Huawei Core, OptiX OSN Transmission and Wireless Reseller

JEMSdata, acquired in 2007 by 1COM, buys sells and trades network and telecom equipment worldwide in over 30 countries, dealing primarily in Huawei Core Network, Huawei OptiX OSN Optical Transmission Switching, and Huawei Wireless; 2G, 3G, LTE, 4G to 5G.

A 28-year history with hundreds of satisfied clients worldwide assures quick and prompt delivery of equipment, and/or needed services providing customers with NEW-Over-stock surplus Huawei spares or USED-Refurbished Huawei at deep-discounts. We look forward to making contact and discussing your needs, either buying or selling. Let us work for you, we know you will be pleased with the results.

28 years secondary-market telecom equipment reseller: Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, Nortel and more
19 years sourcing telecom equipment in Asia: Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson and Nokia/NSN reseller
13 years Huawei Core-Network, Optical Transmission and wireless reseller
10 years Huawei Fiber Optic Transceivers SFP, SFP+, XFP, QSFP/QSFP+, CFP and QSFP28 reseller
2 years Huawei Channel Partner

JEMSdata also offers Huawei End-to-end-Solutions ‘E2ES’ solutions; Core Network design. Wireless Services for Machine-to-Machine M2M, Open-Source VOIP. Huawei GGSN, SSGN, PDSN, HSS, MSS, USN, UGW, MSC, BSC radio/BTS/DBS, SingleRAN wireless design and install, Optical transmission and add-on services for CoreNet listed. We design mobile wireless networks, install mobile wireless networks, offer support, training and maintenance contracts.

JEMSdata has large inventories of Core Network, Microwave Transmission, Wireless, Huawei eNodeB, RRU, BTS3900, DBS3900, BBU3900, BBU3910, BBU5900, UBBPd6, UMPTb2, UBBPg, UMPTg, BBU5900, AAU5613, HAAU5213, RRU3908 V2, MSC Core, MSS Core, HUAWEI BSC6800, BSC6900, HLR, GGSN, IMS, UMG8900, MSOFTX3000, HSS9860, NE40-X3, USN9810 ATAE, OSTA 2.0, UGW9811, PDSN9660, CG9812, HUAWEI RTN620, RTN910, RTN950, HUAWEI Optix OSN3500, OSN6800, OSN8800, OSN9800, OSN7500, GSM, WCDMA, LTE, UMTS, eNodeB, Core Network, Optical Transmission, Huawei Transponders, Fiber Optic Transceivers seller, SFP, SFP+, XFP, QSFP/QSFP+, CFP, QSFP28, Huawei Distributor Seller, New and Used Reseller, Used Telecom Equipment Reseller

Huawei Core Network, OptiX OSN Optical Transmission and Huawei Wireless Telecom Equipment Reseller. We buy used Huawei telecom equipment. Buyer and seller of new and used Huawei Base Stations

Huawei Family of Network Products Icons PDF datasheet

Huawei Family of Network Products Icons PDF datasheet
>>>Huawei Network Product Family Icons<<<

Huawei CN22UPBA5-CN22UPBA0 ATAE Server

Huawei CN22UPBA5-CN22UPBA0 ATAE Server
02112748 CN2B1CSPD Integrated Configuration Cabinet 6-DC
02300651 CN2K01T8280 8280 Integrated Frame
02351897 CX7Z128CM L3 Ethernet Switch
03052365 CN21SWIA1 Swtich Unit Interface
03053804 CN21SWUB1 Switch Unit
03053960 CN21SMUA Shelf Management Unit
03052587 CN21ETIA2 E1/T1 GE Interface Unit
03053403 CN22UPBA5 Xeon E5645 Server
03052588 CN21USIA1 Universal Service Interface
03053403 CN22UPBA5 Xeon E5645 Server
03052589 CN21USIA7 Universal Service Interface
03053404 CN22UPBA0 Xeon E5645 Server
Huawei CN22UPBA5-CN22UPBA0 ATAE Server

Huawei SeMG9811-X8 for sale

Huawei SeMG9811-X8 200G for sale
0235G7NJ WP9Z2DCSC SeMG9811 X8 200G DC Standard Configuration X8 DC Chassis,2-SRU200A,1-SFU200C 1
0305G09U SU91SPUD03 20G X8-X16 Firewall Service Processing Unit 1
0305G074 SU91LPUF40A LPUF40A,Flexible Card Line Processing Unit LPUF-40,2 sub-slots A 1
0305G076 SU91EEGF01 20-Port 100/1000Base-X-SFP Flexible Card P40 1
34060473 Optical transceiver,eSFP,1310nm,1.25Gb/s,-9-3dBm,-20dBm,LC,Single Mode,10km 20
Huawei SeMG9811-X8 200G for sale
Huawei SeMG9811 datasheet