 10/100M Ethernet Electrical Interface Pinched Board
OptiX OSN 3500,SSNlD75S,32xEl/Tl Electrical Interface Switching BoardD75 Ohm0,lxl Assemble Board
OptiX OSN 3500,SSNlEU08,8xSTM-l Electrical Interface Board,lxl Assembled Board
OptiX OSN 3500,SSNlOU08,8xSTM-l Optical Access BoardDLC.S-l.lD.lxl Assembled Board
OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1ETF8,8-Port 10M/100M BaseT Fast Ethernet Interface Board,lxl Assembled Board
OptiX OSN 3500,SSNlD12B,32xEl/Tl Electrical Interface Board,lxl Assembled Board
OptiX OSN 3500,SSNlEU04,4xSTM-l Electrical Interface Board,lxl Assembled Board
BITS,BT11MUTC,M12 And UT Satellite Card Interface Conversion Board
BTS3012,GM51DSAC,Signal Access Card for DTRU BTS
BTS3012,GM51DELC,E1 Signal Lightning-Protection card for DTRU BTS
BTS3012,GM51DMLC,Monitor signal Lightning-Protection card for DTRU BTS
BTS3012,GM51DCCU,Sinai adapter coupling board
02311HDH Function Module,RHUB3908,WD6MXRHUBAA,pRRU pool and PoE support
02311LMG Function Module,pRRU3911,WD6MXAAD6AR0,LampSite
3057252 Finished Board Unit,HERT BBU,WD22UMPTe2,Universal Main Processing Transmission Unit
02311JDH Function Module,pRRU3911,WD6MXAAD6AJ0,LampSite
OptiX 155/622,SSllPL3A0,3xE3 Electrical Interface Board 24mm
Finished board-C&C08Q-CQ02SPT0-trunk drive and voice board
OptiX OSN 2500,SSQ2CXL1602,STM-16 System Control,Cross-connect,Optical Interface BoardDS-16.1,LCD
OptiX OSN 2500,SSQ2CXL1603,STM-16 System Control,Cross-connect,Optical Interface Board0L-16.1,LCD
GGSN9811,KW53SPUB0,Service Process Unit
GGSN9811,KW51CSPC0,Compression Service Processing Card
NetEngine40,CR03SRUE0,Switch Router Unit,Enhanced
MA5200G,H521E2GFF0,2GEDSFPD Physical Interface Board
NetEngine20E-8,RTPlENPUB0,Network Processor Unit
NetEngine20E-8,RTPlERPUA0,Enhanced Router Process Unit 0512M Memory,with 2GE/FE Interface
GGSN9811,KW51CCU0,Content Charging Unit
BTS3012,GM51DTMU0,Transmission & Timing & Management Unit for DTRU BTS
SGSN9810,KW31UAIC0,UMSC ATM Interface Card
SGSN9810,KW31UEFC0,UMSC Ethernet Fiber Interface Card
HONET P3,H602IPMB0,IP Service Process Board of Master Frame
BTS3606,QC54BCIM0,Controlling Interface ModuleDIP 8E1/T1D
OptiX OSN 2500,SSQ2SAP01,System Auxiliary Process Board
BTS3606E,QCK2CCPMD0,Compact BTS Channel Processing ModuleD128 ChannelD
HONET P3,H603ADRB0,32-port ADSL2+ Board,with Splitter/No Test in and out Access Relay
UMG8900,UG01MECJ0,Echo Canceller Pinch CardDlK Channels 64msQ
BTS3606E,QCK2BCKM0,Compact BTS Main Control Clock ModuleWith Resolution-T Receiver Module
BTS3606E,QCK1CRDM0,Compact BTS Resource Distribution Module
OptiX OSN 6800,TN11M40V01,40-Channel Multiplexing Board With VOADC Even,196.00THz 192.10THz,100GHz,LCQ
NetEngine20E-8,RTPlERPUB0,Enhanced Router Process UnitDIG Memory,with 2GE/FE InterfaceD
BTS3606,QCKlBCKMA0,Main Clock BoardDwith GPS ReceiverD,Resolution-T
OptiX OSN 6800,TN11CRPC01,C Band Backward Raman Processing Board,With Los Detection
RTN600,SL61PHlA,16xEl Electrical Interface BoardQ75ohmQ
OptiX Metro 1000,SS49SCBG01,System Control & Communication Board
OptiX OSN 6800,TN11CRPC03,C Band High Power Forward Raman Processing Board
OptiX RTN 950,TND1FAN02,RTN 950 Fan
OptiX OSN 6800, TN12TMXT01,STM-16/OTU1 Asynchronism MUX OTU2 Wavelength Conversion Board AFEC,Tunable, 50GHzQ800ps/nm,Rxl_PIN,Txl 3dBm+2dBm,LCQ
OptiX OSN 6800,TN13LSXT01,10Gbit/s Wavelength Conversion Board DAFEC,TunableD,50GHzD800ps/nm,Rxl_PIN,Txl_-3dBm+2dBm,LCD
OptiX OSN 6800,TN12OAU103,C-BAND Optical Amplifier UnitOMAX -4dBm IN and 20dBm OUT,Gain 24 36dB0
OptiX OSN 6800,TN12OAU101,C-BAND Optical Amplifier UnitOMAX OdBm IN and 20dBm OUT.Gain 20 31dBQ
HERT BBU, WD22GTMUb, GBTS Main Processing & Transmission Unit D4E1 + 2FE + 6CPRI + 1EXTD
OptiX 155/622H,SS42SCB0,System Control & Communication Board
OptiX 155/622H,SS42OI2D01,2xSTM-l Optical Interface BoardDS-l.l,SCD
OptiX 2500+-SS62S1601,STM-16 Optical Interface BoardDS-16.1,SCD
OptiX 155/622,SS12TDA0,Multi-channel Audio & Data Interface BoardQ24mmQ
OptiX 155/622H,SS42SPlD01,8xEl Electrical Interface BoardD75/120ohmD
Finished Board,M900/M1800 BSC,GM13FTC0,Transcoder
OptiX 155/622H,SS43TDA0,Multi-channel Audio & Data Interface Board
M900MSC,GMllGNET0,Network Board Single Slot Handle BarD
OptiX 2500,SS32SCC02,System Control & Communication BoardQ24mmQ
OptiX 155/622H,SS42OI2S01,STM-l Optical Interface BoardDS-l.l,SCD
El Audio Card,E101DEIC0,PCI Bus Two-Channel El Audio Card
Finished Board,M900/M1800BTS30,GMK2TMU0,Timing/Transmission & Management Unit
OptiX 155/622,SS12GTC01,Cross-connect Board Without Crystal,24mm0
OptiX 2500+,SS62PQlA01,24mm Grey,63xEl Electrical Interface
OptiX 155/622H,SS42SP2A01,16xEl Electrical Interface
MUSA,H511SEPA0,System Extension Board
MUSA,H511O2CTG0,Single Mode 30Km,2-Channel 155M ATM
OptiX 155/622,SS14STG01,Timing Board
OptiX 2500+,SS61ET101,Ethernet Processing Board
NetEngine 80,CR01EGFE0,16-Port Fast Ethernet
MUSA,H511E8IT0,ATM Inverse Multiplexing Interface Board
HONET,H511CKMB0,SDH & TDM Clock Pinch Board
MA5100,H511AIUA0,ATM Interface Unit
C&C08A,CCOHASL1,32-Port, 48V Analog Subscriber Board
NetEngine80,CR01E4GC0,4-port GBIC Optical Interface Line Card_WAN
OptiX 10GDV2.0D,SSAlSL6426,STM-64 Optical Interface BoardDV-64.2b,SCD
OptiX 2500+,SS63XCS01,Cross-Connect & Clock Processing Board
OptiX 155/622H,SS44PD2TI01,48xEl Electrical Interface Board075ohmQ
UMSC9810L,KW31USS70,UMSC SS7 Signaling Link Processing Unit
MA5100,H511SMXB1,Slave Multiplexing and Control Board,Shielded Handle Bar
UMSC9810L,KW31UEPC0,UMSC Encryption Processing Card
BITS,BTllMITUO,Maintenance Interface and TOD Unit
NetEngine40-8/4,CR01SRUB0,Switch Router Unit
NetEngine 80,CR01C4CF0,4-Port Channelized OC-3/STM-1 to Tl/El SFP Optical Line Card
BITS,BTllTSOU0,Timing Signal Output Unit
BITS,BT11LCIM0,Line Clock Input and Measure unit
BITS,BT11SRCU0,Satellite signal receiver and Rubidium Clock Unit
MA5100,H511MMXCl,Main Multiplexing & Control Board,Shielded Front Panel
MA5100,H511LAND0,Ethernet Access Board
Finished Board,C9000L,GMMlGCKS0,Clock Board
BTS3606,QCKlCCPMA0,Compact BTS Channel Processing Module064- Channel
BTS3612,QC52BCIM0,Controlling Interface Module
MA5100,H513ADCG0,32-port ADSL2+ Board,with Splitter and In/Out Testing Function
NetEngine40,CR018CE10,8 Ports,RJ45,Channelized El,Flexible Card
OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1GXCSA01,General Cross-connect and Synchronous Timing Board
OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1EXCSA01,Enhanced Cross-connect and Synchronous Timing Board
NetEngine 40,CR01E2GFF0,2GE_SFP Flexible Plug Card_WAN
OptiX OSN 3500,SSN2EFS001,10M/100M Fast Ethernet Processing Board with LAN Switch
OptiX Metrol000,SS42EFS01,4-Port 10M/100M Fast Ethernet Electrical Interface Board
Quidway Eudemon 200,RTM1RPUA1,Quidway Eudemon 200 Main Process Board
OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1GSCC01,System Control and Communication Board
UMG8900,UG01SHPU0,Signaling High level link Processing Unit
OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1AUX01,System Auxiliary Interface Board
SIWF,KWB1SIWU0,Shared InterWorking Function Service Board
SIWF,KWBlSIWC0,Shared InterWorking Function Control Board
OptiX OSN 3500,SSNlPL301,3xE3/T3 Service Processing Board
OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1EFS401,4-Port 10M/100M Fast Ethernet Processing Board
OptiX OSN 3500,SSNlPQlA01,63xEl Service Processing Board075ohmQ
OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SL16A02,STM-16 Optical Interface BoardOS-16.1,LCQ
OptiX OSN 3500,SSNlSLQ401,4xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board
OptiX OSN 1500,SSRlPDlA01,32xEl Service Processing BoardD75ohmD
OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1PQ1B01,63xE1 Service Processing Board012Oohm0
BTS3012,GM51DEMU0,Environment Monitoring Unit for DTRX BTS
OptiX Metro 6040,SSL2SCC,System Control & Communication unit
OptiX OSN 2500,SSQlSAP01,System Auxiliary Process Board
NetEngine40,CR01EGFEFl,16FE_RJ45 Flexible Card_WAN
NetEngine40,UR01P2CFF0,2POS155_SFP Flexible Plug Card
OptiX OSN 1500,SSR1AUX01,System Auxiliary Interface Board
OptiX OSN 1500,SSR1EOW01,Engineering Order Wire Board
HONET P3,H602PWX0,Secondary Power Board
MA5200G,H521E8FD0,8-Port Fast Ethernet Electrical Interface
MA5200G,H521OlGDG0,l-Port GBIC Optical Interface Line Card
MA5100,H511MMXC2,Main Multiplexing & Control Board
NetEngine 80,CR01EGFEE0,16 Ports FE RJ45 Interface Line Card WAN
HONET P3,H602ADMC0,16-port ADSL2+ Board,With Splitter.With Line Capturing Function
OptiX 155/622H,SS46SCBA01,16xEl/75ohm/2xSTM-lDS-l.lD System Control Communication Board
OptiX 155/622H,SS46SCBE01,2xSTM-lDS-l.lD System Control & Communication Board
USP,CN21EFSA0,Ethernet FC Switch
MA5200G,H521E16FF0,16FE_RJ45 Physical Interface Board
HONET P3,H601APMB0,ATM Service Process Board of Master Frame
OptiX Metro 1000.SS42EFTQ01.4 Port 10M/100M Ethernet Mapped To VC-12/VC3D
UA5000,H601PVMB0,Packet Voice Module
LoopStar 810,SSUlXO3D01,Cross-connect System Control & OpticalD2xOC 3D
HONET P3,H601RSU40,Remote Subscriber Processing Board
BSC6600,QCllGCKM0,cBSC GPS/GLONASS & ClocK Processing board Set/With M12+ Card
BSC6600,QC11CRMU0,CDMA2000 Resource Management Unit
BSC6600,QC11CFMR0,CDMA2000 Radio Frame Processing Board
BSC6600,QC11CMUX0,CDMA2000 System Multiplexing Unit
BSC6600,QC11CSPU0,CDMA2000 Signaling Processing Unit
BSC6600,QC11CBPU0,CDMA2000 Packet Data Buffer Processing Unit
BSC6600,QC11C1AM0,CDMA2000 1-155M ATM Multimode Optical Pinch Board
SoftX3000,SF31WBFI0,Back Insert FE Interface Unit
SoftX3000,SF31WCKI0, Clock Interface Unit
SoftX3000,SF31WEPI0,El_Pool Interface Unit
SoftX3000,SF31WHSC0,Hot-Swap And Control Unit
SoftX3000,SF31WSIU0,System Interface Unit
SoftX3000,SF31WALU0,Alarm Unit
UMG8900,UG01MMPU0,Media gateway Main Processing Unit
UMG8900,UG01FOMU0,Fixed Network Operation & Maintenance Unit
UMG8900.UG01FMPU0,Fixed Network Main Processing Unit
UMG8900.UG01MPPB0,Media gateway Back Protocol Processing Unit
UMG8900,UG01MCMB0,Media Gateway Back Connection Maintenance Unit
UMG8900,UG01MRPU0,Media gateway RTP Processing Unit
UMG8900,UG01ME320,Media gateway 32E1 Port TDM Interface Board
UMG8900,UG01MTNU0,Media gateway TDM Central Switching Net Unit
UMG8900,UG01ME8T0,Media Gateway 8-port 10/100M Ethernet Interface Board
UMG8900,UG01MNET0,Media gateway Packet Switch Unit
UMG8900,UG01MCLK0,Media gateway Clock Unit
MSOFTX3000,SF32WSGU0,Signaling Gateway Unit
SGSN9810,KW33UOMU0,Operation And Maintenance Processing Unit
BSC6600,QC13CLPC0,CDMA2000 Line Process Unit With 2 622M Engine
UMG8900,UG01MGlO0,Media Gateway 1-port GE Optical Interface Card
Quidway Eudemon 200,FW112FE0,2-Port 10/100M Ethernet CardORJ450
SGSN9810,KW31ULAN0,SGSN Lanswitch Processing Unit
UMG8900,UG01MCMF0,Media Gateway Front Connection Maintenance Unit
UMG8900,UG01FCMF0,Fixed Network Front Connection Maintenance Unit
UMG8900,UG01MSPF0,Media gateway Front Signalling Processing Unit
SoftX3000,SF32IFMI0,IP Forward Module
SoftX3000,SF32MRCA0,Media Resource Control UnitOATypeO
SoftX3000,SF32MRIA0,Fixed Network Media Resource Interface UnitOA TypeO
UMG8900,UG02ME320,Media Gateway 32E1 Port TDM Interface BoardDbD
UMG8900,UG02MBLU0,Media gateway Back Link UnitObO
UMG8900,UG02MFLU0,Media gateway Front Link UnitObO
UMG8900,UG01MOMB0,Media Gateway Operation & Maintenance Unit B
UMG8900,UG01MS1L0,Media Gateway 1,155M SDH/SONET optical interface card
UMG8900,UG02MCLK0,Media Gateway Clock Unit
SGSN9810,KW31UCKI0,UMSC Clock Interface Unit
SGSN9810,KW32UBSU0,PSM Rack Back Storage Unit
SGSN9810,KW32UFSU0,PSM Sub-Rack Back Storage Unit,Flash Hard Disk
SGSN9810,KW34UBIU0,SGSN Back Interface Unit
SGSN9810,KW32USPU0,SGSN Packet Service Signaling Processing Unit
UMG8900,UG01FMIU0,Flexible Multifunction Interface Unit
SGSN9810,KW32UGBI0,SGSN GB-lnterface Processing Unit
SGSN9810,KW32UGTP0,SGSN GTP Processing Unit
SGSN9810,KW32UICP0,SGSN IU_PS Interface Control Processing Unit
SGSN9810,KW32ULIP0,SGSN Lawful Interception Processing Unit
SGSN9810,KW33UCDR0,Charging Detail Record Unit
MSOFTX3000,SF32WVDB0,VLR Data Base unit
MSOFTX3000,SF32WSMU0,System Management Unit
MSOFTX3000,SF32WIFM0,IP Forward Module
MSOFTX3000,SF32WCDB0,Central Data Base Unit
MSOFTX3000,SF32WCSU0,Call Control And Signaling Processing Unit
MSOFTX3000,SF32WCCU0,Call Control Unit
MSOFTX3000,SF32WBSG0,Broadband Signaling Gateway
MSOFTX3000,SF32WMGC0,Media Gateway Control unit
OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SL110,STM-1 Optical Interface BoardDS-l.l.LCD
OptiX OSN 3500,SSNlSLQ110,4xSTM-l Optical Interface Board (S-l.l.LCD
OptiX OSN 2500,SSQlCXL410,STM-4 System Control,Cross-connect
OptiX OSN 3500,SSNlSLQ410,4xSTM-4 Optical Interface BoardOS-4.1,LCQ
OptiX OSN 3500,SSNlSLQ114,4xSTM-l Optical Interface BoardOI-l,LCO
BSC6600,QC13CMPU0,CDMA2000 Main Process Unit
UMG8900,UG01MTCB2,Media gateway TransCode Unit B2D1024 CH TC with ECD
MRS6100, MS02MSUB0, Media Service Unit
MRS6100,MS02MRIA0,Media Resource Interface Unit
UMG8900,UG01MTNC2,Media Gateway TDM switching Net Unit C2DWith 1 TDM Cascade PortD
UMG8900,UG01MMPB0,Media Gateway Main Processing Unit B
UMG8900,UG02MSPF0,Media Gateway Front Signalling Processing UnitDbD
UMG8900,UG01MTNB0,Media gateway TDM switching Net Unit B
UMG8900,UG01FOMD0,Flexible Operation maintenance & Main control Unit DDFE
SGSN9810,KW31UPIU0,UMSC Packet Interface Unit
OptiX OSN 3500,SSN2EGS211,2-port Gigabit Ethernet
UMG8900,UG01FVPD0,Fixed Network Voice Processing Unit D
UMG8900,UG01MNLU0,Media Gateway Net Link Unit
MSOFTX3000,SF32WEPIO,E1 Pool Interface Unit
Finished Board,MSOFTX3000,SF32WCKI0,Clock Interface Unit
OptiX OSN 2500,SSQ2CXL410,STM-4 System Control,Cross-connect
OptiX OSN 3500,SSNlSLT110,12xSTM-l Optical Interface
OptiX OSN 2500,SSQ2CXL110,STM-1 System Control,Cross-connect
SGSN9810,KW31UGFU0,UMSC GTP Forwarding Unit
SGSN9810,KW31UFCU0,UMSC Frame Connect Unit
UMG8900,UG01MVPD0,Media Gateway Voice Processing Unit D
UMG8900,UG01MVPD1,Media Gateway Voice Processing Unit DD1K TCD
NetEngine20E,RTPlE8FE0,8-port 100M Ethernet High Speed
URP8100,AI11ROMUO,URP Operation & Maintenance Unit
URP8100,AI11RE320,URP 32E1 Port TDM Interface Board
URP8100,AI11RTNU0,URP TDM Central Switching Net Unit
URP8100,AI11RE8T0,URP 8-port 10/100M Ethernet Interface Board
URP8100,AI11RNET0,URP Packet Switch Unit
URP8100,AI11RCLK0,URP Clock Unit
URP8100,AI11RHRU0,URP High-speed Routing Unit
URP8100,AI11RVPB0,URP Voice Processing UnitQIK G.711/G.723/G.729D
URP8100,AI11RSMU0,URP System Management Unit
URP8100,AI11RSIU0,URP System Interface Unit
URP8100,AI11RALU0,URP Alarm Unit
URP8100,AI11RHSC0,URP Hot-Swap And Control Unit
URP8100,AI11RHSC1,URP Hot-Swap And Control Unit,Support GE
URP8100,AI11RIFM0,URP IP Forward Module
URP8100,AI11RBFI0,URP Back Insert FE Interface Unit
URP8100,AI11RCSU0,URP Call Control And Signaling Processing Unit
URP8100,AI11RBSG0,URP Broadband Signaling Gateway
URP8100,AI11RCDB0,URP Central Data Base Unit
URP8100 AI11RVRB0 URP Narrowband Media Resource Processing Unit
URP8100 AI11RERI0 URP Narrowband Media Resource Interface Unit
URP8100,AI11REPI0,URP El_Pool Interface Unit
URP8100,AI11RCKI0,URP Clock Interface Unit
UMG8900,UG02MHRU0,Media Gateway High-speed Routing UnitObO
ATAE,GS31DB4F,Database Cell,4,LC Optical Interface/Multimode
ATAE,GS31MM4F,Management Maintenance Cell,4,LC Optical Interface/Multimode
SGSN9810,KW32UALU0,Universal Alarm Unit
BSC6600,QC14C4AM0,4-Port 155M ATM Multi Mode Optical Subboard
infoX MMSCJM61MMSC4F,Multimedia Messaging Service Management Unit,4,LC Optical Interface/Multimode
infoX MDSP,IM81DSMU4,Mobile Data Service Management Unit
INtess SMAXII,IN81SMCU4F,SMSC Main Unit,4,LC Optical Interface/Multimode
infoX WISG,IM31MDA4,Mobile Data Application Service Function Unit
PARC WPllGCUa General Clock Unit REV:a
PARC WPllSCUa GE Switching and Control Unit REV:a
PARC WPllXPUa Extensible Processing Unit REV:a
PARC WPllDPUa Data Processing Unit REV:a
PARC WPllElUa 32-port El/Tl circuit Interface Unit REV:a
PARC WPllOlUa 1-port channelized Optical Interface Unit REV:a
BSC6600,QC11CBPE,CDMA2000 Abis Interface Packet Equipment over El/Tl
BSC6600,QCllCSPUb,CDMA2000 Signaling Processing Unit
UMG8900,UG01MVPD2,Media Gateway Voice Processing Unit D01K TC,64ms ECO
UMG8900,UG01MVPD4,Media Gateway Voice Processing Unit DOTDM Tone
UMG8900,UG02MNET0,Media gateway Packet Switch Unit
BSC6600,QCllCPCUb0,CDMA2000 PCF Control Board
RAC6610,QCllCPDU0,Packet Data Processing Unit
UMG8900,UG03MCLK0,Media gateway Clock Unit
UMG8900,UG01MTNC5,Media Gateway TDM switching Net Unit C50With 2 TDM Cascade Ports
RAC6610,QC13CFMRbO,Radio Frame Processing Board
Board,PCU6000,GP21HSC2,Hot Swap Control Unit
PCU6000,GP21POMU2,Operation Maintenance Main Control Unit
PCU6000,GP22RPPU3,Wireless Packet Processing Unit
PCU6000,GP21BSU0,PSM Rack Back Storage Unit
M900/1800GPRS,GP12E1TM,E1 Transmission Module
PARC WPllPEUa 32-port Packet over E1/T1/J1 Interface Unit REV:a
RAC6610,QC13CBIEbO,Base Station Interface board
RAC6610,QC13CMUXbO,RAC System Multiplexing Unit
UMG8900,UG02MOMB0,Media Gateway Operation & Maintenance Unit BObO
UMG8900,UG02MMPB0,Media Gateway Main Processing Unit BObO
UMG8900,UG02MTNCl,Media Gateway TDM switching Net Unit with 1 TDM Cascade Port
PARC WP13DPUC Data Processing Unit REV:c
PARC WP13DPUd Data Processing Unit REV:d
BBU3900,QCU1UTRP4,CBTS IP Packet Over El/Tl Interface Unit
PARC WPllXPUb Extensible Processing Unit REV:b
Optix RTN 900,SL91EM6F02,4 FE 0RJ450/2 GE0SFP0 Fast/Gigabit Ethernet Board
SGSN9810,KW32UACU PSM Subrack Auxiliary Control Unit
ATAE,GS34AED,Interface Cell,6 Rear GE2 Loopback FC
URP8100,AI11RE321,URP 32E1 Port TDM Interface Board ObO
OSTA 2.0,CN21UPSA5,Universal Process Blade
ATAE,GS31240,Service Process Cell Board only for service part
OSTA 2.0,CN21WBSA4,LVXeon Server
CN22UPBA6,UPBA3,03052608,CN21UPBA3,MSPB0,03052602,CN21MSPB0, SWUA1, 03052367, CN21SWUA1
Microwave ODU,Pasolink NEO,llG,530MHz,Sub Band C.High Site.With English doc
Microwave ODU,Pasolink NEO,llG,530MHz,Sub Band C,LowSite,With English doc
Microwave ODU,Pasolink NEO,13G,266MHz,Sub Band D,High Site.With English doc
Microwave ODU,Pasolink NEO,13G,266MHz,Sub Band D,Low Site.With English doc
Microwave ODU-Pasolink NEO-15G-420MHz-Sub Band E-High Site-With English doc
Microwave ODU-Pasolink NEO-15G-420MHz-Sub Band E-Low Site-With English doc
Microwave ODU-Pasolink NEO-15G-420MHz-Sub Band F-High Site-With English doc
Microwave ODU-Pasolink NEO-15G-420MHz-Sub Band F-Low Site-With English doc
Microwave ODU-Pasolink NEO-18G-1010MHz-Sub Band E-High Site-With English doc
Microwave ODU-Pasolink NEO-18G-1010MHz-Sub Band E-Low Site-With English doc
Microwave ODU,Pasolink NEO,L18G,1010MHz,Sub Band F.High Site.With English doc
Microwave ODU-Pasolink NEO-18G-1010MHz-Sub Band F-Low Site-With English doc
Microwave ODU-Pasolink NEO-23G-1232MHz-Sub Band B-High Site-With English doc
Microwave ODU-Pasolink NEO-23G-1232MHz-Sub Band B-Low Site-With English doc
Microwave ODU-Pasolink NEO-23G-1232MHz-Sub Band C-High Site-With English doc
Microwave ODU-Pasolink NEO-23G-1232MHz-Sub Band C-Low Site-With English doc
Microwave ODU, RTN 600, SDH, ODU, 13G, SP,13S0266DNS, 266MHz,D,Lo,S,12919MHz-12982MHz,WR-75,S6C
Microwave ODU, RTN 600, SDH, ODU, 13G, SP,13S0266DPS,266MHz,D,Hi,S,13185MHz-13248MHz,WR-75,S6C
Microwave ODU, RTN 600, SDH, ODU, 18G, SP, 18S1010CNS,1010/1008MHz,C,Lo, S,18180MHz-18480MHz, WR-42,S6C
Microwave ODU,RTN 600,SDH,ODU,23G,SP,23S1232CPS,1232MHz,C,Hi,S,23011MHz-23325MHz,WR-42,S6C
Microwave Outdoor Unit.Optix RTN600,llG,SP,llS0530ANS,530MHz,Sub Band A,Lowsite,s,10675MHz-10855MHz,WR-75,S6C
Microwave ODU,OptiX RTN 600,6G,SPA,06S0252ANS,252.04MHz,Sub Band A,Lowsite,5915MHz-5990MHz,With RF cable S4G
Microwave ODU,OptiX RTN 600,6G,SPA,06S0252APS,252.04MHz,Sub Band A.High site,s,6167MHz-6242MHz mounting unit
PASOLINK NEO,STM-l,l+l,Optical InterfaceQS-l.lQ
PASOLINK NEO,16E1,1+0,120 ohm,El lnterface,Ethernet Card
PASOLINK NEO,16E1,1+1,120 ohm,El lnterface,Ethernet Card
PASOLINK NEO,48E1,1+1,120 ohm,El lnterface,Ethernet Card
Microwave Antenna,WTG16-59DAR-FD,NEC,PUTIAN.L6G,1600mm,HP,Single Polarization,Separate Mount
Microwave Antenna,WTG20-59DAR-FD,NEC,PUTIAN,L6G,2000mm,HP,Single Polarization,Separate Mount
Microwave Antenna,A13D12HS,13G,1200mm,HP,Dual,Separate Mount,41.5dBi,1.4deg,30dB
Microwave Accessory,l/0 Board,NEC,GUILINNEC,16E1,75 ohm,Electronic Port,Transfer D-Sub Interface to BNC
Microwave Accessory,Hybrid,NEC,GUILINNEC,6GHz
MicrowaveJDU CTRL Card,NEC,GUILIN NEC,Pasolink Neo
MicrowaveJDU MODEM Card,NEC,GUILIN NEC,With English Doc,for Pasolink NEO
MicrowaveJDU 48E1 CARD,NEC,GUILIN NEC,48El,With English Doc
Microwave Accessory,STM-l optical interface Ds-1.ID,NEC,PASOLINK NEO
Microwave Accessory,Modem,NEC,5000S,128QAM,W/O XPIC
Microwave Accessory,LMS Module,NEC,5000S
Microwave Accessory,RF Cable,NEC,6G,Pasolink NEO,The RF Cable Made in China include transducer
Microwave electric Accessory,Antenna feed,L6G,PDR70,For 52430324 antenna
Microwave electric Accessory,Antenna feed,L6G,PDR70,For 52430325 antenna
5000S,TRP UNIT,6G,128QAM,l+0,LowPower
5000S,TRP UNIT,6G,128QAM,l+0,High Power
5000S,SD UNIT,6G,128QAM
DKBA0.480.0306-Outer FanDDCD for Heat Exchanger D220VD-BTS3806A
DKBA0.480.0307-lnner FanDDCD for Heat Exchanger D220VD-BTS3806A
4046454 Single cable,High speed cable,1.0m,D36M-II,3,100CC4P0.4B(S),D36M-II,BBU3806
34060290 Low Speed Transceiver,eSFP,1310nm,1.25Gb/s,-9dBm,-3dBm,-19dBm,LC(-40~85),10km
2237111 Operation and Maintenance Component,with SuSE LINUX Enterprise Server and Driver Software Package
2237123 Operation and Maintenance Component,with Windows Server and SQL software (English)
02311CHK Function Module,HERT BBU,WD2E1FANE,2U FAN Module,FanCfgP32S2328
02310MNR RRU3936,WD5MJRUD830B,MRRU V3,Multi-mode Multi-carriers Remote Radio Unit
03030YGX Finished Board,USU3910,WD21ULPUa,Universal Line Process Unit
03031BBD Finished Board,USU3910,WD21UEFUa,Universal Enhanced Switch Fabric Unit
3052995 BTS3900,WD53UBRI,BTS3900 BaseBand Radio Interface Board
3053299 PARC WP11DPUf Data Processing Unit REV:f
3053369 PARC WP11DPUg Data Processing Unit REV:g
02310SFM Function Module,HERT BBU,WD2MUPEUD2,Power and Environment interface Unit(-48V)
2317773 DBS3900,WD5M2A2DD1,MRRU Multi-mode Multi-carriers Remote Radio Unit
2318969 DBS3900,WD5MJRUAC8B,MRRU V2,Multi-mode Multi-carriers Remote Radio Unit
2319527 DBS3900,WD5MJRUAC8B,MRRU V2, Multi-mode Multi-carriers Remote Radio Unit
02311JKG RRU3278,WD5MPRUBCA0,MRRU V6,Single-mode Multi-carriers Remote Radio Unit
34060662 OMXD30008 Optical Transceiver,QSFP+,850nm,41.25Gbps,-7.6dBm,0.5dBm,-9.5dBm,MPO,MMF,0.15km
34060473 eSFP-1310nm-1000Base-Lx SM Optical transceiver,eSFP,1310nm,1.25Gb/s,-9~3dBm,-20dBm,LC,Single Mode,10km
electrical SFP Electrical Transceiver,SFP,GE,Electrical Interface Module(100m,RJ45)
2314171 electrical SFP Electrical Transceiver,SFP,GE,Electrical Interface Module(100m,RJ45)
34060495 OSX001001 Optical transceiver,SFP+,1310nm,10Gb/s,-8.2~0.5dBm,-12.6dBm,LC,SM,10km
2301070 SE9K00OSTA01 OSTA5.0 3U AC Subrack
3055261 CH80MXUA0 Multi-function Switch Unit A0
3055263 CH80SPUA1 Service Processing Unit A1
3056014 CH80VPUA1 Voice & Video Processing Unit A1 (Transcoding)
02231GRR SE2900 Integrative Package Delivery Accessory
2301070 SE9K00OSTA01 OSTA5.0 3U AC Subrack
3055261 CH80MXUA0 Multi-function Switch Unit A0
3055263 CH80SPUA1 Service Processing Unit A1
34060473 eSFP-1310nm-1000Base-Lx SM Optical transceiver,eSFP,1310nm,1.25Gb/s,9-3dBm,-20dBm,LC,Single Mode,10km
electrical SFP
34060495 OSX001001 Optical transceiver,SFP+,1310nm,10Gb/s,-8.2,0.5dBm,-12.6dBm,LC,SM,10km
2301070 SE9K00OSTA01 OSTA5.0 3U AC Subrack
3055261 CH80MXUA0 Multi-function Switch Unit A0
3055263 CH80SPUA1 Service Processing Unit A1
3056014 CH80VPUA1 Voice & Video Processing Unit A1 Transcoding
Huawei for sale

Alcatel-Lucent for sale

Alcatel-Lucent for sale
107196925 Lucent SRC LAA49B S1:1
107495335 Lucent MSU LAA47B S1:1
107566275 Lucent SRC LAA49C S1:6
107716847 Lucent LHU LAA45 S7:8
108368655 WAVESTAR AM-1 S1:9
108440090 LAH104 S1:9 DTU
00543 0245 Lucent AL 11F+32E1
01016 9722 Lucent STM1-1 S-1.1 +32X2 Mbit/s 75
07491 0046 Lucent SBRK D-SUB ACK ADM1/4
107196925 Lucent SRC LAA49B S1:2
107219479 Lucent SRC LAA96 S1:2
107342743004 Lucent TOC LAA151
107342750002 Lucent LOC LAA152
107386674002 Lucent SWT LAA155
107386674003 Lucent SWT LAA155
107386682004 Lucent SWR LAA156
107386690 Lucent LNC LAA157
107386824004 Lucent MEM LAA159
107553505005 Lucent LTX2.5 LAA141B
10755355404 Lucent TPU LAA160B
107566275 Lucent SRC LAA49C S1:6
107599581008 Lucent LPU 155 SM E LAA64B S1:9
107732570003 Lucent UPL
107870057 005 Lucent PT-STND (LMB 400 S1:5)
107870339 006 Lucent PI E1/63 LJB411 S1:6
107870339 006 PI E1/63 LJB411 S1:6
107870339006 Lucent PI E1/63 LJB411 S1:6
107870362006 Lucent SI 1/4 LJB408 S1:7
107870438 005 CC64/16 LJB401 S1:6
107870446 003 Lucent SC LJB400 S1:4
107870453 006 PT-STR3 LMB401 S1:6
107870453006 Lucent PT-STR3 LMB401 S1:6
107967952 000 PB-E1/75/32 PBA3 S1:1
107967960 000 PBA4 S1:1
108060708003 Lucent TGU LAA400
108095282 005 Lucent SA 1/4B LJB417 S1:1
108161332 02 Fan
108244104 008 Lucent CC 64/32 LJB420 S1:6
108244104 009 CC 64/32 LJB420 S1:7
108244104006 Lucent CC 64/32 LJB420 S1:4
108281387 004 Lucent PI DS3/12
108281395 004 SI L16.1/1B LJB425 S1:5
108281411 001 SI L16.2/1B LJB426 S1:2
108441981 003 SI L16.1/1C LJB425B S1:2
108441981 004 SI L16.1/1C LJB425B S21:3
108441999 005 SI L16.2/1C LJB426B S1:1
108584962 002 OI-S1.1/2SC PBD4 S1:2
108645581007 Lucent CC 64/32B LJB434 S1:3
108647215009 Lucent SI L16.1/1D LJB435 S1:4
108681651001 Lucent SPIA IE4/4B(LJB431B S1:1
108829813 003 Lucent SC2 LJB457B S1:4
108829813005 Lucent SC2 LJB457B S1:5
108884610 000 SIA 1/4B LJB439B S1:1
108905571 003 LKA10 S1:3
108905571 012 LKA10 S1:11
200825834 002 SC LJB400 S1L:3L
3511 261 37600 Lucent STM-1 S-1.1
3511 261 44110 Lucent SUPV+SVC ACK
3511 261 57510 Lucent 16X2 75 E1
3511 261 57702 Lucent 18848 s1:3 STM1-1 S-1.1 +TRF +16X2 75
3511 261 57712 Lucent 19771 S1:2 STM1 S11 +TRF +16X2 75ET
3511 261 59421 SUPV+SVC ACK ET
3511 26188081 Lucent AS11F+TRF+16E1
3512 261 59431 SUPV+SVC ACK ET
606-1329-01 Lucent LUCENT Shelf
710-00003-30 Chnlzd T1 IOP
710-00022-30 DSX-1 IOP
710-00089-03 ATM UNI CS DS3 IOP
710-00089-05 ATM UNI CS DS3 IOP
810-00010-04 CP Ports
810-00023-11 DSX-1 Ports
810-00026-51 T1 Ports
810-00118-00 ATM UNI CS DS3 Ports
810-00432-00 Lucent Shelf
810-01052-00 Power
810-01134-05 SWICH PROCESSOR 90
810-01135-00 FAN
810-01146-00 Lucent CBX 3500Shelf
810-0900-48 B-STDX 9000Shelf
847707379 002 Lucent Technologies
848261335 002 Lucent 16/1Shelf9
848414710 003 Lucent WAVE STAR ADM 16/1
848414710 005 Lucent 16/1Shelf1
848846788 006 EHA2
9560 094 18106 Lucent LUCENT Shelf
9560 094 29103 Lucent Shelf
9560 1115 63102 Lucent LPU 620 S4.1 FC LAA103C S1:1
9560 114 28215 RGU2.5 LAA129B S1:5
9560 114 28215 107730046 004 RGU 2.5 LAA129B S1:5
9560 114 28515 Lucent RGU 2.5 LAA176B S1:5
9560 114 36124 Lucent SCT LAA132 S2:4
9560 114 38223 Shelf
9560 114 38225 Shelf
9560 114 41106 Lucent LPU 155 E LAA64 S1:3
9560 114 41108 Lucent LPU155(E LAA64 S1:5
9560 114 41127 107599581006 Lucent LPU 155 SM E LAA64B S1:7
9560 114 41129 107599581008 Lucent LPU 155 SM E LAA64B S1:9
9560 114 43106 Lucent TPU 2 75 LAA66 S1:5
9560 114 48102 Lucent TPU 155 E LAA106 S1:2
9560 114 48117 107715930006 Lucent TPU 155 E LAA106B S1:7
9560 114 48121 108147075000 Lucent TPU 155 E LAA106B S1:10
9560 114 51115 Lucent CTL LAA166 S1:5
9560 114 51305 107767154004 Lucent CTL-EC LAA403 S1:5
9560 114 52304 Lucent DPS LAA61 S3:5
9560 114 52305 107319295003 Lucent DPS LAA61 S3:6
9560 114 52315 107975807 000 Lucent DPS LAA61B S5:5
9560 114 52315 107975807000 Lucent DPS LAA61B S5:5
9560 115 01111 Lucent PSF LAD1B S1:1
9560 115 01112 Lucent PSF LAD1B S1:2
9560 115 01113 107211716002 Lucent PSF LAD1B S1:3
9560 115 011413 107211716002 Lucent PSF LAD1B S1:3
9560 115 03109 Lucent TPU 140&155 LAA160 S1:4
9560 115 03115 107553554 004 Lucent TPU 140&155 LAA160B S1:5
9560 115 03115 107553554004 Lucent TPU 140&155 LAA160B S1:5
9560 115 10106 Lucent STU LAC2 S5:6
9560 115 11107 LTX2.5 LAA140 S1:1
9560 115 11115 Lucent LTX2.5 1.3 SLH FC LAA140B 1:5
9560 115 11117 107553497006 Lucent LTX 2.5 1.3 SLH FC LAA140B S1:7
9560 115 11501 LTX 2.5 LAA175 S1:1
9560 115 15106 LRX2.5 LAA143 S1:1
9560 115 15113 107732240001 Lucent LRX 2.5 SLH FC LAA143B S2:3
9560 115 17108 107342727008 Lucent TGU LAA150 S1:5
9560 115 17205 107678799004 Lucent TGU EXT 4.6PPM
9560 115 17306 108060708003 Lucent TGU EXT 0.37PPM LAA400 S3:6
9560 115 20105 107342743004 Lucent TOC LAA151 S1:5
9560 115 22106 107342750001 Lucent LOC (LAA152 S1:2
9560 115 23125 Lucent CDU LAA48 S3:7
9560 115 23126 Lucent CDU LAA48 S3:8
9560 115 23127 107201865 Lucent CDU LAA48 S3:9
9560 115 24107 Lucent OTU LAB1 S6:7
9560 115 24132 107492829 Lucent OTU LAB1B S1:2
9560 115 27204 Lucent TMS-64 LAC3 S3:3
9560 115 33103 Lucent OBTU LAA53 S2:4
9560 115 33104 Lucent OBTU LAA53 S2:5
9560 115 33153 0108034703 Lucent OBTU LAA53C S1:3
9560 115 34132 Lucent OPPU LAA54B S1:2
9560 115 34135 0107492811 Lucent OPPU LAA54B S1:5
9560 115 39101 Lucent ROC LAA145 S1:1
9560 115 48111 107829269000 Lucent PPC 10X10 LAA111B S1:1
9560 115 63102 Lucent LPU 620 S4.1 FC LAA103 1:2
9560 115 63114 107596470003 Lucent LPU 620 S4.1 FC LAA103C S1:4
9560 115 63124 107782328003 Lucent LPU 620 S4.1 FC LAA103C S1:4
9560 115 63125 107782328004 Lucent LPU 620 S4.1 FC LAA103 S1:5
9560 115 63125 107792628004 Lucent LPU 620 S4.1 FC LAA103C S1:5
9560 115 64124 107782310003 Lucent LPU 620 L4.2 FC LAA154D S1:4
9560 115 65101 Lucent TGU WHO LAA110B S1:1
9560 115 65102 107256026 001 Lucent TGU WHO LAA110 S1:2
9560 115 65102 107256026001 Lucent TGU WHO LAA110 S1:2)
9560 115 65103 107256026002
Lucent TGU WHO LAA110 S1:3
9560 115 66112 Lucent TPU 2-BS/16(LAA101B S2:2
9560 115 66113 Lucent TPU 2-BS/16 LAA101B S2:3
9560 115 66115 107665655003 Lucent LPU 2-BS/16 LAA101B S2:5
9560 115 77124 107782344003 Lucent LPU 620 L4.1 FC LAA105C S1:4
9560 115 78106 107255994005 Lucent TPU 140/155 CLCH LAA107 S1:6)
9560 115 80115 107665648 003 Lucent TPU 2-BS/16/P LAA108B S2:5
9560 115 80115 107665648003 Lucent TPU 2-BS/16/P LAA108B S2:5
9560 115 80203 Lucent TPU 2-D/16 LAA173 S1:3
9560 115 83102 Lucent PPC 6X6 LAA100 S1:2
9560 115 83103 107244139002 Lucent PPC 6X6 LAA100 S1:3
9560 115 84111 107829269000 Lucent PPC 10X10 LAA111B S1:1
9560 116 09102 Lucent SWT LAA155 S1:2
9560 116 09104 107386674003 Lucent SWT LAA155 S1:4
9560 116 10105 107386682004 Lucent SWR LAA156 S1:5
9560 116 11101 Lucent LNC LAA157 S1:1
9560 116 12104 107386708003 Lucent STC LAA158 S1:4
9560 116 13105 Lucent MEM LAA159 S1:5
9560 116 32103 Lucent CDU LAA178 S1:3
956011440135 Lucent LPU 155-SM S1:1 FC LAA63C S1:5
956011451116 Lucent CTL LAA166 S1:6
956011501111 Lucent PSF LAD1B
956011501112 Lucent PSF LAD113 S1:2
956011553102 Lucent PPC LAA100S1:2
956011565101 Lucent TGU WHO LAA110B S1:1
9560-11612103 Lucent STC LAA158
95602 114 41108 Lucent LPU 155 E LAA64 S1:5
9561 115 80115 107665648003 Lucent TPU 2-BS/16/P LAA108B S2:5
EHA1 ASM161C shelf
9560 115 11115 LTX 2.5 1.3 SLH FC0
810-00183-40 CBX500 PC:11411
09-0667-01 Control Card
700057-02 Newbridge 3600ShelfPower
87-0267-01 Newbridge 3600
87-0267-01-1X-B Newbridge 3600Shelf
87-0399-01-0X-A GENERAL Facilities CARD
87-0399-01-0X-A Newbridge Clock card
87-0668-01-2X-B CONTROL CARD
87-0668-01-30-B Newbridge Control card
Newbridge DMM1116-H0-50
87-1485-01-YW-J BOARD
87-1609-01-4V-J BOARD
90-0032-06 V.35 Card
90-0032-06/X V35 CARD
90-0032-06/Y V35 CARD
90-0032-06/Z V35 CARD
90-0041-01 DNIC Card
90-0077-04 GENERAL Facilities CARD
90-0089-98/K Alcatel 2703
90-0108-99 2603 Mainstreet
90-0108-99/X Newbridge 2603
90-0158-01 DNIC Card
90-0350-01 Newbridge RS232 DISTIBUTION PANEL
90-0468-99/V Alcatel 2601
90-0565-01 DUALE1 CARD
90-0568-01/B Newbridge
90-0568-02 STRATUM 3 SSU 2/R3.1
90-0611-01 3630 RS232 DCM
90-0616-01 DPM2
90-0639-03 Switching interface Card
90-0640-03/A Switching Card
90-0641-01 Newbridge Clock card
90-0661-01 3630 SUPER-PATE RES MOD
90-0667-01/M CONTROL CARD
90-0667-01/T control card
90-0667-02/P control card
90-0669-01/L Alcatel V.35 PRI CARD
90-0883-99/J Newbridge 2606
90-0887-98 2701
90-0889-98/M Newbridge 2703
90-1066-01/C Newbridge Shelf PANEL V35
90-1224-09/N E-3 CARD
90-1273-01 3606
90-1579-01 3630 SUPER-PATE RES MOD
90-1642-06 V.35 MODULE
90-2151-03 Control Card
90-2153-03 DMM
90-2181-01 Alcatel 36170
90-2182-01 DSC
90-2183-01 Alcatel DRX
90-2183-02 Alcatel DRX
90-2185-01 DHUB
90-2185-01/T DHub
90-2186-01 Newbridge 36170Shelf Control
90-2190-01 Alcatel 36170
90-2305-01 STM1 IR
90-2305-03 STM1 MMF
90-2305-34/R Alcatel STM1 ELECT
90-2305-43/D Alcatel STM1 MMF
90-2369-01 Control Card
90-2369-01/K DM1117
90-2369-02 Control Card
90-2371-01 Control Card
90-2442-01 DMM118
90-2507-11 Newbridge 36170Shelf Alcatel SHUB
90-2517-32/P Alcatel E1 CE
90-2517-33 Newbridge 36170Shelf Alcatel E1CE
90-2517-43/J E1 CE
90-2517-62 E1 CE
90-2544-01/R Alcatel T1FR(E1 FR
90-2544-21/F T1 FR
90-2544-33 E1FR
90-2544-43 E1 FR
90-2544-43/U E1 FR
90-2544-43/X Alcatel E1FR
90-2544-53 E1FR
90-2544-53/J Alcatel E1 FR
90-2571-01 Control Card
90-2864-01 SVC
90-2944-01 Alcatel E3
90-3082-01 Control Card
90-3083-01 Control Card
90-3161-99-00-C Newbridge 2614
90-3346-31 Control 2
90-3346-31/C Control 2
90-3347-01 STRATUM 3 SSU 2/R3.1
90-3598-13/03/c DSC
90-9132-01-00-B Newbridge 7670
90-9132-01-00-A Newbridge 7670
90-6704-01-00-L Newbridge 7670
90-6704-01-00-F Newbridge 7670
90-7572-01-00-D Newbridge 7670
90-7572-01-00-D Newbridge 7670
90-5891-01/A Newbridge 7470
90-6226-01/A Newbridge 7470
90-6226-01/B Newbridge 7470
90-6226-01/A Newbridge 7470
90-5891-01/B Newbridge 7470
90-5891-01/A Newbridge 7470
90-3598-23/M DSC
90-4442-02 Alcatel 7270MSC
90-4444-01 Alcatel DC POWER SUPPLY
90-4452-42 Alcatel CTL
90-4453-03 Alcatel HUB
90-4457-11 Alcatel STM1 CR
90-4457-12 Alcatel STM1-2M
90-4459-34 Alcatel E1 CR
90-4460-02 Alcatel E1 120 OHMS interface
90-4462-02 Alcatel OC3/STM1 IR
90-4464-01 Alcatel ALARM INPUT/OUTPUT
90-4509-21/R Alcatel STM1-2 IR
90-4669-01 CONTROL
90-4669-02-03-E 7670 CONTROL CARD
90-4671-02 Alcatel E1
90-4671-43 E175CR
90-4905 Alcatel OC3-2 IR
90-4907-01 Alcatel 36170
90-4909-16 STM1-2M IR
90-4909-18 STM1-2M LR
90-4909-21 STM1-2 LR
90-4909-22 STM1-2 LR
90-4909-23 STM1-2 MMF
90-4909-23/X Alcatel STM1-2MMF
90-4909-24 STM1-2 ELECT
90-4909-3A STM1-2M IR
90-5891-01 Dhub
90-5891-11 Alcatel DHUB
90-5891-11/J DHUB
90-5891-13/A DHUB
90-5935-22/C Alcatel TDS3-2
90-5935-22/J Alcatel TDS3-2
90-6085-01 SHub
90-6085-01/B Alcatel SHUB
90-6085-11/J Alcatel SHUB
90-6226-01 Control 2
90-6226-07 Control2
90-6396-01/A Alcatel 27LC3-12 CARD
90-6602-31 Alcatel ETHERNET
90-6603-01 Alcatel 10/100baseT interface
90-7572-01 Multi-Rate16/OC3c/12c/STM1/4
90-8016-11 Alcatel ISC
90-9169-01 Alcatel 32PORT T1/E1 MS
90-9524-01 PowerPOWER SUPPLY 87/264VAC TC45S-1403
9R-3598-23/M DSC
90-1224-02/W DUAL E-3 CARD
90-7312-02 FAN
Alcatel-Lucent for sale

Newbridge for sale

Newbridge for sale
DMM 90-2153-03
E1 CE 90-2157-43
36170 90-2181-01
DSC 90-2182-01
DRX 90-2183-02
DHUB 90-2185-01
Control 90-2186-01
36170 SHELF 90-2190-01
STM1 IR 90-2305-01
STM1 MMF 90-2305-03
STM1 ELECT 90-2305-34
STM1 IR 90-2305-41
STM1 MMF 90-2305-43
STM1 ELECT 90-2305-44
DM1117 90-2369-01
DMM D118 90-2369-01
Control Card 90-2369-02
Control Card 90-2371-01
DMM118 90-2442-01
SHUB 90-2507-11
T1CE 90-2517-21
E1 CE 90-2517-32
E1 CE 90-2517-33
T1FR(E1 FR) 90-2544-01
T1 FR 90-2544-21
E1 FR 90-2544-33
E1 FR 90-2544-53
Control Card 90-2571-01
WIRE 90-2766-22
SVC 90-2864-01
E3 90-2944-01
DMM C118 90-3081-01
Control Card 90-3082-01
Control Card 90-3083-01
2614 90-3161-99-00-C
Control 2 90-3346-01
Control 2 90-3346-31
STRATUM 3 SSU 2/R3.1 90-3347-01
DSC 90-3598-13
DSC 90-3598-23
DSC 90-3598-33
7270MSC 90-4442-02
DC POWER SUPPLY 90-4444-01
CTL 90-4452-42
HUB 90-4453-03
STM1 CR 90-4457-11
STM1-2M 90-4457-12
E1 CR 90-4459-34
E1 120 OHMS interface 90-4460-02
STM1-2 IR 90-4509-21
FABRIC 90-4590-01-00-D
CONTROL 90-4669-01
7670 CONTROL CARD 90-4669-02-03-E
E1 90-4671-02
E1 75CR 90-4671-43
OC3-2 IR 90-4905-01
OC3-2 IR 90-4905-21
36170 90-4907-01
STM1-2M IR 90-4909-16
STM1-2M LR 90-4909-18
STM1-2 IR 90-4909-21
STM1-2 LR 90-4909-22
STM1-2 MMF 90-4909-23
STM1-2 ELECT 90-4909-24
STM1-2M IR 90-4909-26
STM1-2M IR 90-4909-3A
DMM 111X 90-2369-01
BPM 15218-1:C3-3
CSP 47137-1:C4-2
NCL 47140-1:C1-0
QSP.4 47201-3:B1-1
SGM-1 65732-1:B-3
3600 POWER SUPPLY 700057-02
Control Card 80-2369-01
3645 SHELF 87-0116-01
3600 SHELF 87-0267-01
3600 SHELF 87-0267-01-1X-B
GENERAL Facilities CARD 87-0399-01-0X-A
DMM1116-H0-50 87-0785-02-07-H
V.35 Card 90-0032-06
EXPANDER CARD 90-0035-05
DSP CARD 90-0038-01
DSP CARD 90-0038-11
DNIC Card 90-0041-01
EXPANDER CARD 90-0075-02
GENERAL Facilities CARD 90-0077-04
EM CARD 90-0079-04
2703 90-0089-98
2603 Mainstreet 90-0108-99
DNIC Card 90-0158-01
X.21DCM 90-0432-01
2601 90-0468-99
V.35DCM 90-0532-01
WIRE 90-0555-01
DUAL E1 Card 90-0565-01
DUALE1 CARD 90-0568-01
E1-120 OHM LIM MODULE 90-0568-02
3630 RS232 DCM 90-0611-01
DPM2 90-0616-01
Switching interface Card 90-0639-03
Switching Card 90-0640-03
Clock card 90-0641-01
3630 SUPER-PATE RES MOD 90-0661-01
Control Card 90-0667-01
Control Card 90-0667-01
V.35 PRI CARD 90-0669-01
2606 90-0883-99
2701 90-0887-98
2703 90-0889-98
PANEL V35 90-1066-01
2B1Q Line Card 90-1184-01
2B1Q-27LC2 Card 90-1184-05
E-3 CARD 90-1224-09
3606 90-1273-01
3630 SUPER-PATE RES MOD 90-1579-01
V.35 INTERFACE MODULE 90-1642-06
DMM1116-H0-20 90-2151-03
DM1117 90-2151-03-U
DHub 90-5891-01
HUB 90-5891-11
DHUB 90-5891-13
TDS3-2 90-5935-22
SHUB 90-6085-01
SHUB 90-6085-11
ISC 90-6184-33
Control 2 90-6226-01
Control2 90-6226-07
CTL 2 90-6226-31
27LC3-12 CARD 90-6396-01
ETHERNET 90-6602-31
10/100baseT interface 90-6603-01
7670RSP SHELF 90-6699-01
CIC 90-6703-01-00-F
FACILITIES 90-7039-01-00-E
E1FR 90-7277-45
UCS ADAPTER 90-7389-01
ISC 90-8016-11
7670ESC SHELF 90-9060-01
EN 100T 90-9152-11
32PORT T1/E1 MS 90-9169-01
POWER SUPPLY 87/264VAC(TC45S-1403) 90-9524-01
DSC 9R-3598-23/M
ILQ.2 H47494-2:A2-1
XSM H48064-1:A2-1
Newbridge for sale