Ericsson RNC3820 for sale

Ericsson RNC3820 for sale
RNC Variant
Cabinet RNC3820 Rel 1 including Main Subrack
Extension Subrack RNC3820 Rel 1
TM Transport on STM-1/VC4,OC-3c, 4 ports
C-pack, Hardware Capacity Package GPB65+2 SPB3
BYB501 Over Head Equipment
Earthquake Protection
RNC Additional HW
O-pack U, User Plane Package SPB3
O-Pack C, Control Plane PackageGPB 65
Throughput Capacity HW Activation Codes 25 Mbps
User Capacity HW Activation Codes 500 Simultaneous users
RNC Capacity Prices
RNC 3820 Spares Parts Kit
Subtotal RNC including one spare part set
3×1, 2.1 GHz, 1 DUW 20, 3 RRUS, 20 W
64 CE UL/ 16 CE DL, 45 HSDPA Codes, IP, -48 VDC
WCDMA RBS 6000 Spare Parts
FAJ1211118 R1, Iub over IP/Ethernet in RNC, RNC Node
RNC Node
FAJ1211119 R1, IuCS user traffic over IP, RNC Node
RNC Node
FAJ1211120 R1, Iur user traffic over IP, RNC Node
RNC Node
FAJ1211154 R1, Network Synch Server for IP transport, RNC Node & RXI Node
FAJ1212009, Basic Package W11, 16ChE
FAJ1211093 R1, Flexible QoS and Allocation/Retention handling, 16 ChE
FAJ121146 R1, Conversational RAB for AMR speech, 16 ChE
FAJ121148 R3, Interactive RAB for up to 384 kbps Packet Data, 16 ChE
FAJ121154 R6, GSM Handover & Cell Reselection, 16 ChE
FAJ121966 R2, Configurable transport bearer QoS class, 16 ChE
FAJ121973 R1, SS7 over IP, 16 ChE
FAJ121976 R1, Iu-PS user plane over IP, 16 ChE
FAJ1210397 R1, HSDPA up to 16 users, 3HScc
FAJ1210398 R1, HSDPA up to 32 users, 3HScc
3 HS cell carriers
FAJ1210400 R1, HSDPA codes per cell, up to 10 Codes, 3HScc
3 HS cell carriers
FAJ1210401 R1, HSDPA codes per cell, up to 15 Codes, 3HScc
3 HS cell carriers
FAJ1211033 R2, HSDPA Introduction Package, 3HScc
FAJ1211328 R1, Enhanced Layer2, 3HScc
FAJ1211331 R1, HSDPA 64 QAM, 3HScc
FAJ121903 R1, HSDPA 16 QAM, 3HScc
FAJ121904 R1, HSDPA Proportional Fair Scheduler, 3HScc
FAJ1210451 R1, EUL up to 16 users, Node
FAJ1210452 R1, EUL up to 32 users, Node
FAJ1211023 R1, Enhanced Uplink Introduction Package, Node
FAJ1211050 R1, EUL expansion of 1.4Mbps, Node
FAJ1211094 R1, Traffic Handling Priority, Node
FAJ1211111 R1, EUL QoS Scheduler, Node
FAJ1211115 R1, HSDPA QoS Scheduler, Node
FAJ1211132 R2, Iub over IP/Ethernet in RBS, Node
FAJ1211155 R1, Network Synch Client for IP transport, Node
FAJ1211317 R2, Enhanced Uplink 2ms TTI, Node
FAJ1211333 R1, Advanced Receivers, GRAKE in RBS, Node
FAJ1211334 R1, Improved Channel Element Ladder for E-DCH, Node
FAJ1211462 R1, Support for RET Cascading, Node
Sub-Total WCDMA/HSPA RAN Enhancement HW-SW
WCDMA Power -Additional HW – Installation Material
Site Material for WCDMA RBS 6601 3 Sectors
Antenna System for WCDMA 2.1 GHz 3 Sector
SSC-02 for WCDMA RBS 6601 3×2 82 Ah/ -48 VDC
Power Solution
RETU Kit for Ericsson Antennas and RRU 22 3 sector
Sub-Total WCDMA Power -Additional HW – Installation Material
OSS SW for 3G
FAJ 121 1176 Iub over IP Management
FAJ 121 1052, Enhanced Uplink Management
FAJ 121 880, HSDPA Management
3 HS cell carriers
Ericsson RNC3820 for sale